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Entered the World of Prostitution – Part 2

Hello Guys, Thanks for your valuable feedback on my previous story. To those who are reading me for the first time, this is Shradha, a 29-year-old housewife. I look fair and beautiful like a typical Indian woman. I have a lovely olive complexion, am 5.6″ tall and have a perfect figure of 32B-28-34.

My boobs were so attractive. I had a great pair of booty round ass which attracted men at first sight. I was a fitness freak and maintained myself well. I work as a part-time callgirl to provide service to horny men who are desperate for sex.

My previous story ended with a narration of how I got into prostitution. After my first experience as a prostitute, I started volunteering my sex service to needy clients with the help of my friend Kavita.

Since becoming a professional whore, I started to live my dream life by getting fucked by different kinds of men of different ages. Two weeks passed, and I had made a lot of money. Now I was financially stable and leading a lavish life as my dream. I was very happy with how things were going.

One particular day I got a call from my friend Kavita asking me to meet her at her house soon. So I quickly finished all my chores, reached her house in the late morning, and met her. We greeted each other, and she praised me for my work. Then she told me the real reason why she had called me.

She said that there was an Arab client who wanted a callgirl for the whole night. They would pay heavily depending upon the performance. Since she is into her monthly cycle, she can’t meet the clients. So she asked me to visit the client in the evening.

The thought of foreign clients and getting paid heavily made me accept her offer. Once I accepted her offer, she said to make sure I served them thoroughly. They are very wealthy people and can tip you heavily. It all seemed good to me, and I was happy.

That I could be fucked by some foreign clients excited me. Once my husband left for the office, I had a quick shower. I changed to a pink chiffon saree with a low-neck matching blouse. I applied dark red slutty lipstick and a little makeup on my face and kept my hair open.

I then adjusted my saree where my cleavage and navel would keep everybody interested. Finally, I gave one last look over in the mirror. I looked sexy enough to make people cum just by looking at me. Now I was anxiously waiting for the agent’s call.

Around 8.00 pm, I got a call from the agent. I told him to wait near a bus stop. I didn’t want the car to come near my house. Later, I went and located the car. The agent asked me to get inside the car. I hopped in, and we started moving towards the location.

After a few minutes of driving, we reached the Lemon tree hotel near Ulsoor. He took me to the clients. As we reached room no 502, he rang the doorbell. After a few seconds of waiting, a well-built Sheikh opened the door. He asked us to come inside and close the door behind us.

The room was quite big and luxurious with all the sophisticated interiors. To my surprise, another guy sat on the bed with hookah and looked lustfully at me. They were both in their early 40s. They looked fair and handsome in their traditional Arabic outfit.

A long white robe and a red and white square scarf are on their heads called. I was pretty impressed by their looks and muscular body. I was scared, thinking I would have to take two dicks on the same night. I have never done it before. I knew it would be a lot of pain and stress.

Then the agent introduced me to the client. They looked at me from top to bottom, especially at my boobs. They were pleased with my beauty. They settled the agent’s commission, and the agent left the room.

One was Habib, and the other one was Zayad. Both are businessmen from Dubai. Then Zayad walked across the room and played some Arabic music. He asked me to take off my clothes slowly and seductively, like a striptease. I was a bit nervous as it was my first time as a stripper.

At the same time, I was also excited about stripping to a stranger and watching his eyes feasting on my body. I walked over to the cleared area and started to dance seductively, moving my hands from my neck to my thighs and swaying my waist and ass.

I threw my hair back and forth, biting my lips and giving them a naughty and erotic smile. They both were sitting on the edge of the bed. They were enjoying my strip dance by having hookah. They kept looking at me ravenously as if they were going to eat my body.

Then slowly, with some seduction, I lowered my saree pallu from my shoulder, revealing my cleavage over my blouse. Then I continued dancing elegantly. Soon, I removed my loosened saree and followed my blouse. Then, I untied the knot of the petticoat and dropped it on the floor.

I just stood in my brown-coloured bra and panties in front of them. Now my hands moved all around my body, cupping my covered boobs, squeezing them in between and leaning forward by revealing my cleavage. Then I reached for my bra straps and unhooked bra hooks slowly and seductively.

I could see their faces filled with excitement as their eyes focused on my boobs. They were so eager to see my naked boobs. Once the bra got unhooked, I started shaking my chest and waist seductively like a belly dancer. My bra was still hanging from my shoulders.

I kept on dancing to them seductively. Then, I slowly removed my bra and slid it from my hands, giving them a glance at my beautiful boobs. I could see their reaction to my freed boobs. They were awestruck by my nicely shaped boobs in front of them like juicy mangoes.

