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Aisha – A Hard Working Daughter

Hi, all back with another story. Thanks for such a great response to my previous story. I am Chetan, 24 years old, from Bangalore.

This is a story about a girl named Aisha. Aisha is 23 years old. She lives with her parents. Her father took early retirement, and her mother is a housewife.

Aisha used to work in an MNC. She had recently bought her own home and taken a loan for it. But unfortunately, she lost her job due to the pandemic. There was pressure on Aisha to get a new job. Otherwise, she would lose the house.

First, let me describe Aisha to you. She is 5’4″, with long black hairs till her waist, beautiful eyes and lips, fair complexion. Her body is like a hot college girl. With a thick ass and tight boobs, she has a curvy figure. Many of her colleagues wanted to screw her. But she was shy and kept her distance.

Now Aisha was looking for jobs online and offline. But since it was covid time the job opportunities were very less. She gave a few interviews but didn’t get selected. She was starting to get depressed. She told her relatives to find her a job.

It had been over a month now since Aisha lost her job. That’s when one of her distant masi called her and informed her about a job. It was a waitress job, but the salary was high. Aisha thought it was a good opportunity. Even though she had to be a waitress, she agreed to an interview because of the salary.

Aisha reached the address for the interview. There were many girls there. But all of them were wearing revealing clothes like tank tops and shorts. Even though it was a waitress job, Aisha went in formals. She wore a white shirt and a skirt till knee length. Aisha was amazed at seeing everyone’s attire.

She ignored it and thought that she had to get the job anyhow. She waited for her turn. After an hour, she was called in. There were four guys inside. One was the Manager, two were deputy managers, and the other was Manager’s Assistant. The Assistant was there to provide details about interview candidates.

Surprisingly there were no seats for candidates to seat on. Aisha was standing there in front of them. And the interview begins.

Manager: Ma’am, you are very well dressed. Do you know what job you are applying for?

Aisha: Yes, sir. It’s for waitressing. But still, I thought of wearing something presentable.

There was a bit of giggle among them.

Manager: Ma’am, the job is for waitressing, but do you know exactly about it. Did you read the job description?

Aisha: Sorry, sir, I am not aware of that. I was just informed by one of my relatives about it.

Manager: Oh, yes. You are Mrs Seema’s recommendation. Right?

Aisha: Yes, sir. She is my masi.

Deputy Manager 1: So did she not tell you any details about what you must do?

Aisha: No, sir. I just thought I had to wait tables. I have to take orders and serve them.

Deputy Manager 2: So you have any previous experience?

Aisha: No, sir.

Manager: Don’t worry. We have a training program. You will learn it. That’s not the issue. But ma’am, let me now tell you what your job will be. You are going to be a waitress. But for a restaurant named Hooters. Ever heard of it?

Aisha: My apologies, sir, I haven’t.

Manager: Now I get it. You didn’t even know the restaurant name. Ma’am, we have some rules here that are different from other restaurants. You will have to wear a uniform provided by us when you work.

Aisha: That’s fine, sir. I am okay with it.

Manager: Are you sure you don’t want to see the uniform?

Aisha: No, sir, it’s okay.

Manager: And do you know about the salary structure?

Aisha: Yes, sir, my masi told me about it.

Manager: Great. So you okay with it?

Aisha: Yes, sir.

The managers discussed among themselves for

Manager: We have heard highly about you. And we have decided we are ready to give you a job. So are you ready to start tonight itself?

Aisha got excited hearing about it. She was really happy that she finally got a job. Aisha replied.

Aisha: Sure, sir, I am ready to join today itself.

Deputy Manager 1: Great then. Let’s finish the formalities. These are a few forms that you have to sign.

The deputy manager handed over the forms to Aisha, and she signed them at once without even reading them. She was so excited about getting a job that she didn’t care to read.

Manager: Welcome to our team, Aisha. We will start your training here itself. But first, you will have to change into our uniform.

The Manager signalled his Assistant to provide the uniform. The Assistant provided a paper bag to Aisha. Aisha took out the uniform from it and was shocked to see it.

The uniform consisted of a dark orange sports bra type top on which Hooters was printed. And V-shaped shorts that volleyball players wear. And the top’s neck was deep too.

Aisha: Sir, what’s this? Where’s the rest of my uniform.?

Manager: This is your uniform, Aisha. Now change to it.

