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2 Sisters – Part 1 (Driver And Neighbour Fucks My Sister)

Hi ISS readers, I am Uday. This story is completely fictional and it has many parts. The sooner I write the next parts depends on your response.

If you like the story and if you wish to read the next parts, then give a like and leave a comment about what you find nice. More likes and comments would be an encouragement for me to take time off and write the next parts.

Now, enjoy reading.

It was a nice cool afternoon. The bedroom of Sushila was the only place that was very hot now. Her 3 fingers were deep inside her pussy moving in and out nice and fast. “Aah ah ah ah..” she was in next level of pleasure.

Sushila: Ah, I can’t forget that day 2 years ago. What a start to my sexual awakening!

She was now vaguely reliving that day, as she fingered herself quickly to release the honey from her pussy.

“Aah ahhh ahhh ahhhhh ahhhhh…”she was coming out nicely. Her fingers were super wet now as she removed her fingers and licked them to taste her fluids. Sushila came out properly and she said loudly –

Sushila: Lovely pussy, what a great pleasure.

And she closed her eyes and rethought that day 2 years ago. It was a nice summer afternoon and Sushila was studying 1st year B.Sc Home science. She came home early that day. She was now walking through the street in which her home was.

Then she reached her home and she was going near the main door. And then she realised that she didn’t have the keys.

Sushila: What the hell? One day I came home early when dad and mom were still at work. I wanted to chill alone and this keys, ‘oh shit!’

She decided to went to the back door as she knew it was generally not locked. Then she walked around the house slowly, hoping it was not locked. When she reached the backdoor ,to her surprise, it was already open and she was amused walking to the door. Then she heard a loud moaning.

Sushila became conscious and start walking in without making much sound. She was wondering who it was moaning so loudly and what must be the reason? Lots of confusion in her mind. But the curiosity was more than the confusion at this point.

As she moved inside the house, the noise became louder and louder. Then she thought,

Sushila (in her mind): What the hell is happening in my house?!

Then she regathered herself and walked in slowly toward the room from where the moaning sound was coming. It was the bedroom on the left. She slowly walked toward it and the door was slightly open. She walked toward the door and very slowly moved it open and saw inside.

Now she saw a nice white buttock and a face buried in between and licking very-very hard in the buttocks hole! Then she saw a little head. It was their driver Satish standing with his pants down and his cock was inside the lady’s mouth.

OMG! That was her sister Bhuvana sucking the cock of the driver! She was moving her head back and forth to match the size of the driver’s cock. Sushila was stunned and she slowly got a hold of herself and watched the scene. Then she said –

Sushil: What the fuck?!

Bhuvana went back so much and moved forward. Sushila was wondering –

Sushila: My god!

Satish’s cock was so big that she had to go forward because so much to reach the full size.

Bhuvana was a beautiful and fair-skinned girl with a nice body. She had a voluptuous body with 32C” splayed breasts. She had fleshy buttocks that were almost round and rubbed nicely with each side. When she walked with a little bouncy effect, every guy would want to have a look at it. Almost all guys in her college must have fantasized about her and masturbated at least once.

Sushila was feeling hot underneath now and she decided to watch rather than get emotional about her sister.

Then she said to herself: After all, she is enjoying. Why to get emotional?

The sound of the guy behind licking and sucking her buttocks was echoing. And he was also constantly pressing and pinching one side of his buttocks, making Bhuvana suck his cock much faster and faster.

Satish: Aaah aah ah faster-faster, suck tightly. You were born to be everyone’s slut. Do a clean job, only then you will get it.

Then Bhuvana said: Yes brother, I will do a very clean job. Just cum nicely in my mouth, please.

Sushila was already wet and started to touch herself, looking at the way her sister Bhuvana was surrendering herself to the driver. Sushila’s curiosity was increasing big time to know who was the person sucking Bhuvana’s butts. It’s been a good 10 to 15 minutes since Sushila started seeing this.

