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A Bond Beyond Years – Part 4

Naked, tired and drenched in my body fluids, I drifted away into sleep.

Soon, I found myself standing in front of my sister’s house. I stood outside and took a few minutes. I can’t believe I am back here again. The past few days have been a blur. Life passed uneventfully. But my mind was occupied elsewhere.

On one side, I struggled to accept it all. I still could not believe how Sneha convinced herself to get sexual with her son!

On the other hand, I was horny all the time! Whenever my naked sister and nephew in their debauchery came to my mind, I found myself fully wet. My body was flooded with sensations of arousal. I sometimes masturbated multiple times during the day. It felt bad! But it also felt so fucking good!

Despite all that, I looked forward to seeing Sneha. I missed her. I wanted to hear more about all the horny things she has been doing with Aman. I knew it was dirty, but I couldn’t help it. It was the kind of behaviour everyone in my family would expect from me.

The fact that it was my goody-two-shoes sister who was blurring the boundaries was just too exhilarating.

I braced myself, took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. Sneha came to the door and greeted me. For a moment, I felt as if I was meeting someone new. It was surreal. We hugged each other, but it wasn’t like before. It felt weird. My dirty brain was feeling horny.

“I am glad you came,” she said with genuine excitement.

“Of course,” was all I could say.

I slowly walked inside the house. I expected to see Aman, but there was no sight of him. I was glad.

“Aman is at his friend’s place,” she said as if reading my thoughts. “I decided it would be best if it were just us.”

“You got that right! It would have been way too awkward.”

Sneha laughed a little. “Yes, I thought so too.” She eyed me for a moment before placing her hands on my shoulders. “Shilu, I know this must be making you feel very awkward. But try to relax… It’s okay.”

I became painfully aware of how tight my whole body felt. I barely walked a few feet inside the house. I stood in the hallway like a stranger. “You are right. I guess I just need a few minutes to relax.”

She took my hand and led me into the living room. I sat down on the couch where I always sat. Some things never change.

“I think this might help you a little.” She opened a bottle of wine and poured a glass, and offered it to me. I gladly accepted. She poured herself a glass and sat down next to me.

We sipped slowly, letting the drink do its magic. And, it worked! I relaxed and felt more at ease.

“There! That’s more like my sister.” Sneha was happy.

“There’s nothing a glass of wine can’t fix, eh!” I smiled.

We made some small talk. I realized she was waiting for me to lead the conversation. She wanted me to feel comfortable bringing it up again.

“Are you still seeing a therapist?” I asked, trying to ease back into it.

“No! I stopped after… well… I got intimate with Aman. I thought it would be something they won’t understand. I did not have the patience to listen to another lecture about righteousness and proper conduct.”

I laughed a bit. “Seems like they left a long-lasting impression on you.”

“Oh, yes! They really do a number on you.”

“And, Aman? Is he still seeing a counsellor?”

“Now and then, he talks to one. It’s more like they want to make sure he’s doing okay. So far, they have told me he’s doing better than before.”

“That’s good! I am glad to hear that!”

“Yeah! I am too!” Sneha took a few slow sips from her glass and relaxed into the couch, making herself comfortable. “When we talked on the phone, you asked me if there was any emotion other than love that drove me, and I said guilt. Were you surprised? What did you have in mind?”

I cringed a little. “I was hoping you would forget about that.”

She smiled. “It’s okay. I don’t think anything is going to be more awkward at this point.”

I took a deep breath. “Okay. I was wondering if you felt aroused from the whole thing. You know, if it all made you feel good in a sexual way.”

She was silent, but she managed to keep a straight face.

I thought I was too blunt. “I don’t mean to assume things. I was wondering if you were feeling lonely with Mahesh being too focused on his career.”

“My husband wasn’t fucking me; so, I’ve decided to get some action with my son? That was what you thought?” She said abruptly.

“I am sorry if it sounded like I was accusing you of something bad. That wasn’t my intention.” I was afraid if my words upset her.

“No, don’t be sorry. I wasn’t offended.” She took a few moments to gather her thoughts.

