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A Night To Remember With My Love

Hello Readers, This is Khanna again from Chennai. Here to share yet another hot and steamy encounter. I hope you all for up for a ride. Do read my previous story titled, “Making love to my Lady love on my Birthday” (link on top) as this one would be served as a sequel. And thank you all for instilling the confidence in me to come forward with more stories. All your feedbacks make me write more. Ignore the grammatical errors.

This story is all about our second encounter after a very long wait. This girl doesn’t need any introduction. But still, let me describe her for the those who didn’t know. Her name is “Lakshmi”. She is beautiful. She is classy too in the way she behaves and also her dressing sense added a feather to her beauty. Stats: 34-28-30 with an ass to die for. She lost her virginity to me on my birthday. The incident i’m gonna share now happened after a fair recess of 4 months since our first encounter in the summer of 2011.

Just like any other relationship, mine had ups and downs. But i wouldn’t hesitate to say that i enjoyed each and every moment and that kept me happy. Not that it wasn’t an hassle free ride all along, it became very difficult to handle her after we made love. Unfortunately, her appointment order got delayed. So she joined a call centre to kill time. I was just jobless and hopelessly roaming around the city as she kept herself busy. I used to meet her once in two or three days by going to her office and dropping her home. We seldom smooched and had very little fun these days. We both realised it was high time and the intent to make love surged as every single day passed. We were totally deprived of our private moments.

It was October 1st. I picked her up near her home and dropped in her office. She was very unusual on that day and we felt we were drifting away from each other. I used to check on her whether she got back home after her shift in wee hours by calling her around 2 a.m in the night. Seems she reached home early that day. I was so fast asleep and got a call around 3 a.m (Oct 2nd). I picked up the call and she was like shit scared by telling that she was having a dream. I didn’t understand what she was saying. I just asked her pray and then try to sleep and hanged up the call. Right after a minute, i got an SMS from her.

She: I had a dream that you\\’re coming to my home when no one was there and trying to make love to me.

Me: Not a very bad dream to be scared off.

The following message from her completely made my eyes go all wide and and couldn’t believe my eyes.

She: “I want my boobs to pressed very hard and my pussy to be cocked”.

Me: “What happened to you Lakshmi?

She: “Make love to me. Its been so very long. Maybe that’s why we feel that we’re drifting away from each other. Let’s not defer it even for a day. I need this very badly”

We both had sexting that night and slept. I got up in the noon. She called me as soon as i got up and asking me about the plans. It was October 2nd and it was not as working day for her. I explained her how does she can spend a night as her parents might question her. She said that she would lie to her parents explaining them that she should work over time today as she had lots of pending works left. Done with an escape plan. Here comes the most toughest part to find a hotel for our night stay.I came up with a plan of going to Mahaballipuram as there are so many resorts and safe places to stay for a night. She had apprehensions about this hotel stay because she was bit scared. I somehow convinced her as were not left with many choices.

I picked her up by 7 p.m near her home. She was wearing a Salwar. Looking so fresh and had a killer smile on her face when she saw me. I was completely mesmerised by her looks. We started our ride from there. She gave a faint hug to me and explaining how much she missed me and apologised for not spending quality time with each other as was held up hectic work. I understood her as all her statements seemed legitimate to me. I acknowledged my acceptance of her apologies by taking her hand in mine and placed a kiss while driving my bike. Mahaballipuram was like around 55 kms from her place. It will take minimum of an hour and a half to reach there. We traversed through the famous East Coast Road (ECR). After a certain point it was all dark. Only few vehicles on the road. She hugged me so tight and started kissing all over my cheeks while i was driving. That turned me on and gave me a boner.Her boobs were so intentionally crushed on my back by her. What a feel that was.

After an hour or so, We crossed the place in ECR where we made love for the first time and lost our respective virginities. We both shared a sheepish smile. She kept her hands in my thigh. Slowly stared to move her hand towards my cock. She placed her hands over my cock and giving a gentle press every now and then. I asked her to hold her tigress as we were just few miles shy of our destination.

We reached a wonderful resort and done with all formalities in the reception to get our room booked. We made our way into the room and locked the door. I turned the A/C on and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I came back in 5 mins and laid on the bed. She looked very fresh even after a tiring travel. She used to cover her face with dupatta whenever she comes out with me. Maybe that was the reason behind her freshness. We were watching TV for some ten mins. In no time we both came closer to each other. We both cuddled and watching tv. I placed a kiss on her forehead and said “I love you”.

She: “I love you too, Khanna. I was waiting for this so very long. I missed the warmth of yours very badly”.

Me: The feel is so mutual. And placed another kiss on her forehead. She let her face come closer to mine with eyes closed. She was so beautiful and face was filled so much in love. And yes, We smooched very passionately and indeed, it was long enough that made both of us go wild and she came on top of me while kissing. We started kissing all over my face. She was totally turned on by the act. I made her sit down to take a breathe. She wasn’t patient at all. We both knelt on the bed and started another round of smooch. I kept my hands over boobs and started pressing gently. Her boobs are the weakest point for her. She’ll go all wild whenever i touch her boobs. She let out a small moan. “Ahhh” by breaking the smooch. In no time, she kept her hand on my bulge and started to unzip my pants as i removed her salwar top. I helped her in unbuttoning my jeans and gave her an unhindered access to my tool.

