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College Humiliation – Part 6

Thank you guys for your appreciation. Before continuing with the sixth part, let me give a brief background. This story is of a country that was male dominant. A girl studying in a college commits a mistake and is punished by the Dean of the college. Juhi is stripped and humiliated.

She had a very humiliating session in the Anatomy class. Then she had a pee compilation punishment. Later she had a blowjob compilation. She is exposed to body shaming, and her nipples are pierced. The story continues with the next part now.

The schedule continued, and I was super cautious not to make any mistakes. Dean was getting anxious as he was not getting any option to humiliate and punish me more. Now 15 days passed, and I was left with the last month of my punishment.

Dean then played his masterstroke. While I gave a blowjob in the morning, Dean offered to reduce my sentence by 02 weeks. I was happy to hear that, but I knew that this would be at some price. I asked Dean, “What would be the cost for this?”

Dean: You are a smart girl. Yes, this would be at some price. The price would be to give you any punishment at any time, which could be more humiliating and more painful. There would be no limits to it, and you would need to adhere to it.

Me: Anything is quite a broad word. I can’t permit everything.

Dean: I understand. You can choose one thing as your hard limit. Only one thing and choose sensibly.

I decided that it was better to finish this in 15 days. Even on my single mistake, they will punish me and have more opportunities in a month. I said yes to Dean, and his eyes glitter up.

Dean: Good and brave decision, miss Juhi. What do you want as your hard limit?

After a lot of thought, I said, “I don’t want any pee humiliation.”

Dean: Okay, that’s fine then, so it means you are fine with scatology.

I got frightened as I heard that. I was thinking what these guys are thinking. I would die before I do any scat activity. I said to Dean that I didn’t want both of them.

Dean: That’s not allowed, miss Juhi. I told you that you have only one choice.

I was thinking like killing myself. I was left with no choice and chose scat. Dean said okay and asked me to go now. I was at God’s grace now. I knew now that I could be punished, humiliated without making any mistake. I just wanted to pass these 2 weeks anyhow.

I was in the class, and there was an announcement from the Dean. He announced a drawing competition at 10 AM today for all the students. There is a special prize for the top 2 winners. All students should gather on the ground sharp at 12, and the competition will run for 2 hours.

The announcement was over, and it didn’t impact me. I started to concentrate on my studies. Soon it was 10 AM, and all the crowd began to gather on the ground for the drawing competition. Dean announced the start of the competition, and he gave the theme as recent events.

I wasn’t concentrating much. But soon I saw people drawing about me. Some students were trying to illustrate how I was spanked. Some drew how I was peeing in a standing position and students watching from the back.

Some drew me sucking the professor’s dick. Some drew me standing on the ground and people writing on my body. Now I understood why Dean gave this theme, another way of humiliating me. People who initially started to draw something else soon changed to me after looking at their peers.

I put my head down on my knees to hide it. I wanted this to end soon. There were a lot of thoughts going through my mind, and I lost count of time. Soon it was 2 hours, and the competition was over. I had a sigh of relief, but it was short-lived.

Dean came into the Centre, and there was a panel with him. They shortlisted the top 50 drawings and then the top 2 of them. Dean announced the names of the top 50 students whose drawings were shortlisted. He said that these drawings would be put at various places in the college.

Hearing this, I started to sweat and was very angry at Dean. But this was just the start. Dean further announced the drawing competition’s top 2 winners, and what he said next blew me.

Dean announced the 2 winners get 2 hours to draw paintings on Miss Juhi’s body as the prize. Ajay, the winner, will draw on the front side, and Vikram, the runner up, will draw on her backside. The drawing will be carried out now, and we all will get a chance to watch it.

This came as a shock to me, and my heartbeat increased. Dean further announced my name and asked me to go to the center of the ground. Dean ordered some students to create a temporary stage, and in 5 minutes, it was done.

The stage was around 5 feet above the ground. It was purposefully created so that every eye could witness my humiliation. With heavy legs, I walked to the stage and climbed up. Ajay and Vikram were standing on it. Dean came on the stage and tied my hands above my head to the hook.

