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Bengali Bhabhi On the Terrace

It was summer, and I was working from home due to the pandemic. By the way, I am 28 years old, working in an MNC post my MBA in Kolkata. My family is staying in a different city, so I stayed in my rooftop apartment all alone.

I have a passion for photography, so I keep my tripod-mounted cameras at different angles for the great clicks of the lovely city. I was new, and so I hardly knew anyone from the apartment.

My neighbours are mostly Bengali. I used to get the delicious aroma from their kitchen and listen to ladies singing lovely Bengali songs while working there.

Coming to the prime focus of the story. I met Anindita on that rooftop couple of times while she used to come to dry her laundry. She is 32 years and a food blogger by profession. Her husband had an Export-Import business and frequently visited the harbour area for business.

Detailing her, she is about 5 ft 4 inches, fair, and is a pure bong bombshell with a perfect 34D-26-34. I got an instant boner when I saw her draped in a saree for the first time. No words could explain how beautiful she is. Her boobs were something one would die for.

As it was summer, I found Anindita was drying mangos on the terrace. I was clicking random pics with my camera as usual. My lens caught her beauty. I had an instant boner looking at her protruding boobs from her tiny blouse. I tried clicking some seductive pics of her, but the camera shutter drew her attention.

She became furious and came straight to me, barging at my action of clicking her without her consent. I pacified her and made her sit down, and apologized. My eyes were glued to her boobs, which made her further awkward. She later asked to see what I clicked, and I started showing a few of my random clicks.

She was impressed by my work and then landed on the last pics I clicked of her. To my surprise, I saw a glittering smile on her face, and she gave me a wink looking at those. Post that, it became a routine for her to come to the terrace and pose candidly for me to click.

I noticed she used to dress up every day as she used to wear designer blouses, mostly backless for her rooftop visits. I jerked off many times, just imagining her smooth and soft skin. I even used to find her bra from her dried clothes and used to get surprised by her lingerie choices.

One day it happened to rain in the afternoon. I saw Anindita running to the terrace to get her clothes off. I rushed to help her, and we ran back to my apartment. She was completely drenched, and her body outline was getting mapped in her cotton saree.

I offered her a towel and asked her to change into her dried clothes. While she went inside my bedroom, she saw her snaps that I got printed to gift her someday. She was surprised and came into the living room, running back in excitement.

She hugged me, and I could feel her boobs getting crushed in my chest. We sat. While talking, she even expressed that her life became mundane after her marriage. She never got any such romantic gifts from her husband. I consoled her and offered her tea. She said she would make it for us.

She went to the kitchen, and I followed her. I stood behind her, staring at her ass and curvy waist and a bare back with a thin strip of her blouse. She asked me to pass the sugar jar. It was on the top shelf overhead. I went close to her and stood like hugging her from the back.

I then got the jar down and handed it to her from behind itself. I could feel her ass crack over her saree. Slowly I placed my hand over her waist and drew it towards her naval. I heard a fainted moan from her, and I could completely sense her shivering.

Anindita suddenly turned behind and pushed me, saying to stay within limits. She poured the tea and went back to the sofa. The rest of tea time was completely awkward. I had a hard time hiding my boner. Later she asked me to share her pics on her WhatsApp, which she did by snatching my phone.

She then gathered all her clothes and went back. While leaving, she warned again and asked to behave properly again. I locked the door and cursed my dick.

But I found that she had left behind a bra of her’s on my sofa, which I thought was normal. I texted her on WhatsApp and informed her that she had left some of her clothes.

Me – Hi. You left some clothes on my sofa.

A – Did I! Show me a pic of what have I left.

Me – Umm, ok. – Snap.

A – Oh, this one. I will take it in the evening.

In the evening, I was strolling around on the terrace when I saw her coming to my apartment. She was looking gorgeous in a long spaghetti gown. We went inside, and I asked whether she was going out somewhere. She came close and hugged me, saying that what I did in the morning made her dress sexy this way.

She felt so happy with a manly touch after so long. I hugged her back, and my hands went straight down to her ass. I groped them while kissing her. I was feeling her breathing pace increasing continuously. I drew her chin up with one hand, took her juicy lips, and kissed her passionately.

I love sucking lips, and I was indeed enjoying it. To my delight, she was enjoying it too. I lifted her, made her sit on my lap on the sofa, and started kissing her passionately again. I wanted to eat her, and I pushed her down and started kissing her legs right from her toes.

In ecstasy, she clenched the pillow and bit her hand. I went up by licking her calf and then went to her inner thighs. I saw her in a sexy black panty and already saw her love juices oozing out from her clean pussy. I went close to her inner thigh, got an ice piece, and rubbed it with my mouth.

She started moaning and shaking in rhythm with my tongue. I lifted her gown and pulled her panties with my mouth. I dug my cold tongue right into her pussy, to which she clenched my hair and pushed it further harder. I love eating pussies, and I was doing it to her satisfaction.

I took one hand over her clitoris and tingled her while the other finger slid inside her pussy. I increased my sucking intensity and made it two fingers. Her moaning increased. She gushed a loud moan and crashed down the sofa, vibrating. I then went up and lifted then gown off.

The first glance of her lovely boobs made my boner all stiff. I unzipped my pant. I wanted her to give me a boob job.

At that moment, she got a call from her husband saying that he would be home in the next 10 minutes. He was bringing a friend over for dinner. She kissed me back and apologized, and rushed back. This time she left her panties behind and gave me a wink before leaving.

I will narrate how we made love and satisfied the Bengali housewife’s kinky desires in the next part. Stay tuned for more exciting stories.

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