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Case One – Part 2 (Hot, sexy wife is the suspect)

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I hope you guys enjoyed the first part. Let’s get started.

2 days later.

It was 7:30 in the evening, and Rahul sat on his three-seater sofa in his rented 1BHK apartment. He was in his underwear, holding a pint of beer in his left hand that rested on the armrest. On the other hand, he held a cigarette on top of the sofa. He was watching the news.

His completely naked girlfriend Sapna rested her head on his shoulder with her boobs pressed against the side of his chest. Her hand was feeling his well-toned body. Rahul had a good physique. He didn’t have six-pack abs. But he had a flat and tight abdomen, muscular biceps, and triceps.

As they were relaxing after satisfying sex, Rahul’s phone rang.

Rahul: Yes, Arvind, what’s up?

Arvind: Sir, the highway patrol just called and said they found Rajeev’s car.

Rahul: That’s great. What about Rajeev?

Arvind: It looks like an accident, Sir. Rajeev was found dead in the driver’s seat. It’s on a stretch of forest area, and the car was about 15 metres away from the highway. The car was damaged from the front as it hit a tree.

Rahul: Shit! How did the highway patrol find it?

Arvind: They said a woman spotted the wreck and informed them. She was there to collect firewood and saw the car.

Rahul: Okay, take Iqbal and reach the spot with a forensic team. Take pictures, dust for prints, collect evidence, interview the lady, and take her details. Tell the highway patrol to hold the woman till you reach there. Once everything is done, send the body for autopsy by an ambulance, tow the vehicle back to Bangalore, and impound it.

Arvind: Sir, don’t we need the family’s consent for an autopsy?

Rahul: I will handle that. I will inform the ACP and family and handle things here. You and Iqbal start immediately towards the accident spot. Keep me informed.

Arvind: Yes, Sir.

Rahul hung up and called ACP and informed him about the situation. They decided to go to Rajeev’s home in an hour to inform the family.

Rahul: Got to go, babe.

Sapna: But my pussy is craving for another fuck. You got time. Please fuck me, Rahul.

Rahul: I already made you cum twice

Sapna: Please…

He finished his beer and had a puff before extinguishing his cigarette. He pulled her on top of him and began to kiss her delicate lips. She sat on his dick and caressed his hair as they got into a passionate lip lock. Rahul had one hand on her ass and another on her boob.

Sapna was a good looking fair-skinned woman with amazing assets. Cute looking facial features, with straight black hair reaching the middle of her back. Her boobs were big and a handful with a little shag due to the weight of her heavy boobs. But her nipples were big, dark and pointing straight.

She had a good amount of fat on her hips and a good round ass. She looked like pornstar Gabbie Carter. Rahul moved his lips from her lips to her boobs. He sucked on her nipples as Sapna held his hair tightly. He continued to cup and squeeze her boobs and suck on her delicate nipples.

Rahul pulled her further up and made her stand on the sofa with her legs on either side. Sapna spread her legs and bent her knees a little as Rahul held her ass and began to lick her wet cunt. Sapna had one hand on the wall as support, and with her other, she continued to caress his hair.

Rahul tongue-fucked her for a while and then replaced it with his fingers as he continued to lick her clitoris. Sapna’s legs started to shiver as she was about to reach the epitome of pleasure. She kept begging Rahul to fuck her faster. She couldn’t stand any longer as she hit her orgasm.

A gush of hot liquid began to flow out of her pussy. She slid and sat on Rahul’s lap as he kept finger fucking her. Rahul held Sapna on his lap like one would hold a baby. His one arm was below her neck, and the other kept going in and out of her cunt.

Sapna had her legs stretched and toes curled during her entire orgasm, which subsided 45 seconds. Rahul pulled her towards him and hugged her tightly. Once Sapna recovered from her orgasm, she was on her knees between his legs. She yanked his underwear off and began to stroke his dick.

She licked and kissed his 7 inches long and 4-inch fat manhood. She licked a lollipop for a while and then proceeded to take it in her mouth. She pulled his foreskin fully back and sucked on the tip of his dick. Her actions injected life into his dick, which became hard as rock and ooze precum.

