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Case One – Part 4 (Culprit nabbed, widow celebrates with a fuck)

I thank all the readers for all their love and support. This is my third story after ‘Shivani and Rahul’ and ‘Road Trip with Truck Driver.’ I am grateful for my regular readers who comment and express their opinion.

It has helped me in writing more erotic stories. I hope you all have fun with yourself while reading my stories. I am happy that I can turn on you people with my writing. Let’s get back to the case.

The next morning at 8 AM, Inspector Rahul called Iqbal, who was still outside Payal’s apartment in the surveillance van.

Rahul: Good Morning. What’s going on?

Iqbal: Nothing much, Sir. After you left, they fucked once again in the hall and then again at 1 AM in the bedroom. They just woke up about half an hour ago, went to the bathroom, and haven’t come out yet. Probably fucking once more. The woman is a sex addict, Sir.

Rahul: I didn’t keep you on surveillance for watching live porn and reporting how many times they fucked and orgasmed. What did they speak about? Do we have anything connecting them to the death of Rajeev?

Iqbal: Sorry, Sir. Yes, Sir, they had a bit of an argument last night after they finished fucking by 1:15.

Rahul: What was the argument about?

Iqbal: It wasn’t much of an argument, Sir. The guy said that he loved her. He is ready to take care of her and remarry her. But she immediately admonished him, saying that he was insensitive by bringing up the topic just after her husband’s death.

Rahul: What was his response?

Iqbal: He said sorry and didn’t talk about it anymore. But she started crying and talked about her husband and kept saying she missed him. She couldn’t believe he was gone. He consoled her, and then they slept naked, cuddling each other.

Iqbal: The woman is innocent. I mean, she is a sex addict and has an extramarital affair. But it doesn’t look like she had anything to do with the death of her husband.

Rahul: Ok, I will view the tapes later. I will instruct Arvind to take your place. You can go home now. Did you go through the entry logs of the apartment?

Iqbal: Yes, Sir. I got pics of the entry logs for the last 2 months and have Raghu’s car number.

Rahul: Good, pass it on to Arvind so that he can follow him once he gets out.

Rahul called up Arvind and instructed him to replace Iqbal and take a constable. The constable was supposed to drive the surveillance van back to the station. Arvind was supposed to tail Raghu whenever he left Payal’s place and report back to Rahul.

Arvind was on the spot by 9 and relieved Iqbal from duty, and instructed the constable to drive the van back to the station. At 10, when Raghu left Payal’s apartment, Arvind followed him in his car. He kept taking pics of Raghu with whom he met and where he went.

Back at the Police station, Rahul reviewed the tapes from last night and went through Payal’s and Rajeev’s phone records. He reviewed Arvind’s work on tracing Rajeev’s route from Chennai to Bangalore.

Rajeev’s credit card statement came in at 1 PM, showing that he stopped at a petrol pump outside Chennai. Rahul called up the petrol pump and asked for their CCTV footage for the date and time when Rajeev was there.

Rahul called up the toll booths and asked for their CCTV footage to be told that sub-inspector Arvind had called earlier and as told to him. It will be shared with the police by today evening. Rahul spent most of the afternoon admiring Payal’s beauty and her fucking session with Raghu.

He was getting mesmerised by Payal. Arvind and Iqbal return at around 6 PM to the station on Rahul’s orders. Arvind had followed Raghu religiously and had taken plenty of pictures. He fired up the projector in Rahul’s room and began to show them the pictures.

Arvind: Sir, first he went to a cafe and waited for about half an hour for someone.

Rahul: Who was it?

Arvind: This bastard has another girlfriend, Sir. He was waiting for her. Look, Sir, this is the girl. He kisses her on the lips and hugs her. They spoke for a while and then proceeded to a restaurant for lunch. After that, they went to an apartment about 8 km from Payal’s house and have not been out yet.

Rahul: Find out who is this guy? We know him as Raghu, I want a full background on both of them.

A constable enters and hands over a USB drive to Rahul, saying that it has all the requested CCTV footage. Just as he is about to leave, he stops, and his eyes are fixed on the two people on the screen coming out of a coffee shop.

Rahul: What happened?

Constable: I feel like I have seen her before, Sir.

Rahul: The guy?

Constable: No sir, the girl.

Rahul: Both may be from Bangalore. Where did you see her?