So far the person had not moved his face out from the butt cracks of Bhuvana. And only the side of his hair and half ear was visible from the angle. It looked familiar from the view Sushila was looking at him. But the man didn’t seem like moving out of Bhuvana’s buttocks any sooner.

Sushila was wondering how Bhuvana will be feeling right now, for such deeply buried in between the buttocks and powerful sucking in the hole and pussy. For a fact, Sushila could realise the amount of horniness and the obedience that Bhuvana was showing. It was completely coming from the guy behind her and his job was making Bhuvana tremble and obey the driver Satish.

So, the man behind was the man of the show. Then she hid properly and enjoyed viewing this. She was pressing her normal-sized boobs herself by inserting her hand inside her tops. Sushila could now feel her boobs getting firmer and her perky nipples getting erected. She was enjoying the view of her sister Bhuvana getting used up nicely by two guys.

Then she started rubbing her pussy on top of her skirt. She was pressing her boobs and was in cloud nine now.

Sushila: MMMM…MM..MMM..AH AH AH…

And the bag on her shoulder fell down!

Noise: Thuddddd.

Then quickly Sushila took off her hands from her boobs and pussy. She tried to hide while the two guys and Bhuvana looked at the door. Sushila saw all of them in a flash and bent down to crawl into the other room, without making any noise. She was now shivering in fear, and didn’t know how to react.

Sushila crawled into the room adjacent and in a rush. Then she hid in her wardrobe and closed the door slowly. Still, she was shivering in fear. Then she calmed and controlled breathing inside the wardrobe. She tried to assess the situation.

Then she heard the sound of someone walking around. She kept silent and then in a couple of minutes, the moans continued. Now Sushila slowly relaxed and let her breathe out with a sigh of relief. She now tried to regather herself and visualize what she had seen.

Sushila (in her mind): OMFG, the guy behind was the neighbour uncle Rajesh!

Rajesh lived in the house next door. Sushila and Bhuvana had been spending most of their time in Rajesh’s house throughout the past so many years. Now, the curiosity was so high for Sushila. She wanted to see what they do?

The question arose in Sushila’s mind: So, those days when Bhuvana was going to Rajesh uncle’s house to ask doubts in the lesson, those were these kind of doubts?

Then Sushila started crawling slowly toward the door and the room door was now closed. She slowly peeped through the keyhole. Rajesh uncle was now slapping Bhuvana’s buttocks with his cock and asking her –

Rajesh uncle: You are a nice cock slut, yeah?

Bhuvana answered him very obediently –

Bhuvana: Yes uncle, I will do anything and everything for cock.

Satish was pressing her boobs and kneading it properly saying –

Satish: Sir, daily her college guys rub on her buttocks in the bus and cums in her dress.

Then Rajesh inserted his cock in Bhuvana’s pussy.

Rajesh uncle: Aah aah, very good. Make those guys cum nicely, Bhuvana. Show them your buttocks properly.

And he started fucking her nice and deep. Bhuvana moaned loudly and said –

Bhuvana: Yes uncle. I’ll ensure, they cum as you told me to do. But these two guys Sultan and Hameed do me on the bus. And after college, they take me to gents bathroom and make me suck daily and drink their cum.

Satish held the sides of her buttocks and said –

Satish: Her buttocks had grown nice and big in the last year, sir. All those many and different cocks are working wonders on her body.

Rajesh uncle: Very good Bhuvana, suck nicely and drink every drop like a good girl. What did that professor John do to you last week? Did you go to his house?

Rajesh pumped nicely and deeply. He did it slowly, but with full power and Sushila could now hear the loud thuds of her sister Bhuvana getting fucked by her neighbour uncle.

Bhuvana: Aah…ah…ah..ah..ah.. ah yeah, yours and Satish’s are the best cocks, uncle. I love it and enjoy this life that you have given me. That professor, yes uncle, he asked me to lick his feet clean. Then he told me to lick his ass and balls. I did that till he felt completely satisfied.

