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Case One – Part 5 (Indian lesbian sex of the conspirators)

Thanks for all your likes and comments. It’s always good to know that your work is being appreciated. Let’s get on with the finale to Case One.

The case went on trial for a month. Raghu and his friends were sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment. Neha got only 6 months as proved that she was an unwilling participant and was doing what was told to her.

Payal’s name got cleared by the police, and she received her husband’s insurance settlement. She moved to Pune, where she took up a job. Rahul had a couple of more sexual encounters with Payal during the trial month. He made sure that her in-laws never found out about her affair with Raghu.

Payal moved on with her life in about 3 months. She got a job to focus on. She would go to pubs, party with her friends on weekends, and hook up with people. She was still a very young and very sexually charged person. She would fuck both men and women and even have a threesome with a married couple.

Seven months had passed since the day of the judgement. One fine evening, Rahul was in his patrol car outside a school having a cup of tea. That is when a person came up to him and greeted Rahul. He was a bit confused as he had seen the person before. But couldn’t recollect where or who the person was.

Prashant: I think you forgot me. I am Payal’s cousin, sir.

Rahul: Oh! Yes, I remember. How are you?

Prashant: I am good, sir. I saw you and came over to thank you for what you did for my brother-in-law Rajeev. You got us justice.

Rahul: It’s my duty. How is Payal?

Prashant: She was devastated at first. But after a couple of months, she shifted to Pune and got a job there. She is doing well now.

Rahul: I saw you were about to enter the school. You teach here?

Prashant: No, we are having an alumni meet. I just came here to meet some old friends. My sister, Payal, and my other 3 cousins went to the same school with me.

Rahul: Oh! So Payal isn’t here for the alumni meet?

Prashant: The meet is for all the students from the batch of 2008 who passed the 12th class from here. Payal is from the 2009 batch. But she studied only till 10th in this school.

Rahul: Really? Where did she do her 11th and 12th?

Prashant: She was sent to a boarding school in Ooty.

Rahul chatted with Prashant for some more time before going back to the station. Rahul was in deep thought after his conversation with Prashant. It wasn’t long before he realised what had happened.

In Pune, Payal got out of the bed naked and walked towards the kitchen to make tea. It was evening, and there was a drizzle outside. It had lowered the temperature, and the atmosphere had turned romantic.

Payal began to make tea for two as she stood naked in the kitchen. Someone hugged Payal from behind and rested their head on Payal’s shoulder.

Neha: I wasn’t done tasting that delicious cunt of yours. Come back to bed.

Payal: I am all yours, babe. Let’s have some tea, and then you can lick my cunt as much as you want.

Neha: The only way I could spend 6 months in jail was you. I love you, Payal. It was you and your love that kept me going.

Payal: I am sorry, babe, you had to spend time in jail, but we are free now. No one can separate us. I am all yours, Neha.

Neha moved her hands on Payal’s boobs and squeezed them from behind. She simultaneously began to plant kisses on her neck. Payal’s mouth opened to let out a slight sexual moan as Neha played with her body. Neha moved one of her hands from her boob to her cunt.

She rubbed Payal’s clitoris and pinched one of her nipples as she kept kissing her neck. Payal was getting hot and wet as her moans increased. But they had to break away as the milk began to boil and overflow. Payal pushed Neha away and switched off the stove.

Payal: Damn! Baby, you know how to treat a woman. Please wait in the hall and let me make us some tea. We can continue afterwards.

Neha: As you say, my queen.

Rahul reached the police station. He was angry as he had sensed it from the beginning but allowed himself to be fooled. He still had to cross-check the facts, but he was sure about what had happened. He fell for Payal’s cunt and messed up.

Rahul: Iqbal! Bring me Rajeev’s case file.

Iqbal: But sir, the case is closed.

Rahul: Just do as I say. Get me the fucking case file!

Rahul screamed at Iqbal and went to his cabin and sat on his chair, waiting for Iqbal to get the file. In about 5 minutes, Iqbal and Arvind came into Rahul’s cabin with the case file. Rahul took the file and began to browse through it like a maniac. A couple of minutes later, he found what he was looking for.

Arvind: What happened, sir?

Rahul: Payal went to the same boarding school Neha went to and passed out in the same year.

Iqbal: What?!

Rahul: It seems they fooled us. Payal might be the brain of the whole thing.

