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A Bond Beyond Years – Part 3

“Guilt from what?” I asked my sister. I was expecting something else.

“When Aman was born, I was a career woman. You knew, right. I had a high-ranking position at B&D Inc. back then. I did not want to give it up. I even returned to work early from my maternity leave. I thought I took care of all his basic needs. You know, like fresh food, clean clothes, a good nanny and proper care….” Her voice choked up in between words. I could hear her sniff. I knew she was crying.

I felt bad for her. “I am so sorry. I know you wanted to prove to everyone that you could make something of yourself. I don’t think that was wrong. But I had no idea it affected you so much.”

“It wasn’t easy!” Her voice was upset. “Everything has tradeoffs, I guess.”

“And, it did not help that Mahesh wasn’t willing to compromise on his career either.” She talked, still sniffling in between words, but her voice sounded better.

“Anyway, I spent a lot of time away from Aman in his first 2 years. I did not think it was a big deal back then. But I guess I wasn’t there for him enough. To care for him as a mother, you know.”

“How do you mean? And, why do you sound like a therapist!?” I couldn’t help but notice the uncanny similarities. I have had my fair share of experience with shrinks to know how they speak. It seemed like they all followed the same script.

Sneha laughed out loud. It was the first time I heard her laugh since we started talking. It felt good.

“That’s because I saw a therapist. At one point, I felt too depressed. You were going through a rough time back then, and I desperately needed to talk to someone. That’s when I realized I wasn’t there for him enough. Spending that time together would have helped him bond with me better.”

“It must have been crazy if you decided to walk into a therapist’s office. You were the level headed between both of us.”

Sneha laughed again. “Everyone has their breaking point.”

“Honestly, it’s not the worst thing you can do.” I laughed at my silly joke. “Did it help?”

“No! All they do is talk you to death about a bunch of coping skills and pretty much say you just have to live with it.”

It was my turn to laugh out loud. “You’ve nailed it in one sentence. That’s exactly what they do!”

Sneha laughed with me. “So, in the end, that did not help. I even got Aman into counselling to help him cope better with stress in life. It helped to a certain extent. Beyond that, it felt like a waste of time and money.”

“Oh, wow!” I did not know about all this.

“Ever since I started comforting him by letting him… suck on my breasts, his temper tantrums got a little better.”

I listened with growing interest. Eager to know what happened next.

“Whenever he sucked, he would… rub his thing on my thighs. I could feel it was hard and that he was struggling for release. People might say I should have been strict with him and all that, but I couldn’t.”

“He told me he’s having a hard time with it. He asked me to help him, and I couldn’t say no. So finally, I asked him to take it out and helped him masturbate. That became our little routine. He would suckle at my breasts, and I would jerk him off until he came.”

I was being hit with another wave of arousal. I crossed my legs and pressed harder. All the explicit details weren’t helping, but I wanted to hear more. “What happened after that?”

“It was slow progress, but it helped him. As I spent more time bonding with him like that, he seemed to gain more confidence. He seemed surer of himself. His test scores got better. He’s still a bit of an introvert, but I think that’s just who he is. He can have decent conversations with people. It was a night and day difference compared to before.”

She sounded happy as she said those words.

“Wow! I honestly don’t know what to say.” I was rattled. I did not expect to hear that. Yet my stupid mind wanted to go back to the same question. “Is this the only way, though?” I asked her in a small voice.

Sneha sighed. “I don’t know if there are any other better ways. All I know is that this is helping him, and that’s good enough for me when he calls his mommy.”

I wanted to keep talking, but my brother-in-law came home, and she had to finish up the call.

“I have to go, Shilu. I am glad we got to talk. Mahesh is travelling for work next week. Maybe, you can come over and stay? If you feel comfortable, that is. I don’t want to force you.”

I wanted to go and stay so we could talk more, but I did not want to sound too eager. “Let me check with my friends and get back to you.” I was plain lying. I had no plans for the whole damn month.

“Sure, whatever works for you. I hope you can come. Let me know.”

We ended the call with a quick goodbye. I settled back into the couch and let my mind drift. I thought about how things went from outright shock, feelings of betrayal and then to rationality. But I felt better after speaking with her.

The conversation replayed in my head. While I was doing that, I recalled the images of my naked sister and nephew getting intimate. Once again, my hands itched to pleasure my body. I decided to give in. Everyone else is having fun. Why shouldn’t I!