I was standing now totally naked with my boobs exposed, my tits and clit pierced, and legs tied up. Dean checked my body and found some hairs near my pussy. Another dirty thought ran through his mind, and he announced.

“Miss Juhi has pubic hair, and the painting will not be done properly due to it. They need to be shaved.” Hearing this again gave me goosebumps. This was the height of humiliation. My eyes were wet with tears, but I didn’t want to show this to Dean and give him the reason to be happy.

He asked some students to bring the shaving kit. He took the brush and started to rub over my pubic hairs. He was deliberately running the brush over my pussy. The brush hairs were creating a sensation on me, and some hairs were going inside the pussy as well.

This was arousing me, and my pussy was already wet. I was trying to control myself, so my pussy didn’t start dripping, but it was getting very hard. Now my pussy was covered with foam. I was so excited to touch and rub my pussy, but my hands were tied.

After rubbing the brush for a long time, Dean stopped and took the razor in his hand. He then took hold of my skin with one hand and started to move the razor on my body. Soon the white foam was getting removed, and my hairs as well. Finally, he stopped, he removed all my hair.

Now my hairless body was on display. He moved away and asked the students to start painting. I could see the lust in the eyes of Ajay and Vikram. It was a dream coming true for them. Ajay was in front, and Vikram was standing at the backside. I was sandwiched between them with my hands tied above.

Dean ordered some students, and they returned with a new set of colors. The color boxes were big, and there were a variety of brushes, from small to quite large ones. That was understandable as they had to paint my whole body. Dean asked Ajay and Vikram to start.

They opened boxes checked the colors. They asked their friends to bring some water to dilute the colors. Dean, hearing this, stopped them and said there was no need to get water. We already have it here. Hearing this, we all were confused.

What Dean said next was unbelievable and shocking to the guys doing the painting. He said, “Instead of water, we would use Miss Juhi’s pee to dilute the paint so that her pee stays on her body till the paint is there.” I was shocked, and there was a roar among the students.

This was humiliating with my pee staying on my body, and peeing in front of the crowd worsened. Dean ordered the students to start with their painting. Ajay placed the red tin below my legs and asked me to pee. I looked at Dean, and he had a wicked smile.

I had no option, and I started to pee. After 4-5 seconds, Ajay stopped me and mixed the color. He again asked me to pee for 1-2 seconds and stopped me. He again mixed the paint. This was carried with a few rounds until he had the perfect mix. My legs were now drenched with my pee.

Vikram then placed his colors to dilute them. This carried on, and they started painting. The theme was again openly given as BDSM. Ajay and Vikram were already on top of it. They used my whole body to paint. They very well used my boobs, my pussy lips, my butts, my thighs.

At the end of 2 hours, my body was completely covered with all sorts of colors, from my neck to my legs. They had drawn me in various bondage positions, me being whipped, caned, fucked, and whatnot.

In the end, Dean came on stage and announced that miss Juhi was not allowed to remove her color. She is also not allowed to take a bath till the end of her punishment. I was not able to believe what I heard.

My hands were untied, and I could relax and stretch them. I just had a look on my body covered with all sorts of drawings and colors, the feeling of my pee on my body made me feel disgusted.

Dean announced the completion of my punishment. He further said that I am adding one more punishment for miss Juhi. Her right to walk has been removed, and she will now have to crawl on all fours every time.

Dean asked some students to bring a small cart and rope. He ordered Ajay and Vikram to sit on it. He announced, “Since the 2 winners have drawn such beautiful paintings on miss Juhi, I think she should award them. What do you all say?” All students started to clap and roar.

Dean ordered that Juhi would need to crawl and pull this cart to the end of the ground as a token of appreciation. A rope was then tied to my body and the other end to the cart. Dean ordered me to crawl now, and with very difficulties, I was able to pull it. My knees were hurting due to this.

