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Aisha – A Hard Working Daughter – Part 3

Hi guys. I am Chetan, 24 years old. I am from Banglore. I like writing such stories. So please dive in.

So Aisha and Sanjay were locked inside Aisha’s bedroom. They sat on the bed, but they maintained a distance between them. They both didn’t speak for like over ten minutes. Then Sanjay finally broke the silence.

Sanjay: I am sorry.

Aisha neither replied nor looked towards Sanjay.

Sanjay: I am sorry, Aisha. I didn’t know about it. I swear. I was asked to go to my friend Ramesh’s house. And from there they told me that they had a surprise for me. And took me to Hooters. I swear I didn’t know about it.

Aisha looked towards Sanjay. But she still didn’t say anything.

Sanjay: I swear. I am telling the truth. I am sorry.

Aisha: Are you telling the truth?

Sanjay: Yes, my little daughter. I am. Please believe me.

Aisha: Okay, so yesterday was a surprise. But what about the previous time. That was a surprise too.

Sanjay (after a pause): No, Aisha.

Aisha: Dad, why do you go to such places? I don’t understand. I used to admire you a lot. But after that day, I cannot even look towards you. Why do you do things like this, dad?

Aisha almost had tears in her eyes as she spoke.

Sanjay: Hey Aisha, don’t cry, please. I am sorry I will never go there again. Please stop crying.

Aisha: No, dad, it’s not about what you will do. It’s about what you did. Why do you go there? Don’t you have a wife?

Sanjay: Hey, stop crying now. Okay, I will tell you. But promise me you will not tell this your mom. Okay? So, the thing is – yes, I have a wife, a very loving wife. But for the past few years, we are not active. You get it, right? Her sexual appetite is dead. Whenever I try to do something, she denies it.

Sanjay( after a pause): The thing is, sometimes I cannot keep it all inside. I need to release it somehow. So my friends and I started going to places like Hooters. We see young girls and enjoy ourselves (Sanjay realised he spoke too much). I mean, you get it right. So it was all that. I hope you forgive me. And understand my situation.

Aisha thought about all the new information she had got. She analysed it.

Aisha: So this mom thing. Don’t you love her anymore?

Sanjay: It’s not like that, Aisha. I love her a lot. I still love her more than anyone. But I have my needs too. You get it right.

Aisha: Okay. So how often do you go to Hooters?

Sanjay: Once a month.

Aisha: Okay. And you told me you go to enjoy young girls. What do you enjoy about them?

Sanjay was shocked as Aisha asked such a question.

Sanjay: Well, how to put it decently? I like their bodies.

Aisha: So you enjoy young girl bodies. (after a brief pause). What about my body? Did you enjoy it too?

Sanjay: Aisha, I already told you. I didn’t plan it. My friends did. I had no such intentions.

Aisha: I know, dad, that you didn’t have any such intentions. But what I am asking is I am also a young girl. Do you enjoy my body too?

Sanjay: How can I, Aisha? You are my daughter. I can’t even think…

Aisha (interrupted Sanjay mid-sentence) Dad, I felt it.

Sanjay: Felt what? ( After realising what Aisha meant). Aisha, it was just in the heat of the moment. The situation was such that it happened. I don’t know why. It never happened before.

Aisha: What do you mean by it never happened before?

Sanjay (hesitated): I mean…Aisha, why are we talking about this? Is there any point?

Aisha (stern voice): Answer my question, dad.

Sanjay: See, Aisha, whatever happened, it was a one-time thing. It will never happen again.

Aisha: Answer my question, dad. Just say it. What did you mean it never happened before?

Sanjay had no choice. But to say the truth.

Sanjay: See Aisha, please don’t judge me. I meant that I had never felt that way before for any other waitress. I don’t know why it got like that.

Aisha: So you mean it was me who made it like that?

Sanjay: Let’s not put it like that.

Aisha: So how to put it. That’s the truth, dad. Be honest with me, please.

Sanjay (exhaled): Yes, maybe a bit because of you.

Aisha should have felt remorse hearing it. But instead, she was feeling more curious. And even her pussy twitched a bit. This was not the expected reaction.

Aisha: And what about the first time. Did I make it hard the first time too?

Sanjay looked towards Aisha as she was being so direct about her father’s cock and using such words.

Sanjay: Yes, a bit. But not like yesterday. Very less.

Aisha: Am I making it hard right now as well?

Sanjay: No, what are you saying? Please stop it, Aisha. Let’s forget it. I don’t feel like that towards you. You are my sweet little daughter.

Aisha: So why did it get hard yesterday and even that day if I am your daughter?

Sanjay: It was just because of the clothes you were wearing.

Aisha: What about them?

Sanjay: They were too revealing. I had never seen you like that before. Looking at your body like that made me feel different. And yesterday when you sat on me. You were so close to me. And the way you were moving made things worse. I got a bit aroused. Everything that happened was because of a reason. Otherwise, I don’t feel about you that way.

