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A Virgin Boy With Dominating Mami – Part 2

Hello readers, I am Ishaan. This is the second part of my story. So, let’s start!

I took a deep breath to take all the fragrance in me and feel the awesomeness of my mami’s fragrance. After tying up the hooks, I said –

Me: Mami, done.

Mami: Okay, but you didn’t answer me.

Me: Of what?

Mami: Am I fat?

Me: Seriously mami, you feel that way? I think you are getting younger day by day. If you feel you have gained weight, then it must have made you look more beautiful. Trust me.

Mami: Such a liar you are, Ishaan!

Me: Mami, I’m saying the truth. See, even your tummy is sexy. Yes, it’s a bit fat, but it makes you look sexy (touching her side hips).

Mami: Okay. (blushing) Am I that great?

Me: Yes mami, sorry for using the ‘sexy’ word (covering my mouth with my right hand).

Mami: Hehe, it’s okay (pulling my left cheek).

Her hands were strong. She really pulled my cheeks strong.

Me: Aah mami, it’s hurting (smiling).

Mami: It’s punishment for calling me ‘fat’ and ‘sexy’ (laughing).

Then she left my cheeks and I left the room rubbing my hand over my left cheek.

After waiting for 10 minutes, I saw mami coming out of the room. Damn! She was looking hot in a blue saree. Then she came close to me and asked –

Mami: How am I looking?

Me: Before telling anything, I need permission to use any words?

Mami: Granted!

Me: Mami, you are looking like hot Vidya Balan – sexy and killer! You surely will kill some boys if you go outside (playfully winking).

Mami: Hehe, liar. You surely know how to make a lady blush, Ishaan.

Me: Pleasure is mine, mami.

After this, I went to my room to relax and re-imagined all the sexy scenes. I couldn’t make myself comfortable or focus on one image in my head. Soon, I heard mami calling me for lunch.

During lunch –

Mami: How’s the lunch?

Me: If you have prepared it, then it has to be delicious.

Mami: Hehe, thanks for the compliment. Usually, everyone doesn’t like the food prepared by me.

Me: No, seriously, it’s amazing.

Mami: Okay, enough of pampering mami. Do you have any plans for today?

Me: As of now, NO. But I think someone has something planned.

Mami: Yes, I was thinking to visit the mall.

Me: Sure, afternoon or in the evening?

Mami: Evening, be ready by 5 pm.

Me: Okay mami, I will take a nap then.

Mami: Okay.

After taking nap, I got ready and went to ask mami whether she was ready. Then we took the car to reach the mall. Mami just applied little makeup and was wearing the same saree as in the afternoon. I was getting attention in the mall from the girls of my age.

Looking this mami said –

Mami: Looks like you’re popular here.

Me: Why?

Mami: See that two girls are continuously staring at you.

Me: Mami, you are making me feel shy.

Mami: Arre, it’s good na, you will get into a relationship soon (winking). Look at me, we are older pieces (laughing).

Me: Hahaha, mami seriously yaar (feeling shy and took a pause). I’m here to stare at your sexiness (winking).

Then mami hit my shoulder in a flirty way.

Me: Mami, it might be due to your clothing style. It’s quite old.

Mami: Hmmm, yeah I know, but I feel odd wearing a western dress.

Me: If you don’t find it odd, can I gift you a dress?

Mami: Gift? Let’s see your taste in clothes then.

Then we enjoyed ourselves in the mall and after coming out, we had street snacks famous in Ranchi. We tried Panipuri (Gupchup), and samosa chaat.

While eating, a little bit of curd was sticking to the side of mami’s lips and her chin. I tried to tell her about this. But she was unable to remove it. Then she just brought her face closer to me and asked me to remove it.

I used my thumb and roughly wiped her lips, making her lipstick spread. To wipe the smudged lipstick, I licked my thumb to make it wet and then again wiped her chin. Then she smiled at me and we left for home. She was happy after spending time in the mall and market.

Mami then prepared some food for mama. I and mami went to sleep as we were tired and full.

The next day, mami woke me a little early to help her in the household as promised by me to her. While helping her, I used to tease and do masti with her. She was getting more open and comfortable with me. After 2 days, she was very cranking and angry with me.