It took me almost 15 minutes to pull 50 meters. Dean asked students to disperse and asked me to carry on with today’s work. I started to work in the kitchen. There was another announcement for students to gather at 5 PM to witness another punishment for Juhi.

I knew that Dean wouldn’t leave me so easily as there were only 2 weeks left. At 5 PM, all the students gathered on the ground. I was crawling towards the center of it. Dean was standing in the center of the stage. While crawling, the weights attached to my nipples rings were swinging, making it more painful.

As I reached the stage, a bench was present in the center. Dean announced that since the punishment of writing on my body couldn’t be carried out due to painting on my body, I would be given another punishment of caning. I will be given 50 strokes of the cane.

My fellow girl colleagues would carry out the punishment. I was relieved to hear this as my colleagues would mercy me. Dean announced 10 girl students’ names from my class and asked them to come on the stage. He further announced that my colleagues needed to do it with full force.

If any spank is lighter, she would be asked to get naked and spanked 10 canes for each lighter spank. My happiness was short-lived. I was asked to stand near the bench. The girls tied my legs to the end of the bench. I was asked to bend at 90 degrees, and then my hands were tied to the other side of the bench.

My ass was now poking out. Dean then placed a device that records the amplification of sound. He placed it just in front of my eyes. He said that after the stroke of the cane if the sound is below 20 dB, it would be considered a lighter stroke, and then you know its consequences.

The crowd was now cheering up and was ready to witness my hard caning. The first student was given a fresh cane and asked to start. She knew the consequences, so she hit the first one with full force, and it pierced my skin and hurt like hell. I cried out in pain, and the device recorded 25 dB.

Dean then placed a mouth gag in my mouth so that I could not scream, and that didn’t impact the reading on the device. The girl had hit the first one with her full force, and still, it recorded 25 dB. She now understood that she could not be complacent and hit full force.

The cane punishment carried on, and every hit was with full force. I was not even able to scream as well due to gag. At the end of 50 strokes, my whole ass was burning, lucky for the girls that no one was less than 20 and unlucky for me. The last reading was 21, and the max was 29.

Dean then announced another punishment for me. He pulled out an object. It was a tail like a cat one. It was cone-shaped at the other end, made of glass. I didn’t understand it the first time. Dean announced that this was a butt plug, which would be inserted in miss Juhi’s asshole.

“This will expand Juhi’s asshole and will be a treat for all of us to watch, especially with this tail. When Juhi was crawling today, it reminded me of a cat walking. It was not a treat to watch without this tail. So I decided to have this butt plug in miss Juhi’s ass.”

Dean then inserted the butt plug in my mouth to lube it and then placed it at the opening of my asshole. He then put pressure and slowly inserted it in my ass. My ass was a virgin, so it had gone with very difficult. There was a hell of a lot of pain. Tears started to come out of my eyes.

My hands and legs were untied, and Dean ordered me to thank all the 10 girls for carrying out the punishment. I said thanks to all of them. Dean ordered me to thank them by licking their feet. I gave him an angry look but then, with no choice, bent down and started to lick their feet one by one.

It took almost 20 minutes, and the crowd enjoyed my humiliation. I was now asked to go and carry on my activities. Dean was so pathetic that he didn’t ask students to disperse. He wanted everyone to watch me crawling with the tail in my ass. Every student was laughing at me, and it was so humiliating.

Once I reached the end of the ground, Dean asked students to disperse. The day seemed to be quite long. The first day after, I agreed to any punishment to reduce my punishment by two weeks. It was 7.30 on the clock, and one of the office clerks came to me and asked me to come to the party room by 8 PM.

I knew that my day wouldn’t be over with such ease. I started for it as I knew I had to crawl, and it will certainly take time. I reached the party room on time and entered it. There was a big table in the center of the room.

Dean told me that some VIP guests are coming tonight for the party, and I have to entertain them all. I looked at Dean with a confused look. He said that I needed to remain under the table and give blow jobs to all the people sitting at the table.

