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College Humiliation – Part 4

Thank you guys for your appreciation. Before continuing with the third part, let me give a brief background. This story is of a country that was male dominant. A girl studying in a college commits to stealing the exam paper and is punished and humiliated by the college dean.

She is stripped nude and punished. She had a very humiliating session in the anatomy class. Then she had a pee compilation punishment.

Now the story continues with the fourth part. Still, I would recommend reading the first three parts. The main character of this story is Juhi, and she narrates this

I walked back to the class with my legs tied up. My freedom to run and hide my nudity was lost. Students were very happy now, especially those from other classes. They would be able to scan my body and lust through it.

I reached slowly to my class with hundreds of eyes scanning my boobs, ass, and my body. The classes have started now. I had to sit in front as usual. The classes had gone as usual, and now it was time for the break. We generally had a long break as students had to go to the hostel mess for lunch.

I was not feeling like eating, so I was seating in the class. I had an urge to pee but didn’t dare to ask any boy. Almost half an hour had passed, and now I was unable to hold it.

Unwillingly I walked near one of the washrooms and checked for my classmates. I was looking for someone who was studious and innocent and would help me out without any demands.

Luck favored me, and I found my classmate Rajesh. I reached out to him and told him that I needed to pee and could help me out.

Rajesh: Hi Juhi, I feel sorry that you had to go through all this.

This gave me confidence that he felt pity for me and would help me out. I asked him to help me out and come with me to the men’s washroom.

Rajesh: I wish to, but there is an issue. Do you know Johny in our class?

Me: Yes. He is the naughtiest one.

Rajesh: During the break, he gathered all of us and put a proposal. He said, “Look, Juhi is bound to come to any one of us. If we help her out every time, we won’t get anything in return. But if we demand something in return, we all will get something. If Juhi comes to any one of us, let’s ask her the favors.

Me: What favors does he want?

Rajesh: He said that once she comes to any one of us, call other students who you can call out that time. We will ask her to choose 4 students and ask her to give handjobs to all 4. While giving the handjob, people will be allowed to play with her body.

Me: Has he lost his brain?

Rajesh: I know this is ridiculous, but I can’t help it. We need to follow the agreement.

Me: Why?

Rajesh: We all had agreed that we would follow this rule.

Me: That is ok, but as of now nobody is here, and you can come with me. I will finish it fast, and no one will notice it.

Rajesh: Sorry, but I can’t do it. If someone finds it out, I would be made naked and will have to sit with you like that for a month. I wish to help but can’t take that risk. Sorry.

I tried to convince him, but he wasn’t ready to take the risk. After multiple attempts when he denied it, I was left with no choice but to agree. My bladder was also not helping me.

Rajesh: Let me call the other students. You wait in here.

Rajesh went, and soon, he came up with other students, who must be around 20. One of them was Johny as well. Seeing him, I cursed him many times, and he had a wicked smile on his face. He told me that they would blindfold me and would stand in a queue.

I would need to call out four numbers. People standing in the queue with that number would be the four people who would get a handjob. Johny blindfolded me with his tie, and they then stood in a queue.

Johny asked me to call out the numbers. I just randomly called 1,3,13 and 17. There were lauds and clap sounds, and Johny came and removed the blindfold. Three people were standing on one side, and the rest others were on the other side.

I was confused why there were only three, but soon it was clear when Johny had gone back and stood with the other three students. Johny asked me to come to an empty room nearby along with other students.

After entering, he asked me to choose two students first to whom I would give the handjob. I didn’t have any favorites, so I asked any two to come as I wanted to go to the toilet fast. He asked 1 student whose name was Raj, and he came near me.

He asked me to strip their pants and start with the handjob. He pushed me a little to get me on my knees, and I started to unbutton their pants. Once down, I got up and held their cocks, and started to jerk. I was facing them and jerking, which was not giving me the right position.

Johny moved me. Now my back was facing them, and my front was visible to the rest of the students. Now there was a swift movement on their cocks. Johny said that it’s hurting as you are doing it fast and asked to lubricate it. There was no oil and gel available, so he asked to use the saliva.

I knew with this what he was up to. I spat some saliva on my hand and tried to put it on his cock, which he refused. He asked to take their cock in my mouth and get them wet, which I refused. He then said, “It’s fine, and we will leave and don’t want to continue.”

He knew very well that I needed to go to the bathroom desperately. I had no option but to agree to him. I bent down and faced them. I moved my mouth near his cock. Unwillingly I had to take it, but I was not getting the strength to go forward. My bladder was not helping me either.

I closed my eyes and held his cock and took in my mouth, and lubricated it as fast as possible. I repeated the same with the other student. They were moaning while their cocks were in my mouth. I got up and again started to give a handjob.

My back was facing them. Now I could feel and see two hands coming from the back and started to massage my boobs. It was the hands of Johny and Raj. In quick time I could feel their other two hands on my ass.

