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Case One – Part 3 (Lover of the rich widow)

Payal opened the door and welcomed the person inside. As soon as the person moved a couple of feet inside the house, Rahul and his subordinates saw him. It was a guy about 6 feet tall, well built, brown-skinned, with a slight stubble beard, short hair and a star tattoo on the left side of his neck.

He hugged Payal, visibly in tears, which became evident from her shaky voice as she spoke with her head resting on his chest.

Payal: Thank you so much for coming, Raghu. I needed someone to be with me.

Raghu: I am sorry for your loss.

Payal: He was a good person, treated me well and never fought with me.

Raghu: Didn’t know it would affect you so much, considering you were going to divorce him.

Payal: I didn’t love him, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t care for him. I always wished the best for him. It’s so shocking that he passed away.

Raghu: I love you, babe, and will always be there for you. Don’t cry.

Raghu comforted Payal and held her cheeks. He moved forward to kiss her delicate lips. She responded to his kiss almost immediately. He wiped the tears off her cheeks and locked lips with her again. Payal guided him towards the sofa.

Arvind: Sir, I don’t think she could be involved in Rajeev’s death.

Iqbal: It seems like she had an affair and wanted a divorce to be with this guy, Raghu.

Rahul: Ok, but what about the new character. This fellow might have had something to do with it. Imagine if he kills Rajeev and then marries Payal, he will be enjoying the 5 crore insurance money along with the inheritance that she might get from her in-laws and parents.

Iqbal: There is a possibility, Sir.

Rahul: Iqbal, start following this guy once he leaves her home. I want to know who he is, what he does, whom he meets etc. Take pictures of his every move and get a hold of the apartment’s entry log and find out how many times and when he has visited Payal.

Iqbal: Sure, Sir.

Arvind: Sir, what should we do know?

Rahul: Let’s see what happens.

Payal and Raghu were sitting on the sofa and kissing each other. Raghu moved his hands on her boobs and began to squeeze them as he moved down and began to kiss her neck. Payal moaned a little as she felt his wet tongue on her neck.

Raghu proceeded to plant kisses on her shoulder till he reached the strap of her gown. He caught the strap with his teeth and removed it off her shoulder while he removed the other strap with his hands simultaneously. He again began to kiss her lips as he slid the gown lower and exposed her boobs.

He laid her down on the sofa and positioned himself between her legs. Raghu kissed her for a while and then went down to play with her boobs. He sucked on her erect nipples. Her ample boobs fit perfectly in his hands as he squeezed them hard, making her moan loudly.

A few minutes later, he pulled her gown up and made his way to her cunt. The satin gown was now like a belt around her waist. Raghu planted numerous kisses on her cunt, above it and on her inner thighs, which were soft as silk. He teased her till she begged him to lick her cunt.

Payal: Lick my pussy Raghu, please. Don’t tease me more. Please!

He wanted to hear exactly that and made his way to her clean-shaven cunt. He kissed her vertical lips with his horizontal lips. He got his tongue out and licked her entire cunt in an upward movement. He did it a few times and inserted two of his fingers in her cunt, and began to finger fuck her.

Payal arched her back as she continued to moan as Raghu kept pleasuring her cunt. After a couple of minutes, she stopped him and licked the wetness sticking to his fingers. Payal made him sit and then came in between his legs. She unbuttoned his pants as she maintained constant eye contact with him.

Raghu lifted his ass to make it easy for her to remove his pants. Payal removed his pants, threw them away, caught hold of his semi-erect dick. She immediately started giving a blowjob. She kept looking towards him as she licked his dick like a lollipop.

Raghu had an average 5″ dick which got hard thanks to Payal’s tongue play. She didn’t waste any time. As soon as his dick was hard, she stood up, making her gown fall to the floor.

She moved in a sexy manner keeping her legs on either side of Raghu. She stood on her knees as she made him suck on her boobs for a while and then slowly slid on his dick by holding it at its base.

