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Aisha – A Hard Working Daughter – Part 2

Hi guys. This is the second part of the series. I hope you all enjoyed the first part. And eager to read this one. I am Chetan 24 from Bangalore. So let’s begin the second part.

So the story till now is how Aisha got a job at Hooters. Where she had to wear a kinky uniform and serve people. But on the last day of her first month, her father came to the restaurant. Her father came with his friends and sat at the table that she was serving.

After giving the order, her father was about to spank her when he noticed the waitress. So let’s continue.

Aisha’s father’s friends didn’t recognize her as she was wearing such clothes and had some makeup on. But Aisha’s father, Sanjay, recognized her at once. Both father and daughter were looking at each other for a few seconds. Then one of Sanjay’s friends said.

Friend 1: Hey, what happened, Sanjay? Did you fall in love with her? Don’t forget bhabhi is at home. Go on spank her so that we can have some dinner. Otherwise, I will do it.

Sanjay was in a dilemma. How can he spank his daughter? But he also can’t allow any of his friends to do it. And he also can’t let her go without spanking; otherwise, his friends might. Sanjay tried to avoid it.

Sanjay: Friends, let’s not spank anyone today. We are grown adults now. Let’s spare them. They are working hard to earn money. Let’s be polite to them.

Everyone in the group was silent for a while and looked at each other. Then suddenly they all started laughing and giving hi-fis. They thought Sanjay had gone mad due to his age.

Friend 2: What are you saying, Sanjay? Out of all of us, you are the one saying it? Don’t you know what you did last time we came here? You were barely able to take your hands off that waitress. (Everyone laughed)

This was embarrassing for both Aisha and Sanjay to hear. Sanjay thought about what his daughter will think hearing about it. And for Aisha, she had always imagined her father to be a very honourable man. This was new for both of them.

Friend 3: Come on, Sanjay, do it. Otherwise, I will do it.

His friend saying this got up and walked towards Aisha to spank her. Sanjay was confused. He couldn’t let it happen, so he hastily spanked her daughter. And in a hurry by accident, he spanked her hard. Aisha was shocked by this sudden and hard spanking. She almost controlled her moan.

But more than that, her father spanked her. She couldn’t bear it. She immediately went away to the kitchen, where she didn’t say anything for a while and gathered herself. After that, she conveyed the order to the chef and didn’t come out till the dishes were ready.

Aisha walked towards the table with the dishes. Her legs were still trembling a bit. She served the dishes. While she was serving, she had to bend down. Each of Sanjay’s friends was looking at Aisha’s boobs. Sanjay couldn’t bear it at all. He just wanted to get up from there and leave.

But if he did, he would have to give a lot of explanation. And he couldn’t think of anything to explain to them. So he just sat there being served food by his daughter in that raunchy uniform.

Everyone had their food. Aisha gave them the bill and did the formality of telling them that she hoped they liked the meal. One of the friends said that he liked her more than the meal, and everyone laughed, obviously except Sanjay. Who tried to fake it but couldn’t.

Luckily none of them tipped more than five hundred, so Aisha’s boobs were safe. After that, they all left. Aisha stood there as they were leaving. Her father didn’t even look once towards her before leaving. But she could sense the remorse on Sanjay’s face.

That night’s shift felt too long for Aisha. She somehow managed to go through it. She even spilt a couple of drinks, but she got away with it. She had forgotten that she would receive a salary that day. She was about to change when one of the other waitresses reminded her.

There was also this rule, among other rules, that you have to collect your salary in uniform. So Aisha went to Manager’s office and knocked. She was allowed inside. The Manager’s assistant immediately handed him the cover with Aisha’s name. Aisha stood there in the room without saying anything.

Manager: So rude of you to not even greet your boss.

Aisha: Sorry, sir. Hello sir. I apologize. I just had a rough night.

Manager: Rough night. Did something happen? You got big tips tonight. And this cover looks heavy too. You have worked hard. Why are you sad? (after a couple of seconds). Oh, now I remember. Your dad came by.

Manager (after a brief pause): See this kind of thing happen okay. Take it lightly. It was a one-time thing. It’s not like he is going to come here again. So chill. Here take your money and be happy for your hard work.

Aisha felt a bit weird hearing such assuring words from the Manager. Never before he had said something like that, she thought maybe he got some sense back. She didn’t say anything, though. She just took the money and left.

