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Drunk Hubby Likes To Watch Boss Fuck Me?

A big hi to everyone here. This is Simraan and I hope you all are doing great. Now, I will come straight to the fucking point, guys! My husband stopped fucking me! It’s not that he doesn’t like to fuck me. The truth is, he can’t fuck me!

Look, I told you the truth indirectly because I learned it the hard way. After months of living a sexless life with my husband, I confronted him about his lack of fulfilling one of the important marital duties.

Instead of telling the truth indirectly to him, I spat it onto his face after receiving derogatory remarks…

Me: You are getting impotent! Learn to accept this truth…

My husband (almost losing his mind hearing the truth): Shut up, you fat woman! I told you I don’t find you attractive anymore. Go, lose some weight…

If he really meant that, he wouldn’t have walked out from the middle of the conversation as he did. I went to bed and he went on a drinking spree after our usual Saturday night’s couple drama.

The next day, he got up with an ugly hangover. He was sitting at the dining table with one hand on his head. I was watching TV trying to divert my mind from the incredible urge to have sex. That was when the doorbell rang. Usually, neither of us is aware of who might have rung the doorbell but that was surprising to both of us.

When the doorbell rang for the fifth time, my husband got up to open the door. I became curious to know who it was my husband was apologizing. He walked inside the room looking serious. Behind him, walked a bald fellow of at least 50-55 years old.

My husband was making hand gestures to me asking me to run inside. I didn’t understand at first but when the visitor looked at me with his mouth open, it occurred to me. I was sitting on the sofa wearing just a pair of short trousers.

The bald man looked away when my husband looked at him in disbelief for continuing to look at me when I looked like that – sitting with exposed big breasts in front of an outsider.

I walked inside my bedroom and my husband followed me.

My husband: Don’t you have any shame? How can you sit in front of him like that…?

Me: Why don’t you shout at that pervert for looking at me like that? Also, why the fuck did you bring him inside when you knew I was sitting on the sofa?

My husband: He’s my boss… he’s … ahh! You are impossible to talk to…

He left the room closing the door behind him. I jumped on my bed and picked up my phone. My lover’s missed message saying that he couldn’t have fun with me due to work spoiled my mood. I was furious about being stuck in the house without any fun.

Then I began thinking about making an opportunity to have fun. My husband’s boss seemed to have gone wild staring at my big tits. Also, I wanted to show my husband how irresistible I am to other men.

I wore a loose t-shirt and walked outside. They had opened a bottle of whiskey already (it was still morning!). I sat amongst them and my husband introduced me to his boss forgetting about the incident. But I saw a gleam of lust in his boss’s eyes as he spoke to me.

Boss: So, Simraan, will you join us for a drink or are you shy around your husband to ask for it?

Me (laughing) Make me a drink and I’ll tell you (winking).

Just like that, I made the atmosphere enthusiastic. My talks kept the boss on the edge of his seat and my cleavage kept his eyes on my tits. The only person not enjoying was my husband. He continued pouring drink after drink and looked at his boss who was ogling my body.

My husband was the one more inebriated than the two of us. Looking at his condition, I asked his boss to come and sit next to me. While showing some pics of my office, I purposely showed him the nudes that I sent to my lover.

My husband’s boss got excited and began to chew on the peanuts harder. While he was throwing the pieces of peanuts in his mouth, one of them landed straight on my cleavage (nice strategy!).

Without any further thought, the boss raised his hand to pick up the peanut in between my cleavage. He started by pushing it deep inside, after tickling my cleavage, he dug his hand deeper and started feeling the bulge of my boobs.

My husband: Boss! Behave yourself, please…

He removed his hands when he realized that even my husband was among us. But I took his side to teach my husband a lesson.

Me: What’s the matter with you? You said that I don’t look attractive, then why are you getting jealous now? Boss, you carry on searching for that peanut.

The boss didn’t even see my husband and inserted both his hands inside my shirt. He grabbed my boobs and began to squeeze them. I giggled teasingly which excited him and infuriated my husband.

My husband (in his drunken state): Get away from my wife you bald bastard. Stop squeezing her boobs…

His speech was so slurry that his boss moved along and gave my husband a good view of what he was doing.

