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Call Me Mommy – Part 8 (Wedding Sex-spot)

Hey guys! HarDick69 is back with the incest series he’s been writing. All of my stories are based on real people and situations. Get in touch with me for more information. Thank you guys for your constant support via hangouts/google chat.

Grab your lubed cocks, and girls, find something thick and long to please yourselves. Let’s continue.

It was a very grand wedding. Groom’s place was in another district, so we all travelled there. A lot of mom’s colleagues and a few mutual relatives were also present. Mom’s hot attire made a lot of heads turn and jaws drop.

We met the bride. She was a lovely lady in her early 30s. She reminded me of the Instagram model Sofia Ansari. The bride’s jiggly assets made me wanna drool in public. She had a perfectly toned athletic yet sexy body.

My cock was confused about whether to stay loyal to the piece of heaven next to me or the bride bitch. Mom caught me checking her out. Mommy nudged me with her shoulder.

Mom: Woah! Woah! Stop it! She will get pregnant if you drool over her like that.

She said, leaning on my shoulder.

Mom’s colleagues even wondered if she had remarried after seeing us together. Some mutual relatives were jealous of her being happy and clearly in her prime sexy form. Mom rocked in her sexy pink saree with her sleeveless V-cut blouse.

Her breasts fit her blouse’s cleavage perfectly, mainly from my sucking and fucking. Milfs are perfect in their early 40s and late 30s. Their body is so juicy and their pussy so thirsty. Oh, momma, I love you!

After the marriage, we took photos of the bride and groom.

Bride: Yar, it’s my wedding. Not yours. Haha! By the way, you look so gorgeous.

Mommy: Oh! Thanks, da!

Groom: So you guys are together?

Bride corrected him about our “real relationship”. Groom was embarrassed.

Mommy: Ey! Don’t feel embarrassed. We get that a lot, na?

Mommy and I shared a laugh.

During the after-party in the evening, I ran into an old classmate of mine. My classmate was a ‘she’ and a former high school sweetheart of mine. We spent a lot of time catching up with each other.

Mom was with her friends and occasionally checked us out from the corner of her eye. Mom must have noticed my friend’s sexy attire. Mom came into our conversation.

Mom: So when are you going to introduce your friend to me?

Mom asked me.

Me: Mommy, this is Miti, an old friend of mine.

Miti: First of all, Mommy? Aunty, I thought you were his girlfriend or someone. Secondly, friend? So that’s what it was then.

Mom was not happy with Miti calling her “Aunty”. Miti was acting up too for calling her just a friend.

Me: I mean –

Miti: I’m just messing with you. Aunty, we will be back after a couple of drinks.

Miti dragged me to the counter, where the bartender was handing out drinks. I got ourselves two shots and continued to chat with her. Miti wore a party dress and probably had laced lingerie holding her young assets.

I noticed her changes and her dick-rising makeover from a cute high school girl to a full-blown ‘Instagram body.’ Now she was all mature and hot. She was a certified nine out of ten with her toned thighs. Her one-piece party outfit exposed them, which extended only to cover her mid-thighs.

Her dress was loose-fitting, making me curious about her figure. We loosened from our formality after a couple of shots and began chatting more stuff. We started with politics and reached a point where we were talking about people’s moralities and sexual preferences.

Miti: What’s your sexuality, da?

Me: I’m as straight as the beast inside my pants.

She was awestruck with her mouth open with an oh my god expression. She burst into a laughing fit. She composed herself after noticing the stares of the people in her direction.

She moved her barstool closer to mine, and our knees felt each other. She adjusted again and looked at me with a smile leaking with the fun of her wholesome laugh.

Me: Now that I have made myself clear, why don’t you tell me –

Miti: I still haven’t figured it out, actually. How can I figure it out if I haven’t even done it once?

She cracked a joke on herself in a sarcastic, low tone. My eyebrows raised, and she nodded with a straight face.

Me: I wouldn’t believe that.

Miti seemed a bit annoyed: Ha! Don’t believe me then.

