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Call Me Mommy – Part 9 (Miti walks in)

Hey guys! HarDick69 is back with the incest series he’s been writing. All of my stories are based on real people and situations. Grab your lubed cocks, and girls, find something thick and long to please yourselves. Let’s continue.

I stripped myself while texting Miti with the other hand. I walked to the door of our room in my black trunks and unbolted the door. While walking back, I texted Miti: Bored. Huh? Come to my room. There’s something that might interest you. And make sure you are by yourself.

Miti: I’m by myself, dummy! I’m sensing something fishy since you asked me to come alone. But I don’t know your room number.

I texted her the room number and walked to the shower. Mom was lathering her juicy breasts with shower gel and rubbing them against each other, slipping and sliding like tasty plump pomegranates.

I dropped my trunks down my legs and left the phone beside the bathroom door. I grabbed mom’s moisturiser from her suitcase. I squirted a little bit and applied it along the shaft and the head of my cock.

This was an expensive hotel. So the bathroom had a handheld shower and shower panel with 4 jet outlets from the wall directly hitting the body with the warm water. Mom was now familiar with the knobs and adjusted the water from the jets just to hit her pussy and boobs.

Mommy took the handheld shower and washed the soap off her body. She cleaned her pussy with it. I entered the shower, kissed her back and increased the pressure of the handheld shower. Mom’s hips arched back quickly when the water flow became more focused than scattered.

I grabbed mom’s hands from behind and held them with one hand while teasing mom’s pussy with the shower head using my right arm. I took the handheld shower from her hand and brought it closer to mom’s pussy. It would be a shame not to know mom’s g spot. I teased her clit with the showerhead.

Mom’s breaths became faster and louder. Then I heard my phone vibrate. It must be Miti. I turned the pressure to the maximum and ground my cock in and out of mom’s thigh gap, hitting mom’s pussy lips. Mom let out a long moan.

“Aah! Baby!”

We heard a faint gasp outside the bathroom. It was Miti.

Mom: What was that noise, baby boy?

I pulled mom’s hands harder, making her back arch. I moved my grip from her hands to her biceps. Mom’s chest popped out as I pulled her arms and fucked her thigh gap. Mom’s moisturiser helped well as a lube. Mom’s thigh gap, or the ‘Toblerone tunnel’, wasn’t wide as a young girl would be.

My mom’s plump juicy ass was exactly like Mia Malkova’s, and her thighs were thick enough to smash a watermelon in between. But it was fun, thanks to mom’s moisturiser.

Me: What? I didn’t hear anything. It’s just us here, mommy.

I slowly turned my head and looked at the bathroom door. I saw Miti’s curious and awestruck eyes peeping at my mom and me. I winked at Miti. Mom couldn’t see her as she was turned the other way. Miti moved her head and shoulders from hiding, and her lips: What the fuck, dude?

I spoke back like she did, moving my lips and not making any sound: Did you lock the door?

Miti: Are you mad, yaar? No, I didn’t.

I winked again then I turned to my mom. I stopped teasing her with the showerhead and held it with just two fingers and my thumb while I focused my index and middle finger to spread my naughty mom’s pussy. When the jet of water hit mom’s inner pussy, mom let out gasps of pleasure.

“Oh baby! Yes! Hmmm! Ahan! Stop fucking teasing me and fuck me like you were doing me in the ladies washroom.”

Miti was astonished and understood who she heard moaning in the ladies’ washroom. Miti couldn’t see that it was my mom as my mom was turned the other way. Miti moved her lips: Was that you?

I nodded.

Me: Yeah, mom? You like that? You love this, don’t you?

Miti’s eyes widened when she realised I was fucking my sexy mom. I raised my eyebrow and smiled, indicating, “How’s that, bitch?”

Miti covered her mouth in wonder. She moved her lips: Wow! Her mind was blown away by a hurricane after knowing it all at once. Miti must have gotten naughty thoughts after our encounter in the ladies washroom and now in our shower. Miti spoke nothing.

We locked eyes. She kept staring at me and my body. She closely and slowly observed everything. Her playful expression slowly faded away when she absorbed the whole scene.

I let go of my grip around mom’s arms, spanked mom’s left asscheek, and looked at Miti. Miti’s lips spoke: Ooof!

Mom: I kind of like that. Could you please do it again? Harder?

Me: Yes, baby!

I spank again and again. My mom’s jiggly juicy asscheeks got red. I took my dick out of her thigh gap and flashed it at Miti. Miti’s face had a singular expression like she was watching porn.

Mom: Wait! Grab my moisturiser from my suitcase. I want to try something out.

I left the shower dripping wet. Miti stood outside the door to greet me. She looked at my whole body and admired my cock. After taking the moisturiser, I smiled playfully, just like she did and winked at her. Then I twitched my cock up twice.