Me: Why are you getting mad? Your boss has already seen my boobs. Also, you said that I don’t look attractive to you.

I pulled my t-shirt and gave a nude view of my big boobs. The my husband’s boss mistook that as an invitation for him to suck them. He grabbed both boobs and began to suck on the nipples one by one. This irritated my drunken husband who was throwing tantrums on the sofa.

He didn’t even have the balls to come and push his boss away from me. Instead, he kept watching his boss ravaging my boobs. He only shouted when I looked at him.

I pulled my husband’s boss’s trousers down and exposed his hard cock sticking under his fat belly. His boss was on cloud nine when I grabbed his penis and began stroking it.

Me: Didn’t you say that I am fat? I think your fat boss will find me a perfect match. You carry on with your drink while I milk your boss.

I noticed that my husband was getting an erection watching his over-excited boss pulling my nipples, sucking them and slapping my boobs.

To take the situation to the next level, I pulled my shorts and sat on the sofa in doggy style. His middle-aged boss got a sweetheart attack watching my big tight round nude ass cheeks. He began to rub my ass with his palms because he was unsure of how to enjoy them.

My husband: Stop that! You are my wife… how can you do this to me?

Me: Look at you… you are having an erection watching this pervert play with my body. Grow some balls and tell this dog to get the fuck out of our house. Also, you already told me that I don’t look attractive to you.

My husband: Will you stop repeating that?

Me: Hey you dog, start worshipping my ass. I want your tongue in places that it has never seen before.

His boss obeyed my order (which suited his purpose) and sat behind me. He first rubbed his face on my ass cheeks and tickled me with his nose tip poking my pussy lips and ass crack. After gauging the field of interest, he swiped his alcohol breath tongue hard against my ass crack.

I caught my husband trying to reach for his cock. But when he saw me staring at him, he pulled his hand away. He watched his boss hungrily licking and sucking my ass cheeks. Whenever he tickled my asshole with his tongue, I would moan seductively. That made his boss get dirtier and my husband hornier.

The boss was then running the tip of his cock on my pussy. Before sticking it inside, he said ‘Sorry’ to my husband. I have a fake loud exclamation of pleasure when he shoved his cock inside my pussy.

His penetrating movement was irregular because of his drunken state. So, I started pumping my ass cheeks faster to take his cock inside my pussy. The rhythm was too fast for him to control. He tried to pull his cock out of my pussy, but I always caught his hand and continued fucking.

The boss started moaning louder than I which indicated he was about to cum. I turned around and began to stroke his cock by holding the whiskey glass underneath his balls. He shot out a sharp projectile of cum a few times and the thick semen oozed out of his cock.

I collected his load in the whiskey glass and kept it on the table.

My heavily drunk husband blacked out on the sofa watching his fantasy in front of him. His boss – a second heavily drunk person who was tired from a quick yet hard round of sex with his employee’s wife fell on the sofa face front.

I lifted him and made him sit on the sofa after putting his trousers back. Then, I poured some whiskey into the glass to hide the semen gathered at the bottom before leaving the place.

It was around 4 pm when these two gentlemen recovered from their drunken slumber. I sneakily heard them talk about what on earth happened to them.

They had a drink before calling it a Sunday (cheap!) and my husband made sure that his boss departed from his house in high spirits.

He came inside the bedroom and found me reading a book. To my surprise, he had forgotten the argument and started talking to me as usual. But I knew he had a tiny bit of doubt about what had happened.

My husband: Honey, did you join us for a drink? (He had a suspicious look).

Me: Why the fuck should I bother sitting with that bald man drinking when I can help myself here… (I showed a liquor bottle opening the drawer).

My husband: I know… but… I can’t understand why my boss said, ‘Sorry about your wife’. I mean, why would he say that if… Aaah! I think he apologized for seeing you naked when he came inside…

Me: No, he didn’t, I mean, yeah, that could be it.

My husband left trying to recall something that he was not able to believe happened.

At the time, my husband didn’t know what was coming up next. But I will give you guys a hint – I met his boss again!


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