Aisha: What are you saying? What kind of waitress wears this?

Deputy Manager 2: Aisha waitress in our restaurant wears this only. If you don’t believe it, look at it.

Then on the projector, he showed a small clip about their restaurant. Aisha was shocked to see this. All the waitresses were wearing this uniform. Aisha was shocked looking at it.

Deputy Manager 2: So now you believe us?

Aisha: I can’t do it. I can’t wear this. Sorry, I can’t accept the job.

Deputy manager 1: But you have already signed the forms. You accepted our offer.

Aisha: So what? Now I deny it.

Manager (smiling): Aisha, that’s not how it works. The form mentions that you can’t leave the job for 6 months once you have signed the forms. If you do so, you have to pay us one lakh rupees. So if you have one lakh rupees give us, and then you can go.

Aisha was shocked. She could not believe what was happening in that room. Tears almost rolled out her eyes. She cannot afford to pay one lakh rupees at this moment. But she was ashamed to do this job as well. But then Aisha thought about the struggle she was going through.

She thought that all she had to do was wear this. If she does it, she will get a good salary. So after some thinking, Aisha agreed on accepting the job.

Aisha: Okay, sir, I will do it.

Manager: Are you sure, ma’am?

Aisha: Yes, sir.

Manager: Can you say that in front of that camera again you accept this job without any pressure. You know formality. Just in case you try to sue us. And yes, please mention that you also accept the contract you just signed.

Aisha looked at the camera and accepted the job and the contract.

Manager: Great, now we can start. So change into the uniform.

Aisha: Where is the changing room, sir?

Manager: You are already standing in it.

Aisha: What do you want me to change here in front of you? No never.

Manager: Aisha, do it or one lakh. We are not telling you anything extra to do here. Everything is mentioned in the contract. You can read it. If it’s not there, you can change it someplace else.

Aisha asked for the contract and read about it. It was mentioned there clearly that she had to change in front of them. Aisha had no choice but to follow it. With great remorse, Aisha starts unbuttoning her shirt. She was trying hard not to cry. She opened her shirt and kept it aside.

Next, she pulled down her skirt as well. Aisha was now in her lingerie. She was wearing a sports bra and classic panty. Aisha was there in the middle of the room standing in her inners in front of four men. She was about to wear the uniform when she was interrupted.

Deputy Manager 1: What are you doing? You cannot wear the uniform yet. Your panty is certainly big than the shorts we provided, and your bra is also high neck. So you cannot wear both of them inside. It can be seen after you wear the uniform. You will have to remove them too.

Aisha: Okay, when I work, I will wear something small inside. But now let me wear it like this.

Deputy manager 2: Aisha rules are rules. You will have to follow them.

Aisha was stuck again. She had no choice. She was trembling, thinking about what she will have to do. Somehow she gathered courage and removed her bra. She stood there for a while, covering her breasts. All the men in the room had a tent in their pants.

Aisha then removed her panty as well. She was numb by now. She was naked in front of a group of men. All the men were starring at her body. They saw a beautiful body being unravelled in front of them. Her skin was so clean and felt soft.

Her boobs were of perfect size. Her ass was round. Her waist was thin, but her thighs were thick. She had the perfect body. Aisha was about to pick the uniform and wear it. When the peon entered the room to serve tea, he didn’t knock and just entered.

Aisha immediately turned around and hid her boobs with one hand and pussy with another. But she forgot that her back was facing the other four men and was not covered at all. They all were drooling, looking at her flawless back and ass.

The peon himself gazed at Aisha for a few seconds. He got a hard-on too. Though Aisha tried to cover herself, her tiny hands could barely cover her nipples. She was exposing the rest of the boobs. The peon then slowly moved towards the table to serve tea.

Aisha turned around accordingly. Peon took a last good look towards Aisha before leaving the room. He even checked out her back. Surely he was going to masturbate immediately thinking about it.

Manager (breaking the silence): Aisha, wear the uniform now.

Aisha wore the shorts first. They were too small for her size. Her thick ass couldn’t be contained in it. It covered a small part of her ass. Then she wore the top.

The top was tight too but better-fitting than the shorts. It was deep, and almost half of Aisha’s boobs were exposed. Aisha was looking were slutty in it. She was feeling more ashamed now wearing it.

Manager: You look beautiful, Aisha. (The deputy managers agreed).

