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Bangalore’s Milky-white Shruthi with cuckold husband

Hi, all Indian sex story readers. This is Madhan here with a new story. First of all, thanks a lot to all ISS readers for your many likes and valuable feedback for my stories. I am a story writer with many stories published.

About Me: I am a Madhan of 28 years of age, 6″ tall, south Indian complexion, broad shoulder, and a normal body with skills of tasting a body erotically. I belong to one of the cleanest cities in India, Mysuru, but currently working in Bangalore (which has all varieties of chicks/aunties).

Horny unsatisfied housewives, sexy young baby dolls, and wanna have fun ladies (Bengaluru) can reach me on my Hangout and mail Total anonymity and secrecy are guaranteed. Telegram @msarsstr.

Coming to the story, Shruthi was a Biology lecturer in one of the top colleges in Bangalore. She has been happily married to Charan for the past 11 years.

They had a boy aged 9 who was school going. They had a very busy life since both worked all days of the week, with Sundays disappearing with household chores.

Life was routine and robotic for Charan and Shruthi. Charan was in the middle management for a reputed company with a handsome package and stress-filled work.

When Shruthi started her career, it was stress-free at the beginning. But these days, Shruthi had hectic schedules to keep up at the college, and the work at the house front kept her fully engaged.

Shruthi has lost her sexual interest because Charan hardly satisfied her with his tired body. Charan, too had lost interest in Shruthi. His shaft fails to erect when Shruthi needs to be satisfied.

They hardly have sex these days. Shruthi was aged 35 and looked much younger compared to her age. Charan, aged 40, looks much older than his age with a huge tummy and unfit body.

Shruthi and Charan were occupied with their smartphones at night. Charan was enjoying his newfound eroticism of reading sex stories. Over time he realized that his arousal and pleasure were maximum while reading cuckold-based stories.

Charan started roleplaying his wife with the character of the story lead lady. He fantasized about all the dirty stuff the story narrated and was shagging to relief. He shag, imagining his wife in different taboo situations with people. (like his boss, newspaper vendor, grocery store owner, students, neighbour.)

Charan was intentionally making Shruthi wear hot attires whenever he took her outside. He started buying her modern clothing (sleeveless dresses, transparent sarees, sexy lingeries, designer blouses, lipsticks, makeup kit, deos).

Shruthi did not understand the sudden change, but she liked the changed Charan. Charan was leaving in his fantasy world when real-life guys/men ogle at Shruthi from head to toe.

During Pongal, Charan told Shruthi to get ready for the shopping. He stood next to her and guided her in decorating herself to look tempting. He convinced Shruthi to travel in public transport to go to Chickpet for the shopping (To fantasize about his wife with all the hungry men).

He booked Ola auto. While boarding the auto, his fantasy world started. The auto driver was a middle-aged man who eyed his wife with his dead stares through the mirror.

While deboarding the auto, the driver’s eye scanned every bit of Shruthi’s assets. He had a hard-on inside my pants. Shruthi was normal and never did any fuss out of his stares. All women like being ogled.

They boarded the less crowded metro train to Chickpet. As people started boarding in the subsequent station, he noticed many hungry eyes ogling at Shruthi.

A tall young guy saw Shruthi and kept his dead stare on Shruthi till we reached Chickpet. At the metro station, Charan missed the tall guy. Charan felt wild when most of the men were staring at his wife.

Charan guessed that Shruthi too enjoyed the stares of hungry men. They entered one of the famous saree showrooms. In the store, the fancy saree section was on the fourth floor. They entered the lift.

Now onwards story will be narrated from the footsteps of Charan.

When the lift doors were sliding to the close, a hand interrupted it. This was none other than the young guy from the metro staring at my wife.

This young man enters and stands straight in front of Shruthi, standing close to the door. In the few-minute journey through the lift, the tall guy(Madhan) caught the interest of Shruthi with his eyes.

Shruthi wore a biscuit-coloured transparent designer saree with a deep-cut blouse. The milky white fleshly v-shaped cleavage of Shruthi was visible through the transparent saree (a sight for the men).

Shruthi’s lips were very prominent with the brown lipstick, which was thick (applied by me). Madhan looked straight into the cajoled eyes of Shruthi stared for a moment.

His eyes then travelled to her sexy cleavage (staring, he bulged his eyes). Then his eyes moved to the sagging white hips and finally to the dark lipstick (he drenched his lips with his tongue).

All this was happening in the presence of the people and her hubby next to her. He daringly enjoyed my wife Shruthi from head to toe with his squinted eyes and raised eyebrows.

I noticed that Shruthi was restless and disturbed. She involuntarily was correcting her hair, repositioning the bag in her hand, and correcting the saree on her shoulders.

Shruthi was breathing heavily. Heavens, Madhan winked, seeing my wife Shruthi’s red lips. My shaft had an instant boner with girth and size, which I hid by pulling out the tucked-in shirt.

The lift hit the fourth floor, and the door slid open. Madhan stood for a few seconds blocking Shuthi from moving out of the lift. When people behind him pushed, he walked with sharp, lusty eyes fixed on Shruthi. We walked to a counter and started seeing some sarees.

