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College Humiliation – Part 5

Thank you guys for your appreciation. Before continuing with the fifth part, let me give a brief background. This story is of a country that was male dominant.

A girl studying in a college commits the mistake of stealing the exam paper. She is punished and humiliated by the Dean of the college. She is stripped nude and punished. She had a very humiliating session in the Anatomy class.

Then she had a pee compilation punishment, and later she had a blowjob compilation. The story continues with the next part now.

I reached out to Dean’s office sharp at 6 AM. Five professors were sitting in his room. It looked they had decided among themselves on their turns. Anyways that didn’t bother me much as they were bodies for me. I asked Dean who needed to be served first?

Dean: Get in the center of the room and be on your knees, and the professor will come to you.

I did as stated, and the first professor came to me. I unzipped his pant and started to play with his cock. I was licking and sucking him. Soon he was about to release his cum and released on my boobs. It was the turn of the second professor. I repeated the same with him.

This carried on until I was done with the fifth one. My mouth was hurting, and my knees were hurting. My front and back were covered with cum.

It was time for assembly. Dean ordered me to get up, go for the assembly and stand at the stage. The thought of students seeing me covered with cum gave me a humiliating feeling. I slowly walked to the assembly and stage.

Students had started to gather in the assembly, and seeing me covered with cum, gossips were started. I had pushed down my head as I was unable to face them.

After some time, there was complete silence. I raised my head to see what happened and soon realized that Dean was there on stage. The assembly started, and after that, Dean asked any questions anyone wanted to ask. I haven’t seen Dean giving students this option and thought that this was done purposefully.

I was right. One of the students asked what was present on my body? I felt so humiliated at the thought of what they would feel about me. As expected, Dean told the whole story of my punishment in detail.

How I had pissed on the professor. I have to give a blowjob every morning to 5 professors, and this mess on my body is their cum. Students were getting very excited hearing this.

One student from the back said that we also want this to happen. Hearing this, all the other students started to echo his voice. Soon every male student was saying it. I was getting nervous, thinking if Dean agreed to students’ demands, I would almost be dead.

Dean said all students to keep quiet. He said, “It’s not possible to fulfill your demand. Look at your count. This gave me relief. For the first time, I got support from Dean. But what he said next blew my brain.

“I cannot fulfill this demand. But what I can do is allow you access to miss Juhi. After all the classes were over, Miss Juhi would be tied in the middle of the ground. Her hands would be tied up, and she would be standing with a gag in her mouth. All students can write anything on her body with a pen or marker.”

“She will be tied for 1 hour, and at a time, six people can write on her body.” I was completely shocked hearing this. Is this guy serious?

The students started to cheer up, and they all started to clap. I was angry and said to Dean that I wouldn’t do it. Dean, hearing this, announced to students, “Miss Juhi would now be tied for two hours rather than one.” Hearing this, students started to cheer up more, and I started to feel nervous.

Dean: Do you want to say anything more?

I said, “No, sir.” I didn’t want to increase my punishment.

Dean: Good, Miss Juhi. Ensure that this is not repeated.

Me: Yes, sir.

Dean asked the crowd to disperse to the classes. I started to walk slowly to my class due to cuffs. All the thoughts on what would happen to me. What will students write? How they would humiliate me was hovering through my mind. I reached my class, but I could not concentrate at all.

The thoughts were not leaving me. The classes went on, and it was the last period now, and I was feeling nervous. I didn’t want the last bell to ring for the first time in my life.

At last, the last bell rang, and all the students started to cheer. I put my head down in shame, thinking what was coming up next. Students in my class were waiting for me to move, but my legs didn’t seem to move. Soon I heard the Dean’s voice from the intercom.

“Miss Juhi, please come to the ground. You should be here in the next 5 minutes. Any delay will further increase your time here.” Unwillingly I had to get up and start walking to the ground.

Students started to follow me. I wanted to run. But due to cuffs, I could not, but still was walking faster. I reached just on time to the ground. Dean was standing in between and students who had already gathered there. There was a bar hanging in the air in the middle of the ground.

I reached the center where Dean was standing. Dean told me you are just on time. He then ordered me to stand at one place and asked me to raise my hands. My hands were then tied to the top wooden bar, which stretched my hands.

My leg cuffs were opened, which was a relief. But I was soon asked to spread my legs. A bar was tied to my legs which spread my legs a lot. I asked Dean why the bar was attached as cuffs were already there.

Dean: Your legs were closed, and people would not have access to your inner thighs and even your pussy. This will ensure people will have access to most of your body.

I thought for a while that why these guys are so focused on me that they don’t leave any point in humiliating me. Once everything looked okay to Dean, he announced to students. “Miss Juhi is all yours, but remember not to cross your limits. You are just allowed to write on her body and nothing apart from that.”

Suddenly I could see all students running towards me, and I got frightened. Dean seeing this, also understood that this way it won’t work. He asked students to stop. He ordered them to make six lines and form a queue. Students then stand in a queue.

Dean announced that you could write only 3-4 words. No one is allowed to write for more than 30 seconds. Dean asked to make a start now. Six students started to rush towards me. They picked markers and started to write on my body.

As expected, they chose my private parts to write. Two wrote on my ass, two on my boobs and two on my thighs. It was disheartening to see people writing slut, slave, fuck, suck etc. Tears started to roll out from my eyes. Once they were done, the other students came and started to write.