Manager: Now for the next part of your training. We will tell you how to take orders. So you will be assigned a few tables. You have to go to them and take orders. And the customer is done giving the order as a signal they will spank you. And they can spank you every time they give an order. Just to warn you, few customers order one item at a time so they can spank some ass. (Laughs).

Aisha was speechless hearing this. Her day was getting more unbearable after every second.

Manager (continuing): Now, they usually give tips when they are done eating and paying the bill. Now, if the tip is more than 500, they can honk you. You know what that means, right?

Aisha had no words what to say. She knew the meaning. She just nodded and stood there still.

Manager: So let’s practice. Come, take orders from us.

Aisha didn’t move for a few seconds. But now, she had just become a robot and was following orders. As her brain had stopped working and she couldn’t take all this. She then went beside the table.

Aisha (in feeble voice): What would you like to have, sir?

Deputy Manager 1: Not like that. Be more cheerful. Smile. Be energetic.

Manager: It’s her first time. She will learn it. Aisha, just be a bit loud.

Aisha (in a louder voice): What would you have, sir?

Deputy Manager 1: I will have pasta.

He then spanked Aisha’s ass. Aisha closed her eyes as his hand touched her butt. She was feeling too uncomfortable.

Manager: I will have a pizza. (Spank)

Deputy Manager 2: I will have a burger. (Spank)

Aisha’s soul had left her body as she got spanked thrice. She didn’t know how she was feeling anymore. She just stood there, head down. She was regretting every moment of it.

Manager: Now, let’s skip to the end. You bring us the bill.

Aisha took a moment to collect herself.

Aisha: Here’s your bill, sir. I hope you enjoyed the meal.

Deputy Manager 2: Much better than last time. You are improving.

Manager: Yeah, she deserves a tip. Here.

The Manager pulls out a five hundred rupees note. Aisha was about to collect it when Manager stopped her.

Manager: Oh, I forgot to tell you. The customer has to tuck it in your top, whatever the tip is. So bend down a bit.

Aisha follows the instruction as a robot. She bends down. And the Manager tucks in the note. And then he immediately squeezes her boobs twice. Aisha flinched. She immediately got up and moved a step back.

Manager: Aah, what happened? This is going to happen every day to you. You need to get used to it. Now come on, go change. We need to see other girls as well. (He spanked Aisha’s ass again).

Aisha collected her clothes and slowly walked towards the changing room. The whole time she was just thinking about how she had been molested today. She was also angry at her masi, who recommended her this job.

Aisha felt a bit wet down there after all this. She didn’t have any boyfriend to date or any physical relationship. And today, she had to get naked in front of five men. She was also spanked and groped by them. Maybe since it was her first such experience, she got wet.

Yet Aisha was very disgusted with what happened there. On her way home, Aisha had a heated conversation with her masi. Her masi knew everything about the job. But she was hungry for her commission and cared least about Aisha. Towards the end of the call, Aisha requested not to tell anyone about the job.

When Aisha reached home, she told her parents that she got a night shift job at an MNC. Her parents got really happy. Aisha also had to fake her smile and cheer up. Her mom said that she would make a special dinner that night.

Aisha went to her room. Lay on her bed and immediately started crying. But she then realized the day was not over yet. She had to join tonight itself. She got up and thought that she would do this job for six months and look for another job.

In the evening, Aisha informed that she could not have dinner at home as she had to join today itself. Her parents felt proud of her. But Aisha felt ashamed of lying to her parents and about her job.

Aisha reached the restaurant, where she changed first into her uniform. There were other new joiners as well. A lady instructor taught them how they had to serve, hold food trays, and walk. She taught them a manner to walk in which their ass would sway.

Aisha tried all of those and was catching up fast. But her shorts were small and frequently used to get stuck between her ass cheeks as she walked. Aisha had to pull them out now and then. Sometimes they would disappear in those thick ass, making it look like a g-string.

The training was completed. And then she was informed about her salary. She realized that her fixed salary was half of what she was promised. The rest she has to earn from the tips.

She will be getting thirty per cent of the tips she receives. That was bad news for her. Because the first place she accepted the job was the salary. And now she has to earn it the hard way.

They were also informed that if it’s someone’s birthday, they get a five-minute lap dance. They were going to verify if it was their birthday. But during that five minutes, the person can have his fun. He can touch wherever he wants. Aisha, hearing this, wished that she never gets any such customers.