Arvind: But sir Raghu said she had no clue about the matter.

Rahul: Most probably, he was played by these two.

Iqbal: What should we do now, sir?

Rahul: We need more concrete proof to bring these two in for the murder of Rajeev. But all we have is that they both studied at the same boarding school, which won’t be enough.

Arvind: Sir, it might be just a coincidence.

Rahul: It isn’t. This was a well-planned thing.

Iqbal: Should we inform the ACP?

Rahul: No, he might just say that we are on a wild goose chase and order us to drop it. We need evidence. They should have communicated. Go through their call records and find out where Neha went after getting out of prison.

Arvind: We will do it, sir.

Iqbal: By tomorrow evening, it will be done.

Rahul: Good. Sorry for shouting at you, Iqbal. You both can leave.

In Pune, Payal and Neha had finished their tea and snacks before they started feeling each other’s bodies. Both were on the sofa, with Payal being on top of Neha. Their lips were locked as their tongues played with one another. Neha had her hands on Payal’s ass while Payal had one of her hands on her boob.

She caressed Neha’s hair with her other hand as they continued their passionate foreplay. Neha was a chubby woman with fat at the right places. Neha was 5’6″ with nice big boobs which shagged a little but were soft and spongy.

She had some tummy fat which only added to the beauty of her lovely navel. Wide hips with an amazingly big ass. Neha was a wheatish skinned hot looking woman who could raise dicks. She had short hair reaching till her shoulders. She was just like the pornstar Siri.

Payal: Oh, Neha! I love you so much.

Neha: I love you too, babe. My wet pussy is desperately waiting to be licked.

Payal started to descend. She kissed her neck as she moved down. She quickly sucked on Neha’s nipples and then proceeded downwards with her tongue moving along her midriff, leaving behind a trail of wetness. She reached her love hole.

Payal rubbed her clitoris with her tongue for 2-3 minutes, making Neha arch her back and moan loudly. Payal made Neha spread her legs and begin to kiss her inner silky soft thick thighs. Payal planted a lot of kisses on both her inner thighs while occasionally leaving a few bite marks as well.

She moved her hands upwards and grabbed onto Neha’s big boobs. She squeezed them hard for a few seconds and dived in between her legs. She began to furiously lick her wet cunt. Payal loved the taste of her pussy and kept licking her clean-shaven cunt. Neha’s entire cunt area was wet and shining.

Payal continued to pleasure Neha’s cunt as she now had two of her fingers sliding in and out of her sloppy wet pussy. Neha caressed Payal’s hair as she licked her clitoris and finger fucked her. Neha’s moaning got louder and louder. Within 5 minutes, she squirted a fountain of love juices all over Payal’s face.

She collapsed like a lifeless body when she was done with her orgasm. Payal came on top of her and began to kiss her moist lips passionately. Neha broke the kiss after a while and got out of the sofa, and went into bed. Neha returned after 5 minutes.

She wore a black coloured 8 inch big and 4-inch fat strapon dildo. The tight leather straps made her ass more prominent. She came and stood in front of Payal, who immediately took the strapon in her mouth and began to give it a blowjob while holding tightly onto Neha’s big ass.

Neha would spit on the dildo a few times, which Payal would eat up hungrily. Once the dildo was fully wet. Neha took Payal in missionary positions and inserted the big fat strapon dildo in Payal’s leaky wet cunt. Neha had Payal’s legs spread wide apart as she slowly inserted the dildo.

She fucked her slowly at first. Then a few minutes later, she held onto the base of her artificial dick and began to pound it into Payal’s tight cunt. It didn’t take long for Payal to cum.

As soon as she was done with her orgasm, Payal got on all fours. With her both hands behind her, she spread her ass cheeks wide apart.

Payal: Fuck me in my ass Neha, my tight ass needs that big dick. Fuck me, babe!

Neha again went into the bedroom and got a bottle of Vaseline. She applied a generous amount on the entrance of her ass. Then she took some more, and with the help of two fingers, she applied it inside her asshole. She applied the same on the strapon dildo and inserted it into Payal’s ass.

Little by little, she had 3/4 of the dildo in Payal’s ass. Neha began to fuck her ass with a steady pace as Payal fingered her pussy.

Payal: Oh! Fuck! Yes! Fuck Me! Neha! God, it feels so good! Yes!

