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A Virgin Boy With Dominating Mami – Part 1

Hello readers, I am Ishaan. And I will be expressing my experiences here on ISS, to provide my fellow readers with good experience. The story is fictional and expresses my way of loving the beauty of other tender ladies.

This story has beautiful moments, which might make your heart beat faster. So, hold on as excitement builds. The current part is just an introduction that includes scenes without sex but you surely will enjoy it.

Let me introduce myself and my physique to all the curious readers. I am Ishaan with a good height of 5’8″. I have an athletic body with a decent chest and biceps. I’m slightly fair (as I don’t see myself as a complete fair guy. I’m kind of brown fair) with a fully maintained beard. And yes, a virgin still.

The queen of the story is in her 40s, with two daughters who were elder than me. Yes, she was older than me with a slight brown skin and physique, which can make a guy’s heart beat faster in her presence.

In the past, I had spent some days with her family during childhood. She was assertive, as once during my vacation, she gave a peck on my cheeks to check her lipstick color, despite me getting angry at her.

Now I can imagine how good it was but at that age, I was a bit shy and thus avoided interaction with girls. I have just a mental figure of her, as it’s been a long time since I saw her.

I was 18+ when this happened. I had passed my exams with awesome result that I was allowed to take a vacation and go to my native place in Raipur. Now I was excited as I will be spending time with my mama and his family. I reached Raipur in the afternoon and was picked up by my mama.

Mama took me directly to his business site and I got to know about his business operations and the tight schedule that he was in. Soon, he received a phone call where I saw a bit of tension on his face as it was of mami. He told her where we were and will be reaching home soon around 7 pm. I had a great time at his office, eating pizza and other snacks.

Then we drove to mama’s home and I was excited to see mami after a long time. I rang the bell and was awestruck to see mami. I just froze for a few seconds with slightly wide eyes to capture her image in my mind.

Then I said with excitement: Hello mami.

Mami (assertive tone): Where were you? I was waiting for you in the afternoon. All dressed up (angry tone).

Me (with a sad face): Sorry mami, we were busy seeing mama’s office, having pizzas and snacks (smiling).

Mami (angry): You naughty boy. Just now your mom called me for you and asked me to not allow you to eat from outside.

Me: Hehehe, sorry na mami. It’s okay now.

Mami: Okay. How can I be angry with my sweet little boy? I’m just happy that you will be spending vacation with me and your mama.

As I entered the house, I was moved into a wonderland by the fragrance that I was sensing while walking behind her. It was a strong fragrance with a sexy aroma. Then we chatted for some time with my elder sisters and got to know their nicknames, Myra and Kyra.

The house was big with everyone having their separate rooms.

We had our dinner and moved to our separate rooms, as I was very tired from traveling. The next day when I woke up, mama had already left for the office and my sisters to their respected college for their final exam.

Now, I was alone with mami. After taking shower, I went to see my mami. I was blown away when I saw my mami in a blue gown with her wet hair. I could smell her fragrance from distance.

Me: Good Morning, mami. I woke up late.

Mami: Yeah, seems you were too tired yesterday. Have your breakfast, it’s already late.

During the breakfast, we chatted a bit and then she left as she has to complete some household work and prepare Lunch. Then I went to my room thinking about her beauty and took a sweet nap dreaming about her.

Then she called me for lunch around 2 pm and I tried to flirt with her.

Me: Mami this is so delicious. You really are a sweet lady.

Mami: Ohh! After serving you delicious food, I’m sweet. Else, I’m a bad lady?

Me: No no mami, I didn’t mean that.

Mami: Then?

Me: You are a sweet lady, but a bit assertive. Remember you kissed my cheeks last time.

Mami: Is that so, my cute boy? That’s why you didn’t come on your previous vacation?

Me: Hehe, no mami, I was a bit busy and enjoying my vacation with friends.

Mami: Oh! Myra and Kyra are not your friends? And me?

Me: Mami, actually I’m a bit shy around girls, but with you, it’s different. I feel comfortable around you, and you?

Mami: For me, you are a cute little boy, I always liked your cheeks from your childhood. (Pulling my cheeks)

Me: Hehe.

Mami: No issue, with Myra and Kyra. You will become friends.

And they are also leaving tomorrow for their grandparents’ house. So, now you will be comfortable in this house.

Me: They are going (shocked)?

Then I arrived at the wrong time disturbing your vacation

(Lunch completed).

Mami: It’s not like that. I usually don’t like going to my father-in-law’s house. It’s such a pressure task to visit them. Do this work that works. So, normally I ask my daughters to spend time there.

Me: Okay mami, seems you are lazy (teasing her to not visit her in-laws).

Mami: Don’t you feel burdened? Okay, let me see how much you help me from tomorrow onwards after they are gone.

Me: For you, I can do anything (winking at her).

Mami: Let me be the judge for that (smiling).

I stood from my chair to put the plates in the kitchen. While returning, I saw my mami stretching. Then I went back to my chair to sit in front of mami. I could slightly feel her fragrance coming from the sweat under her arms. It was intoxicating even though it was not a that strong smell.

I kept staring at her cute stretching face and the visible wet area of her gown over her armpits.

Me: Mami, seems you are too tired today?

Mami: Yes, I had to pack things for Kyra and Myra, washed clothes, and prepare delicious food for you.

Me: Sorry mami, for troubling you so much.

Mami: Are you are such a shy and decent guy. It’s not a big deal. I will take a rest and will be okay.

Me: Okay mami, I will also complete my nap, still feeling tired after the train journey. From tomorrow I have to help you also (smiling).

Then we left for our rooms. I was half sleeping, waking up for 5 minutes, and turning around to go back to sleep because of tiredness. Then I came out of my room at around 8 pm. I saw everyone watching TV. Then I greeted them normally chatted about their day and then had dinner.

During dinner we had fun talking and I came to know that my sisters are going early morning around 7 am. So, we went to sleep early today. During the morning, I woke up due to the disturbance caused by my sisters getting ready to leave for their grandparents’ house.

I too greeted them happy journey and an enjoyable stay before they left. My mama went with my sisters to drop them at the airport and from there to his office.

Then I went to the bathroom to freshen up and get ready. While coming out of my room, mami asked me to have my breakfast and informed me that she was going for a bath.

After about 30 minutes of watching TV and having breakfast, I heard mami calling me from her room. Then I went to her room to find her standing in front of a mirror in her blouse and petticoat.

Mami: Ishaan, come fast na, and help me tie the blouse from the back. It’s so tight. I must have gained weight. See I’m getting fat.

Me: Okay mami, I will tie the blouse. But please help move your hair in front. I’m not able to see both the hooks properly.

While moving her hair, I could feel her soft wet skin. It was cold and so much smooth. She had brownish hair making me go mad at her. Then I started tying her hooks from the back and slightly bent myself so that my face was really close to her back and hidden from the mirror.

I will end the first part here. I intend to make this very descriptive story and long. Readers will get to know how a guy feels during his first interaction with a lady.

I have planned my kinky scenes and very long sex scenes which will make any gender reach climax before completing that part of the story.

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