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Call Me Mommy – Part 3

HarDick69 is back, guys.

I came back from college early to leave for shopping. We went there and went to the ladies’ section first. I led her to the section with many modern outfits.

Me: Mom, you need to level up. I’ll help you na.

I knew she looked sexy in all outfits. First, I chose a semi-transparent black saree to contrast her skin colour. The salesgirl assisting us must have assumed that I was either mom’s husband or boyfriend from how I was taking control of mom’s shopping.

Salesgirl said that mom would look great in that saree. Salesgirl’s reassurance made mom confident. I could see a sweet smile growing across her face. I then chose a glossy blue pencil skirt and a crop top. Mom raised an eyebrow and was doubtful that my selection was too bold for her.

I gave it to the salesgirl and told mom that we could try it out at the end. Next, I got mom a couple of leggings and jeans. Mom was pretty new to these skin fit dresses.

I had to buy some briefs for myself, so we went to the men’s section. But I was confused whether I would be comfortable in 85 or 90, so I took a pair of both along. I grabbed a pair of blue jeans too.

Me: Is there anything else, mom?

Mom: Yeah.

She turned and asked the salesgirl: Can you take us to the inners’ section?

I followed the salesgirl. I held mom’s hand and led her to the lingerie section.
I had done my research the previous night. I shuffled through her lingerie stash. I was aware of her size by then. I even found a pair of a bright red thong and a black laced panty which seemed to be unused for years.

I found them at the bottom of her panty stash. The image of my mom in those panties flashed in my mind. Sex scenes of Vidya Balan in the ‘Dirty Picture’ movie played in my head. But instead of the actress, I could imagine my sexy mum.

Salesgirl’s hand was full of the selected dresses. There was a trial room next to the lingerie section, and it was vacant.

Salesgirl: You want to try everything out except for the saree, right?

I nodded. Mom looked at me. Salesgirl went and put the dresses inside the trial room and came out.

We stood opposite the mannequins in sexy lingerie and babydolls.

Salesgirl: Can you tell me the size, madam?

Before mom could reply, I blurted out: 34D for the brassiere and 94cm for the panty.

I froze when mom turned her head quickly to me and looked me in the eye. She looked away.

Salesgirl: Normal ones or…?

Me: Show me the padded ones.

I chose red and light pink padded bras with lacing. Mom must’ve become shy and blushed after seeing me taking control like her partner.

Mom: I’ll go ahead and try out the dresses.

She went to the trial room. I could hear her undressing. Salesgirl looked at me with a face wondering, ‘What next, sir?’

Me: Mm. Get two laced panties and a thong. Do you have Babydolls?

Salesgirl was amazed at me asking this stuff so casually. Luckily there were no other people in the lingerie section, so I was unapologetically brave about it. When the salesgirl turned to check the rack, I said, ” Look for a size a little smaller than 94, if you know what I mean.”

Salesgirl smiled. She knew it was to make the fit correct and slightly tight to make it sexier.

Me: Yeah, about the Babydolls. Select the ones which are mostly expensive, laced and conveniently transparent.

Salesgirl bit her lip and blushed.

Salesgirl: Conveniently transparent, eh?

Salesgirl smiled, tilted her head and brought her hair to her right shoulder. Her left shoulder was exposed, and her sleeveless blouse and light purple bra strap tempted me. She licked her lips when she found my eyes on her bare shoulder.

Salesgirl: Sir, she would look amazing in this Babydoll.

It was the same shade of purple as her bra strap.

Me: Now I’m sure it would be.

Salesgirl laughed. Oh my god, was she flirting with me?

Salesgirl: The store policy doesn’t allow trying out the lingerie.

She said after giving me all the chosen lingerie.

Salesgirl: Unless you will surely buy it.

Me: In that case, don’t worry about it.

I went to the trial room and knocked.

Me: It’s me. Do you need any help? I’ve got some clothes here.

Mom: More clothes? You’re going to make me bankrupt. Anyway, I was about to call you. Come in. I need help.

I went in and locked the door behind me. I kept the lingerie near the heap of selected clothes. She was trying out the pencil skirt, and the zipper was stuck. Mom bent and made the skirt tight with her ass pushing out hard.

Me: Mom, that’s not the way to do it. Bring your legs closer and stand up straight. I’ll remove it for you.

I felt her bareback when I held her from her back. That’s when I noticed that she was in the peach-coloured bra she wears usually. She had already removed the crop top. Mom shuddered when I touched her back.