Payal: Aaaahhh! Yes! I missed this a lot. Feels so fucking good.

Payal bounced on his dick for a while as Raghu kept squeezing her ass cheeks. After a while, Raghu got her in a missionary position and began to fuck her hard and fast. He would occasionally stop at her instruction to lick her cunt for a few minutes and then continue to fuck her again.

Payal was the one in charge, and according to her, he was fucking her. Raghu was sweating as he continued to pound her in missionary for another couple of minutes. Payal had her orgasm, which was accompanied by loud moans.

Raghu went on for half a minute more and then withdrew his dick and sprayed his cum on her stomach and boobs. He got up and rubbed the tip of his dick, which had a few drops of cum, on her boobs. Raghu sat on another sofa as Payal got up and licked his cum on her boob. She went to the bathroom to clean herself up.

Rahul: Make sure you delete everything. Keep watching and inform me when he leaves. I am going home.

Rahul got out of the van and left for home on his bike at about 10 PM as Arvind and Iqbal continued to watch. Payal had cleaned herself and made her way back to the living room. She sat on the sofa naked with her legs crossed.

Payal: Babe, you know where the scotch is. Please get me a glass and take one for yourself.

Raghu: Sure, baby.

Payal: Pass me the cigarette as you go.

Raghu gave her the cigarette he was smoking. He went to the dining room to get the scotch and a couple of glasses and began making them a drink. He gave one glass to Payal.

The two began to drink as Payal spoke about Rajeev and his life and how he was a good guy, and she missed him. They spoke as Raghu made another drink.

Arvind: She is such a beautiful woman. If only I could fuck her.

Iqbal: I can fuck anyone right now. All that sex has made me very horny.

Arvind: Should we call Sheetal?

Iqbal: No, not that whore again. We just fucked her a few days ago.

Arvind: Tabassum?

Iqbal: Oh yes, that big boobed bitch takes it up her ass as well. Call her and tell her to bring a few condoms with her.

Arvind: And what about surveillance?

Iqbal: They are two pegs down and have started kissing again. I will mostly have sex once more and go to sleep. We got the recording on and can watch it later. I am so horny, man. Just call that Tabassum whore.

Arvind called the whore and gave his location, and told her to get a few condoms.

Arvind: She will be here in 45 minutes. Go get some dinner.

Iqbal: He is about to take her in the doggy style. Look at him fuck that babe. That bastard is one lucky guy.

Arvind: You can watch it later, get some food before the restaurant closes.

Iqbal: Ok, give me your bike keys.

Iqbal got out and went to get some dinner for them from a nearby restaurant. The van was similar to one of those delivery vans with no window and completely covered. Arvind continued to watch the super sexy nymph Payal take it from behind.

Payal was on her knees on the wooden centre table and bent forward with her ass up in the air. Raghu was behind her with his dick in her wet cunt. Payal lit a cigarette and began to smoke as Raghu pounded her for the second time in the night.

Payal: Take my ass, baby. Fuck me in my ass. Do it! Fuck me in the ass!

Raghu got his dick out of her cunt and began pushing it in her asshole. He had an average dick, due to which he was able to penetrate her ass in a few seconds with very little effort.

Raghu placed his one leg on the table and began to fuck her asshole. He went slow at the beginning and gradually kept increasing his pace.

Payal: Oh yes! That’s it, you bastard. Fuck my ass! Fuck hard!

Raghu: You like that, babe?

Payal: Yes! Baby! Yes! Keep fucking don’t stop. Fuck Me!

Raghu: You want me to tear your ass? Want me to fuck your ass harder?

Payal: Oh! Fuck! Yes! Fuck me harder. Tear up my ass. Keep banging me, you bastard. Fuck Me!

He fucked her for a while in the same position as Arvind, watching it from the van. He had his dick out and began to jerk off. Payal changed her position. She laid on the centre table on her back and had her legs up. Her knees were close to her boobs.