“I won’t lie. There were several times I felt aroused when he sucked on my breasts and when I jerked him. It was good! I felt loved. I felt desired, and I enjoyed the pleasure my body felt from it. But I don’t think that’s what drove me. I wanted to make sure he was taken care of. I made the mistake of ignoring his needs once. I won’t ever let that happen again.”

I listened to her. “I can understand. Doing everything you can to take care of your son isn’t a bad thing. But where does it stop?”

“What do you mean?”

“What if he wants more? What if he isn’t satisfied by just… sucking your breasts or getting a hand job from you?”

“You mean, what if he wants to have sex?”

“Yes! What will you do then?”

“I don’t think it would come to that.”

“Come on! How can you say that? You never thought something like this would happen. What makes you think he wouldn’t want to fuck you at some point?”

“Because I think he’s happy with what we are doing. I think he’s satisfied. You know what I mean?” She said, turning her eyes away.

I was amazed listening to her. How could she be in such denial! “Sneha, it would just be a matter of time.”

“I don’t know, Shilu. If it comes to that, I will deal with it then.” She was still looking away. She looked down, absentmindedly running her finger over the edge of the glass.

“What does that mean?!” I was shocked to hear her. “It almost sounds like you would consider fucking him if it came to that.”

“Well, what if I did! I am just thinking ahead. It’s not like I am going to open up my legs to him right now.”

“Sneha, listen to yourself! I get that you want to do everything in your power to make him feel better. But you can’t control something like this. I want to make sure you won’t do something you regret later.”

She looked at me caringly. “I appreciate your concern, Shilu. To be honest, I don’t think I would regret anything more than how much I already regret not being there for him when he needed me.”

So many thoughts reeled in my mind, and I did not know what to say. I tried to sort everything in my head. “I don’t know. It’s not like we’re talking about you banging your husband’s friend, a random neighbour or colleague. This is your son! I don’t know what to think of it. I guess.”

I lowered my voice, “I am still struggling to decide if it’s right or wrong.”

Sneha leaned forward to speak. “Even when people know their marriage is over, there isn’t any more love in it. They still endure it. They suffer through pain and humiliation for years for the sake of appearances. It’s pretentious! Somehow, society calls that normal. Somehow that’s fair! Somehow that’s okay.”

She was upset, but her voice was surprisingly calm. “In the end, I realized everything isn’t as right or wrong as people make it to be. It’s all a fucking perspective.”

I couldn’t argue. What she said was the sad truth. “People think living with these kinds of restraints is important to live in a society.”

“I am just trying to feel alive as long as I live. And, do right by my baby. I don’t think that’s anyone else’s business. I know you are trying to be the voice of reason, but that’s not what I need. I need you to support me through this.”

I realized how badly she wanted me to be on her side. I lowered my voice. “I just want to make sure you or Aman won’t get hurt in the end.”

“We won’t. Don’t worry. I will make sure of it. No matter what, he isn’t getting hurt, or neither am I,” her voice was confident. “I tried doing things by the book. I ran after my career because that’s the norm. I ignored my son’s feelings and mine because that’s the norm. That only caused pain. I don’t think whatever you’re afraid of will be worse than that.”

I kept quiet and listened. I realized there wasn’t anything else left for me to say. I had always been the one who broke the rules and wanted to live outside the box. But I believed there were some lines I should never cross. I learned those lessons the hard way.

Yet, here was my sister, a born rule-keeper, who has convinced me it was just a matter of perspective. We can’t generalize everything in life and expect it to work the same way for everyone. One size does not fit all. We each have to define our lives.

I moved closer and hugged her. This time it was a proper hug. “I will always be on your side, Sis! You have always been there for me, and I’m not going to give up on you now because of some preconceived notions.”

She hugged me back. “Thank you, Shilu! You have no idea how much this means to me.” Her voice is emotional, but it isn’t from sadness. “The world can go and screw itself!”

I was happy we reconciled our feelings. I loved her too much to have any kind of strife with her. We spent the rest of the day talking and cooking our favourite dishes. It felt just like the good old times.

But something bothered me. Somehow, I got this feeling that she might be doing more with Aman than what I had witnessed. She wasn’t being fully honest. She was too eager for my validation. Almost as if she was feeling guilty about something and needed my support.