My hands moved to my breasts, and my fingers circled over my nipples, poking through the top. My body tingled in response. The intensity was much greater than before. Clearly the effect of all the erotic talk. Goosebumps rippled through my skin.

The warmth came back to my lady parts ten-fold. I need something to help me. I placed a cushion in between my legs and rubbed myself on it. I could feel the fire rising inside me. I held my nipples with my fingers and pinched them. I gasped and let out a soft moan, ‘Ahh!’ They were so tender!

I lifted my top and pressed my breasts over my soft bra. My body moved up and down. I squeezed them with one hand and pressed the cushion into my groin with the other. I wasn’t fully happy. I needed my bare skin to feel everything. I unbuttoned and removed my jeans and my panty with it.

I placed the cushion back in between my legs. The touch of my naked skin on the coarse surface of the cushion gave me an electrifying sensation. ‘Ahh!’ I moaned even more. It was so much better.

I pulled my bra off my big breasts with one hand busy downward. They bounced a little as they fell out from the confines of the underwear. I saw that my nipples were stiff. I touched them with my fingers and moaned. They were super tender!

All the dirty thoughts in my head had sent my body over the edge. I kept squeezing my breasts and fiddled my nipples. Wave upon wave of pleasure flowed through my whole body. Up and down. Up and down. It was getting intense.

In my mind, the scenes came back. Sneha was sitting on her bed without her blouse. Her naked tits were in full display. They were still firm despite her being a middle-aged mother. Her dark brown nipples were stiff.

Aman lay on her lap. His cock was hard and thick. He held her breasts with his hands and sucked on her stiff nipples. He switched between both breasts. Sneha’s face was a mixed emotion of pleasure and pain. She was enjoying it!

Her hand moved up and down on his cock. First, it was slow. Then she picked up the pace as things heated up. The more he sucked, the faster she stroked. The faster she stroked, the more he sucked. The whole scene was seared into my memory. I will never forget it.

The fire inside me was burning hot now. I couldn’t hold back any more. I got up and turned around. On my knees, I propped the cushion in between my legs to directly rub my clitoris over it. I jerked my hips forward and back, rubbing myself on it faster and faster.

My other hand kept doing its duty and played with my nipples. And then, the cushion hit the spot! That was it! ‘Ahh!’ My back arched, and my head lifted at the same moment of pleasure. It felt glorious! It’s a feeling that words cannot describe. One has to simply feel it.

The fire roared inside me, and my body was covered in sweat. My hair stuck to my skin. I placed my hand on the side rest of the couch to support myself and rubbed furiously over the cushion.

Images of Sneha and Aman played relentlessly in my head. He sucked her breasts, and she stroked his cock. That’s all I saw. I moved my hips on the cushion wishing it was a thick, hard cock. I fucked it like it was a thick, hard cock.

I wanted to break boundaries again. I shamelessly imagined my nephew’s thick dick was inside me. I moaned louder. I couldn’t believe how perverted I was. I felt dirty thinking about my sister and nephew in such a sexual way. But I did not care. I loved being a dirty woman. I wanted more.

I turned around, fell into the couch on my back, and threw away the cushion. I need to go hardcore. I spread my legs wide apart and up in the air. With my fingers, I rubbed over my clitoris like a madwoman. I had lost my mind in the valleys of lust, and it was beautiful.

I imagined Sneha naked next to me. And Aman on top of me. I imagined him ramming his wood into me. I pinched my nipple hard and screamed out in pleasure, ‘Ahh!’ I kept masturbating, rubbing my fingers over my sweet spot.

Every time I felt like I came close, I slowed my pace and let the wave die down a bit. And then, I picked up speed and masturbated harder. I was edging like never before, and I loved it! Nothing aroused me like the debauchery I witnessed between my sister and nephew.

My hands played with my body, and it sang the song of lust. The waves of pleasure were building up. It was too much for me to hold back. I was in the clutches of ecstasy. I wanted to go longer, but it was getting unbearable. I couldn’t hold back anymore.

The dam finally broke, and I moaned. My whole body spasmed. My mind was numbed out. My back arched. My legs stretched wide. And, my vagina squeezed and squirted out my juices in large gushes.

The orgasm shook my body as a lightning bolt hit it. I squirted for two fucking minutes straight, letting out gush after gush. I never came so much.

I collapsed back on the couch. I was done. There wasn’t any energy left even to put on my clothes. If someone broke into my house right now and fucked me, I wouldn’t even know. Naked, tired and drenched in my body fluids, I drifted away into sleep.

To be continued.

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