Raghu held her legs in that position as he got his dick back into her ass and began to fuck her. Payal was slim and flexible, which made it easy for Raghu to access her ass in that position. He fucked her hard and fast. After about 5 more minutes, he filled her ass with his warm cum.

Payal: Lick my cunt Raghu, make me cum, you motherfucker!

Raghu had just orgasmed for the second time. He was tired out, but Payal caught him with her legs around his waist and ordered him to lick her cunt again. Raghu reluctantly got on his knees and began to lick her cunt and finger fuck her as his cum oozed out of her asshole.

Payal came with a gush of hot liquid flowing out of her cunt after a couple of minutes. Arvind too orgasmed along with Payal in the van. 10-15 minutes later, Iqbal came back with food. Arvind told him everything that transpired, making him hornier.

Iqbal: Call that whore and tell her to come fast. My dick is hard and needs a cunt.

Arvind: Calm down, dude. She is on her way and will be here in about 15-20 minutes. Till then, watch this naked goddess laying on the centre table.

As they waited for Tabassum, Payal cleaned herself in the bathroom and wore the nightgown. They both moved to the bedroom, switched the lights off and slept cuddling each other. That is exactly when Tabassum called, and Arvind guided her to the van.

Iqbal opened the back door and told her to get in. Arvind switched off the monitors, but the footage was being recorded. The van had a desk on one side with two monitors and two swivel chairs in front of it.

A bench along the length of the van opposite the desk was wide enough for a person to sleep. There was a partition between the front driver cabin and the back portion of the van. It made the back of the van look like a closed room. It was 11:30 by the time Tabassum came.

She sat on the bench as Arvind and Iqbal sat on the chair. She was wearing a glistening red saree with a sleeveless black coloured blouse. Her saree was tied well below her navel, completely exposing her fair midriff. She had heavy make-up on her face, which made her look good.

Her thick long hair was open and reached till her hips. She was a sexy woman and a high-class whore who charged almost 10k for a night.

Iqbal: Come on, hurry up, get rid of your clothes. Quick!

Tabassum: We are going to fuck in the van.

Iqbal: Why? Haven’t you done it in a van before? Just do what we tell you to and hurry up bitch, start undressing.

Tabassum: Relax, Sir. Will you be this quick in fucking as well?

Iqbal: What did you say bitch?

Arvind: Calm down, Iqbal. Enjoy the moment.

Tabassum got up, and being just 5’4″. She was able to stand straight in the van. She began to remove her clothes one by one. Tabassum dropped her pallu and got rid of the saree first, followed by the petticoat and then the black coloured sleeveless blouse.

She was a bit on the heavier side with a little tummy and a nice amount of fat on her hips which made it wide. She had nice shapely big boobs and a fat ass and thick thighs. Her red lace bra and panty got highlighted against her fair skin, making her look extremely sexy.

She sat down, removed her bra by unclipping it at the back, and slowly took it off. Her big boobs with dark brown areolas and nipples popped out. She looked like pornstar Sofia Lee. She set all her dress aside at one corner of the bench.

Iqbal and Arvind had removed their pants and were stroking their dicks as Tabassum was undressing. All the fuck they saw had made them super horny, and their dicks were hard and ready to go. Both stood on either side of Tabassum with their backs crouched a bit.

She came forward and began to suck on their dicks alternatively. Tabassum was a very experienced whore and was so good at giving blowjobs which were evident from both guys moaning. Arvind changed places and began to suck her big boobs and play with them.

Iqbal caught hold of Tabassum’s head and began to fuck her mouth, making her gag slightly. Arvind put two fingers in her cunt and began to finger fuck her cunt as he simultaneously sucked her boobs.

As soon as Tabassum was wet enough for taking a dick, Arvind wore a condom and began to fuck her pussy. Tabassum lay down on her side with one leg on Arvind’s shoulder and his dick in her pussy as she continued to blow Iqbal. A few minutes later, they changed their positions.

