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A Virgin Boy With Dominating Mami – Part 4

I am extremely sorry for the very short story for part 3. After it was published, I realized how short it was. I will try to make up all that with this erotic part.

I would like to request the readers to post your comments and send your reviews in the mail so that I can know whether the readers are enjoying it and how to take forward the story.

Let’s start!

To avoid mami, I stayed in my room after what had happened in mami’s room. But I couldn’t stay in the room for long. Mami forced me to come out to have lunch. I was puzzled, as to why a lady in her 40s was after a virgin boy and that too, one who was younger than her.

She would have a lot of attention from mama (husband) or moreover, there will be more hungry guys in her friend circle to impress her. But a thought struck me, what was wrong with me?!

I was not the one hitting on her. So I decided I will not act like a sissy and instead, I will act confident. I decided not to let her know that she was the first lady in my life.

Then mami called me for lunch, I just looked in the mirror adjusted my clothes, did some brushing to my hair with my fingers, and went out with confidence.

Mami: Ishaan, Ishaan. Come out of your room for lunch.

Ishaan: Coming mami (sweet and happy voice).

At the dining table.

Mami (upset): What happened? I thought you will help me with preparing lunch.

Ishaan: Nothing, mami. Just my head was spinning (slightly smiling).

Mami: Okay, have lunch and take a rest. This must be due to the work that I’m asking you to do for me.

Ishaan: Yeah mami, maybe.

Ishaan: Okay mami, let me make up to you for not helping you for lunch. What can I do for a beautiful and sweet lady like you (winking)?

Mami: Ummm… As of now, I don’t have anything for you.

After 5 minutes.

Mami: Yeah, I need your help. It’s a bit odd work, will you help?

Ishaan: Sure, till I get delicious food like this (smiling at her).

Mami: That you will get (pulling my cheeks).

Mami: Okay. The work is, all my clothes are a bit tight. You have to take them to the tailor. He will adjust them.

Ishaan: Okay, give them. I will take them to her.

After our lunch was over, I kept the dishes in the kitchen for cleaning and went straight to mami’s room.

Mami was removing the clothes like a blouse, kurta and some leggings. I was just standing behind her and was able to see her collections of clothes. I also had a sneak peek at her private collection of that very thing, that boys love to see a lady in.

She had mostly light colors for her bras and panties. A few were in floral print too. I was excited to see them. She too didn’t try to hide them. Then she packed the clothes in a big cloth shopping bag. I took the bag and went to my room and told her.

Ishaan: Mami, I will wear a comfortable t-shirt for going out, as it’s very hot outside.

Mami: Okay, as you wish.

Then I went to my room and changed my t-shirt to full-length sleeves. As I was about to take the bag, a blouse just fell from the bag. As I was picking it up, I felt the soft cloth inside the blouse. No wonder why ladies have soft skin.

I then just felt the cloth with my fingers. I couldn’t resist and brought the cloth to my cheeks and was feeling her softness on my face. I imagined her soft skin on my cheeks while feeling her blouse.

Then I snapped myself out of my imagination and packed the bag. After that, I went outside to the tailor. Mami had explained to me where I would find her tailor in the market.

But as soon as I gave the clothes to the tailor, I had to rush back to the house. Because of silly of me. I went back to the house. (Please write in the comment if your guess was correct about my mistake.)

I went rushing back. I rang the bell. As I entered, mami was confused as to why I was still having the clothes with me.

Mami: What happened, Ishaan? (confused)

Ishaan: We forgot the main thing for adjusting your cloth!

Mami: What?

Ishaan: Mami, the tailor will need the measurements, na? How will he adjust without those?

Mami: Shit!

Ishaan: If you have them with you, give them to me. I will again go back to him straightaway.

Mami: I don’t have them. Help me to measure.

Ishaan: Okay mami, let’s go inside the room. I’m perspiring a lot.

Mami: Okay, come.

We went inside her room. She started the AC at full speed to blast me with cold air. Soon I was feeling chilly in the room till then she got the measuring tape. I arranged for a book and pen to note down. She was wearing a saree.

Ishaan: What all do we have to measure?

Mami: Let’s see, I have given him a blouse, kurta, and leggings (pulling each one out and showing me).

Mami: Blouse is tight under my arms, shoulder, and from the front.

Pulling the kurta and spreading it on the bed.

Mami: This is a bit tight as my blouse, but also on my waist. And these leggings, Ummm… from the waist and the ankle.

Ishaan: Okay, let’s start.

Mami: Yup (smiling).

