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A Virgin Boy With Dominating Mami – Part 5

I hope you like the previous part and thanks for the emails. Please comment so that I can know if you guys are enjoying the story and the progress. I hope you will find this part bit dirty.

I am in the process of writing the first sex scenes of this story, please let me know what you want to read in that. In the sex scene Ishaan will be dominated (it’s mami exerting herself on Ishaan, not a BDSM type) by the mami and hence please let me know your ideas in that respect.

I was back at my house around 8 pm. My mami was preparing dinner, and tiredness and pain could be seen on her face. Then I just helped her to get the things on the dinner table. Mama was also back from the office.

Mama: Hey, you both look very tired. Did you guys clean the whole house?

Mami: Oh no-no, we are just too tired today. Ishaan is having a headache and I’m also not good.

Mama: Oh! You should have told me, we could have ordered food from outside.

Ishaan: Yes, mami. You didn’t tell me also that you are not good. (Acting as if I don’t know.)

Mami: It’s not a big deal, preparing food for both of you.

Mama: I guess the day is kind of bad. I too have bad news for you.

Ishaan (sad face): What happened, mama?

Mama: I have to visit my client urgently tomorrow and for that, I have to leave for at least 1-2 weeks.

Then mama and mami talked about his trip and the things that she would need to pack. We all left for our rooms once the dinner was over. I left for my room as I was feeling tired due to the eventful day.

I tried to sleep but the images and feeling of touching mami (Meenakshi) were not going away. I was just imagining her. Soon, a beep was heard on my phone. I tried to ignore it but once again it came.

I checked my phone to see who had messaged me this late in the night. It was 11:20 pm. I was shocked to see it was from mami. Here is our chat:

Meenakshi: Hey! Sleeping?

Ishaan: Hey, mami. No, I’m not able to sleep.

Meenakshi: Me too. Even though I’m very tired, I’m still awake.

Ishaan: Yup mami, I can see that.

Meenakshi: Did you give the clothes to the tailor I said?

Ishaan: Yes mami, he was actually very humble toward me once I told him that these were from Meenakshi madam.

Meenakshi: Meenakshi madam?

Ishaan: Why, what happened?

Meenakshi: It’s weird hearing ‘madam’ from you.

Ishaan: Hahaha, what else could I have said to him.

Meenakshi: Yeah, that is also true.

Ishaan: Mami, I wanted to know something from you.

Meenakshi: Regarding what?

Ishaan: Mami, I have to gift you some western clothes, na?

Meenakshi: Are you serious? I thought it was a joke.

Ishaan: No mami, I really meant to give to you.

Meenakshi: Ask what you want to ask?

Ishaan: What’s your favorite color?

Meenakshi: Umm…choose whatever you want. Don’t ask me my color.

Ishaan: That’s bad, mami. At least you should tell the color.

Meenakshi: Hmmm… true. Do one thing, take this pic and decide which will be the best.

Ping. I just received the hottest pic from mami. She was wearing a deep-neck saree with a string blouse on the shoulder. I was going mad in love with this lady. Then again, I received a pic and it was in a different saree. But the back was open and only strings were coming from the front to the back. After examining the pics, I said –

Ishaan: Mami, those are really hot pics.

Meenakshi: Hehehe, naughty boy. Are you supposed to say such things to your mami?

Ishaan: No!

Meenakshi: I shared these only with you. You are really special to me and that’s why.

Ishaan: Thanks, mami. I’m feeling sleepy mami. I will go to sleep.

Meenakshi: Yeah, I’m also a bit sleepy now. Good night.

Then we both slept. I woke up late in the morning and was able to hear mama’s voice. Mama and mami were preparing breakfast. I went to the kitchen and greeted them both Good Morning.

Ishaan: Good Morning, mama and mami!

Mama & Mami: Good Morning. (in sync.)

Mami: Is this the time to wake up at 10 am? You are getting very lazy here.

Ishaan: Sorry, mami.

Then we arranged ourselves at the dining table and had our breakfast. During breakfast, I came to know that mama was not going to the office even after the breakfast as he had to pack his belongings for the trip. We decided that we will go for a little outing in the evening and then drop mama at the airport.

Lunch and afternoon were normal and went pretty boring. I was just lying in the room and scrolling my feed on Instagram and Facebook. In the evening, we went out. Then we tried all the street food from ghupchup (Panipuri) to jaljira to refresh us from the heat.

We all had a blast of fun eating and then drove to the airport.

Mami: Hari (mama), do we have water with us?

Mama: Yes, it’s in the back seat.

Ishaan: Here mami, have water.

Then I passed the bottle to mami and she just consumed the whole bottle. And passed me back.

Mami: Hari, I don’t know I’m feeling very thirsty.