Constable: Yes, Sir. I remember now she is Priya.

Iqbal: Who is Priya?

Constable: Sir, the one who informed the highway patrol of Rajeev’s accident. She was wearing a saree then, but I remember her. She had a cut on her left eyebrow.

Arvind: Yes, Sir, she looks like her.

Rahul: Do we have her picture from that night?

Iqbal: Yes, Sir, I will put that picture and this one side by side. Let’s compare and see.

They looked intently. Rahul was delighted as he knew it was a big breakthrough in the case. The constable went away as the three began to watch CCTV footage. Rahul told them about the petrol pump where Rajeev refuelled his car. They started watching the video from the petrol pump.

Rajeev pulls into the petrol pump and gets his car refuelled. He makes the payment and leaves the pump. As he is about to exit, three men stop his car. One guy wearing a cap and sunglasses approaches Rajeev.

He shows him something on his mobile, making Rajeev angry enough to catch hold of his collar. The guy continues to speak, and in a few minutes, Rajeev lets them in his car and drives off with them.

Rahul: Rewind and play it again.

Iqbal plays the footage again, and Rahul gets excited.

Rahul: That guy in cap and sunglasses. That is Raghu.

Arvind: His face is not clear from the side, Sir. How can you be so sure?

Rahul: Look at his neck. He has a star-shaped tattoo. Let’s see the rest of the footage.

They go through the rest of the footage and find that Rajeev wasn’t driving after the first toll gate. They concluded that he was probably murdered somewhere between the first and the second toll gate. Raghu was driving the car as his face was captured in the CCTV from the third toll gate.

Rahul: We got a prime suspect. Find out who the other two men are. Their faces are visible in the petrol pump footage. Circulate it to every police station in Bangalore as well as Chennai.

Iqbal: Yes, Sir.

Arvind: Should we arrest him and the girl?

Rahul: Not yet. I will inform the ACP about all this. He is a family friend, so he will be eager to nab the culprits and help us get an arrest warrant today. We will get them by tomorrow.

Rahul documented all the evidence. He went and met with the ACP and explained everything to him except their surveillance of Payal’s home. The ACP took cognisance and acted swiftly. He dialled up a judge and got arrest warrants the same night.

Rahul and his two sub-inspectors and a couple of constables arrested Raghu and his girlfriend Priya, whose actual name was Neha. Rahul began to interrogate both of them separately. Once confronted with facts, Raghu spilt the beans and started to talk.

Raghu: I was a small-time crook and a con man. I wanted to score big money. I had this idea of targeting rich girls and making sex tapes of them so that I could blackmail them for money. I found a girl online on Facebook.

Rahul: Payal?

Raghu: Yes, but she never told me that she was married till we met for the first time. I had invested a lot of time in her, so I didn’t want to let go of her. We met two or three times. She told me everything about herself how she was unhappy in her marriage and didn’t love her husband.

Raghu: She told me about his insurance policy, etc. She is so beautiful that I fell for her. It struck me that it was better to get rid of the husband and marry Payal and enjoy the money.

Rahul: What about your girlfriend? What was her role in this?

Raghu: That bitch had nothing to do with this. When your incompetent police couldn’t find Rajeev’s car, we had to let you know about it, and she did it for me. She thinks I love her, but all I do is use her.

Rahul: What role did Payal have in this? Was she involved?

Raghu: No, she didn’t know anything. I wanted to change my life, leave all these crooked ways behind, and lead a new life. Payal was my way out. I just had to get rid of her husband, which I did. I thought the police would consider it an accident and close the case.

Rahul: We are not that incompetent. I spoke to your girlfriend, Neha. She said the same thing. She does whatever you tell her to do. Tell me more about her?

Raghu: What is there to tell about that poor orphan bitch? Her parents died when she was 16 in a car crash. She used to study in a boarding school. Once she completed her schooling, she returned to her uncle’s home. I was her neighbour. Her aunt would treat her badly.

Raghu: I helped her once with money, and since then, she just latched on to me. She left her uncle’s home and came with me when she turned 19. I was 23 then. I used her in my con jobs and would fuck her whenever I wanted to. She was my sex slave. She has no one except me.

Rahul: Who were the other two people?

Raghu: Arif and Sampath. I used to do small robberies with them in Chennai.

