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Hello Guys, This is Shradha, a 29-year-old housewife. I look fair and beautiful like a typical married Indian woman with a lovely olive complexion. 5.6″ tall and have a perfect figure of 32B-28-34. My boobs are attractive, and I have a great pair of booty round ass which attracts men at first sight.

I was a fitness freak and maintained myself well. My husband and I have been happily married for almost 5 years. We love each other very much, and he always tried to keep me happy. I was very dominating in bed. Initially, I felt that my husband’s 5-inch dick would not satisfy me.

But I have been a loving and loyal wife to my husband all these years. I have been a regular reader of ISS. The stories I read encouraged me to share my sexual adventure, which happened very recently. It has changed my life completely.

I am from a poor background family. I always dreamt of living in a luxurious house, moving in big cars, and travelling abroad. My dreams had no end. Dreams are dreams, and normally all are an illusion. The same thing happened in my life.

My husband was working in a small private company. So I can understand that he can’t provide everything for me. I started to compromise and support my husband.

One particular cloudy afternoon, I returned from the market after finishing my shopping. And all of a sudden, it started to drizzle. In Bangalore, once the rain starts pouring, it does not end so easily during monsoon. Hence I thought of visiting one of my friend Kavita’s house, which was close by.

I thought to give her a surprise visit. I knew that my friend would be alone since her husband would be at work and her son at school. I quickly reached her place and parked my scooter outside. I thought to surprise her. So I quietly opened the door and entered the house.

But it went the other way around. I heard her loud moaning sounds coming from the bedroom. I was surprised that her husband didn’t go to work today. It was very obvious that she was having sex with her husband. I didn’t want to disturb them, and I thought to leave.

But then suddenly, I got curious to see how would it feel to watch another couple having sex. Do they fuck each other better than my husband and I do? Out of curiosity, I slowly moved closer to the bedroom, and my luck, I found the bedroom door was slightly open.

I slowly peeped into their room, shocked by what I saw inside. I saw that my friend Kavita was stark naked. She was riding on a dick in and out of her pussy in a cowgirl position. The shocking part was that it wasn’t her husband! It was some stranger.

I can still recall that scene, and it makes me wet thinking about it. While trying to leave the place in a jiffy, I hit a showpiece, and it fell. They both saw me looking at them. Kavita yelled, “Close that door, Shradha. Give me 10 minutes. I will be there.”

I closed the door and sat in the living room, dumbstruck. The visuals were flashing through my eyes. I was shocked that my best friend, who I thought was a very nice lady, was cheating on her husband. I could still hear her moaning. Finally, they both grunted, indicating that they both had cummed.

After some time, I saw them coming out of the bedroom. The guy squeezed her boobs in front of me and slipped the bunch of 2000 notes inside her blouse, and he left. I was looking at them in shock. Once the guy left, I shouted, “What the hell are you doing, Kavita? You are a married woman with a grown-up son.”

She came and sat beside me. Without any shyness, she said she works as a part-time callgirl who will sleep with people for money. I was shocked. I can’t believe that my close friend is a prostitute. As soon as I came out of my shock, I asked her, “How can you cheat on your husband, and what if he finds out?”

So she said, “What I was doing was taking care of myself and my needs. But still, I love my husband and my kids a lot, and no one will come to know about my secret life.” Then I started thinking she was right but couldn’t accept it. I was trying to find reasons to oppose this idea.

She then said, “Shardha! I know you are in a financial crisis. So why don’t you make some good money? If you become a callgirl like me, you can earn a very good income and lead a lavish life.”

On hearing this, I just said, “Shut up, Kavita! I can’t cheat on my husband. I had never thought of any other man in my life.” So she exclaimed, “This is not anything against your faithfulness and loyalty towards your husband. It’s all about money to survive and have a better life in this city.”

By saying this, she started showing all her expensive gold jewellery, iPhone, branded dresses, and bank balance. I was surprised and startled after seeing all those expensive items. Kavita comes from a middle-class family but has all kinds of expensive items and her bank balance.

I asked, “How much do you get paid per night with a client?” What she said was more shocking to me. She said, “I have contacts with some high-class businessmen in the city. On weekends I will sleep with any of them and get money from 15k to 20k, sometimes more.”

I was awestruck, and I was quiet for a moment. Honestly! From the bottom of my heart, I, too, wanted to have experience being with another man and lead a lavish life. But due to Indian nature, I remained silent.

At last, she said, “Shradha! Just relax and think about it wisely. We can be happy and make our hubbies happy by being and thinking practical.”

After all this, I returned and kept thinking of Kavita’s life. She was happily married and had been fucked by different men and paid for it. Her husband doesn’t know about it. I just wondered how she manages it. My entire evening went with all these thoughts.

After dinner, my husband and I went to bed and had a casual conversation. But in my mind, I kept thinking if I was doing the right thing? What if my husband finds out? This kept my pussy wet since the evening. I was so engrossed in these thoughts that I didn’t realize my husband was fingering my pussy.

