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A Virgin Boy With Dominating Mami – Part 3

Thanks for your overwhelming views. I am honored that you guys liked the introductory part of my story and gave me your time. The initial two parts were actually the draft of chapter 1. But due to length, it was published in two parts. I will be trying to raise the level in part 3, hope you like it.

Before I start the next part, let me tell my readers that the text under “xxx” is for ladies. If boys want to read, they are welcome.

Hint: The boy is alone in the room.

As soon as I left the room, I just brought the fingers near to my nose and smelled the fainted fragrance of my sweet Mami.

Then I went to my room, shut the door tight, and just slid down to sit in the squat position at the door. I just couldn’t believe the way I behaved in the room and actually tried to feel the softness of Mami’s body.

My mind was just flashing images in my mind like a flashback. I was perspiring a lot and felt the heat in my body. Then I just threw my t-shirt and removed my sports trouser to feel the fresh air. I was able to see myself in the full-length mirror sitting on the floor with just underwear on me.

(The mirror is full length and is quite wide to somewhat extending in front of the bed.)

The next paragraph is for ladies to enjoy, boys can too read about masturbation.

Then I stood up and went near the mirror and was surprised to feel the stiffness between my legs. I threw my underwear and was puzzled looking at my black dick. It was throbbing very hard and thick. I had never seen myself like that. I could see the veins throbbing in my black dick.

I just stood to check its size. It was looking very big with a bit of shiny skin due to sweat. I just couldn’t stand anymore and fell on the edge of the bed with closed eyes.

Then I took some lotion in my left hand and brought my right hand to my nose to smell the fainted fragrance of intoxicating Mami’s sweat. I was completely lost in the thoughts of enjoying my Mami every inch with my lips, tongue, and my nose.

Then I took my left hand with a huge quantity of Ponds moisturizer in the middle of my palm and slowly placed it on the tip of my black dick. It felt very cold and a sense of shock ran through my thighs. Then I slowly engulfed my whole dick in my palm to feel the coldness.

Currently, I could hold my dick inside my hand. But the fragrance that I was smelling in my right hand was creating havoc on my dick. It started to twitch in my palm and I could sense it getting bigger in my hand with the moisturizer making it feel chilly.

I opened my eyes and looked down. I could see the white moisturizer on the tip of my dick still engulfed between the skin. Then I started to move my left hand down to see the red shinny tip of my dick. It looked like a pink lotus between black thick mud (black skin of my dick).

I started imagining Mami’s lips on the tip of my dick. Just touching her lips on my dick and making me feel her soft lips. It was sensational for me to imagine her giving me a passionate blowjob.

My room was filled with the odor that come from the boys’ private parts and I was smelling it mixed with Mami’s sweet fragrance and enjoyed the feeling on my dick. Suddenly I felt a bit of smoothness on my dick due to the pre-cum.

Then again, I opened my eyes to see a drop of the pre-cum just coming out of my dick hole to the surface. I smiled and felt happy. I opened my hand to feel my dick sensually. I slid my index finger on the complete length of my dick, feeling its thick and throbbing veins slowly.

I noticed a vein coming from the tip of the dick in a zig-zag manner and the widening at the base to connect to my body. I couldn’t take any longer and just took the whole dick within my palm and started jerking too fast.

Now I was completely involved in the act with my eyes shut and imagining Mami’s sexy skin on her calves and her back.

Suddenly, I jerked my hips up in the air and all of a sudden, I left a sensation on my dick. It burst a thick cum in the air which made me collapse back in the bed. Then I just slid back my foreskin to cover my dick.

The previous cum shot landed on my stomach and thigh region. As I engulfed my dick within the foreskin it started to bulge because of the cum it started to store in the gap between foreskin and dick. I felt relaxed and released my dick from my hand.

Thick cum started to flow out of the space between the foreskin and dick. Then I lay there for some time before pulling my sports trousers up.

(Girl’s part is over.)

After having a relaxing sleep, I woke up. I replayed all the scenes that happen in the room and how amazing the masturbation was. I started to move towards the door and was surprised that I didn’t lock the door and it was slightly open.

