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Call Me Mommy – Part 4 (Sex toys gifts for Mommy)

Hi there! It’s me, HarDick69. Without spoiling any fun, here’s the next part.
Mommy’s birthday was approaching fast. I had something in mind for her gift.

Even though sex toys are banned in India, they are available with discreet delivery services on Myntra and Snapdeal. For Mom, I chose a medium-sized silver butt plug with a heart-shaped handle. It had a shiny red gem embedded on the outside.

I remembered seeing her sweet butt hole while she was cleaning the floor. I drooled, imagining my mom’s ass gaping wide open after she repeatedly teases her butthole with the buttplug.

My next choice was quite expensive. To be honest I had to spend all my saved pocket money for this. It was an app-controlled vibrator. To describe this vibrator, it was pink and not as long as my dick but had more girth for sure.

The paired phone would be notified when the vibrator is turned on and the speed could be controlled remotely. This purchase was planned to tease her.
After the purchase arrived, I removed all the packing and placed just the two toys into the gift box filled with fake marshmallows.

I don’t remember celebrating her birthday anytime within the last 5 years. So I had to make it special. Mom’s birthday was just a week away. I wanted to make the path between Mommy and me clearer within the week so that the gifts won’t feel weird.

I was woken up on Saturday morning, and mom seemed to be dressed up ready for exercising. She was in the sexy leggings I bought her. She seemed to have bought something new too. She wore a cute sports bra with the zipper right between her tits.

I joined her after freshening up and commented, “Momma, you bought this?” After pointing at her grey sports bra. Mom nodded.

Mom: After shopping with you, I knew exactly what to buy.

She giggled and pinched my arm playfully.

Mom: I have decided to start doing yoga and some stretching. And I would love to have you help me.

Me: But Mommy! That means I would have to wake up early.

I groaned.

Mom: Please, baby!

I raised my eyebrows after hearing her call me baby.

Mom: You’re my only baby boy.

And she came closer and hugged me. Her tits pressed against my face. Since the sports bra was just soft cotton, I felt my mom’s tender tits and nipples. Her left nipple grazed on the tip of my nose.

Me: Mmff!

I couldn’t speak. My voice was muffled under her breasts. She stepped back. I agreed to do it with her. She kissed my cheek after hugging me. My hands were on her waist just above her ass, and she didn’t seem to mind it.

My mom was in a great mood that week. Intense yoga and stretching exercises began the next day. She would wake me up with that hot outfit and get me ready too.

We started with usual yoga poses and some basic stretching. After each stretch, mom’s clothes shrunk deep into her ass and tighter to her boobs. We then started making side lunges. I had to support her from the back because she wasn’t used to it.

I supported her by holding her waist. I was so close to her body, and my breath was falling right on her sweaty back. After doing it for a few reps, she couldn’t do it without full support. I persuaded her to continue the reps till the set finished and supported her by holding onto her thighs.

My dick was hard but was kept composed by my underwear. My Mommy was soaked in sweat by now. Her nipples were clear through her cotton sports bra. Even her leggings were getting sweaty. After seeing her sweaty crotch through her leggings, I made a vague guess that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Even her pussy shape was formed as sweat on her tight leggings. She pulled her leggings up and made the shape of her ass completely defined. She looked like a Pixar mommy with her ass and thighs. Pixar mommies are the MILFS in Pixar animated movies.

Next, we proceeded to do sit-ups. I had to support her from behind after a couple of reps. I moved with her, up and down, giving her support from behind. Whenever she struggled, I moved closer to her body so she could lean on me.

At some point, after a few minutes, we both were glued together and doing the sit-ups like a couple.

Mom: Something’s poking my butt. Is that your…?

I was startled and moved away. She was leaning on me, so she fell onto me. She grabbed my hand, and her other hand grabbed my shorts while falling. She fell on her ass after practically removing my shorts and exposing my boner. My boner poked out through the side of my underwear and was visible to her.

Mom looked up and saw the head of my dick poking out of my underwear. I pulled up my shorts and helped her up. As soon as she stepped her foot back up, Mommy groaned softly in pain. I knew her pain was more intense than she expressed because of her loving and sweet nature.

That’s what my Mommy is like.

She had a cramp on her hamstring muscle. After all, the hamstring and glutes were the muscles we focused on mainly. I put her hand over my shoulder and helped her stand up.

Mom: Help me to the bathroom, da. I need to fresh up.

I helped her to the shower, and she stood in the shower holding onto the bathroom wall. She looked at me. Yeah, she was asking me to move out without saying it. She closed the door after I moved outside, and she handed me her leggings and sports bra she wore.

Me: I’ll get you something comfortable to wear. Mom, I’ll grab the oil, and I’ll massage it on wherever the pain is.

Mom smiled through her pain and closed the door to shower. Even though I had her sweaty bra and leggings with me, I couldn’t and didn’t feel like doing anything with it. I didn’t lick the sweat and masturbate in it. But I couldn’t resist sniffing the crotch area of Mommy’s leggings.