Me: Hey! Hey! I believe you have reasons for it. You don’t want to be with some jackass your first time, right? But Miti, you have this air of beauty and class around you that compels me to believe otherwise.

Miti laughed: What was that? Air of grandeur and walk in the park? Doth Mother know you weareth her drapes?

She laughed and held my wrist.

Miti said as I smiled: Yeah! You could say something like that.

We chatted more.

Miti: So what’s your type?

I stumbled to answer, and she interrupted my “Hmmm..” with, “Oh! I know your type. You like older women. Haha!”

She began laughing. She stopped laughing when she saw that I wasn’t laughing with her. I winked.

Miti: Seriously? Are you a Milf guy?

Me: Yeah! You could say something like that. Haha!

Miti: Don’t get me wrong, but if I were you, I wouldn’t look further. Your mom is hot.

Me: But Miti, it’s my mom na! It is incest.

I said in a low tone.

Miti: Hey, wake up, dude. We are living in 2022. Two consenting adults shouldn’t be restricted by any societal bullshit.

Me: So you wouldn’t mind if you saw my mom and me doing the… ehmm?

Miti: Wow! I thought you may not like it but do you have a thing for your mom?

Me: Yeah! You could say something like that. Hehe!

It was getting late, and the party was winding up. Fewer people remained in the hall. The newly wedded couple was most likely having a good time. People left one after the other to their rooms. I could see mom wasn’t alone. Some men were trying to chat her up.

Miti: I think I should get back to my family. They have the keys to my room too. So, yeah, see you later.

Me: See you SOON!

We exchanged numbers and embraced in a hug before we left.

After Miti left to find her family, I took two glasses of wine from the counter and walked toward my mom. Her male colleagues left when I interrupted them with my presence.

Mom, after taking a glass from my hand: What took you so long? I have been waiting for you. And why were you with that girl? You both were talking for a long time.

Mom was kind of jealous of Miti and annoyed at me.

Me: Mom, We were just catching up with each other. And I’m sorry for ignoring you for the last few hours.

Mom drank the wine in a single gulp and said: We had a chance to have some fun between the parties. You were with that Miti girl. I found an empty storage room next to this hall. I was planning to tell you about this, but you were never there with me.

As soon as she finished saying, my cock sprang up inside my trunks. My Junior was thinking, “What if….”. My mouth watered.

Mom: Here’s the key to our room. Wait here. I have to use the washroom. I’ll be back.

I was disheartened thinking about the lost opportunity. Looking at mom’s swaying ass moving to the washroom, my beast boy in the pants twitched.

The hall was empty except for the employees cleaning up. I slowly walked, stalking mom’s trail. Men’s and Women’s washrooms were on opposite ends of the hall. I followed mom to the washroom door. I turned back and looked at the hotel staff. They were busy with their work.

So I went into an empty washroom and waited outside mom’s bathroom stall till she finished peeing. Mom came out and was startled after seeing me in the women’s washroom. I slowly started to strip myself. I did it in a sensual strip tease way. I unbuckled my belt and whipped the belt out.

Then I unzipped my pants and unbuttoned my shirt. I winked at mommy. Mom was getting along with my flow and slowly started stripping too. Breathing heavily with her breasts popping up and down and doing all the crazy expressions like Vidya Balan in the song “Ooh la la la.” She arched her back.

Me: So you did some homework, huh?

Mom: Giraakar apna pallu baar baar…

(lyrics of the song which translates to making her pallu fall repeatedly)

Mom dropped her pallu, exposing her sleeveless blouse with the V cut for her cleavage.

I took it off the dirty floor and tugged it. Mom unravelled her saree turning around slowly and moving towards me. The scene from the song Ooh La La flashed in my mind.

Her saree was in my hands. She stood there with her pink petticoat and sexy blouse.

Suddenly I heard footsteps approaching the washroom door.

I grabbed my belt from the floor and mom’s saree and returned to the same bathroom stall mom came out from. It was a modern washroom, so there were no roofs for the individual bathroom stall. But the walls were tall enough not to expose us.