Neha started to spank her ass cheeks as she continued to drill her ass with the strapon. Soon the entire length of the strapon was inside Payal’s ass, sliding in and out with ease. Neha would spread Payal’s ass, grab them, spank them and squeeze them as hard as possible.

Both of Payal’s ass cheeks had turned red. Ten minutes later, Payal orgasmed for a second time and collapsed on the sofa. Neha stood up and got rid of the strapon and laid next to her lover, and began to kiss and caress Payal.

Since Neha got out of jail, Payal and Neha had been living together for a month. Payal would leave for work in the morning and return home only late evening. She and Neha would make love every day. Whenever they were together, they were mostly naked.

Their bodies would constantly contact one another. They would bathe together, eat from the same plate, and sleep cuddling with each other. There was so much love between them.

Payal had introduced Neha to a few friends. They were wild women with a great appetite for sex. On 2-3 occasions, Payal invited 3-4 male colleagues and would have a nice group sex session with Neha. They even had sex with the food delivery guy a couple of times.

They would order food, invite the guy into their home to make payment, and then get naked in front of them. They both would get fucked and even get the food for free some time. Two months passed since Neha’s release, and she got a job as a waitress.

While in Bangalore, Rahul had built up a strong case against both the women. The cellphone records didn’t help at all. According to them, Neha and Payal never communicated. Rahul had personally gone to Ooty to get information about the two women from their boarding school.

He found that both girls were inseparable and best friends from the hostel warden. They even got into trouble once as they were caught kissing in the girls bathroom once by the Principal. Only after that visit to Ooty did the police get a breakthrough.

Arvind: Sir, these two were the ones who planned the entire thing. But why would Raghu take the entire blame?

Rahul: I don’t know, but this isn’t enough. We need a watertight case.

Iqbal: Sir, they didn’t communicate through the phone, which is clear from their call records.

Rahul: They were very close to each other. There is no way they didn’t communicate. Planning something like this would surely involve discussion. Did you manage to find where Neha went after getting out of prison?

Arvind: Yes, sir, just yesterday we got confirmation that Neha is living with Payal in Pune. She works as a waitress.

Rahul: You searched Payal’s and Neha’s home a couple of days ago. Anything from there?

Iqbal: Nothing, sir.

Rahul: Let’s go to Payal’s parents’ house, ask them if Payal still has a separate room. If yes, then we will search that room. I will try to get a warrant, and it’s probably time to get the ACP involved. He is a family friend of Rajeev and will help in expediting things. Let’s hope he doesn’t turn me down.

Rahul explained everything to ACP. After getting rebuked initially, the ACP decided to provide his full support. They got the search warrant. The next day, Rahul, Iqbal and Arvind went to Payal’s parents’ home. They were initially met with some resistance.

But the search warrant gave them access to Payal’s room. Later, they were about to leave disappointed. But just then, Rahul’s leg accidentally hit a tiled dado at the bottom of the wall. It was adjacent to the bed. When Rahul hit the dado tile, it fell, and behind it was a bunch of letters nicely tied in a pink ribbon.

They checked all the dado tiles and found some more that came loose. Every tile that came loose had a bunch of letters hidden behind them. They began to go through the letters. They were love letters written by Neha to Payal. There were close to 1000 letters.

The earliest letters dated back 8 years. It seemed they had been communicating via letters since they left boarding school. Rahul reported everything to the ACP.

Rahul: Arvind, you stay here and make sure they don’t communicate with anyone. 3 constables are on their way here to help you. Iqbal, let’s go and search Neha’s home one more time. Maybe even she has hidden letters in the same way.

Neha’s home was actually Raghu’s home. It had been sealed off by the court and was to be handed over to the accused once they got released. Even there, they found 1000’s letters which Payal wrote. It took them close to 18 hours to scan everything and pack it into evidence.

Their whole plan of getting rid of Rajeev was there in the letters. It was enough proof for an arrest warrant. A couple of days later, Rahul, Arvind, a couple of male and female constables, and two sub-inspectors from the Pune police went to Payal’s home to arrest the two women.

It was Sunday, and they were at home. Rahul and two lady constables were the only ones who went to the apartment while the rest were waiting below. Rahul rang the doorbell a few times. About 2-3 minutes later, Payal opened the door and was shocked to see Inspector Rahul.