Rahul: We will get them too. You can relax now. You are going to have a lot of free time in jail.

The same day Chennai police arrested his accomplices. Rahul wanted to break the news to Payal himself. And to try reading her one last time and find out if she had anything to do with her husband’s death. He went to Payal’s home in the evening at around 8 PM. She welcomed him in and offered him some water.

Payal was wearing the same gown that she was wearing the other day.

Payal: I didn’t expect to see you. May I know the reason for your visit?

Rahul: I have some news for you, ma’am.

Payal: You can call me Payal. No need for formalities.

Rahul: Have you received your husband’s insurance money?

Payal: No, not yet. They called me up a few days ago and said there was some problem and that there would be a delay.

Rahul: You will get the settlement soon. It’s because of me that it’s being delayed. I wanted to apologise to you, which is why I came here.

Payal: Apologies? For what?

Rahul: Payal, your husband didn’t die in a car accident. He was murdered.

Payal: What? Why wasn’t I told? How long have you hidden it from me?

Payal appeared to be shocked, and tears rolled down her cheeks. Rahul was trying to focus on the topic. But her beauty was distracting him. He wanted to fuck her then and there itself.

He had seen her getting fucked in that same gown. He had seen her naked and was a witness to her wild sexy body and her sex craving.

Payal: Why would anyone kill my husband? Who did this to him?

Rahul: I thought it was you.

Payal stopped crying and began to scream at Rahul.

Payal: What? What the fuck did you say? You bastard, who do you think you are? What do you know about my husband and me? How dare you accuse me of murdering my husband. I loved him.

Rahul: No, you didn’t love him. You loved Raghu.

Payal’s eyes widened, and she went silent. There was pin-drop silence for a few minutes. Then Payal spoke in a soft and sexy tone in a low voice.

Payal: How do you know about Raghu?

Rahul: He is a con man. We have enough proof to prove that he was the one who killed your husband. He also confessed to the crime. He wanted your money. You told him about your husband’s insurance. He planned on getting it by killing Rajeev and marrying you.

Payal: This can’t be true. What have I done? I fell for a low life. It’s because of me that Rajeev is dead.

Payal began to cry non-stop. Rahul moved closer to her, put one hand around her shoulder, and tried to comfort her. She was wearing a bra as her bra strap was visible below the strap of the gown.

It held her boobs together, making a huge cleavage. She looked sexy. Rahul was constantly gazing at her boobs as he tried to console her.

Payal: Have you arrested that scoundrel?

Rahul: Yes, we have, he had two accomplices, and a girlfriend, all of them have been arrested. I am sorry that I suspected you. We learned that Rajeev was murdered through the autopsy. We started our investigation and found out that you had an extramarital affair.

Raghu told how he found you on Facebook and planned all of this on his own. I have informed the insurance company that you are no longer a suspect and clear. They will pay you within a week.

Payal: He had a girlfriend? Shit! I should never have met someone off the internet. Do Rajeev’s parents know about this?

Rahul: Yes, they are being informed right now. I am sorry for your loss and for suspecting you. I better take a leave.

Rahul stood up and made his way to the main door when Payal stopped him.

Payal: Do Rajeev’s parents know that I had an affair?

Rahul: Not yet, but they will find out once the trial begins.

Payal: Can you make sure that they don’t find out? Let me remain a faithful and loyal wife to their son. Let me be their beloved daughter-in-law. They have already lost their son. If they know about this, they might feel worse, thinking their son didn’t have a good life. If not for me, then do it for them.

Rahul: I can’t guarantee anything. I will speak the facts, and if your affair comes up, I can’t do anything.

Payal came close to Rahul. Her body was very close to his, with her boobs just touching his chest. There was probably just 2 inches of gap between their lips. Payal whispered in a very sexy tone.

Payal: Please, Inspector Rahul. Keep me out of it. Don’t ruin my name. I just have a high sex drive. Is that a crime? Is fucking men a wrong thing to do?

Payal placed her left hand on his right shoulder, and her right hand was on his hips. She moved closer and pressed her boobs against his chest. She moved her right hand around his waist and pulled him closer.

Rahul’s manhood started to respond. He was getting drawn into her. He wanted to fuck her since the day he saw her in the police station for the first time.

Payal: Please, Sir?