When Aisha reached home, she was very nervous. She stood outside her home’s door for ten minutes before entering the house. She opened the gate. As usual, it was late, so she thought her parents would be asleep. It was dark inside. So she tiptoed towards her room.

She couldn’t sleep the whole night thinking of the following morning when she would have to face her father. The next day, when everybody met at the breakfast table, neither Sanjay nor Aisha looked towards each other. They both quickly finished their breakfast and went to their rooms.

They both were denying to accept the reality and have a real conversation with each other. Well, it will be awkward. What would they talk about? A few days went by, but no one talked to each other. They would be in the same room, but their eyes never crossed.

Until it was Sanjay’s birthday, they spoke that morning for the first time after that night. In the morning, Aisha wished her father and hugged her. The hug felt normal, as it should be between father and daughter. But Aisha stepped back after a few seconds.

The flashes of the spanking came to her mind as she hugged Sanjay. They had breakfast. Aisha and Sanjay even spoke a bit. Everything was getting back to normal. Well, it was a start. But after breakfast still, they both went to their rooms.

In the evening, when Aisha was leaving for the job, Sanjay also left at the same time. He had to go to one of his friend’s houses for a birthday party they had organized there.

For Aisha, it was a normal day. And she was again doing it gladly. She was enjoying the spanks and honking. Aisha was in the kitchen instructing the chef for the order. One waitress came running and shouted out loud, ” Aisha, your first birthday boy is here.” And everyone cheered for her in the kitchen.

If it had been her first few days, Aisha would have been scared to do it. But by now, she wanted to try it as well. So Aisha was also excited about her first lap dance to any customer. So Aisha walked quickly towards the table, and a few other waitresses followed to watch it.

But midway, Aisha slowed down. Yes, that’s correct. It was Sanjay sitting there with the birthday cap on. Aisha stopped and didn’t move. The other waitress thought she was getting nervous. So they pushed her to the table, assuring her that it would be fine. She will enjoy it too.

But how could she enjoy sitting on her father’s lap? The last time she did so would be when she was ten years maybe. When Aisha reached the table, everybody cheered. Sanjay sat there with the birthday cake in front of him. They all started shouting, “Lap Dance, Lap Dance, Lap Dance.”

And one of the waitresses turns the raunchy music on. Someone shouted, “Come on, just sit on the old man’s lap, give him some good time.”

Aisha was numb. She felt more numb than the day of her interview, where she was standing naked. This was even more embarrassing to her as she didn’t move. Two of the waitresses forcefully made her sit on Sanjay’s lap. There she was, sitting on her father’s lap after so many years.

Aisha’s ass was on Sanjay’s crotch. She sat in the right spot. Under pressure from everyone, she started moving her hips. She then got a glance of the Manager. She got scared. She thought this was part of her job. If she didn’t do it, she might lose the job. She had to do it.

So she thought of faking it out. She would not look back at her father’s face. She would just look fun and give a lap dance. That was the plan she thought of. So she started moving her hips and hands, showing a few of her moves. Everyone was cheering them though Sanjay sat there still.

He didn’t move an inch. But he didn’t have control over his cock. Though it was her daughter, still an ass was rubbing his cock. It got hard. Sanjay tried a lot to think of something else, but he couldn’t. Aisha, too felt her father’s dick on her ass. Some part of it even rubbed against her pussy as she moved.

Aisha slowed down the moment of her hips. It was only a couple of minutes in, and Sanjay already had a boner. It was poking her daughter’s ass and pussy. As Sanjay was doing nothing, her friends shouted at him to touch Aisha’s boobs and ass and body. They told him to enjoy the lap dance. He was letting it waste.

But Sanjay didn’t do anything. How could he? It would be a sin. Since Sanjay was reluctant, one of his friends took the cake and dumped it on Aisha’s boobs. Seeing this, everyone cheered. All had gone mad. It was a party mood. His friends then requested to eat the cake out of Aisha’s breast.

Even the waitresses vouched for it. There was no escape. Both Aisha and Sanjay knew they had to do it. They both looked at each other. Aisha then turned around. She had to look at her father’s face eventually. Now she sat on her lap facing her.

Her boobs were just below Sanjay’s face. They all started shouting, “Eat it, Eat it, Eat it.” Hearing this, Sanjay just licked a small part of the cream. His tongue didn’t even touch Aisha’s boobs. He said, “Happy now. Let’s get over with this.”

But no one agreed. One of Sanjay’s friends shouted, “You pussy eat it like a man. A beautiful girl is on your lap, and that’s how you treat her.” Sanjay looked towards Aisha. It was as if he was telling her sorry with his eyes for what he was about to do.