The air-conditioned shop had made my hand cold. I slowly unzipped the skirt. She now stood in her lingerie set. Mom had turned her back and was facing the mirror. She could see me staring at her body.

Mom: I already tried out the leggings and jeans. They seem to fit too close to the skin.

Me: Yeah, Mumma! That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Mom then folded the skirt and reached near the clothes. There lay the lingerie I chose for her. She was dumbstruck. She felt the cups on the bra and laces on the panties.

Me: You can try it out, mum! I believe it fits you. So there is no problem with the store policy.

Mom then looked at the set of light purple Babydoll and looked at me.

Me: Mom, this is the modern version of the nightie worn before sleep. I am sure that my choice will never make you look less hot.

She looked overwhelmed, and when she heard me say ‘hot’, she felt shy.

Mom: Are you sure I should try them out in front of you?

I had to reassure her. The pair of briefs I chose lay next to her dress. I took it up.

Me: Look, mom. I have to try out whether 85 or 90 fits me. I want to know your opinion.

Before she could say no, I was stripping down my clothes and was in my underwear.

My ‘Jockey’ underwear and her ‘Vanessa’ lingerie complimented each other with her sexy bust with the hard nipples, huge ass and the poking bulge inside my underwear.

Me: Don’t worry, Mom. I won’t look.

She turned and changed. She was completely nude. Now she covered her nipples and hairy pussy. Mom tried out all the lingerie. She was sexier than ever.

She looked so hot, like a fucking model with the panty fitting correctly to her pussy. I could see the panty moving slightly into the pussy lips, giving her complete shape. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she wore the Babydoll.

Mom: How do I look?

She knew she looked great. I stood drooling all the time.

Me: Mom, you look so sexy. Don’t misunderstand me.

Mom laughed. Mom dressed back to her clothes and was happy with her purchase.

Mom: Now, let’s check whether your brief fits correctly or not.

I tried out the tighter one first.

Me: I don’t think this is the one.

I pretended to push down hard on the underwear elastic.

Mom: I’ll help you with this.

She knelt and pulled down. As soon as the underwear came off, my dick launched into the air and swung left to right. Mom’s mouth was wide open, and her breath became faster. Her fast breaths fell on my dick.

After feeling mom’s breath, my dick erected further, slowly but steadily. The foreskin opened and was stretched fully. Mom swallowed the saliva formed from her drooling.

Mom: Boy, you need to trim your bush.

Me: So do you, mom.

Mom gasped and smiled.

Mom was on her knees. She playfully slapped my thigh. Her hands rubbed on my dick and stopped slipping on my thigh after that. She looked into my eyes. I could imagine her blowing me. My fully erect cock couldn’t bear with this tension. Precum slowly oozed from my cock.

Now, mom had split her knees wide on the floor and was sitting on her ass. She took her hands back. She was sweating.

Mom: Try out the last one da.

I adjusted my hard dick and balls right in front of her and wore it comfortably except for the bulge.

Me: Mom, this one’s fine. Let’s go?

Mom was slowly and softly sucking till the half of her middle finger when I was trying out the last one. She pulled it out fast and gave me her hand. I held her hand and pulled her up from the floor.
I dressed up, and we left the trial room. The salesgirl was tending to another customer. She excused herself, took the clothes off our hands and went along with us to the counter.

She looked at me, smiled a naughty smile, and maintained that grin until we reached the billing section. Behind mom’s back, she slipped me a paper and whispered in my ear: When you feel like cheating on your wife, call me.

We reached back home.

Mom: I’m going to order a grooming kit for your pubes. You should keep it tidy.

Me: You too, Mommy!

She smiled and went to her room to undress and rest. But this time, she didn’t bolt the door from inside. I chose to rush to the shower, where her worn panty from yesterday was kept all crumpled up with her camisole. I turned on the shower, sniffed it, kissed it, and licked it.

I finally wrapped it around my dick and masturbated. I used shampoo as a lube, and it was the ‘head and shoulders mint freshness’. The soft burning sensation made my experience intense. While masturbating in the shower, I had an idea.

I could tease her by gifting her a vibrator, keeping the remote with myself, and playing with it whenever I find her masturbating.

To be continued in the next part of my story.

I appreciate your feedback about the story. Please let me know if you have any stories or incidents to tell me. I would love to make your stories more steamy and publish them here only with your permission.

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