Now all the hands were busy. My two hands are on their cocks. Their two hands on my boobs and two others on my ass. My boobs were turning red now, and I would have hoped the same for my ass too. With all this, I was getting a little excited as well.

I started to shag it faster now. These guys started to breathe heavily. They also increased their intensity of playing with my boobs. Johny started even to lick my earlobes. Looking at him, Raj also started to do the same.

Everyone was getting excited now. Raj released his cum, and he started to slow down and removed his hands from me. In another minute, Johny also released his load. They both were satisfied now.

Soon this whole process was repeated for the other two guys, and they also did the same thing. I was feeling pressure under my bladder as well as excited. As soon as I was done with the other two, I asked anyone to come to the washroom.

I thought it might be a single student who would accompany me. But everyone came and watched me pissing in a standing position. It wasn’t very comfortable to do in front of one person. But there were 20 students behind my back as of now.

Nevertheless, I relieved myself and then got into the class. Anyone could make out with my boobs and ass that someone heavily used them. The classes ended on that day. Once again, I was used by my class students the same way through the guys was different.

This continued the same way. Every time I had to go to pee, I had to give a handjob. They have now made it six from four as well, and I had to agree. A couple of days after the break, I was going through the same and had picked 6 students, among which one was Johny.

He was the most mischievous one. He had only made it from 4 to 6. He said that day that we had done enough handjob. Now he and surely all want this to be converted to a blowjob. Hearing this, I was furious and said no to him. He said, “Then it is fine, and we shall all leave.”

Everyone followed him. I requested a few to help me out. But they all followed him due to the fear of being punished. I then requested other class students. But as he was the captain of the hostel, everyone denied it. The break had ended by that time, and I had to return to class.

My bladder was full, but there was no option, and I returned to the class. I thought I would go to the Dean and tell him the whole story. The class started as usual, and every minute was hard to pass by. I had a strong urge to pee now. I interrupted the Professor and asked him to let me go to the washroom.

He said, “He can’t. Even if he allows, then you cannot go alone as you would need a boy to accompany you.”

I requested him to allow one boy as well with me, to which he denied. He said, “You had the whole break. Why didn’t you relieve yourself that time?” How could I have explained to him the demands of Johny? I sat on my chair and started to wait for the next break.

Some time passed, but again I had an urge to pee. I requested Professor again, but he denied. I started to sweat a little, move my legs, press my fingers against each other to divert my mind. But after a minute or two, it was getting back on my mind.

After a few minutes don’t know what happened but my muscles controlling the pee gave up. A strong stream of my warm pee started to flow. I gave up everything and started to relieve myself. I pissed for a minute, forgetting about everything, what would be the consequences of it.

When I came to my senses, I discovered that I had peed on the Professor’s legs. His pants and shoes got a little wet. The Professor was upset with this, and he left the class in between. I knew now that I had to face punishment for this.

At some time, the Professor returned with a message which read, come and meet me after all the classes. And it was from the Dean. In a sense, it was good for me as well. I wanted to meet the Dean and inform him what my classmates were doing with me.

The classes were completed in the next two hours, and I walked to the Dean’s room and knocked on it. Dean asked me to enter the room. There were around 8-10 professors in that room but no lady professor. It looked to me that they were waiting for me.

Dean asked me to stand in front and said, “Today, you had committed a big mistake. You had pee on the Professor’s legs which is unexpected, and you would need to be punished.”

I told the Dean that I didn’t have an option and didn’t have control. My body reacted, and my mind was not able to control it. Also, I told him the whole story of Johny and his friends. How did they take my advantage? I was sure that after hearing my story, the Dean would forgive me.

What I heard completely shocked me. Dean said, “If your fellow students had put this condition, then you would have done it to go to the washroom. You refuse them or accept their proposal. It’s your problem.”

“But peeing on a professor is unacceptable as you have humiliated the Professor in front of the whole class. All the other professors and I have decided to humiliate you more and in front of us. From today itself, daily, you will have to give blowjob to 5 professors before the assembly starts.”

Hearing this, I said to Dean.

Me: Are you serious?

Dean: Yes, I am.

Me: I can’t do this.

Dean: That’s your choice, but that will mean your punishment to be extended by a month.

Me: That’s not done. You are not giving me a proper choice.

Dean: These are the only two options for you.

Me: I am not doing either.

Dean: Fine, then after your current punishment, you would be expelled from the school forever. After your marriage, your kids won’t be allowed to get admission here.

Tears started to roll through my eyes, But I had no option left and had to surrender. I wanted this punishment to be completed soon, so I decided to choose to entertain the professors.

Dean: I forgot to tell you one thing. The cum released from professors shouldn’t fall on the floor.

Me: What does that mean?