Then I took the measuring tape from her hand while she stood in front of the mirror and I was behind her. I asked mami to make her both shoulders a bit lose so that I could put my hand under her right shoulder for measuring.

I measured her right shoulder and took a note of it. Then I slid my tape to her under-arm. She was a bit sweaty and I was feeling cold while touching her underarms.

Ishaan: Mami, put your right shoulders a bit wide.

As soon as she spread her shoulder, the room was filled with the fragrance of her sweat. I just tickled her a bit while doing so. She laughed and pushed me playfully aside. Same thing I did while I was measuring her left shoulder.

Mami knew now I had to measure her chest. So she removed her pallu and I could see a heavenly valley in the mirror. It was a deep-neck blouse and I could see her molds in the mirror. I clicked a mental image in my head.

Now, I asked her to lift her both hands up and put both the hand under her arms. As soon as I did that, I could see a slight smile on mami’s face in the mirror.

Then I passed the tape to the other hand and while bringing my hand back, they were brushing on the sides of mami’s blouse. I was also bringing my hands very slowly and rubbing my hands on her body.

As soon as I tried to put one end of the measuring tape on it, it slipped from the front. Then I again tried to wrap the tape around her, while rubbing my hand again on her side of the blouse. Again, it slid from the front. Then I thought that mami’s boobs were squishy and plumply.

Mami: Ohhh, it’s not staying in one position, it’s sliding right?

Ishaan: Yes mami (sad face).

Mami: Come here and then take the measurement.

Then she just pulled me in the front and her chest was straight into my face. I just pulled my eyes from her beautiful face down to her cleavage. I acted normal. Then I wrapped the tape around her back and brought it in front.

I had actually squeezed the tape very tight (being tensed around her).

Mami: Ishaan, you have held the tape very tightly around my breast.

I was shocked to hear breast from her.

Ishaan: Oh, sorry mami, I will loosen it right away.

Mami: Hmm, now it’s okay. How much is it showing?

Ishaan: Mami, it is 41 inches.

Mami: Seriously! (shocked)

Mami: Damn! I have put on so much weight.

Ishaan: Hehehe, mami you look beautiful na.

Mami: No, seriously I need to exercise or do some yoga.

Ishaan: Okay, you start tomorrow. Let me take the measurement.

Then I moved down on my knees to take her waist measurement.

Mami: Hold a sec, let me adjust my saree a bit.

Then she slid both her thumbs inside her saree from each side of the waist and loosen it a bit. She slid the saree a bit down, revealing her navel button. My eyes just popped out seeing her navel. She had a deep and long navel button.

I just thought to poke my nose in her navel button and skipped that thought. Then I wrapped the tape around her waist and felt her smooth cold skin. It was awesome to touch that soft and smooth skin. It was cold too due to the AC. Then she asked –

Mami: How much?

Ishaan: It is 37 inches.

Mami: Hmmm (sad face). I think you are exaggerating.

Ishaan: No mami, I am telling the actual measurement.

Mami: Okay.

Ishaan: Now I have to take your hips measurement.

Then I wrapped the tape around her hips and was taking the measurement.

Mami: Stop, you will also measure the thickness of my saree too and tell me the number. I will feel bad then.

Ishaan: Then how should I measure?

Mami: First, take my ankle measurement.

Then my mami just lifted her saree so that I could see her ankle. I went on one knee and lifted her one leg and put it on my one knee. I measured her left leg ankle size. She lifted her saree more and now I was measuring her left calf for her leggings.

Similarly, I measured her right leg but the surprise of the afternoon was not over.

Ishaan: Mami, measuring your leg is done. Now, how should I measure your hips?

Mami: Listen, it’s a bit awkward, okay.

Ishaan: Okay mami, tell me.

Mami: Just sit on your knees and close your eyes and do as I say.

Nodding in yes, I sat down on my knees and closed my eyes facing her back (smiling in my head). She brought a dupatta and wrapped it around my eyes so that I could not see.

She lifted her saree to her waist. A pungent smell just hit my nose off her body. I was confused about where this fragrance was coming from and tried to loosen the grip of the dupatta. Then she just straight away slapped me on my hand a bit hard.

Ishaan: Ouch! Mami.

Mami: I told you na, not to see.

Ishaan: But then how will I measure?

Mami: Give your hand.

Then I put my hands toward her front. By then, I was hearing something heavy cloth thrown on the bed. She might have removed her saree and was just in a petticoat. Then she held my hand each with her and put them on her thighs.

Fuck, it was damn cold and smooth. I just held it tightly. She started sliding my hands up. I could touch her lovely thighs.