She was so sexy in her black bra. I grabbed her melons with both my hands started kissing all over her bra. I unhooked her bra and threw it away. I couldn’t wait and ask for more. I pounced on her boobs like a hungry child waiting for a breastfeed. I kissed her boobs wildly and sucked them to the hardest. Her nipple turned bit red and she was asking for more. “Suck harder Khanna. Eat them. They are only yours”. Ahhhhh” That turned me horny. She was pushing my head deeper with her one hand and her other hand was busy playing with my tool. She was giving little strokes and gentle presses all the while. I removed my shirt and pant. Was standing in front of her nude. In the mean time she removed her pant and was just lying there with a panty soaked with her love juices.

I went and placed my body over hers and our nude bodies met. It sent some electrical wave in my body. I smooched her and slowly going down all along her neck, boobs, her cleavage, her navel and finally i was right on the spot. I removed her panty with her help. It was bit hairy, but i loved the way i looked. Glittering with juices filled.

I went so mad and started kissing all over pussy, making her go to the wildest point possible. I smelled her intoxicating pussy and started fingering while smooching her pussy deep in the hardest way. “Ahh… Roll your tongue deeper Khanna.. Suck me dry.. These juices are because of your love. Suck harderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….” I licked her pussy like this for 10 mins. And she came finally. I licked her pussy clean and dry. She heaved a huge sigh of relief when she came. She caught some breathe as i lied beside her in the bed.

After two mins, she went down in search of my tool and started giving firm strokes and she kept in her mouth. She knew i would love to get a long and sexy blow jobs especially licking the tip of my cock. She gave a blow job like a pro.. Much better than the last time. I was enjoying with eyes closed and kept my hands on her head. She tried giving me deep throat blow job. I pulled her head by giving directions according to the fancies of me. She happily gave the best blow job of my life. She never choked when she gave a deep throated blowjob.. I came in her mouth after 15 mins. She gulped my semen with so much ease this time. And its time for the real action.

I never bothered about condom and all as i would love not to use it. I wanted my raw cock to get inside her pussy. It gives immense pleasure. I went on for missionary position this time. I slowly entered her pussy. The look on her face when I entered and gave the first stroke was blissful. So much happiness in our face coupled with pleasure.

Me: “You wanted your pussy to be cocked and boobs to be pressed. You so wanted this. Here,let me take you to the heaven”

She: “Yesssss.. Khanna.. We’re right at the gateway. Please take me inside… “

I started with few gentle strokes in a slow pace. And she was going all crazy. I felt the smoothness of her pussy around my cock. It was so better than all the blow jobs she gave me. I gathered pace as time progressed and started pumping harder and deeper. I did all the best things i could to feel her be in the heaven..

She: “Please do it fasterrrrrrr,,,… Harder… Tear my pussy… Screw it to your whims and fancies.. I want your cock to stay right there as long as it can… Deeper Khanna…. “

After some time we both came together. I looked at the clock. It was close to 10.30 p.m. We ordered food as we were hungry. We dressed up and had food by stating inside the room. She was feeding me the dinner with all her love. Once we were done with food, we laid on the bed and saw the TV for next 30 mins. Then it started slowly and got intensified like a storm or cyclone.

We smooched again and went nude in no time. I was in search of her pussy. I made her stand in the bed and went under her between her thighs and sucked the hell out of her pussy.. She came twice as heavily as the first time. She was all excited. She gave a wonderful blow job by playing with my cock. This time she even went for sucking by ball which helped my cock to gain its pole position and also felt ticklish.

We went for doggy position this time. We both were new to this. We tried it. And we loved it. It gave me more perfect balance to go and hit her G-spot. With no hindrance, i was drilling her pussy to the deepest scale with a glitch free access. She was moaning out loud with pleasure. And i splashed my load deep inside her pussy.

We both were all exhausted and laid down on the bed by hugging each other.

She:” I love you,Khanna. You’re the best. I loved the way we did it together and I’m happy that it happened sooner than i expected”.

Me: “It was my pleasure and I’m just discharging my duty as a boyfriend. I’ve longed for this moment too. “

Her shift usually gets over by 2 a.m and she should be there in her home 3 a.m. We had little time left. We both headed to the bathroom together and cleaned ourselves. I gave a vibrating wash to her pussy that she became totally wild. Thanks to the hand shower in that bathroom. I splashed the water over the pussy and fingered her simultaneously.

We both had a shower together by touching each others private parts. The water was bit chill and made my cock go wild. I drilled her pussy in a cow girl style, right under the shower and her moans echoed in all over the bathroom. “Ahhh.. Shhhhh.. This feels superb… She should have tried it before… It feels soooooooo goooooodddd Khanna.. Pls dont stop soon..” I couldn’t help it but i came little earlier than the previous rounds of drilling..

We came out of shower and wiped ourselves. I was in my boxer then as tried wearing her panty. She was facing the mirror and took the bra in her hand. I stopped her.

She: “Its getting late Khanna.. Pls let me get ready soon,.” Honestly, i had no intentions for another round. I came behind her and helped her wearing the bra with my own hands. I adjusted her boobs so as to fit it accordingly. I was standing and huggin her from the back with a mirror in front of us.

Me: “You’re a wonderful woman. And you look so sexy in this”

She: “Thanks Khanna. You’re so lucky to have me” 😉 *she winked*

We both wore our respective dresses and left the resort around 2.30 am and we were already running late. I somehow managed to drive my bike faster and safer. I dropped her home by 3.45 a.m. We both got down from the bike. As soon as i dropped her, I hugged her tight and thanked her for the day before bidding a goodnight/good morning!

What a wonderful night it was. It lives so fresh in my mind even now. Was it the last time we made love? Was it not the end of this saga? To know more, watch this space and stay tuned. I hope you all enjoyed this story. I’m open to all your feedbacks. Reachable at

A Night To Remember With My Love

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