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Case One – Part 1 (Missing Husband?)

I thank every reader of ISS who has liked, commented and appreciated my previous two erotic sex stories series, ‘Shivani and Rahul’ and ‘Road Trip with Truck Driver.’ This is Rahul back with another sex story. I hope I can excite you. Let’s begin.

Payal: Oh! Yes! That’s it, Rajeev, don’t stop! Fuck Me! Harder!

Payal kept moaning as she got fucked by her husband Rajeev in the missionary position. He had a pillow under her hip. With her legs on his shoulders and his hands grabbing her thighs for support. He kept pumping his rock hard cock in her wet cunt as fast as he could.

Payal’s moaning had filled the room along with the smell of her cunt juices as she had orgasmed once and was on her way for a second. Rajeev let go of her thighs and pushed them apart, spreading them wide. He removed his dick and got between her legs.

Rajeev began to lick her cunt. Payal’s moans got louder as she felt his tongue flick her clitoris. She loved it when Rajeev played with her cunt using only his tongue. He darted his tongue inside her vagina and licked it like a hungry dog.

A while later, he moved up and shifted his focus to her delicious nipples that rested on top of her perfectly shaped boobs. Rajeev chewed on her nipples and pressed them as she moaned non-stop in pleasure and pain. He got on top of her and began to kiss her lips and suck her tongue.

He re-entered her moist and warm pussy. Payal clenched his hips with her legs and held his head, and responded passionately to the kiss with both her hands. Rajeev began to fuck her hard and fast. It didn’t take them long to cum together. Rajeev kept hitting her cunt as he filled it with his warm and thick cum.

He fell on top of his beautiful wife. She hugged him and kept her legs tightly wrapped around his waist, holding him firmly against her body so that his dick didn’t slide out. They stayed in each other’s embrace, trying to catch their breath.

After a couple of minutes, he got limp. His dick came out of her cunt with a ‘plock’ sound as some of his semen flowed out of her beautiful love hole.

Payal: You enjoyed it?

Rajeev: I love you.

Payal: Shut up! You need to get going. Go have a bath and get ready. I will prepare breakfast.

Rajeev: What? I can’t even say that I love my wife and in response, all I get is ‘Shut Up.’

Payal: Yes, that’s all you’re going to get. Now go get ready. I have packed your luggage. All you have to pack is your phone charger.

Rajeev: Babe, please stay for some more time. I like how your soft skin feels against mine.

Payal: You can fuck me as much as you want when you come back.

Rajeev: Don’t you want another orgasm, my sex-hungry princess.

Payal: No, you’re getting late, and I don’t want you to be tired as you will be driving to Chennai.

Payal pushed him aside and got out of the bed. She cleaned Rajeev’s cum that had come out of her cunt with a towel. He laid on his back and admired his beautiful, fair-skinned wife. She was cute, with an innocent face and smooth short hair reaching her shoulder.

She had delicious lips, a small nose, a near-perfect jaw with dark eyes. Payal had a pair of good size boobs with her nipples pointing straight. They were perfectly handful and looked much bigger thanks to a slim waist and slightly wide hips. It was complemented with a nice bubble butt.

She had a triangular patch of trimmed pubic hair as if it was pointing to her love hole. Overall she looked like pornstar Eva Elfie. Payal wore her nightgown and proceeded towards the kitchen. Rajeev made his way towards the bathroom. It has been 2 years since their marriage, and their life was going smoothly.

Rajeev was a single child who, along with his father, managed their departmental store business. They had 6 in Bangalore and 1 in Chennai. Rajeev was trying to expand his business in Chennai, for which he would travel every week to Chennai for 2-3 days.

He would look for good places to open a new store and check the single store they had operational in Chennai. Both Payal and Rajeev came from an affluent backgrounds.

Payal has an elder brother who settled in the US while her father was a CA. Payal and Rajeev had an arranged marriage as their fathers were good friends for years.

Rajeev had his breakfast along with his beautiful wife as he made her sit on his lap and fed her with his own hands. Rajeev would feel her butt and squeeze her boobs with his other hand, which he had around her. He was in love with his wife and treated her with the utmost respect.