Sapna removed her mouth from his dick. With the help of her fingers, she rubbed his precum on his dick. She spat on his cock a couple of times before taking it back in her mouth. Rahul rested his head back on the sofa, enjoying the blowjob. He had his one hand on Sapna’s bouncing head.

She had 3/4 of his dick in her mouth and continued to suck passionately. A few minutes later, Rahul grabbed her hair and pulled her on top of him. He held his dick at the base and positioned it at the entrance of her cunt. Sapna slid down on his dick slowly.

Rahul’s rock hard manhood in a few seconds was engulfed by the warmth of her cunt. It fits perfectly as a surgical glove fits on the hand. Sapna began to bounce on his dick. Rahul held her boobs and sucked on them alternatively as she fucked him from the top.

A few minutes later, Rahul held her waist, pushed her on the sofa, got on top. He began to fuck her with full force, making her moan loudly. They changed positions after a while. He placed a cushion below her ass and placed one of her legs on his shoulder, turning her sideways.

Rahul again began to fuck her mercilessly as he grabbed one of her boobs for support and continued to drill her wet cunt.

Sapna: Oh! Yes! Fuck Me! That feels so good, baby. Harder Rahul, harder. Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Fuck my cunt, Rahul. That’s it, yes!

Rahul’s pace increased with every passing minute, which ended with them cumming together after 12-13 minutes of wild fucking. Rahul had emptied his hot cum in her love hole. As Sapna was on birth control pills, they weren’t worried about pregnancy.

Moreover, she loved the feeling of his hot cum inside her pussy. Rahul slid his dick out and sat with his back against the armrest. He began to rest and watch Sapna as she scooped his cum that dripped from her pussy with her fingers and began licking it.

After a few kisses and a cigarette later, they both got dressed and left his apartment. Rahul dropped Sapna in her PG accommodation for working women and proceeded to Rajeev’s parents’ house.

He met with the ACP and informed them about their son. Payal was there, and she immediately caught Rahul’s attention. Pretty looking woman with good boobs, which were evident from the tight kurta that she was wearing. She broke down instantly on hearing the news.

Tears flowed down her cheeks. But Rahul still didn’t get a feeling of sadness from Payal and thought it to be an act. ACP stayed back to be with the family as he was a family friend. Rahul proceeded to the police station and was constantly in touch with Arvind and Iqbal.

They were on the spot about 80 km away from Bangalore. At around 3 AM, the body of Rajeev had reached the government hospital for autopsy. By 6 in the morning, Arvind and Iqbal were back at the station with the car and impounded it. Rahul asked them to go home, rest, and be back in the evening.

Rajeev’s body was released to his family by afternoon. Rahul was there again as he completed the formality and handed the body to the family. He looked for Payal but couldn’t find her anywhere.

In the evening, Rahul read the witness statements collected by Arvind and went through the photos. Rahul then, along with Arvind and Iqbal, inspected the vehicle. On first viewing itself, Rahul could see that it wasn’t a mere accident, and there was more to it.

Iqbal: Looks like an accident, Sir. He probably was drunk and lost balance.

Arvind: I too feel the same, Sir. He hit his head on the steering, which probably caused his death.

Rahul: Don’t depend on probabilities. The cause of death will be clear once the autopsy is done. But you missed an important point. This isn’t an accident.

Iqbal: How can you say that, Sir?

Rahul: This is the top-end model of the Jeep Compass. Do you think it has no airbags? The moment the car hits a tree, the airbags should be deployed. I don’t see it. He wouldn’t have hit his head on the steering if they had been deployed.

Iqbal: I will get a mechanic to check it out, Sir.

Rahul: I saw the photos. His head was covered in blood. But there was none on the seat or the floor mat. The small amount of blood on his face would surely not have led to his death.

Arvind: Good point, Sir.

Rahul: Do we have his mobile phone location and other data?

Iqbal: Yes, Sir, it just came in about an hour ago.

Rahul: Go through the list and find out his exact route. Petrol pumps and restaurants would be most likely places that one would visit. Contact every petrol pump and restaurant, send them his pic, and inquire if he was there. If he was there, then ask them for CCTV footage.