I was surprised to see some girls who wrote on my body. Many students didn’t leave a chance to tickle my nipples with a marker while writing. Dean ordered them to place a large mirror in front of me to see all written on my body and feel humiliated.

By the end of 2 hours, I was humiliated. My body was fully covered with various words and colors. Finally, this ended, and I had a sigh of relief. My hands and legs were at rest after being stretched for so long.

Dean said to me that you couldn’t rub and remove anything. You will need to be in this state until you take a bath the next day. I completed another set of work assigned to me and later came to my room and fell on the bed.

The next day I woke up, took a bath and rubbed my body a lot with soap to remove things written on my body. This took me some good time. I got late reaching the Dean’s office. I was late by almost half an hour.

Dean was furious seeing this and asked me the reason for being late. I said it took time to take a bath and remove all written on my body. Dean was not listening to it and said that I would get punished for this. He put the nipple clamps on my body and attached some weight.

I was frustrated with this but couldn’t do anything. I started giving blow jobs to one professor. But my nipples were hurting, and my mind was distracted. I was getting very much frustrated. The professor on the other side was fucking my mouth very hard.

I don’t know what happened, but all these thoughts overpowered me. I bite on the professor’s cock. With the other hand, I removed the clamps and stood up. Dean seeing this got angry and said that you had committed a big mistake. He asked me to follow the assembly as it was ready for it.

Students gathered there, and Dean started the assembly. All the morning prayers were done. I was standing in the corner thinking of what will happen next and why I did that.

At the end of the assembly, Dean explained what I had done to students. As part of it, he announced that my punishment would be extended by 02 weeks more. Students started to cheer up hearing this. He added there are more punishments on the cards.

Since I have a bite on the professor, I will be slapped in the face 10 times by the same professor. I was asked to come to the center of the stage. Professor Brijesh was asked to come and slap me hard 10 times. He was already angry with me. He came near me and took his position.

Dean ordered me to count each slap. I was never slapped. This was the first time it was happening in front of the crowd. Dean asked to start, and the professor started with the first one. It came very hard on my cheeks. I was almost about to fall by the impact.

I counted it one, and then came the second. This was more impactful. Tears started to rollout out my eyes due to pain and humiliation. He hit my left cheek with five hits. Then Dean ordered him to use the other cheek for the other five slaps. He hit the right one as well with his left hand.

Since it was not his working hand, the impact was less than the other, but both cheeks were red. I was about to move when Dean interrupted it. Your punishment is not over, Miss Juhi. Since you had forcefully removed the nipple clamps, we want to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

For this reason, we have decided to pierce your nipples and attach the rings to them. This will ensure that you cannot remove the rings at any cost. I was blown away hearing this. Piercing the nipples will make it a permanent mark.

I told Dean that I could not afford any permanent mark on my body as part of the punishment. Dean looked at me and announced to students that not only Miss Juhi’s nipples would be pierced but her pussy lips as well with one ring.

Any further reciprocation from her will increase the number of piercings. Dean then looked at me and asked – Do you have anything to say, Miss Juhi?

I had no other choice other than to say, “No, Sir.”

Dean then ordered some students to bring the wooden bench and place it on the Centre of the stage. Dean asked one professor to bring the piercing kit. He asked me to sit on the bench so that everyone could see my nipples getting pierced.

Professor brought the kit. It was a very simple kit, a scissor with a hole at the start, a needle and some rings. Dean ordered professor Akshay to start with the piercing. As he was moving near me, the thought of my nipples getting pierced was making me nervous.

Professor Akshay opened the kit and brought the scissor near my nipple. As the scissor touched my nipple, my hand automatically reached my nipple. I covered them with my hand. Dean seeing this, ordered me to tie my hands with cuffs behind my back.

Professor Akshay now had full access to my nipples. He took hold of the left nipple with the scissor and stretched it out. All the students watched this very carefully and eagerly. I was in total shame and frightened. Professor then took hold of the large needle and placed it between the scissor hole.

Instead of piercing it quickly, he was taking his own sweet time in an attempt to make me nervous. He then slowly inserted the needle, and I was in pain. He very slowly inserted the needle, and it went through it.

Tears started to flow through my eyes as they pained heavily. Professor then inserted the ring in my nipple. He pierced the other nipple as well and inserted the ring in it. The whole students watched this very carefully as this was probably the first time they saw it.

Dean then ordered me to lay down on the bench in that my pussy was on display to fellow students. Nipple piercing I could still digest, but it was hard to think about piercing my pussy lips. Professor got on his knees and touched my pussy lips.

He rubbed his hand a little on them and then took hold of them by the scissor. He then placed the needle and pierced my bottom lips, and attached the ring there.

My eyes were wet, and I was cursing myself on why I made this mistake. Dean ordered me to get up and then attached the weights on the nipple rings as well as pussy lips. The pain of piercing and then the weights made it very difficult for me, but there was no choice.

Dean dispersed the assembly, and I slowly walked into the class. But I was not able to concentrate. The pain on top of it made it very difficult to pass the time. Moreover, the time was getting passed, thoughts of people writing on my body were making me nervous. I didn’t know what all I would need to go through.

So, guys, I will end the 05 part here and continue Juhi’s humiliation in the next part. I hope you liked the story. Please provide your valuable feedback as this story is on a different track.

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