Mama: Yeah, I’m too, might be due to the salty water that you had in the ghupchup.

Then we just drove to the airport and dropped mama at the airport. Mami was a bit emotional while leaving the airport. Then I tried to console her a bit. She was okay after some time and we had our light dinner outside the airport.

I and mami then started toward the home in the car. Mami was sitting next to me in the front seat and I was driving the car. After driving for some time, I was seeing mami was a bit uncomfortable sitting.

Ishaan: Mami, are you okay? You look a bit tense. Is it about mama?

Mami: No, it is fine. You drive fast.

Ishaan: Okay, mami.

But after 10 minutes, she asked –

Mami: How much more time?

Ishaan: It will take more than 30 minutes to reach the house.

Mami: What?

Ishaan: What happened mami, anything wrong?

Mami: Yes, something big is wrong. I don’t know what to say to you (grunting while saying).

Ishaan: Just say it na, mami.

Mami: I need to pee badly (she just burst out loud).

Ishaan: Oh, shit!

Then I just pulled the car to the on side of the road. The road was a bit busy and very dark. Only a few vehicles were moving.

Ishaan: Mami, I have an idea.

Mami: What?

Ishaan: Can you pee in the bottle?

Mami: Are you out of your mind (very angry). I can’t.

Ishaan: Okay, fine.

I opened the door and went to the left side of the car and opened both the doors. One of the front seats where mami was sitting and the left-back side door of the passenger. Then I asked mami –

Ishaan: Mami, come out. Do one thing, I will stand at the back of the car. You please sit between these two doors and pee.

Mami: Ishaan, this doesn’t feel right.

Ishaan: Trust me mami, it will be fine.

Then she just squatted there in front of me. I moved back towards the car hood and from there to the back of the car. I was just focusing on the oncoming traffic from the back.

I was getting distracted by the gushing sound coming from my back. Mami was really peeing were hard and it was making a sound (it’s not to disrespect the ladies, please understand). I was just thinking from when mami was holding back this much, she just urinated/peed for some time.

Then I was hoping it will end now but it was still going on. I guess she urinated for almost 3-4 minutes continuously. Then I heard a thud sound of a car door slamming. I turned back to see the front door was closed. I closed the passenger side door and went to the driving seat. While closing, I saw a pool of water under the car.

I saw that mami had closed her eyes and her face was toward the window side. Indicating that, she didn’t want to talk. I just drove to the house.

Ishaan: Mami, we have reached the house.

She opened her eyes and straightaway went to the house. By the time I parked the car, she was already inside the house and in her room. Then I went inside the house to find her door was already shut.

I went to my room and freshen up. It was already midnight (00:30 am) when I was back in my bed from the bathroom. As soon as I lied down on my bed, I heard a beep on my mobile.

It was a message from mami.

Mami: Hey, online?

Ishaan: Yes, mami.

Mami: Listen Ishaan, I’m really sorry for the way I acted.

Ishaan: It’s okay mami, no need to say sorry or feels shy. It’s human nature.

Mami: I guess so, I don’t, I feel so much disgusted now.

Ishaan: Chill mami, it happens, no need to worry.

Mami: You might be feeling disgusted na, me peeing just behind you?

Ishaan: Are you serious, mami? Please stop overthinking about this. It’s fine.

Mami: Hmmm…

Ishaan: Just relax and think it was just a bad memory.

Mami: Hmmm…

Ishaan: Just relax and sleep, Something special is coming for you tomorrow. So, please be happy.

Mami: Okay, thanks Ishaan for standing beside me and supporting me.

Ishaan: Always, mami. It’s already late.

Mami: Yeah, good night.

Ishaan: Good night.

The next day morning, I went outside to see mami working in the kitchen and wished her and continued my work. We had a small talk while having breakfast and I could feel the tension in her. Then I asked her –

Ishaan: Mami, are you still upset about yesterday?

Mami: No…. yeah, a little bit (frowning down).

Ishaan: I told you na it happens. It’s just a bad memory.

Mami: Yeah, I guess so.

Ishaan: Anyway, I got to hear you peeing (laughing).

Mami: Stop it, Ishaan. (A bit less tensed.)

Ishaan: Hahaha… You really peed very loud, mami.

Mami: WTF Ishaan! You are not supposed to talk like this to me.

Ishaan: Hahaha… Sorry mami, but see, it just brought a smile to your face.

Mami: Yes.

She was a little relaxed now.

Ishaan: Let’s do one thing.

Mami: What?

Ishaan: No one is at home except us both.

Mami: Yeah, so?

Ishaan: Let’s celebrate these two weeks, as I have never…?

Mami: What’s that?

Ishaan: We will do something that we have not done in our life.

Mami: Okay done (excited).

Ishaan: Let’s call it “I have never” (both laughed).