There would be a couple of females where I would need to lick their pussy. I was not allowed to come out of the table at any cost, and neither can I deny anyone. It would be possible guests would like to have blow job twice/thrice, and I need to oblige.

I would need to drink their cum and lick dry the cunt of female guests. I knew I would have a very bad night tonight. Patting the feet thrice on the ground would signal me to make a start. I need to attend to each guest atleast once, so be mindful of the time.

If I missed any guests, my punishment would be extended by two weeks. Dean ordered me to go inside the table. It was covered with cloth hanging down to the ground. No one could see me. That was atleast one good thing. It must be around 15-20 minutes, and I could hear some voices.

People were having chats and laughs and were enjoying themselves. The drinks were going on, and people were seated around the table. I could see many feet now round the table. There were 12 guests overall.

I knew that I needed to make a start anytime. Dean then announced to all guests that there was a special treat for everyone today. One student is undergoing punishment, and she is under the table. She will be going around the table and giving blow jobs to each of you. For ladies, she will be licking your cunt dry.

There is no limit to the number of times she needs to treat you, and you can enjoy as many times as you wish. You need to tap both your feet thrice, and she will attend to you. There is only one mouth to attend, so please take turns wisely and please use this once a round is completed for everyone around the table.

All the guests were quite happy hearing this and started to clap. Dean patted his feet thrice on the ground, which was a signal for me to make a start. I started with the first guest. I opened his pants, and he lifted himself to get his pants and underwear removed. His cock was quite big, and I started stroking it.

After some time, I took his cock in my mouth and gave him a blowjob. He was enjoying himself like hell. After 3-4 minutes, he started to pump his cum in my mouth, and I had to drink all of it. I moved to the second guest and gave him a blowjob.

The third person was a lady. I lifted her dress and slid her panty down. It was a beautiful netted panty. There seems to be very little hair on her pussy. I started to bring my tongue near her cunt. As my tongue touched her pussy lips, it gave a sensation to both of us.

It looked it was the first time for her as it was for me. This was the first time my tongue had tasted another pussy. I was licking, and it tasted very weird, but I had to continue. It has been 5-7 minutes, but it didn’t look like she was on the verge of orgasm.

Keeping in mind that I had to attend to all guests, my punishment would be increased by two weeks. I rolled my tongue inside her cunt and started to tongue fuck her. I also started to suck it to reach her orgasm fast. These 2 things helped, and she reached her orgasm in a few minutes.

She released her juices, and unwillingly I had to lick all those juices. I licked and made her cunt dry and then moved on to another guest. I completed one round for all the 12 guests in around an hour. I thought the guests would not ask for it again as they were relieved. But I was wrong.

These sex maniacs started to tap their feet one by one. Even ladies were tapping their feet. I was having a busy time serving everyone. By the time party ended, I had lost count of the guests I had served. It must surely be around 2-3 times for each of those and maybe 4 for some of them.

In the end, when everyone was about to leave, Dean asked me to come out of the table and show myself to all the guests. It was so humiliating, below the table, all I did was still private. People would have imagined me. But as soon as everyone sees me, they all will form an image of me.

I still had the butt plug with the tail, which was more humiliating. Guests started to laugh seeing me nude with a tail, and my whole body was painted. My nipples and cunt were also pierced, which I am sure they must have fantasized about. It was time for guests to leave.

Dean asked me to stand at the gate with my ass out. He requested all the guests to spank my ass atleast a couple of times before leaving. Guests started to leave and were spanking me hard. No one just spanked me a couple of times but atleast 5-6 times. With my ass already canned, each spank was hard to bear.

In the end, I was just about to collapse, but luckily all guests had left by that time. Dean called it a day and ordered me to crawl to my room. This was the toughest day of my life. I was not sure what was still left in the store. I crawled to my room and fell asleep as soon as I laid down on the bed.

So, guys, I will end the 06 part here and continue Juhi’s humiliation in the next part. I hope you liked the story. Please provide your valuable feedback as this story is on a different track.

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