All these things that Sanjay was telling made Aisha’s pussy wet.

Aisha: If I wear the uniform now, will it get hard?

Sanjay: What are you saying? Have you lost it.? We are done with the talk. I am going out.

Aisha: And tell mom what? Do you have any reason for us behaving like this? You can’t tell her the truth. So what will you tell her?

Sanjay didn’t have anything to say. So he sat there on the bed. They both remained silent for a while. Then Aisha got up and went to the washroom attached to her room. Meanwhile, Sanjay thought about how to get out of this situation.

How he could convince Aisha and what he will tell his wife. His head was about to explode. Aisha then came out of the washroom. She came and stood there in front of Sanjay. Sanjay looked up and was shocked. Aisha was in her Hooters uniform.

When Sanjay looked up, Aisha did one whole turn displaying her body in front of her dad.

Aisha (with a smile): How do I look, dad?

Sanjay was astounded. His daughter was standing in front of him in clothes that attracted Sanjay. Sanjay and Aisha were in a closed room. Aisha wearing those clothes led to enough sexual tension. Sanjay didn’t know what to say.

Aisha then bent forward. She was exposing her boobs in front of her father. A very little piece of clothes covered her.

Aisha: How do you like them, daddy?. Don’t be shy. I know you were checking them out yesterday when I was serving food.

She then turned around. Her shorts were deliberately tucked between her ass cheeks. She revealed all of her naked ass in front of Sanjay’s face. Sanjay was breathing heavily. He was trying to control his breath and blood flowing into his dick.

Aisha: Dad tell me, what do you like better? Come on. You will have to choose.

Sanjay’s cock was fully erect, and a bulge could be seen in his pants. Aisha noticed it too. Aisha had gone all in. She was not ashamed anymore that Sanjay was her father. Maybe working at the restaurant made her such. But she was trying to get what she wanted.

Aisha: Oh, daddy. You are not saying anything. But look at that. It’s like it is screaming. I didn’t even sit on your lap yet, and it has become like this. What will happen when… (Aisha sits on Sanjay’s lap facing him)… I sit on it.

Sanjay still says nothing. He was just letting it happen as nothing was in his control anymore. He was enjoying the feeling of Aisha’s ass on his dick. But at the same time, he thought it would be wrong to do anything. So he just sat there, not knowing what to do.

Sanjay was saying nothing and not doing anything. Aisha tried to tease him more. Aisha started moving her hips and jiggling her boobs in front of Sanjay’s eye. It was getting very hard for Sanjay to control.

Aisha: You like it isn’t it when I do it. Your daughter was rubbing against you. Her ass on your…

Hearing Aisha saying such lewd things made Sanjay lose his control. He grabbed Aisha’s ass and started kissing her. Aisha also kissed him back. Their tongues were entangled. Sanjay was squeezing her daughter’s ass while he kissed her. They were passionately kissing each other.

Sanjay: You want to know what I like more? I love those boobs.

Sanjay then pulled up Aisha’s top revealing her boobs for the first time. He straight away attacked them. He squeezed them, licked them, sucked them and even bit them slightly. It was the first time someone was playing with Aisha’s boobs.

This made her very wet. She started moving her hips faster, rubbing her pussy on her father’s dick. Then Sanjay threw Aisha on her bed and pulled down her shorts. Aisha was fully naked now. Sanjay, too, removed all his clothes. Aisha got the first glance at his father’s cock.

It seemed big enough for her. She kept gazing at it for a while. Sanjay then spread Aisha’s legs and started licking her daughter’s pussy. He was licking it with experience. His lick was so amazing that only by licking Aisha would cum. Aisha then realised this was exactly like she had dreamt. Her dream came true.

Sanjay kept licking Aisha for a while. Licking all the liquid oozing out of her pussy. He was enjoying its taste. Then after a while, Sanjay got up and climbed on Aisha. They both faced to face and looked into each other’s eyes.

Sanjay: Is this your first time?

Aisha (Gentle voice): Yes, Dad. (Then she looked away).

Sanjay turned her face towards him.

Sanjay: Don’t worry. I will be very gentle. After all, you are my daughter. How can I hurt you?

Then Sanjay placed his cock on Aisha’s super wet pussy and inserted it very slowly. Though the pussy was very wet still, it was tight. It took Sanjay a bit of thrust to push it inside. Aisha closed her eyes as her father’s dick went inside her.

She was bearing the pain and at the same time experiencing a completely new feeling. Sanjay started moving his dick inside Aisha’s pussy. She kept her eyes closed. Sanjay started kissing her. She tried to kiss back, but the pain was unbearable.

So Sanjay moved to her boobs. Slowly Sanjay increased his stroking speed, and Aisha also started enjoying it a little. Aisha started moaning a bit, and Sanjay understood that it was time. So now he started fucking her daughter. He pulled up both her legs and moved his dick as deep inside as he could.

He was now pounding on her. Aisha was now experiencing what real sex was. Her dad was fucking her pussy, as the whole bed shook. Aisha couldn’t control her moans and was moaning loudly. Earlier pain and now pleasure was unbearable.