Iqbal wore a condom and sat on the bench. Tabassum came on top of him. He had his dick in her cunt while Arvind came from the back and easily inserted his dick in her asshole and began to bang her.

Tabassum: Oh! Fuck! Motherfucker! That’s it, fuck me! You bastards, assholes, Harder!

Iqbal latched onto her boobs like a hungry infant and chewed on her bosoms, making her moan loudly and use more filthy abuses. It was a massive turn on. Arvind spanked her big ass multiple times.

Arvind: Oh yes! Bitch, your asshole is so good. Iqbal, you want to fuck her ass?

Iqbal: Sure, why not?

They changed positions once more. Iqbal got to fuck her ass now. They banged her hard and fasted while constantly playing with her boobs. Iqbal came first and withdrew from her ass, and removed his condom. Arvind had masturbated just a while ago, which helped him last longer.

He took Tabassum in the doggy style and fucked her hot asshole. He held her thick, soft love handles on her hip and fucked her with furious pace spanking her big ass occasionally, making it red. A few minutes more, and they both came together.

They offered her some food and water as they had something to eat. Within 45 minutes, they were back to fucking the hot and sexy whore Tabassum. Just like earlier, she began with the blowjob and proceeded to take one dick each in her ass and pussy at the same time.

Arvind was addicted to her massive boobs and never got his hands off them during the second round. By the end, Tabassum’s fair-skinned body had a lot of red marks. Her boobs were red because of all the sucking and squeezing, while the spanking had her ass turn red.

The entire fuck session lasted till 1 AM. They got dressed, and as a token of appreciation, they paid her 2000/- each, which was far less than what she would generally charge for a threesome. She took the money and left with Arvind, who dropped her at her desired location and went home.

Arvind: Give me a blowjob before you leave.

Tabassum: Here in the middle of the road?

Arvind: It’s 1:30, and there is no one here. Don’t waste time and start sucking my dick.

Arvind unzipped his pants, slid it a bit lower, and got his semi-erect dick out in the open in the middle of the road.

Tabassum: Sir. This is wrong, Sir. You paid me just 4000/- for everything. My usual rate for a threesome this long would be 20000/- Sir.

Arvind held her hand, placed it on his dick, and again ordered her to suck him off. She, too, reluctantly bent down and started to give him a blowjob. Tabassum was an expert, and she applied all her blowjob skills to make him come quickly.

She massaged his balls, licked his balls, moved her tongue in circles over his dickhead and would completely take his dick in her mouth and blow it. A couple of cars passed by and slowed down as they crossed them to enjoy the show a bit.

On an open empty road at night, under a flickering dim yellow coloured street light, Arvind was getting one of the best blowjobs of his life. It took about 7-8 minutes for Arvind to cum.

Tabassum sensed it, and as he reached the climax point, she removed her mouth and fisted him to glory. Arvind cummed over his bike’s petrol tank. He cleaned the mess and put his dick back into his pants.

Tabassum: Can I leave?

Arvind: Don’t get upset, babe. I know what you charge, but we can’t pay your usual rate with our salary. I will make it up to you in some other way.

Tabassum: How?

Arvind: You tell me which hotel you go to every day, and I will find out if a raid is going to occur. You can get out before getting caught and for that, keep servicing me and my friend’s dick once a month for free. Deal?

Tabassum: Really, Sir? Will you do that?

Arvind: Only if you agree to my condition.

Tabassum: Yes, Sir, I agree. Your people keep raiding and catching me at least twice a month, and I lose almost 1/3 of my monthly income. I will fuck you and your friend once a month for free.

Arvind: Good then, now you can leave.

Tabassum: Good night, Sir.

Tabassum left happily with a big smile on her face. Iqbal turned on the monitors back in the van only to find Payal getting fucked in doggy style by Raghu on the bed.

To be continued.

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