Ishaan: Mami, where is your saree (asking her with closed eyes).

Mami: I have removed and I’m just in petticoat and blouse and hurry up. I’m feeling cold.

Ishaan: I’m not even feeling that (asking about her petticoat).

Mami: I have tucked it under my chin, now hurry up.

Shit, I was facing her bump (ass). Fuck, she had exposed her ass to me and cursed my luck because of her dupatta.

My hand was on her hips, and I wrapped her hip with the tape. I was feeling plumply ass but just couldn’t feel the softness as she was wearing her panty. But still, I was feeling a lady’s ass and I was enjoying that.

Mami: My chin is hurting, Ishaan. Please take it fast.

Ishaan: Mami, my eyes are closed, please read the tape.

I removed the tape around her and showed the tape where the starting point meets on the tape.

Mami: Ohhh nice, it’s 47 inches. I really have a peach-shaped body.

With that, she just left her petticoat and fell on my head. So, literally I was under her petticoat and measuring her hips. I just got scared of what fell on me and in a hasty manner I tried to remove the cloth.

While doing so, my face just bumped mami’s ass and I felt the softness of her ass on my face. Then I came out of the cloth.

Ishaan: What was it? (still her dupatta is tied to my eyes).

Mami: You look scared. It was just my petticoat (laughing).

Ishaan: I thought what fell on me (Mami was still laughing).

Ishaan: Now, can I remove the dupatta?

Mami: Wait, you took the wrong measurement of my blouse. I want a tight fit so you will have to take it again.

Ishaan: Okay.

I already knew she was not wearing a bra and was thinking how she wanted me to take her boob measurement. I was thinking I will again get to feel my aunty’s boobs from the side. But, to my surprise, I was wrong somewhat.

Mami: Come, take the measurement.

I touched her back and was feeling her complete back without her blouse. I slid my hand further to the side and felt her blouse.

Mami: I have opened my blouse from the back so that you can measure my skin.

Ishaan: Hmmm… Now I understand why you didn’t want me to remove the dupatta (smiling).

Ishaan: But mami, why don’t you remove it anyway I’m not able to see it.

Mami: Okay.

She just removed the blouse and threw it on the bed. I could hear her remove and throw it on the bed.

Ishaan: Now, put your hands up so that I can put my hand in the front.

Then I slid my hands under her arms and feel her cold skin. She just pulled my hands forcefully and directly put them on her boobs. I was just awestruck at what she did and my mouth was wide open to the feeling.

She then saw that in the mirror and smiled. I slightly bend and tuck my head under her armpit. I was in heaven, feeling her heavenly soft boobs and her sweet fragrance coming from her armpits.

I just put my fingers of the right hand between her cleavage to her depth and felt her wet and cold skin. I moved my hand a little more to the side and was brushing on her erected nipples. They were damn poking and hard.

I was just imagining in my head how they might feel in seeing them with my wide-open eyes. I was in love with her. And was imagining what I might do to her. Then I came back and held the tape with two-finger to mark the point. I showed it to her, and she shouted excitedly.

Mami: Yeah! It’s 39.5 inches now. I knew they were a few extra inches.

Ishaan: Oh, really? But I cannot see the tape (laughing).

Mami also laughed. She went to her bed to pick clothes.

Mami: I am going to the bathroom and after that, you remove that dupatta.

Ishaan: Obviously, mami.

She then picked up her clothes and I heard her closing the bathroom door. I removed her dupatta. My eyes were popping out and thinking about what had happened. This day was really eventful from morning mami’s wiping my body with a towel to this afternoon feeling her almost naked hips to sexy boobs.

Mami: Before going out, take my number and call me if he says anything.

Ishaan: Okay, mami.

Ishaan: Mami, one thing. I don’t know your name. What should I say to him whose clothes are these?

Mami: Silly, you don’t know my name?

Ishaan: No, mami.

Mami: It’s Meenakshi, you stupid nephew. Ring me too, so that I have your number.

[From now onward in the story you might see Meenakshi (M) instead of mami while I type the conversation and Ishaan (I)].

Then I collected all the things and left her room. Coming to the hall, I adjusted myself and packed all her clothes in the shopping bag to go to the tailor. It was almost 5 pm. Then I went out to relax and hand over the clothes to the tailor.


I will end part 4 here. And I am sorry if the readers are disappointed with chapter 4. I know I am taking time to upload the story. But please understand that I am trying to find time for writing this story.

I appreciate the comments and likes. Loved the emails. Eagerly waiting for your emails and comments.

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