My nipples stood erotic. They got excited by looking at my boobs. Now I started moving my waist, cupping my boobs with both hands. I started licking my boobs, caressing and pinching my nipples. Then, I turned around and slightly bent down, facing my back and ass towards them.

I dug my nails in the waistband of my panties and started to slide it down, inch by inch, slowly and seductively. My ass crack came into their view. They were looking at my bubble butt with their jaws dropped. While sliding my panties down, my curvy bottom and firm round ass came in full view.

Finally, the panty hit the ground, and I stepped out from it. Once the panties were off, I again bent down, facing my ass towards them. I started swaying my ass cheeks up and down to the beats seductively. I frequently kept spanking on my ass cheeks.

Now I turned around so they could look at my pussy. Their eyes widened as they spied the dark wet patches of my pussy. My hands roam all over my body slowly and seductively. Then, I slid my hands across my pussy and started rubbing over my pussy with my fingers.

With one hand, I was cupping my boobs. With the other, I was rubbing my pussy lips. Then Habib asked me to come to his lap and sway the ass. I obeyed and went near him. I turned my back and sat on his dick which was fully erect.

Now I started grinding my ass over his dick seductively. He hugged me from behind and squeezed my boobs hard. Then suddenly, Zayad pulled me towards him and started kissing me hard. I, too, responded to his kiss. Now we were trying to explore each other’s mouths with our tongues.

We started exchanging our saliva. We were deep in ecstasy while kissing. Meanwhile, Habib’s hands roamed all over my boobs, and he kept squeezing them tightly. Then I switched to Habib, and we kissed each other passionately. They held my boobs, kneaded them gently, and pinched my nipples.

I was feeling aroused. Then they both cupped my boobs and started sucking them hard. They were sucking, licking and biting my boobs and nipples simultaneously. In immense pleasure, I grabbed their heads and pressed them on my boobs.

My nipples became hard with their tongues and teeth pulling and biting them. Once they finished my boobs, they removed their long white robe and other remaining clothes without ceremony. Now all three of us were completely naked.

I quickly moved down, knelt on fours between their legs, and looked at their dicks hungrily. Oh my goodness! I have never seen such magnificent dicks. I could not resist looking at those enormous dicks. I didn’t waste any time. I grabbed their dicks with my hands and began stroking them up and down.

It was already oozing with their pre-cum. Then I took out a condom packet and rolled the condom over their dicks. I took out my tongue and started licking their dicks, craving instant release. My tongue was expertly circling on top of their dick knob, taking it fully into my mouth and pulling back out.

Then I switched towards their balls and took them in my warm mouth. I started sucking and rolling them like a slut. I kept switching between their dick and balls every five to six strokes. I held both the dicks together and guided them into my warm mouth.

Initially, I found it quite difficult to fit it into my mouth as their dicks were quite big. But still, I took their dicks into my mouth and started sucking on them together. I was taking them in, spitting on them, and taking them deep into my throat.

I was getting choked, and my saliva dripped all over their dicks. I was showing off my deep-throat skills like a professional whore. They both were enjoying my blowjob. My blowjob was too much for them to control beyond a point, and they reached their peak.

Spurt after spurt of their semen ejaculated out from their condom-covered dicks. Now they both got exhausted and collapsed on the bed. Then Habib wanted to use the washroom, so he went. As soon as he left, Zayad and I were cuddling each other.

My hand was fondling his balls very gently with full of love. Meanwhile, Habib entered the room, and I watched him moving naked. He went and opened the locker, which was full of UAE dirhams. On seeing all the bundled notes, I became very excited.

He pulled out a couple of bundle notes and threw one to his friend Zayad. Zayad grabbed me and made me sit on my knees in the middle of the bed. They both sat on my right side and left. Now they both started kissing and licking all over my body.

Then they both started showering me with dirham notes all over my body. I was laughing loudly and enjoying it by waving my hands. I had never experienced something so wonderful. I grabbed money with both hands and showered all over my body. The money was spilt all over the bed.

Then suddenly, Sheikh Habib moved up, and I didn’t quite get why. But he had other dirty plans. He moved up behind me and pointed my ass towards him and
Started rolling a condom on his dick. Habib hardly spanked my ass cheeks and said something to his brother in Arabic.

I couldn’t understand their language. Now he started guiding his dick deeper into my wet pussy. Due to wetness, he could slide it easily and fill the entire length of my vagina with his huge dick. Once his dick completely disappeared into my pussy, he started fucking my pussy.

His thrusts were slow initially. But gradually increased the speed and started pumping hard into my pussy. His dick was touching the deepest spot of my vagina. Meanwhile, I took Zayed’s dick into my mouth and started sucking it like a whore.