She was wearing only a towel. Her cleavage and silky smooth legs from her upper thighs to her toes were completely exposed. Rahul stepped inside the house along with the lady constables.

Payal was shocked, and no words were coming out of her mouth as she traced her steps backwards. There was fear that was visible on Payal’s face.

Rahul: I doubted you since the day I saw you first at my police station with your father-in-law. Where is your lover?

Slight moans were coming from the bedroom, which caught Rahul’s attention. He moved towards the bedroom after ordering the constables to grab Payal. He went into the bedroom and found two guys banging Neha.

She was sandwiched between the two. One was fucking her cunt from below, and the other had his dick in her ass. They froze for a few seconds as soon as they saw Rahul in uniform and then began to run towards their clothes to cover themselves up except Neha.

She sat on her knees on the bed and stared angrily at Rahul. Both were brought back to Bangalore. Rahul began his interrogation with them. He presented them with all the evidence. They had no choice but to accept.

Rahul: I have told you everything that I know. Let’s hear you now. Tell me everything.

Neha: Don’t tell this bastard anything. It’s because of this pig that we are here today.

Rahul: It’s not me. It’s because of you and what you did that you’re here today. Come on, speak up, Payal. Maybe an emotional story might get you two a lesser sentence. Talk!

Payal: I had just completed my tenth.

Neha: Shut up, Payal!

Payal: No! Let everyone know. Let these motherfuckers know how much two women can love each other.

Rahul: Continue.

Payal: I had a high sex drive. I used to see a lot of porn and finger my cunt at least 2-3 times a day. I got myself a boyfriend to quench my sexual thirst. One day I was making out with my boyfriend in my room when my mom came in and caught us. They sent me to an all-girl boarding school, and I thank them.

Neha: I met this hot ass girl there. You know how hot she is, right? You have fucked her. Hey! People listening to the confession, your inspector fucked my lover Payal while investigating the case.

Rahul: Yes, I fucked her because that is how she fooled me. Are you happy now? I said it myself. Now, why don’t you say it once more loudly for the cameras as well?

Neha: You motherfucker!

Payal: Neha, stop! I met Neha there. She was fat then and got picked on by other girls. She was the only companion for someone like me who was new there.

Payal: She had lost her parents, and it felt like God had sent me there to be with her. She even saved me once from getting mowed down by a car and got hurt above her eye. We fell in love and decided to stay in touch through letters.

Rahul: You could have just divorced Rajeev. Why do all this? For money?

Neha: Fuck you and fuck your money. We wanted to be together.

Payal: My parents forced me to marry Rajeev even after telling them that I was in love with a girl. They didn’t understand me. If I had gotten a divorce, they would have married me off to another guy. But if I were a grieving widow who loved her late husband, they would leave me alone, which happened.

Neha: And this asshole fucked it all up.

Rahul: Why did Raghu accept the blame?

Neha: Male ego! That bastard thought that I was a good for nothing person and always tried to be superior. I was fine to be under him and stay out of police radar while manipulating that dumbfuck every time. All I did was tell him that he needed big money, and the easiest way was to trap a rich woman.

Neha: He agreed at once and appointed himself in charge of everything. It was me who sent an online friend request to Payal. It was me who used to mostly chat with her.

Payal: I made that asshole fall in love with me through my sweet pussy. Instead of blackmailing me with a sex tape and extorting money, he killed my husband and married me.

Neha: We intended to plant that idea in his head. He was easy to manipulate. I just told him to imagine the cosy future he would have. All I said was, “Just imagine if his husband dies and you marry that woman. You will be rich for life, and I will be with you as a sex slave.” All it needed was a little manipulation and a little trust in his misogynist male ego to do the rest.

Rahul: Thanks for sharing.

The trial started, and Payal’s dad got a good lawyer to defend her. But for her, the only way to save herself from jail was to blame it all on Neha. She wasn’t going to do that. Neha was the love of her life. She lost the support of her parents.

The case moved quickly to a conclusion with an incompetent lawyer representing the women. On the basis of the confession and evidence, it was proved beyond doubt that the women were guilty. The trial lasted for a month, and both were sentenced to 8 years of rigorous imprisonment.

Instead of being rewarded, Inspector Rahul was suspended for 3 months for having a sexual relationship with an accused and getting manipulated.

Case Closed.

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