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A Virgin Boy With Dominating Mami – Part 6

I am back with another episode in the life of Ishaan. I know I have been not consistent with uploading the story because of some work and some of the readers are not liking the story for part 5. People were expecting some sex scenes.

Readers, please understand this story is not for people who want to have a sex scene in every part, without explaining how it leads to it.

In this story, readers will get to read the real dominating nature a mature older lady can have on younger boys. And how mami can manipulate Ishaan by teasing him in the bathroom. Stay tuned for next part 7, which is naughtier. Let’s start.

The night was already taking a toll on us and we were both getting lazy. Then we started to wrap up our dinner and mami had a weird request.

Mami: Ishaan, listen.

Ishaan: What, mami?

Mami: I want a few more dresses from you. I want to see what’s your taste in dresses (naughty smile).

Ishaan: Sure mami, what do you want exactly?

Mami: Everything a lady needs.

Ishaan: No, be specific, my lady. I am here to fulfill your wishes, but I should know what you want.

Mami: My lady! (laughing).

Ishaan: I also don’t know from where it came.

Mami: Okay, I want a dress Indian style. I hope you know my size already.

Ishaan: Yes, already (smiling remembering the afternoon when I got to measure her sexy body and was left imagining).

Mami: Yes, so get me something for there too.

Ishaan: Where?

Mami: There, where you had to be blindfolded (with a very naughty eye).

Ishaan: Sure, I would try my best to make you more gorgeous.

We then exchanged smiles and went to our rooms. I was happy that I didn’t back down at her request as it was a very awkward situation for me to hear that a lady wanted such clothes from me. A one-time gift is normal, but again, and that too some clothes for her private region!

Then I scrolled on Amazon for fast delivery and discount. I found a really good pair of three kurtas with floral print. Then I searched for a bra and underwear for her. I found a purple retro jockey pair (you can see it on Amazon, it’s with a white band). And a yellow string type of bikini (Hilo Rill on Amazon). It showed it will be delivered by tomorrow afternoon.

I was feeling uneasy being on the bed. So I thought why don’t I remove my underwear and shirt and just sleep in my shorts, feeling the cold breeze. It was a great idea. Then I removed my clothes and slept in my shorts. The night was pretty cold.

The next day morning –

I was happily enjoying my dream in which I was imagining my mami in her sexy beauty. But suddenly, someone pulled my comforter(soft blanket used in A/C). I saw mami standing in a surprising position looking down over my legs. Then I moved my eyes toward my shorts, which had a huge tent. Then mami said –

Mami: Good morning! Or should I say sweet dreaming?

Ishaan: Just good Morning is fine.

I was excited to see her first in the morning and the cold air. I tried to wipe my eyes and released how my chest is exposed and my nipples were poking. I tried to stretch my body seeing that mami just sat beside me on the bed. Then she said –

Mami: Is my cute Ishaan awake now?

Ishaan: Yes, mami (with a cute smile).

Mami: Okay, then come to the bathroom I need your help.

Ishaan: Sure, mami.

While leaving the room, mami turned to have the last peck at me and gave a cute smile. I was still in bed. After 5-10 minutes, I heard mami calling me from the bathroom.

Mami: Ishaan… Ishaan… Ishaan…

I rushed to the bathroom in the same state as I was on the bed. As I opened the door, I saw mami standing in front of the mirror with her hands on top of her head and seductive position. Then I went near her.

Ishaan: Yes mami, what help do you need?

Mami: First, get your shaving razor from your room and cream too.

I was not getting what mami wanted, so I rushed to my room to get the things.

Ishaan: Yes mami, I have got the razor.

Mami: Okay, put the razor on the marble top and come near me and help me with the clothes. (Still seeing herself in the mirror with her back towards me.)

As soon as I went near her to keep the razor, she moved two steps behind. Her ass was very close to me. Then I bent to keep the razor on the marble top. She too bent and her ass just slid over my shorts. I was not wearing underwear and slowly my dick started getting bigger. Then mami said –

Mami: Ishaan, help me remove my nighty, na.

Then I went down on my knees with her ass sticking to my face. I caught the bottom of the nighty and slowly revealing her body I brought the nighty to her waist-length. She was wearing a very old panty which had washed cream/brown color. I was just staring at her panty from the back. Then mami said –

Mami: See, my panty is bad, na? It’s very old and the color also looked very washed.

Ishaan: Yes mami, and even it’s very loose kind of.

Mami: Yes, that’s why, umm… I asked you. (Smiling in the mirror)

Then slowly I removed her nighty from her head. She was wearing a white color very old-fashioned bra.

Mami: Ufff… you naughty boy. I’m standing naked here, get me a towel.

She then grabbed the towel from the side and covered her body and turned toward me. She was just holding the two ends of the towel in front of her. Then she spoke –

Mami: Put your hands inside the towel and remove my bra.