Bhuvana: After that, he sat on the sofa and made me lay on his lap and was kneading my boobs and buttocks with his hands. After some time, he started spanking me with a wooden ruler till my whole buttocks became very red and painful. Finally, he told me to suck his cock and released his sperm.

Rajesh now fucking very very fast.

Rajesh: Excellent! He loves that. I will tell him next time when I met him in the club to give you a few additional marks.

Then Bhuvana said: Thank you, Uncle. The only problem was that his cock was very limp and covered with grey hair. And I need to suck him so long to get it semi-erected. And after he cums, he always insists on a golden shower and sometimes pees in my mouth.

Then Satish said: He used you nicely, Bhuvana. Maybe we should also give you golden showers.

Rajesh: Respect your teachers, Bhuvana. And do everything they need. After all, you were in an autonomous college. He can make you get good or great grades remember. He can also give you low grades, so please him in all possible ways. You were a slut for all of us and you should enjoy everything that you do for us. Last semester, your real marks were pathetic. But just the professor helped you to get good grades.

Rajesh was fucking fast and he was now cumming in Bhuvana’s pussy.


Bhuvana: Yeah uncle, fast, come fast. I am desperate for sperm to fill my pussy.. Aaaah aah superb uncle Aaah…

Now Satish was slapping Bhuvana’s buttocks more like soothing her to take it all. And then as Rajesh pulled out and moved, the driver went behind. Bhuvana and Rajesh were now spreading Bhuvana’s buttocks. Then Satish took a bit of his saliva and applied it to Bhuvana’s buttocks hole. Then he inserted his cock in her ass hole and said –

Satish: Wow! What a buttock!

He pushed in deep and started pumping Bhuvana moans.

Bhuvana: AAHHH..Satish brother..very nice..

Rajesh uncle: You remember the plan for tomorrow night, right?

Bhuvana: Yes uncle, like last time I will keep the back door open and text you when she sleeps. AAHHHHHH..nice brother, very nice, do it faster. I can take more speed.

Then Satish pumped with full speed banging Bhuvana’s buttocks very very fast. The sound of his thighs hitting Bhuvana’s buttocks filled the entire room and even outside.

Rajesh uncle: Let her sleep well, it’s nice. We need to keep her horny and nicely used regularly so that she will obey like you.

Bhuvana: Ok uncle, the way you eat her pussy, there is no way she can remain without obeying you.

Sushila wondered whom were they talking about? Whose pussy was Rajesh sucking while they were asleep? Meanwhile, the driver pumped nicely deep inside and out while shaking Bhuvana’s buttock cheeks nicely with both his hands.

Then Rajesh commanded: Satish, fuck her fast and rough, treat her cheaply.

Rajesh obeyed him: Yes, sir.

And started fucking very very rough and slapping Bhuvana’s buttocks so hard and pinching it very tight. She was now moaning and also screaming in some pain-

Bhuvana: Aaaah aaah brother, slow, please. I beg you, don’t slap so hard aaah. It’s paining Satish brother aah aah aah aah.

Satish was now cumming. He released it straight inside Bhuvana’s buttocks.

Then Satish growled in pleasure: Haah grrrrrr haaaaah.

Bhuvana: Oh! So hot and thick. I love it Satish brother, love you both. I am your slave all my life, will do anything for this pleasure and this kind of life.

Rajesh: Good Bhuvana, complete the task given to you. I want you to be the biggest slut. But your real test starts, when I get Sushila into this. Then you both compete with each other. First, let us do her in sleep for 4 more times.

Sushila got super shocked and thought to herself.

Sushil (thinking): What the fuck? So am I the one they used up while sleeping? Holy fuck! My sister is pimping me?

She was shocked. But she was extremely wet seeing the way they fucked her and she now realised the reason why she felt very horny often these days. Also one of the reasons she came from college soon today, was so she could masturbate in peace. But what she witnessed was bizarre.

That day and the incident had changed Sushila’s life majorly. We will see that in the upcoming parts. Hope this story was interesting and you all liked it. Single girls, single ladies, married ladies contact me on my email for fantastic sexting and phone sex.

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