He asked me why I was already so wet. I just lied to him, saying that I was feeling horny for him. Hearing this, he started undressing, pulled my nighty up, and entered his dick in me. He fucked me for 20-25 minutes, and then we both came.

But honestly, I had my eyes closed and imagined that guy instead of my husband. After sex, we cleaned and slept.

The next morning, Kavita came to my house, and I was happy to see her again. She asked, “What have you decided?” I said, “I am very much confused and nervous thinking about sex with some stranger other than my husband. And what if someone finds out?”

She stopped me and said, “Just go with the flow and don’t be nervous. Just try it once.” She started brainwashing me to become a callgirl. First, I hesitated, but then the evil in my mind woke up and agreed to her proposal. Kavita was extremely happy to hear such a supporting decision from me.

She said, “You will enjoy it.” So I replied, “I hope so!” Then, she took the phone and called one of her regular clients and explained about us. He said he could offer me 25k if I could stay with him for a full night. I was really surprised, and I immediately agreed to the proposal.

Later she gave me certain views and suggestions to follow strictly. Now I have become a professional prostitute. I got assigned for the night to satisfy a businessman in Bangalore. My husband was doing a night shift, so I had the liberty to enjoy my nightlife.

Once my husband left for work at 6.00 pm, Kavita came to my house and asked me to get ready soon. The client was waiting for me. So I went to the washroom only to realize that my public hair was too grown and covering my vaginal region.

So I took my trimmer and cleaned up the hairs in all the surrounding areas of my pussy. Then I had a quick shower and changed to a red chiffon saree with a low-neck matching blouse. Kavita applied makeup for me. She applied dark red slutty lipstick and a little makeup on my face and kept my hair open.

She then adjusted my saree to the point where my cleavage would keep everybody interested without showing much. She said, “Shradha! you look like a real slut!” Then I gave one last look over in the mirror. “Oh, God!” Yeah, she was right. I was looking like a professional prostitute.

I looked sexy enough to make people cum just by looking at me. Now we both were anxiously waiting for the client’s call. Around 7.30 pm, Kavita got a call from him and asked me to come to the Welcome hotel, room no 205, at 8.30 pm. Now I was nervous and anxious as this was something new for me.

Kavita said, “Don’t worry, everything will be alright, and it will be safe. Just go with the flow.” She booked the cab for me and asked the driver to wait at a nearby mall. We didn’t want the car to come near our street, and everyone would start questioning us. I bid goodbye to her and left my house.

I went near the mall and located the cab. I hopped in and started moving towards the location. I noticed the driver kept looking at me ravenously as he peeked through the back mirror. But I ignored him. After a few minutes of driving, I reached the Welcome hotel near Richmond road.

As I reached room no 205, I rang the doorbell. After a few seconds of waiting, a well-built man opened the door. He was in his mid-40s, and he looked handsome with nice outfits. I was impressed by his looks and muscular body. He asked me to come inside and closed the door behind me.

He was looking at me from top to bottom and staring at my boobs. I sat on the bed and kept my vanity bag aside. The suit was luxurious, with a lot of space to move around. He came and sat beside me on the bed and started praising my beauty. I was very nervous.

My heart was beating so fast out of excitement, but I tried to hide these feelings from him. I asked him to pay the money first. So he pulled out his wallet and handed me 25k. I put the money in my purse and placed my hand on his dick. I started massaging it over his boxer, which was getting harder every second.

He wrapped his arms around my shoulder and instantly started kissing me passionately. I, too, responded to his kiss. We were trying to explore each other’s mouths with our tongues, and we started exchanging our saliva. My hands roamed over his back, and I kept squeezing his ass tightly.

We were deep in ecstasy while kissing. Finally, we broke the kiss, and he lowered my pallu from my chest and started unhooking my blouse. He managed to open 1 hook but could not open the remaining hooks. So I helped him remove all the hooks and removed my blouse.

It slid it from my hands, which gave him the glance of two huge hungry boobs trying to pop out from my bra. He got excited and kissed my boobs over my bra. He got excited and immediately unhooked my bra and released my boobs. He was awestruck by my nicely shaped boobs hanging like juicy mangoes.

My nipples were already erect. He held my boobs and started kneading them gently. Meanwhile, I was fondling his buttock and lightly touching his asshole. There was a lot of hair there. I was aroused, so I cupped both the boobs and asked him to suck them.

He got aroused by my move, bent down a little, kissed my nipples, and started sucking my nipples one by one. He was sucking, licking and biting my boobs and nipples simultaneously. He enjoyed sucking my boobs and tried to put the entire boobs into his mouth as if I was going to swallow them.

I can tell that he was thoroughly enjoying it. I was pleased and held his head and pressed it on my boobs. My nipples have become very hard and reddish with his tongue and teeth pulling and biting them. He pinned me down on the bed and started kissing me all over my face.

Slowly, he began kissing all over my tummy. He bent a little, dug his nails in my panty waistband, and started removing my panty. I helped him by lifting my butt a little to let the panties come off my thighs. Once the panties were off, he widened my legs and looked at my pussy with lustful eyes.

