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From Swimming Pool To Room In Hotel

Hello all,

I am Saurabh and sharing my experience that happened around a week ago.

This is an incident that happened with me when I was on a business trip to Pune.To talk about myself, I am 24 with 5’8 in height and athletic built because of regular workout. I am working in an MNC and travel a lot for work purpose. I got to stay in one of the finest hotels on Pune and was really bored on the weekend. Hotel was very lavish with all sorts of amenities possible.

So the story started when I thought of using the pool of the hotel. Initially I was a little lazy but when I saw pool I was immediately driven towards it. While casually swimming in the pool I saw a yound dynamic lady entering the pool. I was so damn excited just by seeing her. She was a perfect women in her early 30s with flesh at the right places. Her breasts were so good in shape that I immediately got a hard on. She was wearing a deep neck swimming costume, revealing a large proportion of her cleavage.

The costume was backless making every move of hers awesome. I was stunned and considered myself lucky for getting to stay in that hotel. The pool was not at all crowded with only 5-6 guests swimming in the pool. She was not an expert swimmer which was quite evident from her swimming style. I was swimming in the deep and was just floating in the water with my back in water and chest up. She came in the deep and we unknowingly collided. She lost her flow and took my support to float in the water. She held my neck gasping for breath. Her breasts were being crushed by my elbow. I removed my hand kept it on her back and helped her get to the pool side. We both exchanged smiles and she thanked me.

In the evening I met her again at the restaurant she waved me and asked me join her. We got to talk more, enjoyed each others company and exchanged numbers. Her name is Veena. At around 11 pm I got a message from her on whatsapp asking “coffee?”. I said yes and went to her room. As soon as she opened the door my eyes went wide open. She was wearing a sky blue satin knee length sleeveless gown. Each and every curve was very clear of her 34D 30 38 figure. Her black bra straps were visible. The bra was pushup giving me a nice view of her cleavage. I was in pyjama and struggled hard to hide my hard on. While having coffee I got to more about her. She was 29 years old working in an MNC and traveled a lot for business purpose. She was married when she was 25 but got divorced 2 years later as her husband was finding it difficult to cope up with her job. All these talking were making me even more hornier.

We went to the big king sized bed to watch TV. We were laying next to each other. She then asked me about my GF and relationship status to which I said I have a GF. She gave me smirk which got me confused. While we were talking she raised her arms to tie her hair. Wow, that was the sexiest view i have ever seen. Boobs uplifted, cleanly shaved arms and sexy hair. My dick was instantly hard and I immediately took a pillow to hide it.

She saw everything and started laughing.

Veena: “Come on. seriously?”

Me: “What?”

Veena: “Achanak se pillow kyun le liya?” and then laughed again.

Me: “Bas aise hi” too shy to reply anything else.

Veena: “GF ka bura haal ho jaata hoga agar aisa hai toh” and gave a naughty smile.

Me: Laughing, “Aisa kuch nai hai”

Veena: “Waise what made you bring that pillow?”

Me: “Kuch nai, bas aise hi”

Veena: “Come on, jhoot mat bolo”

Me: “Okay, When you tied your hair, that was really good” i said in a shy manner.

Veena: “really ,whats in that” and she raised her arms again showing her arm pits.

Me: Wow

Veena: “Is it really that good?” she said naughtily.

Me: “Yes”

Veena: “what so good in this”

Me: “its so smooth”

Veena: “And?” she asked breathing heavily

Me: “And it looks so amazing”

Veena: “And?” She came closer to me with her arms up

Me: “Youre so sexy, wow”

Veena: “And?” She came even closer. her arms near to my face.

I was in no mood to say anything and started licking her armpit. I kissed her passionately there.

She held my head and started moaning. I slowly moved to her shoulders kissing and licking her all the way.

I kissed her neck and held her tightly. While eating her, my hand slowly cupped her breasts and started pressing them gently. She was getting hotter and moved her fingers in my hair. I then moved up on her chin and then to lips. She gave me the most lustful kiss ever. We were smooching like mad lovers. She was eating my tongue and sucking. Wow. I removed her nighty and started kissing her again. I was licking her ears and making her hotter.

She completely undressed me in a hurry and started stoking my dick. I moved my hands on her back, removed the black bra and her big breasts just popped out. Her tits were so soft and lovely. My lips were kissing her nipples, tongues was encircling them. My hand crushing one boob and I am sucking the other one. Then i put my nose between her big boobs and she crushed both breasts on my face. That was lovely.

She then came down gave me a lovely kiss and started kissing my nipples. She slowly went down and gobbled my dick. She was really a good sucker. She slowly licked the entire dick making it wet with her saliva. Then she went to my balls and kissed me there. Her lips and tongue were all over my cock. She started sucking and kissing the tip of my dick and teasing me. slowly she took the entire dick in her mouth.

I stopped her from making me cum. Went down to her thighs and licked it. Removed and threw her panty. Her pussy was completely shaved. I licked and kissed her thighs teasing her more. Slowly i went towards the love hole and kissed her vertical lips. I smooched her cunt , my tongue was making her mad. I sucked it gently and increased my pace. I went to her clit and kissed every corner of her cunt. I moved my fingers inside and reached the G spot. I started sucking her breasts and my fingers rubbing her clit and moving inside her cunt. I increased my pace and she cummed after 5 minutes. The amount of cum really amazed me.

But i was not yet done. I moved my dick near her pussy and teased her with it. I always have an extra condom in my wallet as we have Sex whenever I meet my girlfriend. That saved me, I immediately rolled it over and my dick was inside her..I was humping her really hard. The taste of new pussy was making me wild. I fucked her in doggy and missionary. She came over me started riding me. He boobs were bouncing..that view made me mad. I brought her down and increased my speed. I was hard and horny. After fucking madly for 30 minutes I came. She was relieved and tired. We had a wonderful wonderful time. We slept together in her room.

Ping me if you want to know what happened when we woke up and how we took bath together and used the bathtub.

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