Shruthi was soo confused and lost focus in the selection of dress. She was blank with her mind into a different world. Her subconscious started looking out for Madhan, who had disappeared again. After 10 minutes of checking the sarees, a manly voice made us turn to find Madhan.

Madhan was a normal-built, tall, and handsome guy in his mid 20’s. My wife excitedly turned, her eyes fluttered restlessly, and she tried to hide the naughty smile from her face. He sat arm’s length close to Shruthi, asking the attendant to show the sarees.

Madhan was very daring to have a continued lusty stare on Shruthi, even with me standing next to her. I intensionally excused away from Shruthi to the washroom to give them a chance to make a move. I walked out of their eyesight to a blind spot and watched Madhan’s next move.

Shruthi and Madhan had their eyes locked onto each other forgetting the whole world. He put a hand in his pocket pulled out a card which Shruthi noticed.

He woke up with a sexy maroon transparent designer saree in his hand with the card under the saree. He kept the saree with the card on her lap. She nervously looked all around with the attendant away to bring more sarees. Shruthi grabbed the card into her hands.

He signals super with his hand seeing my wife from head to toe, winks seeing her lips, and walks out of the scene towards the lift. I chase Madhan as the lift moves down.

I am continuing the narration from Madhan’s viewpoint.

I was excited to see the green signal from this lovely middle-aged lady when she blushed and hid the card with my contact number. I had my dick fully active when the lift door closed from the fourth floor to the ground floor. I could not walk out of this scene.

When the lift hit the ground floor, I pressed button 4 again. I walked close to the lady and caught her eye. I signalled her to follow me. She looked all around and slowly walked. I walked into the lift and waited for her to enter.

Once she walked into the lift along with one more lady, I pressed 6, which was the topmost floor of this store. The lift reached the sixth floor. I signalled her to walk behind me.

I entered the washroom and left the door latch open for her to enter. Within a few seconds, she entered and hurriedly closed the door. She had gone cold, and a thrill ran through my body. We both were shivering badly.

I jumped over her like a dog. I started kissing her cheek and locked with her lips. We kissed wildly, forgetting the place. She kissed me very hungrily with her hand clutching my hair.

My lips tasted the brown-coloured sexy full lips of this hottie whose name I was unaware of. While she continued kissing, my hand travelled all over the soft cushiony body of this lady. My hand pressed and felt every corner of this lady and finally landed on the soft huge ass cheeks.

I started squeezing the ass balls hard. My lips kissed all around her face to the neck. She was breathing heavily and holding my head with both of her hands. The moment was very wild, with both of us enjoying the secretive fun.

I moved one of my hands through the tummy area into the saree to her vaginal area. She held my T-shirt hard, and I started massaging the pussy, which was slightly hairy. Oh heavens, I badly want to fuck this hungry pussy. She was very damn lustrous.

I hurriedly pulled out my cock and pushed her low to a kneeling position to my cock. She knelt, forgetting the wet floor of the washroom. She grabbed my cock with both of her hands. I pushed her head towards my cock, signalling her to lick my dark chocolate ice cream.

She held the base of the cock with her thumb and index finger of one hand. She stroked the dick with her other hand. My dick had gone fully wild by the touch of her soft hands.

I pushed her head towards the hard dick. She licked the dick head with the tip of her tongue. She moved her tongue tip in a slow circular motion on the shiny dick head. I gave a breath out and closed my eyes.

The feel of her tongue over my cock took me to the heavens. She then took my dark choco coloured cock into her mouth, drenching it with her juicy saliva. Her mouth held my cock, and she looked right into my eyes.

She then took my cock in and out of her mouth in slow and repeated motions. While my cock was satisfied with her hungry mouth, her hand was playing by massaging and pampering my balls.

She then moved her lips to suck the dick balls one after the other. She was very good at giving the blowjob. I enjoyed her work with the mouth. She again moved her mouth to the cock and continued sucking with lust. My cock was travelling into her warm saliva filled mouth.

Sometimes the foreskin of my cock was brushed by the teeth of her mouth. Overall she was very thorough in sucking the dick clean. I held her head with my hands and started mouth fucking her. We were interrupted by the noise from the outside.

She suddenly came back to the senses that she was sucking the cock of a stranger in the washroom of the public store. She instantly rose from the knelt position signalled to me that she would walk off. She walked off from the washroom.

Now onwards story will be narrated from the view of Charan.

After handing her some cards, I followed Madhan when he walked off from my wife. I ran down the stairs to the ground floor to notice that the lift was moving up again and there was no sign of Madhan outside.

I ran again to the fourth floor and stood at a side, watching my wife following him. I followed them and watched them go inside the washroom. What a bitch? My wife!. I walked into the washroom next to theirs.

I kept my ear on the wall of the room but no sound. I closed my eyes and imagined my wife being tasted by this tall guy. I shagged twice with lots of satisfaction, and my erect cock drenched the washroom wall with cum. I then walked out, relieved. The feeling was very horny.

Sorry, all for the minimal sex content in this first part. I promise you that the second part will have more wild sex than this introductory part.

In part 2, I will explain the revelation of Shruthi’s secret and unfold the cuckold of Charan watching his wife getting banged by this tall guy in hiding. The fun ended with a threesome banging Shruthi in all the possible ways making her pussy sore with pain.

Thank you to all the ISS readers.

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