I slid my hands inside her towel and went close to her to take my hands on the strap of her bra at the back. I somehow was able to unhook the bra and get it out. My hands were trembling seeing her asking me to do such things. Mami wrapped the towel around her body very tightly, just above her cleavage and I was seeing a slight partition.

As her hands were now free, she took the bra from my hands and started pushing it on my face to show me how old her bra was. Then she said –

Mami: See how old this bra is. Uff, it’s just so tight over my breast. I can’t just stay with it.

Ishaan: Yes mami, it’s very old. I tried to order it yesterday. I hope you like it.

Mami: Seriously, you are such a cute boy Ishaan.

Ishaan: Thanks mami. (I thought that’s it for the morning and turned to get out of the bathroom, but…)

Mami: Where are you going? Just sit on the commode (in a very strict voice).

Ishaan: Uhhh… (I was surprised when she said that).

Then I went near the commode and sat thinking something more is coming or maybe a bathing show. She stood in front of me with the razor and cream. She put her right leg on my knee and was staring at my shorts which had a huge tent by now.

Mami: Hehehe… I liked this view. You sitting and my feet on you. How is my foot feeling on you?

Ishaan: Mami, it’s very cold. Shall I massage it to make it hot? (thinking she wanted me to shave her legs clean.)

Mami: You don’t need to massage now, that I will do to someone who is hiding. Take this razor.

I was not understanding who was hiding and why she wanted me to take the razor. And if she didn’t want me to shave her legs, then what did she want from me?

Ishaan: Give, mami (with confused and tensed expression).

Passing the razor, she brought her left leg to the side and slowly started moving her right leg which was on the left knee to slide over my outer thigh. By rubbing her right leg on my outer thigh, she sat on my lap and wrapped both her arms around my neck. Then she said –

Mami: Now, how was my leg? Smooth?

Ishaan: Yes, they are very smooth and soft. They don’t seem to be hairy. I’m guessing you recently had waxed.

Mami: Yes, yesterday evening.

Ishaan: Oh nice! That’s why your legs were shining yesterday?

Mami: Yes… But there are a few more places where I need smooth skin.

Ishaan: Where, mami?

She just raised her right hand and brought it very close to my face. She had hairs inside her armpits. Her morning fragrance just entered my nose to make me more excited and my dick started to hurt because of my shorts. They were kind of tight now.

Ishaan: Ahh…

Mami: What happened? This looks bad, na?

Ishaan (grunted sound): Yes, they have grown too much (still a pain on my face).

She looked down and saw very tight shorts with my dick poking very hard. Then she looked into my eyes and slid herself closer to me on my lap. It was the best feeling to feel her soft and plumply ass on my lap sliding.

Mami just brought her body so close to me that my dick was now between her and my tummy, being crushed. Then she started to move in a rhythmic motion. I was feeling less pain.

Mami: Is my massage okay, dear?

Ishaan: Ufff mami…It’s very relaxing and now I’m feeling less pain in my…

Mami: Dick?

Ishaan (shocked): Hehehe…Yes, mami.

Then she brought herself close and her face was on my shoulder. I was feeling her boobs on my chest which were covered under the towel. I knew they were being crushed between us. Then she said –

Mami: I knew that it will start paining when I saw it in the morning. Hiding in that disgusting short.

Still, she was moving in a rhythmic motion, but suddenly stop taking her head back and arching her back. I was seeing a very beautiful sight with her long sexy neck and her awesome shoulder bone. Then she came back to her senses.

Mami: I want my armpits to be smooth and clean with no hairs. And I mean no hairs…or…

Ishaan: Okay mami, I will try my best.

Then I took the cream from her hand and started applying it to her right armpit. She was holding my neck with her left hand and our lower body was in tight contact. I was at ease. As I was applying the shaving cream, she was having a tickly feeling and smiling continuously.

For better access and control over her body, I locked her right hand behind her back while bending her elbow over her head. Her armpit was directly in front of my face. Then I slowly shaved her hair and it was shining and smooth. I did the same with the other armpit. Then I said-

Ishaan: Done mami, see if I need to shave more.

Mami: Hmmm… looks clean. But there is a hair and the cream too is still in my armpit. See.

Ishaan: It’s shaved mami, it just needs a wash.

Mami: No Ishaan, there is hair on my body.

By saying that, she just pulled my face and put my mouth on her armpit.

Mami: Now stick your tongue out and lick, you dirty boy.

As soon as I got my tongue out, she started rubbing her armpit on my tongue. I was feeling the very harsh skin (small hairs that are left after shaving). She also started her rhythmic motion down on my dick which is stuck between our tummies.

Soon I started enjoying and I started vigorously licking her armpit. Now she moved both her hands above her head bending her elbow and exposing her armpits to me. Then I started licking the left armpit. It was too much.

