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Bengali Bhabhi On the Terrace – Part 2

Hello Friends, as mentioned in the first part, I was new to Kolkata and rented a terrace apartment where I met Anindita.

My photography skills intrigued her. Eventually, I seduced her with some amazing oral sex. However, I was left starved as she had to leave. But she did leave her panty as a token of memory.

Well, that night, she texted me sorry and sent me an amazing picture of her in red lingerie. The mere look of her pic gave me an instant boner. I asked her to sneak out and come to the terrace.

Anindita – I am sorry, baby. I wish to give you all you desire, but I can’t today.

Me – Why? What’s wrong?

Anindita – Baby, my husband is around, and he did try to fuck me once. He forced me to wear this dress and forced me for sex. However, I didn’t want it.

Me – You should have stopped him.

Anindita – I tried to confront but. But this has become normal nowadays. He found my pussy wet due to our amazing moments together. I couldn’t deny it, and we ended up having sex.

Me – Did you like it, though?

Anindita – He is always rough. He makes me wear sexy stuff and gets brutal. Bangs me hardcore for a few minutes only and leaves me starved always. It was fun for me initially, but I always wish for gentle love. I hate myself now.

Me – Baby, no worries. I will fulfil all those voids. Believe me, your honour and satisfaction will be assured with privacy and secrecy. But I am still starved, and I will not forgive you for getting me ignored and quenching your fire with your husband’s dicks.

Anindita said her fire is still burning, and she only wishes me to fulfil it soon. To brighten my mood, she shared a few snaps of her closet full of erotic lingerie. Those were amazing, and I had a boner just imagining her sexy toned body in those sexy pieces of bras.

In response, I shared with her a few pics of my boner from my Calvin Klein thong (my only erotic piece of menswear). She got damn excited, and we ended up having a sexy video sex chat.

The next day, I got up early for the office. While leaving for the office, I usually take the stairs. I texted Anindita just before leaving her floor. I got a quick reply, and she asked to wait for midway downstairs. I heard her door squeaking and found her running down with a tiffin box.

She came close, had a 360 check, and landed a passionate kiss pushing me to the side wall. Though I was surprised, I grabbed her by the ass and responded by her kissing passionately further. She started feeling my boner over my pants while kissing and squeezing her boobs on my chest.

By that time, both of my hands were feeling the fluffiness of her ass. For a moment, we forgot we were in stairways. Once we returned to our senses, Anindita leaned down and kissed my dick over the pants. She apologized for making him starve further.

She handed me the tiffin and said she made me a nice lunch with love. My day went amazing. Just thinking about what happened on the staircase that morning. I had to masturbate thinking about her, and I even texted her saying so. She reverted with smileys.

She sent me a pic of her lowering her saree pallu and squeezing her boobs between her hands. That cleavage was deeper than a marina trench, as if her complete boob would pop out the next moment. My amazing day was getting tougher now, and I thought of returning ASAP.

Later, I rushed home, expecting some wild fun with my Bengali bombshell. I parked my bike in my parking bay. I saw Anindita’s husband going upstairs with one end of his lungi held in his hand and a fish in the other. I thought, ‘This guy is a cat or what?’

I held my dick and soothed him to wait further long. I went straight to my apartment and changed. The thoughts of fucking her were not going out. The thoughts of her getting fucked by her husband made me feel worse. I dropped my shorts and got her panty that she left last time to ease out.

I sniffed it, and I could feel the aroma of her pussy. I started stroking my dick with that. I wrapped it around my dick, making a huge bulge. I clicked and shared a pic of that with Anindita. She wasn’t online, and I felt disgusted. I relieved myself in her panties and went to the open terrace for an evening stroll.

As I was walking by, I saw clothes of Anindita drying in that spot where she usually dries her laundry. I went through her clothes and found the lingerie she hid under her saree. I took her pink padded bra in hand and got an instant sexy idea. I took both her bra and panty and went straight to my apartment.

I kept them in an empty drawer of mine. My phone beeped, and I saw a text from her showing a red dot. I googled to find that it means she had periods. I was agonized and sent her an angry face. She reverted to saying sorry.

Later also, she got an assignment of critiquing a few restaurants in our proximity by Zomato as she had a decent rating due to her food blogs. And eventually, she got busy for a couple of days.

But my adventure continued. I went and took her erotic lingeries, which she was drying on the terrace, and kept them. After a couple of days, I got a ping from her asking about her expensive lingeries that had been missing from her clothes every day since last week. She knows who is sniffing around.

Anindita – I know you are the one because you are angry with me. Since I had periods, you didn’t even text me. You are playing with me by taking my undergarments.

Me – Were you on periods? Are you done with it?

Anindita – Yeah, dumbo. I know how to soothe your anger. Come for your delight. I will give you a show this evening when I come to collect my clothes. Be near your window and do not come out as there will be kids.

I was damn excited. When it was time, I saw Anindita coming around to collect her laundry. And how she was dressed, my jaw eventually dropped, and my hand went inside my undies. She was wearing a black chiffon saree draped low waist.

A backless blouse with only a single string didn’t do justice to holding all to her huge milky boobs popping out from her deep front cut. She came straight to her laundry area and asked the kids to go to another block as she had some work there.

Her voice was sturdy enough to wet their pants, and those kids were out of sight in seconds. She gave me a seductive look and saw me jerking off already. She then turned her bare back towards me. I could figure out her complete bareback.

She intentionally slipped a piece of her hanging clothing and looked at me seductively. She bent forward to pick it up. I could see her complete ass, which I was spanking a day before. God! They were heavenly. Now it was her turn to gather the mango slices she left to dry on the floor.

