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A mom sex story of Sonia and me

Hi, friends. I am Raj, age 23, from Mumbai. I am here to share a real incident of my life that I had hidden from everyone until now. I wanted to have girlfriends and even fling with older women milfs, cougars, etc.

Since I was a bit shy and an average-looking guy, I never had a gf till now. The only time I had sex was with a prostitute at a friend’s flat. But that was not satisfying. I wanted to have sex with a lady who was not a prostitute.

I had a friend named Kabir in college who was 21 years old and from Pune. I had taken admission to an MBA college in Pune. At the same time, Kabir was moving abroad for his higher studies. He asked me to stay at his house as he had one room vacant. I was happy to stay there.

Before leaving abroad, Kabir introduced me to his parents, Ashok uncle and Sonia aunty. Ashok uncle was around 47-years-old, and Sonia aunty was around 45. But they both looked young, especially Sonia aunty.

Sonia aunty was quite a modern and broad-minded lady. She used to wear western and Indian traditional clothes both. She was fair looking, a little chubby but yet an attractive woman. Adding to all this, she was quite friendly with me.

After Kabir left abroad, I started spending more time with Sonia aunty. We used to watch movies together. She would even sometimes booze with me. In no time, she became very close with me.

When I was returning from Mumbai after my vacation back to Pune, I entered the flat. I could not see either Ashok uncle or Sonia aunty. But their bedroom was locked from inside. So I thought maybe being alone, they both might have got romantic and might be making out.

I walked towards my room when suddenly her room door opened. A guy in his 40s walked out, and he was not Ashok uncle atleast. Seeing me, he directly headed towards the exit.

Then immediately Sonia aunty came out. I was shocked as she adjusted her kameez as if she had just worn it. I could see her cleavage. Aunty got shocked seeing me and quickly ran inside to dress properly.

Then after a few minutes, aunty came out properly dressed. She asked me how I came suddenly from my home. I told her the reason, but inside I knew that guy and aunty were having an affair.

But I could not forget the scene of aunty’s cleavage. Those were big enough to get a hard-on to me once. That was the first time I felt seeing aunty as she had good assets and a sexy figure.

Aunty now realised that I had caught her affair with that guy. She started to be very nice to me. When Ashok uncle was not at home, she came to me one day. She brought a bottle of beer for her and me. While we were drinking, she confessed to me

Sonia – Raj, I know what’s going on in your mind.

Me – What, aunty?

Sonia – That who was that guy in my bedroom that day.

Me – No, aunty, I do not doubt you.

Sonia – I should tell you that I am having an affair with that guy.

Me – Sonia aunty, but does Ashok uncle or Kabir know about it?

Sonia – No Raj, and I hope you too don’t tell them. I don’t want to hurt them

Me – So, you love that guy more?

Sonia – It is not about love. It is about my needs. Your uncle is not sexually active now.

Me – Oh, aunty, I think it’s going way ahead. I should leave.

Sonia – No Raj, I know I can share my things with you.

Me – Yes, aunty, you can trust me.

From that day, aunty and I started sharing our secrets. Whenever Ashok uncle would leave, I would let that guy in. Sonia aunty was continuing her affair with him in my presence. I could sometimes imagine what would be happening inside her bedroom.

My feelings towards her had changed now. Her boobs were quite big, and her ass was good too. But I never dared to cross my limit. But one day, my luck changed completely.

Ashok uncle was on 2 days tour. At night, Sonia aunty and I were having drinks when suddenly aunty asked me if I was a virgin. I confessed to her that I once had sex with a prostitute. She was shocked and said, “Raj, don’t you have urges?”

I said, “I do have, but I don’t have anyone to fulfil my needs.”

She said, “Can I say something if you don’t mind?”

I said, “Yes, aunty go ahead.”

“You know my secrets, and I am very thankful to you for keeping them secret. In return, I am ready to be your sex partner. If you want, we can satisfy each other’s needs. This way, I won’t have to keep an affair.”

I was completely shocked to hear it. I could not believe what I heard. I did not want to miss the opportunity. So, without thinking about Ashok uncle or Kabir, I nodded my head. She smiled at me and said, “Raj, go and lay on the bed in my bedroom. I am coming.”

I was so happy that I removed my clothes and lay naked in her bedroom. She came after a few minutes in the room. She switched off the light. When I asked why, she said, “Raj, I don’t want to have guilty feelings of having sex with my son’s friends.”

I agreed as I wanted to have sex badly. She removed her nighty for me. Gosh, she stood in her push up bra and thong panty, barely covering her pussy.She quickly removed her bra and panty too. Now I could see her big boobs and her big nipples.

My dick was hard, so I could not control myself. I started kissing her on the lips. She supported me by kissing me on the lips and biting my lips. I was holding her waist, and her naked body was giving me goosebumps.

I grabbed her boobs and pressed them hard, making her moan in pleasure. I sucked her both nipples well for almost 2-3 minutes. She was caressing my chest gently, and I wanted to go slow and long.

I now pushed her on the bed started kissing her on the neck and slowly going down on her boobs then onto her navel. Finally, I inserted my middle finger in her pussy. Oh, gosh, it was wet.

She was twerking her butts on my fingering her pussy.Then slowly, I buried my face between her pussy and licked it for the next few minutes. Her juices were flowing in my mouth. She looked so desirable in bed.

She had now cum once. So she got me on the bed and slowly got on her knees to suck my cock. She grabbed my balls sucked them first, and slowly gave me a blowjob. After her intense sucking, I cum in her mouth. We both had cum once each.

We then kept kissing each other. Soon I got hard again, and now I wanted to enter her pussy. She spread her legs for me in missionary. I rubbed my cock on her entrance.

Without protection, I entered her pussy. Her legs were locked around my butts. I whispered, “Oh, aunty, your pussy is so good.” She said, “Raj, your cock is also nice.”

We both were satisfying each other’s fantasies. After a few minutes, I asked aunty to get into doggy style. Then again, I entered her pussy. I was holding her by her hair. She was screaming in pleasure which was getting me harder.

Before I could cum again, I wanted to have her on top of my cock. So I lay on the bed. She got on top of me in the riding position. She was moving on my cock so nicely that controlling for me got harder. In no time, we both reach our climax twice.

That was a great beginning to our secret relationship. We both make out whenever Ashok uncle is not at home that day and even now.

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