Rahul was losing control of his actions. Payal’s sex appeal, beauty, and sultry voice had their effect. Rahul hugged her with one hand at her waist and held the back of her neck with her other. The 2-inch gap between their lips vanished.

They started by rubbing their lips against each other very slowly and then kissed with their mouth closed for a full minute and separated. Their foreheads were touching as they looked into each other’s eyes.

Rahul’s hand slid down from her waist to her bubble butt. He grabbed her ass and squeezed it. They began to kiss again. Payal opened her mouth, giving Rahul access to poke his tongue in her mouth. Their tongues met and began to lick each other’s lips.

The taste of Payal’s saliva and her lips drove him crazy. Rahul caught her by her silky smooth hair and pulled it back, and started to lick her neck. He moved his tongue on her cleavage. Payal moaned, exciting him further.

She pushed him back a little, removed her gown, and stood only in her white silky bra and panty. Rahul got down on his knees, pulled her panty down, and spread her legs. He began to lick her cunt. He darted his tongue in her warm and moist pussy.

He kept licking and tasting the nectar oozing out of her cunt. A few minutes later, he moved upwards and began to kiss her again on her lips. Payal dragged him to the sofa and made him sit. She got in between his legs and unbuttoned his pants.

She pulled it down as his big fat 7″ dick popped out in all its glory. Payal’s eyes widened. With a wicked smile, she looked into Rahul’s eyes as if telling him that she liked his dick. She removed his pants completely and threw them away.

Payal had both her small petite and soft hands on his big monster as she stroked his dick. She spat on his dick and applied the spit all over it, making it shine with her saliva. Rahul touched the back of her head and nudged her a bit. She knew what was wanted of her.

She took his dick in her mouth and began to give a blowjob. She swirled her tongue around his dick and bobbed her head up and down. She was fantastic and took more than 3/4 of his dick in her mouth till she gagged. Rahul pulled her hair back with both his hands and pulled her off his dick.

He brought her closer to him, spat in her mouth, and again pushed his dick in it. Payal liked his roughness and again started to suck on his dick. After a 5 minute intense blowjob, Payal had drenched his dick in her saliva.

Rahul pulled her on top of him as he slid down to the edge of the sofa. Payal got on top of him and carefully guided his dick in her cunt.

Payal: Aahhh! Fuck! That is big. Ohh!

Payal slowly slid his dick in and out of her cunt as she controlled the movement from the top.

Payal: Ohh! Fuck! That feels incredible! Fuck! Yes! Aahhh! Omg! Yes! Fuck me!

Rahul started to give upward thrust from below. Within a minute, he was in control and having expanded her cunt wide enough to occupy his dick. He began to fuck her at a furious pace. Payal held his head against her boobs as he kept banging her from below.

Rahul stopped after a few minutes and removed her bra. He pressed her boobs hard and began to suck her nipples as his dick rested in her cunt. Rahul was a well-built guy who was fit and muscular, whereas Payal was a petite angel weighing around 55kgs.

He got up with his dick still in her. His palms were beneath her ass, and his arms were under her knees. He had lifted her in the air and began to fuck her as she held on to him with both her hands around his neck. Rahul was fucking Payal as she was suspended in mid-air.

Payal: OMG! You are a fucking bull. Yes! Fuck me! Harder! Ahhh!

A few minutes later, he put her down on the sofa and fucked her in missionary. He fucked her with long and hard shots. Each shot created the “thap” sound that echoed in the house and her loud moan.

Rahul fucked her for 4-5 minutes more, making her cum for the second time. Payal was on cloud nine. Her face had a very satisfied smile.

Payal: No one has fucked me this good. Oh, fuck!

Payal’s orgasm lasted for a whole minute, with her moaning and shivering as the waves of pleasure kept hitting her cunt. Once she was done, Rahul pulled out his dick and asked her to suck it, which she did dutifully. A couple of minutes later, Rahul held her head as he emptied his load in her mouth.

Payal gagged a bit and pushed Rahul away once he was done cumming. A stream of hot white cum followed out of her mouth and fell on her tits.

Payal: Oh fuck! You are fucking amazing. Fuck!

She took a few deep breaths for a while and then got the cum off her boobs and licked it. The cum hungry, dick-loving slut as Rahul imagined her to be, was satisfied. He enjoyed every moment of fucking this absolute sex-crazy babe.

To be continued.

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