Anyways Aisha was ready to serve her first table. She was assigned two tables for now. Her shift began, and her first customer came. They were a group of three men of her age. She went to them and greeted them, and took their orders. Obviously, she got spanked by all of them.

But they first had a good look at her, and one of them even praised her boobs. Aisha always had to maintain a fake smile despite dying inside. She served the food and drinks to them. They called her frequently to order something. For her first customers, she got spanked ten times. Aisha didn’t expect it.

After they were done, Aisha bought them the bill. They all tipped her generously, especially the guy who praised her boobs, and we all know why. Yes, he got to honk those breasts.

Aisha had received a tip of two thousand from her first serving, which was good. But at what cost. Her body was treated like a toy. That night Aisha served three more customers. They all treated her the same as the first ones.

After a shift was over, the Manager called her privately to talk to her.

Manager: So, how was your first day?

Aisha: It was good, sir.

Manager: I heard you earned some good tips today. You know, for the first day, you have gotten the highest tips per day ever.

Aisha was amazed to hear that. But was it a kind of achievement? Should she be proud of it? She was in a dilemma.

Manager: Good work. Keep doing like this. Go home now. (Spank)

Aisha changed to her normal clothes and went home. She didn’t eat at all that night. Her appetite died with all the spanking and fondling. She reached late at night, and her parents were already asleep. Aisha went to her room and recalled the whole day and cried for a while.

Then suddenly, she got up and changed into her uniform. She then checked out herself in front of the mirror. She wanted to know how she looked in it. And was she that pretty as everyone said to her at the restaurant. She even tucked the shorts between her ass cheeks and checked how it looked.

She started thinking about how her ass got spanked so many times that day. For some reason, this turned on Aisha. Looking at herself in the mirror, she started rubbing her pussy.

Before she knew she was masturbating as fluids flowed down her legs. She released her juices their standing in front of the mirror. She then changed and slept after that.

The next morning when Aisha woke up, she forgot what had happened the previous day for a couple of seconds. Then everything came back at once. She was most surprised about the masturbation.

Why did she do it? Does she like, everything that happened yesterday. Because she was turned on the night before, and she even got wet after the interview.

Aisha didn’t think about it and just got ready for the day. Her parents asked how was the first day. She said that it was okay. It was evening and time for Aisha’s shift. She did her job as she was supposed to. That day also got a decent amount of tips.

Aisha returned home. That day she ate some dinner and went to bed. But again that night, she fingered herself. She realized that though her job was embarrassing, she enjoyed this kind of stuff.

She tried to be cheerful and enjoy her job from the next day. Somewhere Aisha was enjoying her job before also. She was just feeling ashamed of it. But in a few days, Aisha quickly got over it and worked there with her heart. She would appreciate the lewd compliments she got.

She also started enjoying all those spanking and honking. It was her salary day. Aisha had worked a whole month. In that month, a complete transition happened within her. But it was limited to the restaurant itself. Though she had become very popular at the restaurant, she was still that shy girl who didn’t talk much.

It was as if she was living two lives. But in that month, luckily, she never got a birthday customer as she wished for. Aisha went to work excited that she would be getting her first salary. But it will not be till the end of her shift. That day she served a few customers.

But then a group of a few old people came to her table, and she was shocked to see who they were. It was her dad and his friends. She panicked. She can’t serve them. It’s her dad. She would rather die. She went to Manager to request someone else to serve them.

On asking the reason, she told him the truth. The Manager denied her request. He wanted to have some fun. She requested him a lot. The Manager then offered her to keep all the tips she receives for the day if she served them. Otherwise, her salary will be deducted.

Aisha thought about it. She cannot afford to get less salary after working so hard for one month. She thought about it and got ready to serve them. She walked towards the table. She adjusted her clothes. Her legs were trembling. They were all laughing at some joke at the table.

Aisha went and stood beside her father, a bit behind him. So that he couldn’t see her directly. Her father ordered for everyone, and she noted it down. Her father turned around and was about to spank her when he looked towards Aisha.

His hand stopped mid-air. He was shocked. His mouth was wide open. Aisha couldn’t look towards him, and she stood there head down.

So, guys, this part ends here. I hope you liked the story. I will continue in the next part. Stay tuned to know what happens next. How do both Aisha and her father react to the new situation?

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