I am not sure if there is anything there or if it’s my perverted brain that’s cooking up stuff again. I did not want to assume. After all that we had shared it with each other, there’s no point in being shy about anything now.

“Sneha, I want to ask you something,” I asked her.

“At this point, I think you can ask me anything.”

“Is it just a handjob?” I asked, looking straight at her.

She was calm, but I could sense she was thinking. Her silence was enough. My instincts were right!

“My God! Are you fucking him already!?”

“No! Is that all you can think about?” She asked, cringing her face a bit.

I looked at her waiting for her to spill it out.

“Come to the bedroom tonight.” She said finally.

I was surprised. “What do you mean?”

“At this point, we don’t have to feel ashamed about anything. You’re the only one who knows what’s happening.” She ended the conversation with that.

I sort of understood what she meant. But I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had decided to accept everything for whatever it was worth to her son and her. They did love each other. He cared about her, and she about him. And that’s all that mattered.

Later that evening, as promised, I had a front-row seat to the whole drama. Hidden in the dimness of the bedroom, I sat looking into the bathroom through the open door.

Sneha stood by the bathroom counter with her back facing me. She looked into the big mirror doing her nighttime skin routine. She’s wearing a knee-length silk nightgown. It gracefully fell over her body, showing off her curves. Her sexy ass is hard to ignore.

Aman walked in and walked straight to the bathroom. One look at his mother was enough. I could see the reflection of his face in the mirror. His eyes showed how much he desired her.

“You look beautiful, mommy!” He said to her.

“Thank you, baby!” She blushed.

He walked closer and hugged her from behind. His hands were on her waist. He slowly pressed into her ass. She was locked in between his hips and the bathroom counter. She turned around and smooched his lips, and went back to putting on her night cream.

Holding her waist with his hands, he buried his head into the side of her neck. The sweet smell emanating from her must have been intoxicating. He kissed her soft skin sensually. She moaned slightly. He bit her ears and ran his lips along the nape of her neck.

His hands played with her waist. His fingers swirled, and his hands pressed gently. His hips rocked as he kept grinding her ass with his wood.

Sneha stopped her routine and placed the night cream on the counter. It must be making her horny! Her mind was probably getting numb from the pleasure.

His lips were busy kissing her neck and his hands playing with her waist. She jutted her head back slightly, and her eyes closed. I couldn’t blame her. It’s hard not to get aroused by something like that!

He slid his hands up and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them over her nightgown. He kept grinding his cock on her ass. A quick moan escaped her lips. He seemed to have touched her spot. She tried to push him back, but he held onto her. He was adamant.

Although their backs faced me, I could see everything from the reflection in the mirror. Her face was a mix of all kinds of emotion. She wasn’t sure, but at the same time, she did not want him to stop. She’s enjoying it way too much.

She tried moving away from the counter, but he pushed her back towards it. Her ass was sandwiched between his dick and the counter. She placed her hands on the countertop to support herself. She knew things were about to get intense.

He unbuttoned and opened the front of the nightgown. He pulled it over her shoulders and down her arms. Her breasts were now naked, fully exposed. She never had the habit of wearing a bra when she was home. Beads of sweat formed on her smooth skin.

Her nipples were stiff. Her body clearly showed how aroused she was. With his lips still on her neck, he kneaded her nipples with his fingers. He pinched and pulled them. He kept rocking his hips faster, rubbing his dick into her ass. “Ahh! Mmm!” She moaned away, first gently, then louder.

She was naked, but the nightgown covered her hips and thighs. She did not want to remove it completely, and he was okay with it.

But the young devil pulled down his shorts and took out his thick dick in excitement. He was ecstatic. He must have imagined this moment a million times. He placed his dick over her ass like a hot dog between two buns.

She stood on her toes and flexed her butt, making it nice and tight. Her nightgown pressed into the crevice as his dick rubbed furiously over it. He took her right arm and placed it around his neck to reach her breast from behind. He squeezed the big mound of flesh and placed her nipple in his mouth.

Her face said everything I needed to know. She was in heaven! He sucked and fiddled her nipple with his tongue. He never stopped rocking his hips into her, even for a second!