She had lost all her senses and could only feel the dick moving in and out of her pussy. Her dad’s cock was hitting deep inside her. With each stroke, Aisha’s pleasure increased.

It was Aisha’s first time she was very sensitive down there, and she was about to cum. She hugged her dad tight and shouted, “Daddy, I am about to cum. I am about to,” and she came. But Sanjay hadn’t, so he kept fucking her for a while and didn’t stop.

Sanjay fucked her daughter with all her might. Aisha held the bedsheets tightly as her pussy was being pounded. Soon Sanjay also was about to reach climax. Since he couldn’t cum inside her daughter’s pussy. He pulled out his dick.

He told Aisha to take it in her mouth because it would be a mess if he released his cum on her body. Aisha was not prepared for this. But at that moment, without thinking twice, she took her father’s cock in her mouth. She didn’t know how to suck a dick.

But that day she didn’t have to do anything. Sanjay was so excited that he started mouth fucking her daughter. He held Aisha by the hair and moved his dick inside her mouth.

He gave the last push and released all his cum deep inside Aisha’s mouth. And like an obedient daughter, Aisha swallowed it all. They both lay there on the bed after a steamy session. Aisha was no more a virgin now. She lost her virginity to her dad. What’s better than that.

They both then got up and realised where they were. They were scared. They both wore their clothes immediately. They decided what they were going to tell Aisha’s mother. And they were hoping she didn’t hear anything.

Sanjay knocked on the door and said that he and Aisha had sorted everything out, so please open the door. Her wife came and opened the door.

Rekha (Aisha’s mom): So what was the issue between you too?

Sanjay: I scolded her a few days back, and she didn’t like it. She even rudely replied to me. So we were not talking.

Rekha: So now everything is sorted right. I am so happy. (She hugged both of them)

They both came out of the room and went to the hall. Sanjay and Aisha kept looking towards each other. Aisha was about to sit on the sofa when her mom called her to help in the kitchen.

Rekha: So now you both are okay. Closer than before, right?

Aisha: What closer? I mean, yaa, everything is okay.

Rekha: So how was he?

Aisha: What, mummy? I didn’t get you.

Rekha: Don’t act. I know everything that happened inside. I heard your voice, or should I say, moans.

Aisha was shocked and numb. She became lifeless hearing this. She stood there like a statue. Her mom had heard everything. She thought Sanjay and she were screwed.

Rekha( laughs): Look at you. So scared. Calm down. I know about it, and it’s okay.

Looking at her mom behaving like this made Aisha confused. She thought that her mom had gone mad after hearing what happened inside.

Rekha: Why are you looking like that towards me? Am I a joker? Relax Aisha. It was my plan. And you two acted as I expected.

Aisha (shocked): What plan?

Rekha (still giggling): See what happened was — a few weeks back, the day of your salary, when your father came back home, he didn’t feel like himself. Something was bothering him. I asked him, but he didn’t say anything. So I called his friends. They told me that they went to a restaurant Hooters.

Rekha: That’s when I understood what could have happened. I had already seen your Hooters clothes the first week you joined there, but I didn’t say anything.
You were doing this for the family. I appreciated it. And yesterday also for his birthday they went there.

Rekha: I had asked for photos of his birthday celebration. I saw you in it, on your father’s lap. But yesterday, when your father came back, he had a different glow on his face. He seemed happy. See Aisha for the past few years, and nothing has happened between us. That’s my fault. I don’t feel it anymore.

Rekha: But I pity him. He never forces me. So I came up with this plan. I was sure about his feelings. But sorry to push you into this. I didn’t know your side. But I could feel the sexual tension between you two. So I decided to try it and locked you two horny birds in one room, and it worked.

Aisha couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her mom was planning to make her daughter sleep with her husband. If someone else heard it, no one would believe it.

Aisha: But, mom, are you okay with what happened? You don’t find it weird?

Rekha: See, I want you to do it from now on. I couldn’t provide what he needed. But you can, and you did. And you enjoyed yourself as well, so don’t lie about that. I am really happy that his needs are fulfilled. Aisha, but let me ask you, are you comfortable with it?

Aisha was in a dilemma. She enjoyed it a lot, and she was the one who wanted it in the first place. But how can she directly confront about it her mom? But seeing her mom so frank and open, Aisha thought to say the truth.

Aisha: Yes, mom, don’t worry. I liked it, and I would do it. (She winked).

Rekha: Haha, I knew it. There is this little evil within you. (She funnily spanked Aisha). Oh, now I know what your dad fell for. Nice butt, Aisha. Haha, jokes apart. Aisha, thank you for everything. You have done so much for the family. I appreciate it. Aisha, you are a hardworking daughter

So that’s it, guys. The story ends here. After that day, Sanjay would regularly sneak out of his bedroom at night and fuck Aisha. Sometimes Rekha, too, would leave them alone at home to have some fun.

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