They finished their breakfast, and Rajeev got ready to leave. She stopped him at the door and kissed him on his lips. She set his hair straight, and again just as he was out of the door, she kissed him once more.

They lived in a spacious 2BHK on the 8th and top floor of an apartment complex with close to 350 houses. Rajeev waved his smiling wife goodbye as he got on the elevator and went down to the basement. He got in his new Jeep Compass and started for Chennai from his home at 9 in the morning.

4 Days Later.

Inspector Rahul walked into his police station at 10 PM. On entering the police station, there was a rectangular room. There were desks for the writer and three constables. While on the left, there were 4 benches and a couple of steel racks having old case files.

If one walked straight from the entrance passing the initial area, it would lead to a hallway that had two rooms on either side. On the right was Inspector Rahul’s room with a bench outside. Adjacent to that was the armoury, and on the left side of the hallway, there were two more rooms.

One had desks for two sub-inspectors (SI), and the other was a control room with more racks for old case files. At the end of the hallway, a corridor was perpendicular to the hallway.

If one turned right, they would find a couple of lock-up cells. On the left were a washroom at the end and a retiring room with three beds for the policemen to rest.

Rahul: Who are these women?

Constable: Sir, these are women that SI Arvind caught last night for prostitution.

Rahul: Why are they here? It’s 10 AM already. Why haven’t they left for court yet? I was told 9 girls were arrested. There are only 8 here. Where is the other?

Constable: Sir, we are waiting for a woman constable. She will be here in the next half an hour. Then we will take them to court.

Rahul: Where is the 9th girl?

Constable: Sir, that… Sir… she

Rahul: What? Where is she?

Constable: Sir SI Arvind and SI Iqbal are with her in the retiring room.

Rahul: Bastards! The same excuse of their wives not being in town?

Constable: Yes, Sir.

Rahul: Who are those two sitting outside my cabin?

Constable: I don’t know, Sir, but they have been waiting for you. They said they had the Assistant Commissioner’s recommendation. He also called and told you to contact him as soon as you come.

Rahul: Is the police van here to take them to court?

Constable: The lady constable and the van both are on their way.

Rahul then made his way through the hallway, only to be stopped by the old man waiting outside his room.

Old Man: Sir?

Rahul: Just a minute, be seated. I will be back.

Rahul went to the retiring room and opened the door. He saw Iqbal on the bed wearing only his vest and getting his dick sucked by the prostitute between his legs. Arvind was completely naked, just like the whore and was fucking her cunt from behind.

Rahul entered the room and ran his hand on the whore’s back, feeling her soft skin. He squeezed one of her boobs with the other hand, which was as big as a muskmelon.

Rahul: Is this a police station or a whorehouse?

Arvind: Sorry, Sir.

Iqbal: Both our wives are not in town, Sir. It’s been a week since we had a good fuck.

Rahul: Keep giving the same excuse whenever you people raid a prostitution racket. Finish up quickly and get back to work. Who is going to take them to court?

Iqbal: I am going to court, Sir.

Rahul: Ok, Arvind, meet me in my cabin.

On his way out, Rahul squeezed her ass and spanked it hard. He made his way to his cabin, where the old man again tried to talk to him, but just like the previous time, Rahul told him to wait and went inside his cabin. He called both of them inside after 10 minutes and told them to sit.

Rahul: I spoke with the Assistant Commissioner just now. He told me to handle your case and treat it as a top priority.

Old Man: Thank you, Sir. My name is Rakesh, and this is my daughter-in-law Payal.

Rahul: Hold on, Sir, give me 5 minutes. I will take up your case then you can tell me everything. Calm down.

Rahul started to go through other case files while he made them wait. Rahul glanced at Payal a few times. The beautiful looking girl draped in a blue coloured saree with some part of her left side boob visible. He had a good look at her sexy midriff that was on display.

She had oft red lips, with a small pointed nose with no makeup. Payal had flawless skin and looked sexy in a saree. He saw her teary eyes but couldn’t sense any sadness.