He then switched and did the same thing to get to her left breast. He sucked away in delight. And, she shamelessly let him do whatever he wanted with her body.

“Mmm! Ahh! Ahh!” The room echoed with her moans. She looked at me through the mirror. She bit her lower lip as her body was rocked back and forth by her son. I have never seen her like this. She looked dreamy. Her eyes were filled with lust. She looked so slutty. And, it was turning me on like fuck!

By now, I was wet. I felt too self-conscious to do anything. Aman may not care enough to see me through the mirror, but Sneha might. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get cosy in her presence. I crossed my legs and rubbed myself gently. That’s all I can do for now.

One part of me wanted to run into my room. I could strip and masturbate like a goon. But I did not want to miss the show. My eyes were glued to what was happening in front of me. It was unlike anything I had ever seen! It was so much better than porn!

Having sucked her breasts to his heart’s content, Aman stood up straight and placed his hands on her hips. Sneha bent forward and placed her hands back on the countertop, supporting herself. He kept grinding her from behind.

“Ooo! Ahh! Ahh!” Her moans had changed. They sounded more erotic. It got me curious. I bent to the side for a better view. I don’t think he’s rubbing on her ass anymore.

I finally got a clear view, and my eyes widened at what I saw. He now has his wood wedged in between her legs. Her nightgown still covered her hips. But without any underwear, he was fucking her thighs!

Her moans intensified! I couldn’t believe it. From the way he held her hips and the way he rocked, I think he might be rubbing his dick right over her clitoris! Her silk panty is the only barrier left, and it was thin as a leaf.

“Ahh! Ahh! Yes!” Sneha moaned away in ecstatic pleasure. She was in no mood to stop, and neither was Aman.

He picked up the pace. His hips moved with great speed. He thrust his dick harder and faster, fucking her thighs. Her body shook furiously as he kept humping her.

Her breasts bounced front and back, up and down in sync with his movements. They both moaned together, increasing the volume with every minute.

He licked her bareback and shoulder. He left love bites all over her. The mirror was fogging up from the heat. He moved his hands up from her hips to her breasts. He squeezed and held them tight as he kept thrusting.

As the arousal state built up, he pushed her down more. She bent forward and pushed her hips back. She kept her thighs close and tight. It was fucking without the actual fucking. They were going crazy humping each other!

He rocked more, thrusting into her. Her back arched. With one arm on the counter, she placed her other hand on his butt. She wanted to push him in more! “Ahh, baby! That’s it! Yes!” Holy fuck! I think she just had an orgasm!

But he wasn’t in a mood to stop. I lost track of how long they have been at it. And then, finally, he grunted hard, “Ahh, mommy! Ahh! Ahh!” He squeezed his butt and thrust into her slow and deep.

He burst out his thick load on her thighs. He then moved back a little, thinking he was done. His cock, still hard, jiggled up and down as it came out from between her thighs and rested on her ass.

But he was still coming! His cock was still shooting thick, creamy loads of cum, and it spilt all over her hips. Her nightgown was drenched!

“I am sorry, mommy. I dirtied your gown,” he said, coming back to sense.

She just smiled at him, “it’s okay, baby. Don’t worry. I can just wash it.”

For all the pleasure he gave her, she sure as heck did not care about the stupid dress getting messed up. She stood up, turned around and kissed his lips. “Go, clean up and sleep. I will freshen up and come.”

He walked out in a happy stride and went to his room. He barely even noticed me in the corner.

Sneha looked at me and smiled. If she felt any guilt about what she did, I couldn’t see any sign of it. I think she has completely accepted her new relationship with her son. She removed the soaked gown and panty.

But before throwing them away in the laundry basket, she picked up some of her son’s creamy cum with her finger. Standing there naked, she put her finger in her mouth and licked it. She smiled and winked at me. It was the naughtiest smile I had ever seen! She then walked into the shower.

I think it’s a testament. This was just the beginning!

I quickly got up and ran to my room. My body was hot and horny. It craved release. I knew I was going to masturbate the whole night. I have to admit. It was hot as hell but sweet as heaven in here!

To be continued.

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