Then I went to check on Mami. She was still sleeping with her back to the ceiling. I prepared the tea and woke Mami up for her tea. I could see a different smile on her face. But I didn’t bother myself with it. Dinner time was normal as Mama was telling us about his day. And we went to sleep.

The next day morning.

Mami came to my room to find me still sleeping. I was actually half asleep. She came near me and sat beside me on the edge of the bed. Then she kept her hand on my thigh region and started to shake me. I opened my eyes to see Mami.

Mami: Wake up Ishaan, how much will you sleep?

I: Just a little more, 10 minutes only, promise.

Mami: No just get out of bed. I’m really in a bad mood today.

I: Okay Mami, on one condition.

Mami: What?

I took my index finger and directed it towards my cheek. Mami just smiled.

Mami: No!

I: Mami I massaged you yesterday, my hands are paining. At least you can show some mercy (Making a crying face).

Mami came closure to me and just brought her lips closure to my cheeks. But instead of giving a small peck on my cheek. I could only feel her lips slightly rubbing my cheeks.

Mami: If I give you now, then you won’t come to me during the next vacation. (laughingly)

I was just enjoying the pleasure of her closeness to me and her breath feeling my neck and ears. Then she left the room and due to the whole scene, I was awake completely. I went to check on Mami and tried to help her with household work like putting clothes for wash, cleaning rooms, and dusting.

After completing we went to our rooms to take bath. After coming out of the bathroom I heard Mami calling me from her room. Then I straight away went to her room with my towel tied to my waist. I was wearing my underwear and I don’t like wearing a vest. My hairs were wet and water drops were still on my chest.

Mami: Ishaan… Ishaan…

I: Yes, Mami?

Mami: Please help me to tie my blouse again.

Then I went closer to her and slid her wet hair to the front. I was awestruck when I noticed that Mami was not wearing a bra and I could see her complete back. Then I tightly hold the flaps of the blouse at the back and pulled it in a very sudden manner making it extra tight in the front.

The blouse was of thin material and I could see small poking under her blouse in the mirror. My dick was rising inside my towel, pointing towards her ass and it was becoming difficult for me to stay.

I somehow tie the blouse, but suddenly Mami turns towards me. During this, her ass slid over my standing dick and my towel become loose and started falling. Then I suddenly move my head down to catch the towel, but my head hit her breast hard and my towel was on the floor.

Mami was pushed to the dressing table, but somehow got hold of her. She just smiled staring into my eyes while I held her strongly in half failing state. Then she got free from my grip and adjusted herself to stand. She looked down and saw my towel had fallen.

She gestured for me to relax and bend down to pick up the towel. But while picking up, she paused for 5 seconds to check my pole saluting her. Then she picked up the towel and kept it with her. She roughly moved her fingers in my wet hairs.

Mami: You are looking handsome. I never knew you had such a body (smiling). At least you could have wiped your body and come.

I: Thanks, Mami (blushing). I thought you need some urgent help.

Mami: Okay no issue. I will do it for you.

Then she covered her palm with the towel and started rubbing my chest. Don’t know but it felt a sharp sensation in my nipples as if she was poking her nails in my nipples.

After sliding the towel to my tummy region, she bent down to sit on the floor and slid the towel very roughly over my underwear making my dick bent. I felt the slight pain at the base of my dick.

As soon as she lost the grip my dick sprang up saluting her.

After that, she wiped my inner thigh region and my calves. Then she went back and wiped my back. She asked me to raise my hands and wiped my underarms and then she slowly brought the towel to the front to again wipe my chest.

For that, she wrapped herself from back to reach my chest. I was feeling her breast touch and getting squash at my back. Then Mami whispered in my ears –

Mami: Mami, is good at taking care of you Ishaan, isn’t it?

I was completely lost and could not focus to reply to her. She came in front of me and handed me the towel. I was completely blown and slowly moved to my room. Mami had a mysterious smile on her face as I was leaving the room.

Then I had my breakfast in my room to avoid Mami’s presence near me. But she forcefully called me for lunch.

I will end part 3 here. I’m sorry if the readers are disappointed with chapter 3. I tried to keep a balance of sex scenes for both the male and female gender. It was intended to be a bit inclined towards the female.

Loved the emails. Eagerly waiting for your emails and comments. Please let me know your reviews guys!

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