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Fashion Designer Akansha Mehra – Part 2

The next morning I woke up around 6. I quickly checked if Ajit had already woken up, but he was still asleep. I checked my phone and was like, shit! What the hell was I texting Mr Rao. The last few messages were like this.

Me: Mr Rao, tell me how you want me, and I will do whatever you want.

Me: Mr Rao, please respond, I am completely naked, and my nipples are already erect.

Me: Please respond. I am soaking wet. Please don’t just leave me like this.

I was so fucking embarrassed with myself. I had been a total slut last night. I couldn’t believe how drunk I was. I took a shower and came out. Ajit was already awake by then and was on his phone. I remembered what Mr Rao had said about Ajit last night.

I decided to see if he got horny seeing me naked. I decided to tease him. I dropped my towel and took my body lotion. I started to apply it to my breasts slowly. I slowly started to apply the lotion to my left breast in slow circles and let out soft moans.

I continued to do that and then bent while showing my ass crack to Ajit and applied the lotion to my ass crack. I was hoping he would come and grab me, but all he did was.

Ajit: Hahaha, what’s with you applying lotion all naked and slutty way.

I was so pissed off that I got dressed.

Ajit: By the way, what have you decided to do?

Me: About?

Ajit: Arrey, your loan?

Me: Dunno.

Ajit: Come on, Akansha, at least join a company.

Me: How many times I have told you I won’t? Why the fuck don’t you get it.

Ajit: You know what, I am going to Goa for the next few days with my friends. They had asked me to bring you, but I think I will go alone.

Me: Better, I am also not interested in going with you.

I left for my yoga class, and when I was coming out, I got a message.

Mr Rao: Bring the below set of documents, and we will begin your application.

You have no idea how happy I was to see that message. It was as if the world had finally listened to me. I had been trying for such a long time, and it was finally happening. I quickly went home and took the documents. I went in my gym clothes to the bank.

I was wearing tight yoga pants, a sports bra and a small jacket. My hair was tied in a ponytail. The peon asked me to go in. I was a bit embarrassed to meet Mr Rao after last night’s chat. He was on a call and asked me to sit down.

Mr Rao: Yes, Sir, I have a suitable application for this quarter. I am evaluating it for merits. Once I think it is ok, I will forward it to the Head Office in Mumbai. Sure Sir. Of course, Sir. Always Sir. Thank you.

Mr Rao smiled at me.

Mr Rao: Welcome back, Akansha Madam! See, I was talking about your loan application with my Boss.

Me: Sir, thank you so much. I can’t tell you how happy I am.

Mr Rao: Madam, pleasure is all mine to help you in all possible ways.

He smiled at me while looking at my sports bra, which showed a bit of cleavage. I didn’t know if he would ask me to meet him alone or should I ask him. I had no idea how it would happen.

Mr Rao: Akansha Madam, you know how to dress according to your figure. Superb always.

I just smiled. I was wondering if he would bring up last night’s chat.

Mr Rao: I am surprised how fresh you look because I think you drank a lot and were awake late. Your messages came quite late.

I was so embarrassed by my last messages. I had submitted myself to him. I just smiled. I was embarrassed and shy. Mr Rao stood up and walked towards me. My heart started to beat fast, wondering if he would do it now. He slowly came behind me and again bent forward.

He held my ponytail, pulled it back, and smelled it around my neck.

Mr Rao: Oh Akansha Madam, your perfume mixed with your sweat smells amazing.

He pulled my pony a bit, giving a jerk to my head.

Mr Rao: I like your long silky hair tied as a pony. Nice to hold.

He came to my right side facing me and came real close till his crotch touched the side of my arm, and I felt something hard. As soon I felt it, I looked at him. He smiled at me. He realized I had felt his hard cock. He slowly rubbed his crotch on my arm and said, “Akansha Madam, do you like parties?”

I felt a lump in my throat and knew that this was it. I knew Ajit was anyways away. This was the best opportunity to get done with this one time compromise. No one will know, and I will get my loan and move forward.

Me: Umm, I like, Sir.

Mr Rao: Oh, good. I have a small farmhouse on the outskirt. I am having a small party with friends. I think you should come.