Mami: Hmmm… Interesting.

Ishaan: But a condition, you cannot hold back and have to be more open toward me like a special friend.

Mami: You are already special. Okay, deal.

Then we both finished the breakfast and did some work in the kitchen, after which we went to our room. Before lunch, I received my parcel from an online shopping website. After lunch, I just gifted mami that parcel.

Ishaan: Mami, here is your gift and something to lift you and make you feel good (cute smile).

Mami: What’s in it?

Ishaan: A special gift for a special lady.

Mami: Oh, is it?

Ishaan: Yes.

Mami: Let me see it then.

Then she took the parcel from her hand and brought the scissor from the kitchen to open it. She was shocked to see a light blue dress. She was shocked to see such a dress. It was a skater light blue dress ending at knee length.

Mami: WTF is this?

Ishaan: Is it not good?

Mami: Yeah, it’s a very revealing dress, all my legs will be exposed to a naughty boy (smiling).

Ishaan: Yes mami, it is.

Mami: Yes, okay let me try it on.

Then she went inside and closed the door shut. I was waiting desperately in the dining hall for her. About 15 minutes, I heard the door opening. I was shocked to see her in the dress. She was looking as if she was in her late 20s. She had done some makeup.

Ishaan: Wow, mami! You are looking very beautiful!

Mami: What Ishaan, see this big belly (pinching the tummy from the side lobes).

Ishaan: Hahaha, you are just looking at the downside. But I’m seeing a very beautiful lady in the dress.

Mami: Okay, just shut up. I’m feeling very shy in front of you.

Ishaan: Hahaha, it’s my pleasure, mami (winking).

Mami: I will go and change now.

Ishaan: No mami, it’s my first time seeing you in this dress and I just want to keep staring at you.

Mami: Shut up, you naughty boy. Actually, it’s a very special dress and I don’t want to spoil it by just wearing it for nothing in the house.

Ishaan: Yeah, it can get spoiled. What if I take you out for dinner?

Mami: No, I don’t want to go out in this dress (laughing). I don’t want to have people gazing at me out in the public.

Ishaan: So, what if I goggle this beauty at home?

Mami: That is fine with me (shy and lowering the eyes).

Ishaan: Let’s have a party in the house, just you and me.

Mami: Okay, fine. I wear this dress in the evening then.

Ishaan: Okay, mami. Now you can change the dress and I’m going to my room.

Then she went to her room and also went to my room. I was just dreaming about mami in her skater dress and how beautiful she was looking. Soon, I drifted into sleep and woke up at around 6 pm. It was getting dark outside.

Then I woke and saw myself in the mirror. I had a refreshing look. I thought to myself to have a bath before getting ready for the dinner party in the night with the mami. I took time to shave and take bath. I was out and it was already 7:30 pm.

I took my mobile to check on mami, and what she was doing (WhatsApp chat).

Ishaan: Mami, what are you doing? Ready for the party?

Mami: Yeah, I’m just having my make-up done. You also get ready and come to the hall fast.

Ishaan: Yes, mami. But what do you want to have?

Mami: Ummm… I have not tried Chinese dishes, so order one of the best ones.

Ishaan: Sure mami, as you say.

Then I ordered from Zomato and it showed it will take 30 minutes for the order to be delivered. I got myself ready and went to the hall. Her door was still locked, so decided to decorate something. Then I got a few candles from the kitchen and kept them at the dining table.

Food was delivered at around 8:10 pm, but still no sign of my mami coming out. I was thinking about what she was doing inside the room. It was just a simple party. But I was shocked when she opened the door. Damn! She was looking so awesome that I can’t describe her.

She had done her eyebrows dark, caring a cute smile on her lips and a pointy nose. Then she applied light pink lipstick. I think she even applied something to her shoulder bone region and her legs. She was looking too smooth.

And in front of her, I was just a normal guy. I wore only a normal shirt and a short. I was looking like a fool for not dress-up properly.

Ishaan: Someone is looking, too hot (winking at her).

Mami: Shut up, I just wanted to feel how it’s like wearing a dress like this.

Ishaan: Did you like it?

Mami: I just loved it (big smile on her cute lips).

Ishaan: This means this dress has completed its purpose of making a beautiful lady feel gorgeous.

Mami: Hahaha…

Ishaan: Seriously, this dress’s beauty is increased after it was worn by you.

Mami: Okay, now. I’m starving. Let’s have the food.

I had already made the set-up and lit the candles. Then we played some music and discussed the coming week and about mama whether he had landed and how was the hotel. We were completely involved in chatting, laughing, and enjoying each other company.


I will end part 5 here. I’m sorry if the readers are disappointed with chapter 5. I’m trying to make the next interesting.

I appreciate the comments and likes. Loved the emails. Eagerly waiting for your emails and


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