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Extra-marital affair with my friend’s wife

Hello everyone! Greetings for the day. My name is Rohan (pen name). I am 36 years old married man from Mumbai having a kid. I have an athletic body as I am into triathlons. However, due to lockdown, I have gained some weight. I am an IT Engineer by Profession and a Tri-athlete by Passion.

This is the real-life affair that started when I was at the peak of my physique. This affair started about 6 years earlier when I was 30. This affair took place between me and my friend’s wife, Avantika (name changed), aged 32 years.

She was a very sexy lady with big breasts and taller than me by a couple of inches with a perfect hourglass figure. This incident will have multiple stories about how it started and our journey later. So stay tuned.

Let me tell you how this all started about 6 years back. My wife, my son, my friend, his wife (Avantika) and his son all went for an outing to Matheran for 2 days. We enjoyed our stay there. However, during the stay, there were a few instances when Avantika and I had physical contact while playing games.

A spark was lit in my body (Avantika later confirmed that she felt the same). We did not talk much before that. But from this trip onwards, we had a separate Whatsapp group of all four of us. Initially, she started to message me good morning and normal greetings.

I would respond with a smiley or casual greeting quotes. This continued for a few days. One day, I received an adult joke from her, which she deleted immediately. However, as I use WhatsApp+, I can see the message even after the sender deletes it.

So I read it and sent a smiley. She said that she did not mean to send it to me. But after probing her for some time, she confessed. I did not say much. But there on, this became the habit, and she will send me adult jokes daily. I also started responding to her in a kinky way.

In no time, we discussed our sex life with our partners. We understood that we both were frustrated as we were not getting what we wanted. We decided to meet after almost 1 month of chat. It was the Summer vacation for kids, and she was visiting her parents in Mumbai with her son.

We decided to meet. I got ready and took an off from my work and met her. She did all the arrangements, like putting her son to bed and came to meet. We went on a long drive. We parked the car on the corner of an isolated road. We started to talk about our chat and other stuff.

In no time, I grabbed her and smooched her. She was not expecting this. She was shocked with her eyes wide open for the initial few seconds. But then she was all in, and we smooched for almost 6 -7 minutes. Then we parted, sat, and we smooched again. This continued for few more times.

Finally, I was aroused like crazy, and unknowingly my hand reached her breast. I started pressing it over her dress. She also got aroused and placed her hand on the zip of my jeans in such a way that she could press my manhood. We continued like this for some time, and her phone rang.

Her son was crying to meet her, and we had to leave immediately. So nothing much happened that day. We left without speaking any word to each other. I dropped her at her parents’ place and left for home.

For a few days, we did not message each other. Suddenly, I saw a message on my WhatsApp from her, and it was a nude image of her. She said that let’s meet and take this to the next level as we both were craving sex. She said that her parents were going to a nearby city and her son was also going along.

She was all alone at her parents” place. I immediately got ready and reached her parents’ place and called her. She said that I could come in and I entered her house. She had kept the door open, and she was hiding behind the door. I entered and was searching for her.

She closed the door in a flash and sprang onto me. I lost my balance and fell on the bed. Without wasting time, she started smooching at me. I started removing her t-shirt, and she was removing my shirt. We did not break the kiss while we were undressing. W only broke to get the cloth off between us.

Then she removed my vest, and I removed her track pant. She then undid my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. I was in my boxer. I removed her bra clips, and it went off her like a boom. She removed my underwear and started to give me the blowjob as if there was no tomorrow.

I was on seventh heaven. She continued this for approx. 8-10 minutes, and I told her that it was difficult to hold. I will be cumming in no time. She increased her pace of sucking. I released all my load in her mouth, and she drank it without even dropping a single drop of it.

We again kissed for a few minutes, and I removed her panties. I started to suck her breast and circle my tongue around her nipples. It started exciting her, and my other hand was bust rubbing her pussy lips. She was biting her lips and playing with my hair.

I continued this for a while and shifted to another breast. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy. She jumped as she had not been touched for the last few years. I started to fondle around with her other breast and inserted another finger with the middle finger on. She was in ecstasy.

I continued this for some time, and she started oozing her fluid. I instantly jumped to her pussy to suck the juice. She was shivering when my tongue touched her pussy. I started licking her and tongue fucking her for the next 3 minutes.

She was going louder and louder with her moaning and saying, “Rohan, I love you. I have never felt like this ever in my life. You are my man. Please fuck me.” I had no mood to start with fucking so soon. I wanted her to go into the submissive mode even further.

So I continued to lick and tongue fuck her for another 15 minutes. She had 2 more orgasms in the meanwhile. Now the heat was at its peak. It was time to place the hot knife on the butter. I got up and smooched her and inserted my tool into her pussy.

She was breathing heavily. I started slow, and she was smiling and looking into my eye. After approximately 10 minutes of slow fuck, I built the pace. I started fucking her harder and deeper. She had closed her eyes and crumpled her bedsheet with both her hands and bit her lips.

I fucked her in a missionary position for the next 20-25 minutes fast-paced. She was going louder with her moans. Therefore I had to kiss her and keep her moans under control. We fucked while kissing for another 10-15 minutes.

I was about to climax. I told Avantika that I would be cumming soon. She blinked her eyes and said that she was also approaching the climax and asked me to release my load in her. This was unprotected sex.

On chat, she had already told me that she used to like unprotected sex with her husband (the only man she had sex with so far) a few years back. After the intense session, we both were breathing heavily, and we were all sweaty. She slept on my chest and was playing with my nipples.

She said that it was the best fuck of her life. She had never thought that it was so refreshing. She always craved more with her husband, who would leave her high and dry. She also said that her husband would last for 2-5 minutes and get done by then.

Unlike me, where she almost experienced 4-5 orgasms, 3 were during the foreplay. She fell for me after that sex, and our affair took a new high from this day onwards.

We had many more sexual encounters in public places and the car. Stay tuned as I will be cumming up with the other instances soon.

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