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Banging Hot, Innocent Girl At My Friend’s House

I didn’t quite explain about myself in the last story. So, to tell you about me, I am John, a football player with an athletic build. I am about 5’11 in height and I have an 8-inches long dick.

I have already told about my friend Zeeshan and his hot sister Zaira in my previous story, do check it out.

So, coming to this story. It took place about 4 months after I had banged my friend’s sister Zaira in her bedroom. After that incident, I couldn’t control myself whenever I see Zaira. So, mostly when I get the urge in Zeeshan’s house, I would go to the restroom and see the video I shot of fucking her and masturbate.

Zaira never spoke about that incident or indicated any signs that she wanted to do it again. It was becoming very uncomfortable and I started to avoid Zeeshan saying, “I have work” or would go when Zaira was not around.

After 4 months, it was Zaira’s birthday and Zeeshan forced me to come to it. I went there hesitantly and that was where I met this new girl. She was Zaira’s closest friend, Krithika. OMG, what a beauty! She had these big melons that you would usually see on MILF and a busty ass. She was a bit traditional and wore a light blue churidar which was a bit tight with leggings and without a dupatta.

As the celebrations began, my friend’s sister Zaira wore a corset-type dress that ended just above her knee and was clinging to her body highlighting her assets. As she bend down to blow out the candles, I got a good view of those mountains. It was 4 months and I wanted to tear Zaria clothes and fuck her in front of her parents, but I controlled myself. At this time, Krithika was serving snacks and she bend down to give me the plate and I saw those huge mountains. It was getting out of hand.

I went to the terrace to cool it off. Zeeshan found me with Krithika and another friend of hers named Melissa who was a bit dusky but great athletic build, medium-sized firm breasts and firm medium-sized buns after about an hour or so. Zeeshan wanted to drink but I know that he would be out of control if he gets too drunk.

So, we started with a beer. Krithika doesn’t drink. As the rounds started, Zeeshan started pricking on Krithika. Krithika started arguing back and then Zeeshan said that she doesn’t have the guts.

Krithika, to prove him wrong, gulped an entire bottle of beer. After a while, Zeeshan was sloshed and I along with Melissa went to put him to bed. As I saw from the terrace, the dance party was still going on downstairs.

When I went to the girls, Melissa was missing and Krithika was laying there. She was saying something and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. There she was, lying with her churidar above her navel. I was so horny.

I went near her and kissed her. She first resisted a little but then smiled after seeing me and complied. I went on to press her boobs as she let out a moan. I held on to the collar of the churidar and tore it to reveal her big melons. They were hanging inside her black push-up bra, waiting to be let out. I let them loose before I started sucking on them. She was moaning in pleasure.

As this was going on, I slid my hand into the hot girl’s pussy. It was dripping wet and I tasted it. I removed her leggings and buried my face in between her legs. She let out a huge moan and wrapped her legs around my head, locking it with her pussy.

I started sucking the sexy girl’s pussy and also started fingering her. I increased one finger at a time with a continuous rhythm. She squirted on my face and I loved it.

Then I removed my jeans and placed my cock in between her big breasts and started a boob-job. Oh! What a sight! An innocent face giving me a boob-job. I sat back as she got up and started to suck my dick. I took a photo with flash as it was dark.

She was on her knees and with her tongue, she started to lick my balls all the way to the tip before she gulped it in her mouth. She was deep-throating and I was so horny that I got hold of her long hair in a bundle and started face-fucking her. This went on for some time till she was gagged and out of breath.

After that, I made her lie down and entered her pussy in the missionary position. It was so tight that as my tip entered her, she shouted in pain. I pushed in with half of the length and she was in so much pain. She dug her nails into my arms. She was a virgin and I started to move my dick in and out.

In a few minutes, the pain turned into pleasure and Krithika was taking my cock in its full length. As she was reaching her orgasm, she curled her legs around me, enclosing me at my hips.

After that, I made her drop on all fours and started fucking her in doggy-style. I caught hold of her long hair and pulled it as I was pumping her up, She reached another orgasm. I let go of her for two minutes as her leg started shaking from the orgasm and then started again. I was about to cum when she said she wanted to ride me.

I got on the floor and she got on top of me. She held my cock and guided it into her pussy. As she was riding, I switched on the flashlight to see that beautiful sight I dreamed of. As soon as I saw it, WOW! The Bounce! Chanceless! She stopped riding and was grinding every 5 minutes.

After a while, I came while she was riding. As she was trying to get up, so I can pull out. I held her hips and forced her to sit on my dick while came. I came into her pussy.

As I let her go, she fell to the side and her pussy was overflowing with my cum. Beauty! I took my phone and took a photo to remember this. She was in tears as she was scared of getting pregnant.

I told her not to worry and that I would go and get an I-pill immediately. I put my finger inside the hot girl’s pussy and took some of my cum and gave it to her to taste. She was hesitant but I pinched her nipple nicely and she took it in her mouth.

I went to Zeeshan’s room and got her a t-shirt and shorts as I had torn her churidar. She wanted to clean herself, so we went to Zaira’s room. I made her walk naked with the chance that anyone could see her.

We went to Zaira’s room and was still dripping with cum and with cum on her legs. I made her spread her legs on the table and recorded a video asking her, “Who is cum it was?”, “How did she get it?” and made her say that she was a cum-loving slut who loves to have her pussy hole filled with cum.

I enjoyed the recording session and then she cleaned up and I went and got her an I-pill.

I took her to the guest bedroom and slept there. Early morning, we had another session which was recorded and I made her say, “I am cum-loving slut who will open her legs to anyone who wishes to fill my holes” and before anyone woke up, I dropped her back home so that no one knows that this happened!

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