Miti touched my shoulder, and I stopped.

She whispered in my ears: How did you do that? You didn’t even touch it, but it moved wild.

I winked at her. Miti got close to my body. We stood staring at each other for a moment. Her fingers involuntarily traced down my abs.

Me: Miti, I –

Mom yelled from the shower: What’s taking so long? Get in here, baby boy!

Me: Coming, Mumma!

I squirted some moisturiser, smeared it on Miti’s fingers, then held her hips, traced down to her dress, and lifted it. Miti wore a sexy black thong that matched her party dress.

I whispered in her ear: Wow, Miti!

She was red with embarrassment and bit her lip. I pushed her thong strap down and applied the remaining cream on her short curly bush above her pussy. Miti was too slow to process what was going on around her. She tried to stop me, but she didn’t use much force. But I couldn’t get on with Miti right now.

I returned to the shower, and my mom tied her wet hair in a bun. She turned and bent over. I spanked her ass again, and then mom applied the cream between her ass cheeks and asked me to stuff my cock in between like a hot dog. Mom gave me a thorough buttjob. Mom squeezed her cheeks while she moved her hips.

Me: Oh, Mommy! Feels so good when you do that! Ah!

I looked at the bathroom door and saw Miti biting her lip and spreading the cream around her pussy. She started to rub her pussy. Her pussy was cute. She held her dress up with one hand while she pleasured herself with the other.

I stopped Mom from making me cum as I wanted her to cum first. I fingered her asshole as soon as I pulled out. Then I slowly plugged my cock into her sweet asshole. I put my cock head in and pulled out of mom’s expanding hole. I did it again and again.

Mom: Don’t tease me, ahhh –

I put my cock in fully and pumped her ass again and again. When I looked at Miti, she looked at me with a pure slutty expression and was about to cum. I wanted both of them to cum simultaneously, so I pumped my mom faster.

Mom moaned her heart out: Aaah! Uhffff!

Miti suppressed her moans but was desperate enough to let out her: Mmmmmm! Oooh! Mmmm!

Mom: I’m about to cum! Oh yeah! Aahhhh!

When I turned to Miti, her eyes were shut tight with her finger going wild down there. I maintained the speed but didn’t go deeper. As soon as Miti opened her eyes, I moved my lips: Call me… my phone…

Miti dialled me up, and the phone rang. It echoed in the washroom. I stretched my neck out.

Mom: No, no, no! Don’t you fucking stop, you motherfucker! After this!

I continued to pump mom’s ass and said: Mom! It’s the girl from the party. Its Miti!

Mom: Aah! Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if she saw you fucking your mom? Aahh!

I held mom’s breasts, rubbed her nipples, and said: What if she gets horny and wants to join us?

Mom slowed her thrusts and asked curiously: What?

Me: Mom! You don’t know the girls of this generation. When I told her that I liked mature women, she said she would try you if she were in my place.

Mom: Woah! She’s freaky.

Me: Yeah, mom! You don’t know.

Then I turned to Miti. She hasn’t cum too. Miti was back in her playful mood, but she was horny. She moved her lips: Want me to come in?

I got tensed, but I knew she said it in the heat of the moment, and she wouldn’t come in. I enacted a thrilled yet surprised ‘no’.

Me: Mommy? Have you tried doing this with another woman?

Mom: What? No! What would we do? After all, I have my boy’s cock to satisfy my thirst.

Me: I have seen threesome porn, mom. It turns me on.

Mom: Oh! You like fucking more than one woman at a time, huh? Haha!

Me: You could say something like that.

I winked at Miti. Miti smiled. We were still pumping and thrusting each other when we talked. I kissed mom behind her neck and licked her. I licked her along her spine and increased the speed slowly.

Me: Imagine, mom! Getting pleasured everywhere.

I spanked her ass and tugged on her nipples softly.

Mom: Oh yeah! This is fun. Aahh! Like it!

Miti’s hair was messed up. She was excited like a slut. One hand massaged her body while the other felt every speck of her tight, wet virgin pussy.

Me: Imagine your pussy getting licked while I’m pumping your ass.

Mom: Oh, Honey! Aahh!

I fucked her ass faster, reached my right hand into her crotch, and traced her pussy lips. Mommy moaned: I’m cumming, aahh!

Mom’s hips shook in a frenzy, and I saw Miti going crazy fast on her pussy.

Miti moaned as she squirted loads from her pussy: Ufff! Aaahhh!

Her moans echoed in the bedroom. Mom was stunned and rushed out of the bathroom with a towel. I followed her with a frozen brain and unable to contemplate the situation.

There they stood, two semi-nude women facing each other.

To be continued in the next part

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