I turned the tap on. Somebody occupied the washroom next to ours and coughed a little. Mom identified that it was another one of her colleagues. I put the belt back into my pants. Mom thought we wouldn’t do it, so she took her saree from my hand.

But I pulled it back from her and put it on the metal towel bar inside the bathroom. Mom returned to her slutty self. She teased me in my vulnerable situation. I had to stay quiet. Mom kissed her finger and then placed it on my blue trunks, holding back my hard cock.

Mommy turned around and pretended to struggle with removing the blouse. I helped her as quietly as possible. Mom then lifted her hands, unfolding her sweaty armpit and removed her blouse. Mom turned and arched her back before grinding on my hard cock.

I kissed her back and unhooked her bra. Mom sighed when the bra was removed.

The woman in the next bathroom identified my mom and said: Is that you?

Mom: Yeah! I’m okay. I’m just taking a break.

Woman: Oh! I’ll be gone then.

The woman left after her business, and we broke into a frenzy as soon as the main washroom door was shut. Mom turned around and sat on my lap. We locked lips. I slowly proceeded to kiss her neck, shoulders and finally, her breasts.

I flicked my tongue on her nipple and sucked on them, one after the other. Mom gasped and breathed heavily. I pulled my pants down a bit and brought my cock out. Mom had her petticoat and panty left on her body.

Mom stood up and turned around, showing me her full figure before dropping her petticoat and panty on the floor. She hopped onto my hard dick and started riding it like an experienced, confident bitch. We maintained eye contact and kissed each other.

The main door of the washroom was flung open suddenly, and someone rushed into the stall next to ours. We were scared, but mom continued to ride like a queen. Mommy covered my mouth and subsided my moans. I fucked my mommy with long and slow strokes of my cock.

During a couple of the strokes, the buckle of my belt jiggled and made a noise. The noise was accompanied by huff and puff timed exactly at the time when my cock hit the deepest in mom’s pussy.

The voice from the other side coughed: Excuse me! Are you okay in there?

It was Miti!

Mom: Yes! Yes! I! Am! Oh! Kay!

Mom’s words matched our rhythm.

Miti must have had a ‘what the fuck’ moment.

Miti: Oh! Okay! Then I’ll leave you to it.

She flushed and left.

I whispered as soon as Miti left: Mom! It was that girl you were talking about.

Mom: Oh really? Then she should have stayed and discovered that you were fucking me.

Mom giggled. The thought of Miti finding me and my mom made me go wild and pumped my mom faster and deeper.

Mom: Aah! You motherfucker!

Mom’s hair dropped from her hair bun. I pulled her hair, grabbed it tight, and sucked her nipples, nibbling them all at once.

Mom: Aah! You sick bastard! You love fucking your mom, right honey? You love making your mom’s pussy wet, don’t you? Don’t you dare stop pounding my fleshy pussy.

Me: I love this baby girl! I love it when you talk dirty to me.

I stood up and lifted mom in my hands, holding her asscheeks without stopping our fucking. Mom held onto the metal towel bar where her saree was kept.

Now I removed my cock and lifted mom to my shoulders. Mom had no idea what was happening but supported her weight on the towel bar.

Mom’s pussy was in my mouth with her legs wrapped around my neck. I gripped the bathroom wall for support and spanked mom’s ass with the other hand.

Mom: Oh, Honey! Aahh! I feel like I’m on top of the world. I’m your slut. Aah! I would do anything for you, my baby boy! Ohhh!

Due to the weight and force, the towel bar broke off. It spoiled the fun. It was very late, so we decided to return to our room. We dressed up and left.

I looked at my phone. It had been on the silent mode the whole time. There were three missed calls from Miti.

Mom went to the shower.

I called Miti. She was looking for some company as she was bored and not sleepy.

Mom called from the shower: Are you going to continue from where we stopped? I’m waiting…

I could take care of my mom’s pussy and Miti’s boredom. I just knew exactly what to do.

To be continued in the next part

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