Arvind: Sure, Sir.

Rahul: And also contact the bars and wine shops along his route. Let’s see if Iqbal’s drunk driving theory is true or not.

Next Day.

Arvind: Sir, did you read the autopsy report?

Rahul: It’s here?

Iqbal: Yes, Sir, check your email.

Rahul opened his email and started to read the report. He was done in 5 minutes and turned towards Arvind and Iqbal with a smile on his face.

Rahul: Iqbal, what did the mechanic say about the airbags?

Iqbal: It got deployed and was ripped out, Sir. We didn’t find it in the area.

Arvind: So, it’s a murder.

Rahul: Yes, his neck was broken, which is the cause of his death. The killer then staged it like an accident. He cut his forehead after his death. That is why there was very little blood. He is the one who ripped out the airbag.

Arvind: We got no evidence of someone else being in the car, Sir. No other fingerprint except Rajeev’s.

Rahul: We will get the evidence, Arvind. I did a complete background check on Rajeev. He has a 5cr life insurance policy, and his wife is the beneficiary.

Iqbal: I feel you were right about the wife.

Rahul: Find out where she is right now.

Arvind: She is at her in-law’s house, Sir. Today morning the constable had gone there to get some signatures about the release of his vehicle.

Rahul: Good. Go to her home and fix a spy cam in her hall and bedroom. I need both audio and visual. She will be back at her home at some point. We need to keep a constant eye on her. Go through her call details.

Iqbal: Sir, we would need special approval for surveillance.

Rahul: Fuck the approval. Just do what I say. She is friends with the ACP and has a lot of clout. If we go around seeking approval, we will never get it. I will let the ACP know that it was a murder, and we have opened up an investigation. We hunting Payal must stay amongst the three of us.

Iqbal: Sir, but how to enter their home?

Rahul: Pick the damn lock. Do I have to tell you everything?

Iqbal: No sir, will do it.

Rahul: Iqbal, you will handle the surveillance and keep track of Payal’s movements. Arvind, focus on their call records and emails. Track and investigate Rajeev’s route.

5 Days Later.

Iqbal called Rahul to inform him that Payal had left her in-laws’ house and had come back to her flat. He asked Rahul to come to her apartment immediately. Rahul and Arvind reached Payal’s apartment in 20 minutes.

Iqbal was waiting in a surveillance van outside the apartment. It had a live feed of audio and video from Payal’s flat.

Rahul: What happened? Why did you call us here?

Iqbal: She called someone when she reached home. She asked the person to come to visit her as she felt lonely and sad. Then she went for a bath and hasn’t come out yet. I got the recording if you want to see what happened.

Rahul: No, I will review it back at the station. Let’s wait and see what happens.

They each had headphones and were observing the surveillance feed. The camera was inside a wall clock opposite the bedroom door parallel to the bed. About 5 minutes later, Payal emerged from the bathroom wearing only a towel that barely covered her cunt and made a big cleavage at the top.

Her hair was wet. Payal sat in front of the dresser and began to blow dry her hair.

Rahul: This surveillance is illegal. Make sure you delete all the recordings.

Iqbal: Yes, Sir.

All three watched as Payal got up after drying her hair and untied her towel, making it fall on the ground. Payal was slim, fair and a tall woman. Her ample-sized boobs and nice bubble butt, with a clean-shaven cunt were in full view.

Payal was a beautiful and sexy woman. She cupped both her boobs from below and squeezed them before applying body lotion. She took some lotion on the palm of her hands and started applying it along the length of her arms, legs and thighs. She took some more and began to massage it on her boobs.

She squeezed her boobs and pinched her pinkish nipples a couple of times. She reached into her wardrobe, pulled out a blue coloured satin gown, and wore it without any undergarments.

It was a sleeveless gown with just two straps on the shoulder. It ended a few inches above the knees exposing her fair thighs and making her look ravishing. Payal moved towards the hall and sat on the sofa with her head resting backwards.

She looked lost in imagination which the three police officers viewed via the camera placed right above the main door on a wall clock. About 15-20 minutes later, the doorbell rang, and Payal got up instantly to open the door.

To be continued.

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