Rahul was 30, single and had a girlfriend. 5 years on the job had given him a pretty good idea on judging people and making out their emotions. Ten minutes later, SI Arvind came into the room. Rakesh was getting impatient and again reached out to Rahul only to be told to wait a bit longer.

Rahul: Arvind, call the writer and tell him to bring the FIR book and ready the tape recorder.

In the next 5 minutes, the writer was in the room with the FIR book, and a tape recorder with fresh tape was ready. Rahul pressed the record button and began to speak.

Rahul: Tell me your name, phone number, age and address.

Rakesh began to give them his and Payal’s details.

Rahul: What is the complaint?

Rakesh: My son Rajeev is missing.

Rahul:(speaking to the writer) File a missing persons report. (Speaking to Rakesh) Since when is your son missing?

Rakesh: Last night, Sir.

Rahul: We generally wait for 48 hours before taking the missing persons to report unless the complainant is sure their kin is missing. How are you so sure that your son is missing? Tell me everything from the start, and who was the last person to see/speak to him?

Rakesh: My daughter-in-law was the last person to speak with him.

Rahul: Ok. Mrs Payal, you tell me. What happened?

Payal began to speak in her sweet sexy voice. It sounded a bit melancholy. But still, Rahul didn’t feel like she was emoting sadness as her husband was missing. Almost instantly, he had her as his initial suspect in his mind.

Payal: He left for Chennai 4 days ago in the morning for business purposes. He called me last evening around 5 PM and said that he was on his way back to Bangalore. He should have reached by 11 but hasn’t been home till now.

Payal broke down and started to cry, and Rakesh began to calm her down. Rahul offered her water, and once she stopped crying, he asked her further questions.

Rahul: Did you try calling his cell last night?

Payal: Yes, I called him at 8 PM last night to find out where he reached, but his phone was switched off. I tried a couple of times but got the same message.

Rahul: When did you inform his parents?

Payal: I tried calling him again at 9, 9:30 and 10 PM but never got through, and that is when I informed his dad.

Rakesh: I spoke to him at 4:30 PM. He said his work was done, and he would be leaving for Bangalore in an hour. She called me at 10 PM and told me that Rajeev’s phone was switched off and asked if I had spoken to him.

Rahul: Then?

Rakesh: I told her to wait for some more time and said his phone might have run out of battery. I told her to call me as soon as he reached home.

Payal: I waited till midnight, but Rajeev never came. I called up my Father-in-law and told him about the situation. He said he would come to my house and told me to keep trying to reach Rajeev.

Rakesh: I went over to their place at 1 PM. Rajeev’s phone continued to be switched off. We were up all night trying to reach him. We also spoke to our restaurant manager in Chennai. He said he saw Rajeev leaving precisely at 5 PM. In the morning, I called my friend, your ACP, and he told me to come and meet you. Please find my son.

Rahul: Got any ransom call?

Rakesh: You think my son has been kidnapped?

Rahul: No, Sir, just asking a question. Don’t worry. We will do our best, Sir. Please give me your son’s mobile number, a recent picture of your son and his car’s details. Model, colour and number of his car. Also the number of your Chennai branch manager who saw him last.

Rakesh and Payal provided all the required details. Rahul assured them of finding Rajeev and told them to be calm and have patience. Rahul asked Arvind to escort them to their car.

He went to the control room and gave Rajeev’s information to a constable. He asked him to fax his picture and other details to other police stations, reach out to Chennai police and share the details.

Arvind: I sent them home, Sir. What do you want me to do, Sir?

Rahul: Contact Highway patrol and ask them to look for Rajeev’s car. Ask them about accidents that happened last night on the Chennai-Bangalore highway. Also, get a list of hospitals and their contact numbers that are about 2-3 km in the vicinity of the highway.

Arvind: Along which section of the highway, Sir?

Rahul: The entire route, from Rajeev’s restaurant in Chennai to his home in Bangalore. Also, have a constable outside Rajeev’s apartment in plain clothes.

Arvind: Sure, Sir.

Rahul: Reach out to the phone company and get a list of Rajeev’s last phone location and his call records for the last one month, put a request for Payal’s phone records as well along with Rajeev’s.

To be Continued.

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