She kneeled forward and slowly picked them one by one. To make things worse, she turned towards me and spanked her ass. She lifted her saree slowly to her waist to give me a view of my lifetime. She was wearing a golden thong sandwiched between her fluffy ass cheeks.

I could even see her pussy being wet as it was glittering with daylight. The urge in me to fuck her quadrupled. But she sensed someone coming, and she quickly let her clothes down. She evenly wrapped a pallu to hide her backless from other women in the apartment.

A few moments later, I got a text from her saying to be at her home at 9 pm for a sensual bra parade. Being an obedient lover, I dressed up for the occasion and kept a surprise element for her too. The moment I rang her bell, I saw her in the same saree with the same backless.

I went inside, closed the door, and dragged her close to me. I started kissing her while I was spanking her ass for making me wait so long. She was confused about moaning with ecstasy or pleasure from my soft spanks. I turned around and started kissing her neck while my hands were fondling her boobs.

She was out of breath and pushed me back. But I ran behind her and overstepped her saree, and it fell off her shoulder. I grabbed the loose end while she was trying to save herself like some TV serial melodrama. To my excitement, she said, “Hold your guns and take a seat for some bra parade.”

She informed me that, as I was taking all her lingerie, she ordered a few sexy ones. She wants to show them one by one to me and rate them on a scale of 1-10. I was excited. She went inside and came back with black bikini-style lingerie. I gave it a 6. This continued for a while.

Out of all, I found her seductive in blood-red bridal lingerie with stockings. She went inside, came back in the same saree topless, came straight, sat on my lap, and kissed me passionately. I lifted her, took her to the bedroom, and made her comfortable in bed. I leaned forward and started kissing her passionately. This time I slid my hand inside her petticoat and played with her pussy lips.

They were already wet and bigger than last time. As I started sucking her tongue, I slid one finger of mine inside her pussy. She gushed sweet moans in my ear, saying to fuck her and make her mine. I got her saree and tied her both hands to one of the bed pegs.

And then, to her delight, I played some soothing music and started giving her a strip dance. She was shy but started enjoying it gradually. I ripped off my shirt and trousers to surprise her with my men’s thong. I was shaking my ass seductively and rubbing my dick on her boobies and her face.

She was oozing juices when I went down, and she felt so shy when I saw that. To alleviate our foreplay, I got some chocolate syrup from the kitchen and poured it over her inner thighs and her navel. I started licking her thighs. She was feeling the song’s rhythm and was arching now and then. I then lifted the string of her panty for a clean view of her pussy and poured some syrup there.

I went close to her pussy, sniffed it, and kissed her left thigh. I went closer to her pussy again, sniffed, and kissed her right thigh again. When I went again to sniff, she was done with that teasing. She grabbed my head between her legs and arched her back, making me lick her.

I obliged my lady and started kissing her choco pie. She started moaning louder and was enjoying my tongue to her core. I then went up, pushed my dick between her boobs, and felt her buttery soft skin. It was so amazing. It was my turn now. I let her hand loose and relaxed by leaning behind.

I could see the glitter in her eye, and she came close to me and said it was wild. Saying so, she grabbed my dick and took it inside her mouth. I lifted her hair with my hand and clenched it from behind. She was sucking it so deep. I was feeling her oesophagus.

It was so good, and she was amazing with her tongue, playing with my top penis, and with my ball now and then. I wanted her to have all the pleasure and treat her like a queen. I grabbed her face up and lifted her close to my chest. Got hold of her ass and asked her to ride me.

She was surprised as she never did anything else than missionary. I guided her. The moment she took my entire girth, I could see a sense of satisfaction on her face. She started grinding me gradually, while my occasional spanks made her go faster. She started playing with her hair, and her eyes were getting close.

I was also going out of breath. But I was quite busy putting a finger in her mouth and fondling her lovely boobs. After grinding for quite a long, she fell on me, exhausted. Responding to this, I shifted her on her belly and lifted her ass with a pillow.

I started ramming her in a lazy doggy-style position. Her moans were now more like, “Aah! Aasthe koro (go slow).” Her moans were turning me on. I lifted her, sat down in her dressing chair, and asked her to ride me by placing her legs on the dressing table.

I was going so deep inside her that I could feel it hitting her cervix. I was holding Anindita by her waist while she was shaking the entire table by grabbing me over my neck. I lifted her, pushed her to a wall, grabbed her by her ass, and held her legs higher.

My balls were slapping her pussy lips, and the sound of that was echoing in the room. After a moment, Anindita wanted me to let her loose, but I continued fucking her that way. But after a few strokes, she pushed my waist for some space and gushed a huge moan.

She came close to my ears and was biting them with her teeth. Later I noticed she squirted while I was fucking her there. That was new for me too, and then I continued to fuck her in missionary for a few moments more until I had my orgasm on her face.

I was so tired but still wanted to talk for some time with her before sleep. We went to the washroom and cleaned ourselves. We wrapped each other under a blanket, all naked and were having small talks about the evening.

Anindita shared a lot of her desires and her wishes of having a healthy sex life. She was happy that my 5” dick did so much magic that night. She also shared her few fantasies, which I fulfilled with amazing surprises.

Do you want to know about her first experience of sex in public? Then stay tuned for the next part.

Please share your comments and love at and telegram me at – Dream_Catcher. If any girl, aunty and bhabhi, want to share or have such wild experiences, please let me know. Privacy and satisfaction are assured.

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