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Call Me Mommy – Part 1 (Vidya Balan And My Mom)

After my dad left my mom for another woman, I was the sole support for my mother. I lived with her in her 2bhk flat. She was a government employee.

I helped her in every way I could. I helped her with chores and most of her needs which she conveyed to me. After all, I was in college and I was mature enough to help her move on in life and feel better about herself and her life.

I was the horny young son of the family. My mom was the only parent I had so she tried her best to parent a teenager. We slept in separate rooms and this always gave me an opportunity to watch sexy actresses and masturbate in the comfort of my bed.

I would usually strip myself naked to masturbate in my room. I would just unzip my pants and jerk off only when she was awake in the other room. I had just started watching porn and I watched it on the laptop used by me and mom.

My journey through lusting for women started from cutting out the lingerie Ads in magazines and had then reached watching item dances of actresses on YouTube when I reached college.

My mom was the one who woke me up every day. One day, I fell asleep watching “Bollywood actress fap challenge with beats” after cumming on my bedsheet. I was so tired that I forgot to clear the mess or even pull my shorts up.

I woke up the next day and was surprised to see my shorts back on and the laptop had vanished from the bed. The bedsheet had also disappeared from the bed. It was a Saturday and no wonder mom didn’t wake me up because I had no classes on Saturday. It was a holiday for both of us.

It was a bit awkward for me at the breakfast table, trying to make eye contact with my mom. She continued to eat as if nothing had happened. It was as if she forgot about the night. She asked me if I had anything to say to her. I stayed silent.

Then she asked me if I had a girlfriend. I replied to her saying that I was unlucky with women.

Time passed and it became evening. My urge to masturbate was building up. I searched for the laptop and found that mom was using it.

I retreated to my room and searched for the lingerie Ad cutouts I had kept under the mattress. To my relief, she hadn’t found out the collection of beauties in lingerie.

I was interrupted by mom when she called me and asked for my help. I adjusted the boner and went to help her. She wanted help with putting the clothes to dry on the clothesline. Luckily, the underwear I wore saved me from embarrassing myself with the boner.

Days passed. It was the time when Vidya Balan’s movie ‘Dirty Picture’ was running in the theatres. I got a copy from a friend in my pen drive. One night, I decided to watch it on the laptop and copied the file to a folder inside the laptop.

That day, my friends had introduced me to the idea of masturbating while humping a pillow. My mom called out to me and asked for the laptop. I said to her that I was watching a movie and I would return it later. She couldn’t hear me through the closed door of my room.

Before she came in, I covered my penis with the bedsheet and placed the laptop on my lap. I repeated what I said and she went out. She was looking at the foot of the bed before leaving the room.

I got up and locked my room. I was butt naked then. I found that she was looking at the shorts I removed before watching the movie. I continued watching the movie and tried humping the pillow while masturbating. It felt different.

I looped the sexy scenes and watched it at a slower speed. I humped the pillow from above and masturbated. I had an earphone on and watched sexy Vidya Balan drain my cum. I gave the laptop back to Mom. I felt the strong urge to masturbate again. The sexy scenes were playing in my head repeatedly.

After the lights went out, I whipped my dick out and humped the pillow. Maybe I fell asleep because I was exhausted. But I remember humping the pillow and moaning “Vidyaaah!”, in my sleep.

I was half awake when my mother came to my room in the morning and I remember her pulling back my shorts up and putting my soft dick inside my shorts. I felt her warm hands on my cold dick and was awake by then.

I pretended to be asleep while she searched my bed. She lifted the mattress and found the lingerie cutouts.

Mom: Aah, here they are! I was wondering where the Ads disappeared to. This boy is so hormonal. I wonder how he got that new Vidya Balan movie. Oh my god! How I am going to deal with this horny kid?

I heard her say while I pretended to be asleep. I was worried that I was in serious trouble.

While having breakfast, she turned to me and spoke.

Mom: I found that naughty movie on my laptop. And look here, I found this under your mattress.

She handed me the bra and panty Ad cutouts.

I felt ashamed. She placed her hand on my shoulder.

Mom: Talk to me if there’s something bothering you. Masturbation is normal at this age.

Days flew by. I started watching porn and was getting addicted to it. I saw a shadow at the door while I was watching porn. I was sure it was mom watching me. She would advise me against watching porn.

Us hormonal college students were getting into a wide variety of porn. A friend suggested incest porn. I couldn’t see my mom in a slutty way. She was the only family I had. But still, I was really turned on by incest porn.

Slowly, I started to notice her sexually. My young 41-year-old mom was a fucking milf. I started to realize how sexy she was. The way she exposed her cleavage and navel when she wore saree. The way she exposed her asslines while wearing the nightie after tying it at the hip and showing her anklets.

One day, she wore a black saree to a public event. I was reminded of Vidya Balan wearing the black blouse and saree, dancing her hips off in the ‘Dirty picture’ movie. That turned my switch on.

“You look beautiful!”, that was the first time I complimented mom on her looks. She blushed and smiled.

In my mind, I compared her to Vidya Balan. How did I not see how sexy and similar both my mom and Vidya Balan were? Uff!

I masturbated that night after searching “Vidya Balan black saree sexy pic” on Google. I purposely slept without closing the search on the laptop. In the morning, she came to wake me up and pulled up my shorts like usual. She was still wearing that black blouse.

Mom looked at the laptop and gasped. She closed the laptop and left. She must have become upset and she wasn’t herself for a few days. She would speak less to me.

One day, I peeked into mom’s room and found her masturbating on her bed. She had lifted her nightie to her hips, spread her thighs, pulled her panty to the side, and was rubbing her hairy pussy.

I could understand why she was masturbating. It had been a long time since she had sex. It was bothering her. The naughty thought to seduce my mom entered my head.

She spat on her fingers and rubbed her clit. “Aaahhh! Uffff!” she moaned as she climaxed.

To be continued in the next part.

I really appreciate your feedback. Please let me know if you have any stories or incidents to tell me. I would love to make your stories more steamy and publish them here only with your permission.

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