Then I asked her –

Me: Mami, what happened today? You are very angry and not in a happy mood.

Mami: Yes, I have some problems.

Me: Can I know what’s troubling my sweet mami?

Mami: You Ishaan, are so cute. It’s something that you won’t know about.

Me: Try me mami, I will always be understanding.

Mami: I’m going through my periods and feeling too much pain in my abdomen.

Me: What! You should have told me earlier. Shall I take you to a hospital?

Mami: Haha, see, you don’t know what periods are. It’s usual for ladies to experience such pain every month for a week. But this time, it’s very painful.

Me: Mami, you take a rest I will take care of the household work. We will order food.

Then I made mami lie down on the bed and order the cheese burst pizza for both of us. I fed her with my hands but the cheese was dropping from the slice. Some of the cheese dropped in the upper region of mami’s chest.

I just took my fingers and wiped them and then licked my fingers. Don’t know how but the cheese tasted different. Mami was looking at me while I did that. Then she said –

Mami: You are a good guy, I am happy that you are with me at this moment.

Me: Thanks, mami. For me, you are special.

Mami: Why?

Me: I feel comfortable around you and you too share a lot of your life with me. Usually, I didn’t have any long and caring friendships with a lady in the past.

Mami: No issue (smiling), happens at your age. Some boys take time to open up.

Then after finishing our pizza, I asked mami if I could massage her legs to ease her pain. She readily agreed to that. Then I asked her –

Me: Mami, you must be feeling too much pain? I happen to read about the girl’s period on the net.

Mami: So sweet of you, Ishaan (smiling and looking into eyes).

Me: Mami, I read giving a massage can help reduce the pain.

Mami: Really? But it’s inappropriate to ask you for a massage.

Me: Mami, you are making me feel as if I am not your friend.

Mami: Okay, fine. How will you start?

Me: You lie down on your back and I will massage your legs first and then your back.

Mami: Okay, is this fine?

Me: Yes.

Then I slightly slid her saree up to half of mami’s calves. She was so soft and her skin so smooth at her calves. I continued massaging her lower legs and her feet. I was going crazy looking at her feet and claves. After completing massaging her legs, I asked mami to lay on her front to massage her back and lower back.

I was sitting on the left edge of the bed and mami was in the middle of the bed. Her back had a sweet fragrance and bit moisture due to her sweat. As her skin was exposed now to air, it was feeling cold. I was excited and my body temperature was high.

Then she said –

Mami: Ohh, Ishaan! Your hands feel so warm as if you have warmed your hands to the right temperature to give a massage.

Me: Hehe mami, actually I don’t know I feel very tense while I’m massaging your back.

Mami (smiling): But it feels very relaxing while you’re massaging my back.

I was pressing her back very hard and giving her a good massage. Mami started feeling relaxed and closed her eyes. Seeing my opportunity, I lowered myself over mami’s body avoiding touch.

I was scanning her body from back very close. Seeing every detail of the skin on her neck, the region exposed above her blouse and below it. I was seeing her skin roughness like it was an HD image. It was making me crazy looking at her.

Then I went near her armpits to take a good amount of her natural fragrance. It just drove me crazy making me close my eyes to experience it. I slid my fingers under her armpits and make her tickle.

She started moving very fast and I just tried to pin her on the bed to tickle her more. But she succeeded in getting free from my grip and tried to catch her breath. I could see her chest go up and down slowly.

Mami (laughing): You naughty, Ishaan. I was enjoying the massage.

Me: I thought massage was making you relax too much (winking at her). So I tickled to disturb you.

Mamu (laughing): You are a kind of a devil.

Me: Thanks mami (giving her a cute smile). Now you relax and I will also go.

Mami: Okay.

As soon as I left the room, I just brought the fingers near to my nose and smelled the fainted fragrance of my sweet mami.

I will end the second part here. I intend to make this very descriptive story and long. Readers will get to know how a guy feels during his first interaction with a lady.

I have planned my kinky scenes and very long sex scenes which will make any gender reach climax before completing that part of the story.

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