Dean: Either you need to take the cum in your mouth and gulp it, or the cum will be released on your front body or back above your pussy. Your hair and mouth will be exempted.

I thought that body was a better option. I will wash or clean after that. I said to Dean that I would get it done on the body.

Dean: Fine, but there is one more condition, you won’t be able to clean from your body before the next day. You will be able to clean when you take a bath, which would be the next morning.

Me: But how can I roam with cum on my body?

Dean: Then gulp in your mouth.

I was so much pissed with this now. They were not leaving any chance of my humiliation. What will all students think when they see cum on my body? All these thoughts were going through my mind. Soon I was Interrupted by Dean. “Miss Juhi, what are you waiting for?”

I came back to my senses and asked him with a low tone, what time I need to come tomorrow morning for this?

Dean: At 06 AM.

Hearing this, I started to walk slowly towards the door.

Dean: Where are you going?

Me: Walking to complete today’s assigned work.

Dean: Miss Juhi, this punishment of yours starts right now.

Me: But you said the time is 06 AM.

Dean: That is for tomorrow, but today you need to do it now.

I was feeling like crying out loud but refrained from it. With a very low tone, I said to Dean, “Ok. Which will be the 5 professors for today?”

Dean: The first one will be professor Roy on whom you have pissed and post that we will follow alphabetic order.

I went near professor Roy and got down on my knees in front of the Professor. I thought that Professor would slide his pants down and pull out the cock and wait for it.

Soon I heard Dean’s voice from the back, “Make a start, Miss Juhi. You need to slide the pants down and pull out the cock. Every action needs to be done by you.”

I put my hands on the Professor’s belt with a very sad face and opened it up. Later opened the buttons of his pants and slid them down. He was wearing underwear. My hands were not moving, but I put my fingers on two sides of her underwear and pulled it down.

Soon his cock was in front of my eyes. It was of decent size and width. All the professors had now taken a seat in the circle, and I was in the middle of the room. My hands were not moving. I was not in a state to take the cock in my mouth. Dean again called out, “We don’t have the whole day, Miss Juhi.”

Slowly I took Professor Roy’s cock in my hands and started to move my fingers up and down to make it erect. Within a few seconds, it was now fully erect. Still, I was rubbing my fingers only. Seeing this, Dean called out, “The punishment is for a blowjob and not for the handjob.”

Hearing this, I slowly moved my face towards the cock. While I was just a few centimeters away, I pulled out my tongue and licked the tip of the cock. I then started to lick it and slowly started to lick till the base of the cock. I continued licking and had covered most of it.

Professor Roy had started to moan slowly. For the first time, I heard from him, “Open your mouth.” I knew that at some point, I would need to do this. I slowly opened my mouth, and Professor Roy inserted his erect cock in my mouth. He was so excited that he put almost all his cock in and gagged me.

I pulled it out and took a deep breath. I now understand that I need to take control; otherwise, these professors will make me cry. I again took his cock in my mouth and started to move my mouth. I was just taking half of it in my mouth and was comfortable.

I was moving my tongue as well inside, and professor Roy was very much excited now. I increased the pace to complete the punishment. In the next 3-4 minutes, the Professor was about to release his load. He asked me where he wanted to release it.

I haven’t done a blowjob previously, and gulping the cum was out of the question for me. The other part having the cum on my body was also too humiliating. But I still preferred to have it on my body rather than my mouth. I removed his cock and told him that I would take on my body.

I started to move my hands continuously, and soon Professor started to moan heavily and released loads of cum on my boobs. Believe he might not have had sex for quite a long time, and that’s why he released a heavy load. Both my boobs were filled with his cum.

It was dripping as well from the gap between boobs to navel. Professor Roy felt so relaxed, and I was feeling so disgusted with the cum on my body. I rolled up the underwear and his pants and buttoned them. Next, I asked Dean which Professor I needed to serve?

Dean invited Mr. Ankit as per the alphabetic order, and he came and stood in the middle. I followed the same process and untied his pants, and gave him a blowjob. This repeated for the other three professors as well. Some released on my boobs, and one Professor released on my back and ass.

After all five were done, my upper body had a good amount of cum. Dean asked me to know carry with my work and be available tomorrow morning sharp at 6 AM. I stood on my legs and walked out of his office. While walking, everyone was watching me and thinking about what had all happened to me.

I was feeling very much humiliated but had no choice. I carried my daily chores and slept on that night with cum on my body. I felt very pity and disgusted at the same time and fell asleep before the alarm of 05 AM woke me up.

I was happy that I could take a bath now and remove the dried cum from my body. At the same time, I was sad that the body would again be covered with cum in an hour, and I would have to go like this in the assembly. These mixed thoughts were going through my mind, and I started my day.

So, guys, I will end the 04 part here and continue Juhi’s humiliation in the next part. I hope you liked the story. Please provide your valuable feedback as this story is on a different track.

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