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Double trouble

A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. Very apt, but what if one lands in the bush? Then there’s no choice. I found out for myself a few months ago.

I am Rishab, 6ft tall, fair and slim, from Banaras. This is the story of my love marriage with my colleague Aarti who is very beautiful. She had just completed MCA and joined a local company when our marriage was fixed.

You might be thinking, what’s the big deal about love marriage? But this is about the first night and the events that made it memorable. The wedding itself was a standard affair, with the first night arranged in a hotel room (for privacy).

I was looking at my bride the whole time during the reception. Aarti is 5’6” with porcelain white color and thick hair. She was looking so pretty in bridal makeup that I kept looking at her.

I couldn’t wait for the first night and entered the room early. My bride was sitting on the bed, with her head covered, holding her knees. She was wearing a red ghagra-choli. Before she could say anything, I held her tightly and kissed her rose-petals like lips.

At first, she tried to resist, but she gave in within a few seconds, inserting her tongue to match my actions. Our extended lip lock continued with closed eyes. I enjoyed the moment talking about everything, from the softness of her lips to the sweet smell of the lilies in her hair.

Before I knew it, my penis was hard as a rod. I directed my bride’s delicate hand to hold it over the pyjama pants. She opened her big eyes as we broke our kiss. It was a dead giveaway and a shocker for me.

I was too turned on to stop, thinking of continuing for a few more seconds before confronting her. I felt her soft yet firm body. It was as if she was getting seduced by every touch. She was not stopping or saying anything.

Emboldened by her behavior, I felt her boobs and stomach. 34-26–34 with a C cup bra was my analysis. Kajal was an inch taller and a shade darker than Aarti. I didn’t know why she had come in place of her elder sister. But I didn’t want to lose that chance to have sex.

She hadn’t let go of my tool yet. “Good,” I thought. Before she came out of the stupor, I’d have it in. First, I undressed her. Feeling her smooth legs, I removed her dress. Inside she was wearing a normal white bra and white floral panty. She looked at me with doe-like eyes.

Therein lie the difference. Whilst Aarti had regular-sized brown eyes. Kajal had mischievous black eyes. She didn’t say anything as I licked the valleys and ridges of her stomach. The poor babe was slim and trim, while I made fun of her saying that she was chubby.

She had just the right stats. She was a size smaller than Aarti. But she was only 20 (not yet completed), four years younger than her elder sister. She couldn’t handle it as I sucked her tits and rolled my tongue around her tiny nipples. S

he had real hair, braided till her waist and wrapped in flowers. I unwound the flowers and used my fingers to open her silky hair. Kajal’s long hair touched her ass.

I decided to insert my dick into her slot without wasting time and finish my orgasm. I sound selfish, but I didn’t know how long I would last with a young girl like Kajal. Her cunt was so tight that it was difficult to push my cock.

She whimpered as I pumped her into a missionary position. There was some resistance stopping me from fucking freely. Realizing the worst, I covered Kajal’s mouth with my hand.

Her crotch was covered with a girly stubble like she’d shaved there a couple of days ago. Seeing her pussy made my member harder than ever. Using my weight, I plunged deep into her hole. There was a muted gasp from Kajal, which meant she wasn’t a virgin anymore.

Holding her steady, I rocked back and forth. Kajal closed her eyes and dug her fingernails into my shoulders. It was the first time that the girl climaxed before me. Once she was done, l asked her to give me a blowjob.

Up close, her naughty eyes looked cute as she milked my cock. I put my cum in her mouth and cleavage. She started getting dressed, and we finally spoke.

Rishab: Please tell me it was a joke.

Kajal: It was a prank that went too far.

Rishab: You could’ve told me that you’re a virgin.

Kajal: I was going to do it sooner or later.

We kissed like lovers for a long time till Aarti was expected to come. I told her we’d meet again before saying goodbye and seeing her to the door.

I’d barely regained my composure when Aarti came in. She looked like a beauty queen with her makeup refreshed. She was already wearing a red saree and a backless blouse. I made an excuse that I was tired after the grand wedding.

She was not happy but accepted my story since we had made out many a time after office hours. Looking at her, my heart melted, and I took her face in my hands to kiss her. She, in turn, removed the fake braid along with the flowers in it.

There was a long hair on the bed (belonging to Kajal), and I saw it just in time. Removing the hair, I noted that I had to ask Kajal to get a shoulder-length blunt cut like her sister if the relationship continued. There were lily petals strewn on the bed, but fortunately, there were also rose petals to cover up.

We kissed like it was our first time. It was tough to decide who was more beautiful between Aarti and Kajal.

We had a quickie, and I pretended to throw the full condom in the dustbin. In reality, I’d filled up that condom while fucking Kajal. I knew Aarti would snoop after I slept. Early in the morning, my erection was strong enough to make love. I woke up Aarti and banged her for a good 10-12 minutes before she came.

I filled her pussy with copious amounts of cum produced by my balls. Fully satisfied, she slept with her head on my chest. Relieved that I was finally a married man, I was enjoying my honeymoon without a worry in the world when the doorbell rang.

When I went to open the door, I was shocked to see Kajal. She had a haircut just like Aarti and no makeup that would stick to my shirt. She hugged me, pressing her soft body to mine. I was too surprised to say anything.

Kajal was saying something, but my eyes were searching for my wife. Aarti was nowhere to be seen, but Kajal was still holding me like I was her boyfriend.

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