Suddenly, she stood up and slightly raised her towel from her ass. Then she turned herself and her back was facing me. Her ass with panty on was directly pointing toward me. And suddenly, she sat on my dick.

Ishaan: Ummm…

Mami: Ahhh… So hard stick.

Her ass was directly on my dick which was getting crushed by her.

Mami (commanding voice): Get your mouth here.

Then she raised her arms and exposed her right armpit again and stick my face to lick her. I was being crushed by her ass and her fragrance coming from her armpit. Then I moved my face from her armpit and bit her shoulder.

Mami: Uff…mmmm (biting her lips).

I tried to move my hands from her neck to her boobs to feel them, but she caught both my hands from her armpit and slid down. Then she raised herself a little and stuck both hands under her ass.

I was feeling her real ass in my palm. It was kind of tight when feeling raw with my palms. She caught my head with her hands and started forcing me to kiss her neck and bit from behind. I was trying to move my fingers from both directions left and right close towards the crotch region of the panty to touch her pussy.

But as soon I move my fingers, she used to press herself and ass dam hard on my dick and my palm. I felt that my precum was released. She was sweating a lot with the heat and a lot of action that we were doing. Then I took my tongue out and wiped the sweat drop forming on her neck, she liked it. She brought her mouth closer to my ears and said –

Mami: Why is that dick so hard, Ishaan?

Ishaan: Mami, you are crushing my dick with your soft ass.

Saying that, she bit my ears.

Mami: Ishaan, I never had a servant, personally for me (hushing voice in my ears).

Ishaan: Hmmm… mami.

Mami: Ishaan, will you be my slave?

Saying that, she just pressed her thick ass hard on my dick and I couldn’t do much.

Ishaan: Ummm mami (in pain).

Mami: Yes Ishaan, what were you saying?

Ishaan: Yes, mami.

Mami: What ‘Yes’, Ishaan?

Ishaan: Yes mami, I will be your slave.

As soon as she heard that, she stood up freeing herself from my body and stood facing me.

Mami: Get the fuck out of here (in a harsh tone), my naughty Ishaan (sweet tone).

I was puzzled with catching my breath from what had happened.

Mami: Get out of the bathroom and go to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast for me. Your mami needs to take some nice hot water bath.

Ishaan (trembling): Yes mami.

Then I came out of the bathroom and was analyzing what had happened in the bathroom and how she made me accept her dominance making me her slave. I tried to make some raw vegetable sandwiches with cucumber and tomatoes and tea for both of us.

Then I heard her coming out of the bathroom and going to her room. She was back in 15 minutes. Then she asked me to get the breakfast on the dining table. She was standing on the side of the table with her hands folded.

Mami: Now, sit on this chair.

As I sat on the chair, she just came and sat on my lap sideways, putting her legs on the right side of me and her head on my left shoulder. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck.

Mami: Get the sandwich, I’m feeling hungry.

Ishaan: Okay, mami.

Mami: Mami? Call me Meenakshi madam.

Ishaan: Yes, madam.

I was feeding her with my hands. He was eating very slowly looking directly into my eyes. Sometimes, I would have to wipe her lips as some of the tomato sauce was seeping from the end of the lips.

Then she started poking her nails on my chest and sometimes digging her nails into my nipple. It was a bit of a pain feeling her pointy nails on my bare chest. As she was doing this, I realized that she was not wearing any panty and her bare ass was just sitting on my dick. Only a thin salwar is between her ass and my dick.


I heard the doorbell ring and was brought back from the amazing feeling that I was getting. Mami rushed to the door with anger on her face. I thought that the guy on the door was surely getting scolded by mami. But as soon as I reached the door, I saw mami closing the door with the parcel in

her hand. It was from Amazon.

Mami went inside her room with the parcel. I was still in the dining room when I heard mami calling me from her room. As I reached her room, mami was holding three Indian-style kurtas and salwar with floral prints on them in front of the mirror. She was checking how they will look on her.

Ishaan: Did you like the choice of your slave, Meenakshi madam?

Mami: Yes, it’s lovely.

Ishaan: And those two pairs?

Mami blushed and came near to my ears.

Mami: I love them (hushing sound).

Ishaan: Pleasure is mine, Meenakshi madam.

Mami: I love them so much that I want to wear them now. But I’m tired, you know what you have to do now.

Ishaan: Yes Madam.

Then I went to my knees to remove her salwar. But as soon as I put my fingers on her waist, she turned towards her bed. She put her forefinger below my chin and started walking and sat on the edge of the bed. I was walking behind her with her finger below my chin.

I should end part 6 here as it is already too long with the episode in the bathroom and the next part in the bedroom needs a detailed explanation as something unexpected takes over mami. Stay tuned.

I would love to hear your thoughts and review of this part, whether you guys need a long and slow story or not. So, please send emails, and respect other person’s privacy.

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