Before he could complete the next statement, he came and stood right in front of me. He held my face with his left hand, and his thumb was slowly rubbing my lips. We both were looking at each other. I was so nervous, not knowing what would happen next.

His thumb rubbed my lower lip slowly, gently caressing it. He kept moving his thumb between my soft lips just at the entry of my mouth and slightly inserted it in my mouth. I didn’t know whether he wanted me to suck his thumb or lick it with my tongue.

I don’t know what happened. I let my tongue lick his thumb and felt his thick rough thumb. As soon as I licked his thumb, he took it out from my mouth. He now held my ponytail and pulled my head back hard.

Mr Rao: Remember three things in life. You need to have the talent to get opportunities. I have given you that. You need to have the right connections to get yourself positioned for success. The last, most important, the right attitude will help you get ahead of all those who have the first two things.

I can’t tell you how I felt at that time. There were tons of emotions going on in me. The man I initially found weird and fat, someone I would never even have coffee with him, just gave me one of the most valuable lessons to succeed as an entrepreneur.

All the while, he was showing his power to me. I don’t know, but I felt differently about him within the last 15 minutes. Trust me, but how he handled me made my heartbeat go faster.

I initially thought he would be a sleazy old bank manager hungry for sex, but he was something different. I was so lost that I didn’t realize that he had already gone back and sat on his chair.

Mr Rao: Madam, I think we are done. If you don’t mind, I need to get on a call.

Me: Oh yes. Thank you again, Sir.

He got busy, and I quickly got up and left. While sitting in the cab on my way home, I don’t know, but I felt very hot. I took off my jacket and didn’t realize the driver would enjoy my cleavage through the rearview mirror. Normally, I would have worn my jacket back, but something changed.

Was I so hungry for success that this new offer had changed me, or it was never about my career? I reached home and went straight to the bathroom. I stood and looked at myself. I was all sweaty, and I took off my sports bra/top and my slacks. While I stood topless wearing only a panty, I realized my panty was wet.

I slowly rubbed my pussy over my panty and realized it wasn’t the wetness you get out of sweat. It was a bit slimy and sticky. I immediately inserted my right hand inside my panty and rubbed my pussy. I couldn’t help myself from letting out a moan.

I usually picture my bf Ajit when I touch myself. But except for him, everyone was coming to my mind. Those big horny eyes of the cab driver eyed my neck and slowly went down to my tits. The more I thought, the more I rubbed myself. My right hand separated my pussy lips and rubbed them.

My left hand was caressing my right breast. I don’t know what was happening, but I had pushed his head onto my boobs and made him suck my nipples.

Me: Aah, no, don’t bite so hard.

Cab driver: Chup kar saali, choosne de mujhe (Shut up, you bitch, let me suck your tits)

Hi,s bites were hurting, yet those words in Hindi commanding me to submit myself to him were turning me on. He grabbed my tits and squeezed them hard. He rubbed his rough bearded face between my boobs and licked it like crazy. I felt his saliva on my breasts. I pushed his head even more towards my nipples.

Cab driver: Pata tha mujhe, tu hai ek number ki chinaal (I knew it, you are a whore.)

Me: Suck me harder, and bite my nipples.

Cab driver: Hindi mein bol, kutiya. (Bitch, request me in Hindi.)

Me: Mere boobs ko zor se chuso aur nipples ko bite karo (Suck my boobs and bite my nipples)

While he continued to suck my nipples on the back seat of his car, all of a sudden, a mobile started to ring, and I was like.

Me: Please turn off that phone.

But the phone kept on ringing. I got so irritated that I opened my eyes and saw that it was my phone. I was lying naked on my bathroom floor. I was leaking, and my nipples were hurting as I had pinched them real hard. I missed the call and wondered what was happening to me.

I have never pleasured myself in such a wild manner. I saw the call was from Mr Rao, and he sent me a text.

Mr Rao: You left without even asking the address of my farmhouse. Madam, be more attentive to the details. We are putting a lot of faith in you and your business plan. This is the address. Needless to say, how you should dress.

Addreess: XXXXXXX

After reading the message for the first time, I felt whether I was ready to run a business. There was more self-doubt than before, and I was nervous about tonight’s party. Something had happened. I wanted to make sure I did not do anything more to disappoint Mr Rao.

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