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Call Me Mommy – Part 2 (Seducing My Hot Mom)

I could understand why she was masturbating. It had been a long time since she had been satisfied. It was bothering her. The naughty thought to seduce my Milf mom entered my head.

She spat on her fingers and rubbed her hairy pussy. Her hairy pussy was so sexy. “Aaahhh! Uffff!” she moaned as she climaxed. I watched her remove her panty and wipe her squirt off her pussy.

She slid the panty up and down, wiping her pussy. She then threw it to the heap of dirty laundry in the corner. She sat up and drank water kept on her desk. She didn’t bother to grab another panty from her panty stash and wear it.

I hurried past her room fast and went inside my room. I looked down and saw the raging boner in my pants. It was rockhard. “Oh, Mommy!” I mumbled in my breath. At this point, I was confused about my feelings for my mom.

As soon as she left her room and went to the kitchen, I snuck inside her bedroom and grabbed her wet panty. It was just a normal panty and not something expensive or sexy. I sniffed it.

Oh my God! It felt like I snorted some drug. I spent a few seconds just sniffing it. I rubbed my nose on the panty. It felt so soft. I licked her pussy juice from her freshly worn panty.

I unzipped and started to stroke my cock after wrapping the panty around my dick. I cummed in no time. I shot my semen right into the panty. I struggled not to make any noise while cumming.

I dropped her wet panty on the floor, zipped my pants and went to the kitchen when she called me.

Mom: I need your help with cleaning the house. Let’s start with my room, OK?

Me: Alright.

I swept the floor. Then we grabbed a small bucket of water and a mop. She lifted her nighty to her legs. Till her thighs and tied it at the waist. The thought that she wasn’t wearing any panty made me think of making some moves.

Mom: I’ll be back. Let me put all this laundry in the washing machine.

She picked up all her clothes and carefully picked up her panty. She noticed that it was wetter than she left it to be. She raised her eyebrow and squeezed the panty. My cum oozed into her hand from her panty.

She left the room, and I saw her sniffing my cum. She stopped in the hallway and turned to look at me. I looked away and pretended to be cleaning her room. She went to put her clothes in the washing machine and came back. She continued to clean with me without telling a word.

I started to mop the wet floor. There was a dirt spot on the floor, which wouldn’t come off easily. So she came near me with her face sweaty from cleaning and sweat drops slowly moving down her neck and into her deep cleavage.

She wiped her brow and took a wet cleaning cloth. Her nighty was wet from the cleaning, and it stuck close to her curvy body. I stood there enjoying her all for myself. She was down on her knees and scrubbing the spot.

The nighty lifted and tied on her hips exposed her thighs and curves. Her ass was partially out in the open. She was on all four. Her body shook when she scrubbed the floor. Her nighty moved up and up with each scrub exposing her whole ass.

Her ass and thighs jiggled. Her asshole and pussy were visible from behind because she arched her back and split her knees wide for cleaning the spot. I imagined myself and my sexy mom in a doggy position. My dick was getting hard for another round of ejaculation.

Mom: What are you waiting for? Come here and help me, my boy!

I was woken from my fantasy and knelt on the floor facing her. I scrubbed the floor and looked at her tits. It was shaking like two oranges ready to be plucked and eaten. That position gave me the advantage to see her side boob and cleavage.

I saw my queen up close and in her full beauty. She stopped scrubbing when she noticed me staring at her tits. She covered her cleavage and stood up. She stared at me. I was partially ashamed but continued to scrub, and eventually, the dirt came off. I stood up and looked at her.

Mom: Now you go clean your room. I’ll clean the kitchen.

Later, we finished cleaning our home. I was turned on after this incident.

One day I got a virtual reality headset from a friend and decided to watch some Milf porn in it. I rushed back from college when mom said she would be late. I started to watch some VR porn after stripping myself naked. I took some oil in my hands to stroke my cock.

The pornstar wore such sexy lingerie. The VR experience felt so real. I wished that my mom would start wearing such sexy panties and pantyhose. I used a pillow to do whatever I was doing to the girl in the porn. It was all a POV experience.

I was so immersed in the VR porn that I didn’t notice mom entering the house. As soon as I cummed I heard a gasp in the room. I removed the headset and saw my mom rushing out of my room. I thought it would not be a good idea to go after her then.

I broke the ice with her at the dinner table and talked to her. I cracked jokes and talked without mentioning anything about the previous incident. I remembered that my mom had no sexy lingerie in her wardrobe. I thought about going shopping for her.

After all, she hadn’t gone shopping in a while. I even rearranged her panty stash. I kept her very old ones above her recent panties. I made it seem at first glance that she was out of fresh panties. We both decided to go out shopping on Friday evening.

On Friday morning, I was woken up by mom as usual. But this time, I had morning wood. My boxers were loose, and my dick was poking out. She was lost for a moment staring at the dick that was out of my boxers. She slightly grabbed it and pushed the foreskin of my cock.

When my cock felt her touch, it woke up in its full energy. Now she had both my dick and balls out of my boxers in her palms. She stroked through my pubic hair. Mom bit her lip and knelt on the bed beside me. She held my hard cock in her hand from different angles.

It was as if she was measuring it somehow. She was seeing my dick hard for the first time. She put my dick back in and woke me up. She didn’t know I was awake before she came in and that I was pretending to be asleep all along.

I woke up with fake drowsiness and kissed her cheek. She was slightly taken aback. But she hugged me. I hugged her and held her ass softly. She didn’t seem to mind it.

I came back from college early to leave for shopping. We went there and went to her section first. I led her to the section with many modern outfits.

Me: Mom, you need to level up. I’ll help you na.

To be continued in the next part of a young son’s lust for his mom.

I appreciate your feedback. Please let me know if you have any stories or incidents to tell me. I would love to make your stories more steamy and publish them here only with your permission.

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