Hmmm! Aaahh! Intoxicating! I kissed the part where my mom’s pussy was for the last hour. I proceeded to her bedroom and opened her wardrobe. The sexy light purple babydoll we bought from the store was on the hangar unused. I grabbed it and waited outside the bathroom.

I knocked on the door and handed over the baby doll.

Mom: Do you think it’s the right outfit for this time?

Me: I wouldn’t want your clothes getting stained by the medicinal oil. Is the pain on the thighs, mom? Yeah, so this babydoll will be comfortable while massaging the pain away.

Mom stepped out after wearing it and started walking to the bedroom.

Me: Do you want me to carry you, mom?

Mom smiled and said: Are you sure you can do that?

Me: Mom! Don’t insult my efforts working at the Gym.

I joked.

Mom: So then, what are you waiting for?

I lifted her in my arms slowly. It was hard. But the hormonal rush gave me more strength. I took her to the bed. She sighed as soon as she lay on the soft mattress. I applied oil on her legs and started massaging.

From her toes, working my way up to just till her thighs, mom’s expressions made it clear. She was relaxed. I applied oil on her thighs and massaged for a while.

Mom: A little bit higher, da.

I obeyed mom and moved my passionate massage up. Mom pulled up the panty she wore so it wouldn’t get wet. Now I massaged her inner thighs and stroked my fingers closer to her pussy. When I looked at her face, she bit her lip whenever my fingers got closer to her pussy.

Me: How are you feeling, Mom?

Mom: It feels so good.

Every time my fingers reached near her pussy, Mommy would breathe heavily. Suddenly she moaned, “ Stop teasing me and lick my wet pussy, da.” She quickly stopped her sexy talk and looked at me. I was sitting next to her on her bed and was dumbstruck.

Mom was ashamed of what she said by mistake. We were silent for a while. Then mom spoke.

Mom: Out of all people in the world, you know how to be horny, na? I’m sorry.

I had to stop her from saying more and making this more complicated.

Me: You don’t have to apologize for anything. I should thank you for being the best mom ever. Don’t be embarrassed, Mommy! You’ve been there for me always. I will be there for you too. I will do anything you want. I love you, Mommy.

When I said Mommy, I made sure it sounded flirtatious and kinky. I hugged her. I kissed her cheek right next to her lips.

Me: Should I let you rest?

Mom: I feel a lot better now. I love you too, baby boy. I don’t feel like making lunch or dinner today.

Me: Don’t worry about that. You’ve got the finest chef right here. Haha!

That day was the gateway to all my fun with my sweet Mommy. I added something else to her gift hamper. Amazon sells sexy thongs with ‘Best mommy ever’ printed right where the pussy and the asshole are covered. ‘From your baby boy’ was printed on the asshole. I got her black and white thongs.

The day of her birthday arrived. I went home at noon and got my home ready for a surprise. Her cake, sweets, wine and naughty gifts were waiting for her, my Mommy. When mom got inside, the party popper burst, and she stood there in surprise.

I sang her happy birthday, and we cut the cake and shared a few bites. Then I took some pastry and applied it to both of her cheeks. She was so happy.

Mom: Not Fair!

I kissed her cheek where the pastry was applied. I parted my lips when I kissed, and I licked the pastry. Mom froze. I went close to her ears and said, “ Happy Birthday, Mommy!” and gave her my gift.

Mom: What’s in it, da?

Me: For your personal use, ma.

Mom: Aha. Please call me Mommy and nothing else. I like hearing you say it. Alright? Call me ‘Mommy.’

Me: Alright, Mommy!

We drank wine and chatted. We chatted a lot. She was boozy and started subtly flirting with me. She sat on my lap and kissed my cheek. She slowly ground her ass on my dick. “I’m just sitting comfortably,” she joked.

Mom bit my earlobe and said, “Thank you for being the best son, baby.” I responded with what she wanted, “You’re the best mommy!” with the ‘mommy’ sounding flirtatious. I wrapped my hands around her tummy and kissed the back blouse of her saree. She laughed.

Mom: How do I look tonight, da?

Me: Sexy as always, Mommy!

Mom: Sexy? Sexy like that actress Vidya Balan?

Me: Mom?

Mom: Don’t worry. I saw your search history that night. I wore that saree. Do you think that I’m sexy like that?

Me: Yeah, Mommy, without a doubt.

We both were clearly drunk. Mom fell asleep on the couch with her head on my lap. I kissed her cheek again. I didn’t want to kiss her lips when she was asleep. I want it to be lively with all the tongue play.

I took her to the bed and placed the gift box on her nightstand. I was woken up the next day by mom with her holding the gift box in her hands. She was still in her office dress from the previous night.

To be continued in the next part.

I appreciate your feedback. Please let me know if you have any stories or incidents to tell me. I would love to make your stories more steamy and publish them here only with your permission. You can also read my other stories here.

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