Because of Habib’s thrusts, I didn’t have to move back and forth to suck Zayad’s dick. Now Habib sat on my ass, pounded my pussy by grabbing a bunch of my hair with his palm, and slapped my ass cheeks frequently. The sound of his balls banging against my ass had filled the room.

He fucked me mercilessly like a bull, and I was excitedly moving my hips for his every stroke. Now I moved up and pinned down Zayad on the bed and started rolling a condom on his dick. Now I quickly claimed on top of him, placed my ass on his dick, and moved so that his dick was getting rubbed between my pussy lips.

I then lifted my ass, held his dick, slowly guided it into my pussy, and started riding on his dick vigorously like a cowgirl. I could see Zayad’s facial expressions while I was bouncing up and down the length of his long dick. He had closed his eyes and opened his mouth for every thrust.

To entice him further, I raised my arms as my hips and pussy worked on his dick. At the corner of my eyes, I could see Habib looking at us curiously like a baby and kept stroking his dick in lust. So I grabbed his dick and started sucking while riding on Zayed’s dick.

Zayed was holding my boobs and gently pinching the nipples as I kept bouncing on his dick. While I was riding on Zayed’s dick. Suddenly Habib said, “Zayed, let’s double penetrate this whore.” I was taken back by the words of Habib. I was in shock as I had never tried double penetration before.

He quickly moved behind me and slowly started guiding his dick into my asshole. But he was finding it difficult to enter as my asshole was too small to take his huge dick. He was trying to push more into my asshole. I was screaming like a mad bitch in pain and pleasure.

I was sure that whoever passed by our room would have heard my scream. My eyes were literally in tears as all the pleasure regions of my asshole welcomed his dick inside, stretching to accommodate the rather thick one. With a couple of hard pushes, his dick got completely buried into my asshole.

It had gone deeper and reached where it had not been touched by anyone else. Yes, it was true. It went deep inside my asshole. I held still for a few seconds. I was shaking my head in pain with tears in my eyes.

Once the pain subsided, they started fucking my holes, slowly going in and out simultaneously. I was sandwiched between Zayed and Habib. Zayad was stroking from the bottom and Habib from behind. Their thrusts were slow initially.

But gradually, they increased the speed and started pumping hard into my pussy and asshole. Zayed gave his friend Habib a high five while they banged me hard. The pain slowly turned into pleasure. I was enjoying getting a double penetration on my pussy and asshole together.

Habib kept spanking my ass cheeks hard while thrusting his dick onto my asshole. I wrapped my hands around Zayed’s neck tightly as I moved my ass in rhythm with every stroke in excitement. Within some time, I realized I was getting pretty tired with all the back-to-back orgasms I had.

But they were in no mood to leave both holes. Habib turned me towards him, facing me and carried me with both hands. I wrapped my hands around his neck tightly and wrapped my legs around his waist. Before I even blinked, his complete dick had disappeared inside my pussy.

On the other hand, Zayed moved behind my ass and guided his dick into my asshole. Again, their dicks started fucking me simultaneously in and out of my pussy and asshole together. They both grabbed my ass and made me bounce harder on their dicks.

I was getting wild, and I started moving my hips up and down to absorb their dicks. I kept bouncing on their dicks like an unstoppable machine. Finally, they both lost control and blasted all of their load deep into my pussy and asshole with their condom on.

We breathed heavily with immense pleasure, exhausted, and collapsed on the bed. For the next few seconds, I went blank with the intensity of my orgasm. I had never experienced something so intense before when I got fucked. We all rested for a while by cuddling each other.

We all were completely exhausted by some hard fucking. The whole room smelled of sex. Later that night, we had some more fucking sessions, and we slept after 1.00 am. In the early morning, around 5.30 am, I woke up and looked back to see both the monsters sleeping naked in different positions.

Later, I had a quick shower and got dressed up. Meanwhile, they both got woken up. Zayad and Habib felt very happy with my service and took my contact number. They handed me 7000 dirhams, around one and a half lakhs in Indian rupees. I was surprised and startled that I had earned 1.5 lakhs in a night.

I immediately put the money in my purse, and I thanked them. They hugged and kissed me before bidding bye. Once I reached my home, I tried to open the door, but it was already open. I walked in and saw my husband was sleeping. I found a cigarette packet next to my husband.

I had never tried it before. I took a cigarette and went to the open balcony. I lit the cigarette and sat comfortably on the chair, extending my legs on the front iron grills. I started to enjoy smoking and felt very relaxed.

I started to recall the things that happened last night. I could not believe that I had gone through all this fucking 2 Arab guys for bloody money. After the smoke, I don’t know when I went to sleep.

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