I was thrilled when I thought it was the first time a man other than my hubby saw me naked. He took out his tongue and dived in like a hungry wolf. Biting, licking whatever came into his mouth. I went insanely mad the moment his tongue touched my heavenly place.

I was screaming in joy and uncomfortably twisting and turning on the bed, begging him to lick more. His tongue was expertly licking every part of my pussy, giving me the ultimate pleasure I wanted. I was enjoying it by grabbing his hair and rubbing his face over and over to lick more.

His face was fully covered in my sticky juices. Now I pinned him down on the bed. I got down and knelt on fours between his legs. Looking at his excitement, I unbuckled his belt. I then unbuttoned his jeans and took them out to throw them on the floor. Now he just left with his boxer.

I placed my hand on his dick over the boxer and started caressing and fondling it gently. I got excited by seeing his hardness. I lowered his boxer in a flash, and his dick popped out like a missile to be launched. I could not resist looking at his enormous dick.

I didn’t waste any time. I grabbed his dick with my hands and became glad to feel its size and the hardness of his dick. I began stroking his dick up and down, which was already oozing with his pre-cum. Then I took out a condom packet and rolled the condom over his dick.

I kissed it on top of his dick knob. Now I gently gave a lick on his dick knob, which was craving an instant release. My tongue was expertly circling on top of his thick dick head, taking it fully into my mouth and pulling back out. I was taking it in, spitting on it, taking it deep into my throat.

It was looking just amazing. I was getting choked, and my saliva dripped all over his dick. I was showing off my deep-throat skills like a professional whore. I then switched towards his balls and took them in my warm mouth. I started sucking and rolling them like a professional whore.

I was sucking on his balls, and at the same time, I was stroking his dick. I kept switching between his dick and balls every five to six strokes. I laid back on the bed and spread my legs apart. I gave him a good glance at my clean-shaven pussy in a teasing manner and invited him to fuck my pussy with his hard dick.

I struck the pose like a pro. He understood my intention. Immediately moved up between my thighs and started rubbing his dick over my pussy. His dick looked massive next to my smooth waxed pussy. He slowly started guiding his dick deeper into her wet pussy.

Due to wetness, he could slide it easily and fill the entire length of my pussy with his huge dick. I adjusted the pillow under my head while he thrusts my pussy, slowly going in and out. His thrusts were slow initially, but gradually he increased the speed and started pumping hard into my pussy.

The sound of his balls banging against my ass had filled the room. Arvind fucked me mercilessly. I was lifting my hips for his every stroke in excitement. While he was fucking me hard, I grabbed him and started kissing him wildly. My hands roamed all over his back, and I kept spanking his ass cheeks.

Then I rolled over on the bed, got on top of him, and placed my ass on his dick. I moved so that his dick was getting rubbed between my pussy lips. This lucky bastard was waiting for this moment. I looked into his eyes and smiled. I said, “Enjoy the ride and make your slut happy.”

With that, I lifted my ass, held his dick and slowly guided it into my pussy. I started riding on his dick vigorously like a cowgirl. I was bouncing on his dick like an unstoppable machine. To entice him further, I raised my arms as my hips and pussy worked on his dick.

My boobs were hanging and swinging each time while I was bouncing on his dick. He was squeezing my boobs and pinching my nipples gently. Then suddenly, he moved up. I didn’t get why? But he had other dirty plans. He positioned my beautiful round ass in the air at him in a doggy position.

I was pleasantly surprised by his moves and enjoyed every moment of this. He didn’t waste any time. He held my ass cheeks and spat some saliva on my asshole. He started licking my asshole with his tongue in a passionate way. His tongue was licking every part of my asshole and pussy like a street dog.

I screamed in pleasure, “Arvind, please stop, please put your dick inside my pussy. I can’t wait anymore.” So he guided his dick deep into my pussy and started banging me hard by grabbing my waist. I was screaming like a mad bitch with immense pleasure.

I was sure that whoever passed by our room would have heard my scream. Within some time, I realized I was getting pretty tired with all the back-to-back orgasms I had. But he was in no mood to leave my pussy. He continued fucking my pussy.

Now he sat on my ass and started pounding my pussy by grabbing my hair. He kept spanking my ass cheeks frequently. I was scratching the pillow in pleasure and moving my ass in a rhythm for his every stroke. He was fucking me like a bull. It was too much for him to control beyond a point and reach his peak.

Spurt after spurt of his semen ejaculated from his dick straight into my pussy. Both were breathing heavily with immense pleasure. We both got exhausted and collapsed on the bed. We rested for a while by cuddling each other as we were completely exhausted by some hard fucking.

Later that night, we had some more fucking sessions, and we slept at around 2.00 am. The next morning I woke up, had a quick shower, and got dressed up. My client felt very happy with my service and gave me Rs 5000/- as a tip, and I thanked him. He hugged and kissed me before bidding bye.

Kavita was eagerly waiting for me. Once I reached her, I hugged her tightly and thanked her for all my pleasures. Now I have become a prostitute. I started visiting different clients in different hotels.

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