Sanjay then dug in and started having cake from Aisha boobs. His tongue was licking Aisha’s boobs clean. Aisha held Sanjay’s head as he licked her boobs. For a brief time, both of them were lost in the moment. Aisha’s eyes were closed.

She felt warm sensuous licks on her breasts and a cock poking from beneath. While Sanjay was having a treat of some delicious boobs. Then the music stopped. Five minutes were over. Aisha immediately got up and left from there. She went to the washroom to clean herself.

She removed the remaining cake from her boobs and cleaned it with water. She didn’t think much about what had happened and went out to serve his father again.

They all gave the order, and Aisha got spanked. After dinner was done, Sanjay paid for the treat but didn’t give any tip. His friends started teasing him that Sanjay was a miser man.

Friend 1: Give her five hundred tips. She deserves it. And you will get to do it too. Come on.

Sanjay: No, it’s okay. Leave it.

Friend 2: We knew you would say something like this. So here’s your birthday gift. Each of us will be tipping five hundred rupees on behalf of you, and you get to honk on behalf of us. (Everyone laughs).

Sanjay had three friends. They all tucked in their five hundred rupees notes into Aisha top. Aisha was very embarrassed about what was going on there. But she couldn’t back out as it was her job to do. All this while Aisha couldn’t decide how to react. She maintained a fake smile on her face.

Aisha slowly walked towards Sanjay. She stood there before him while Sanjay sat there in his chair. He didn’t move or look towards Aisha. All his friends started chanting, “Honk, honk, honk.”

Sanjay also couldn’t back out now because they had come this far. If he tells his friends now that Aisha’s her daughter, they will surely frown upon her. Sanjay had to do it. He somehow made up his mind. He raised his hand to the level of Aisha’s boobs. His palms were wide open.

Sanjay slowly moved his hand towards Aisha’s boobs. He gently placed his hands on them. Aisha cringed a bit. There they were, a father holding her daughter’s breast. What a sight! Sanjay felt the soft breast of her daughter as he lay his hands on them.

He could even make out the nipples as well. Sanjay tried not to feel them and get it over with. So he quickly honked her thrice and removed her hands. An electric current flew through Aisha’s body as Sanjay touched and squeezed her boobs. Her whole body shook with her father’s touch. But it was over very soon.

Sanjay and his friends left the restaurant shouting the Happy Birthday song again. At the same time, Aisha stood there in front of the table motionless. She couldn’t accept what had just happened. She then tried to focus on the rest of her day’s work and somehow go through it.

On reaching home, Aisha straightaway went to her room. It was a day of firsts for her. Her first lap dance and the first time her father touched her boobs. She immediately lay there on the bed. Without even changing, she went to sleep. She wanted that day to end soon.

During the night, Aisha woke up suddenly. She saw a dream, and it terrified her. In the dream, Aisha saw that she was lying naked on her bed while her dad, Sanjay, was licking her pussy. Aisha immediately woke up seeing her father’s face down there.

But Aisha realized that she was wet down there. How could this happen? She got aroused thinking about her father. Aisha tried to go back to sleep, but she couldn’t. All she could think about was that dream and how her father’s cock was poking her ass and pussy at the restaurant.

And before she knew it, Aisha was rubbing her pussy, thinking about all this. She started rubbing her pussy hard as she got aroused again, and she came. Aisha had cum to the thoughts of her father’s cock.

What had gotten into her? Was it the job that made her like that? Or it was always there within her? Whatever it was, Aisha finally fell asleep.

The next morning everyone had breakfast together as usual. But again, Aisha and Sanjay didn’t speak a word. After breakfast, they were both going back to their respective rooms. Aisha’s mom stopped them. She told them that she noticed the cold vibes between Aisha and Sanjay.

She asked them what the matter was. To which both denied that everything was fine. But Aisha’s mom could sense that something was wrong. So she forcefully locked both of them in Aisha’s room. She told them that they had to work it out whatever it was, and then only she will open the door.

So Aisha and Sanjay were now locked in a room. It was very awkward for both of them. They didn’t know what to say. It had not been more than 24 hours since what had happened between the two of them at the restaurant.

So, guys, I end this part here. I know I am leaving it in between. Please bear with me. In the next part, I will tell you about what conversation takes between Aisha and Sanjay and how they could resolve their conflict. Please stay tuned.

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