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Fucked 2 cousin sisters in front of their mom

After fucking my sister Kalpana, I had been eagerly waiting for her to introduce me to her younger sister Karuna. She had already said she would not help me fuck her youngest sister Kavita but had loosely encouraged me to try on my own.

This story is about how I managed to fuck my sister Kavita. She is divorced and lives with my sister Kalpana and their mom.

I was at their flat in Versova, watching TV and eating snacks. Kavita had an infant son, and I played around with some of his toys as we watched TV. I didn’t realize she was breastfeeding her son when I casually remarked, “Rohan is so lucky!”

My meaning was entirely about the toys. But I was jolted into action when Kavita replied, “Here, you can suck on my other breast.”

Whoaaa, this was unexpected. While I had been lusting after Kavita for quite a while, I hadn’t even thought about how I might fuck her and here, an opportunity was presenting itself! I joined them on the bed and started sucking on the nipple as offered.

But a few minutes later, I asked Kavita to finish feeding her baby and put him in his crib before we proceeded with anything, and she agreed. She put on her top and took the baby to his room. Once she was back in bed after putting Rohan in his crib, I hugged her tightly and kissed her passionately on her warm, soft lips.

Our tongues intertwined, and I slowly moved my hands and cupped her buttocks through her pyjama bottoms. My cock was rigid and was now pressing into my sister’s pussy. I could tell she was excited to feel that bulge press against her.

Me: Sis, I did not expect this. I’ve wanted to make love to you for a while and have been thinking about how I could do it. I fucked your older sister Kalpana a few weeks ago, and we’ve been fucking since. She had mentioned that she would get your other sister Karuna to fuck me.

Me: But she said she wouldn’t do that with you since you are newly divorced and have a small baby. So, I’m both surprised and ecstatic that we are here.

Kavita: Yes, I know you fucked Kalpana. She told me it was amazing, and I also wanted you to fuck me. Funny how well that worked out! I haven’t had sex in over a year, and I’m dying to have a strong cock inside me.

I devoted my attention to her beautiful, swollen breasts, licking and sucking them hard. I even got some milk since Kavita was lactating heavily. She reached down and had her hands on my cock, which was not yet out in the open. So I decided to help her.

I first took her nightie completely off, so she was naked. I then took my clothes off. I went back to sucking on her nipples. But now, Kavita could play with my cock. I loved the feeling of my sister holding my cock and giving me a handjob. I kissed her on her mouth, sinking my tongue into it.

She enthusiastically intertwined tongues with mine, with a strong grip on my cock. She then suggested a 69 position which sounded divine. I laid on top of her with my mouth positioned near her pussy and my cock at her mouth. She took my cock into her mouth just as I started licking her pussy.

I was licking my sister’s pussy just as she was sucking my cock. This was heaven! I had hoped for this but did not expect it to happen quickly and easily. After about 20 minutes in the 69 position, I was ready to cum. I told Kavita I was going to cum.

She also came, flooding her pussy juices into my mouth. That made me shoot spurt after hot, thick white semen deep into my sister’s mouth. And I loved it that she swallowed it. I couldn’t wait to fuck her and fill her with my seed. Maybe I could make her pregnant with her second child.

I lay next to my sister. My limp cock caressed her wet pussy as I kissed her, tasting my cum inside Kavita’s mouth. I moved down her legs and started licking Kavita’s smooth, clean-shaven legs. Moving up, I continued licking her thighs as Kavita moaned loudly.

Soon, moving past her moist and warm inner thighs, I was back to her pussy. I wanted to thrust my cock in. But for now, I was satisfied licking, kissing and sucking her pussy lips. I stuck my tongue deep inside my sister’s cunt, literally fucking her with my tongue.

Kavita closed her thighs tightly around my head and grabbed and pushed my head into her hot and wet pussy. I could not move my face, filled with the smell of her juices. She drove her hips up with my tongue deep inside her.

Finally, she relaxed and said, “Fuck me hard, bhaiyya (brother). I want you deep inside me and fill me with your semen. I want to have your baby, so you have to fuck me till that becomes a reality.”

I was in heaven. I quickly moved up and kissed her again so she could taste her juices and smell her pussy. I said, “Kavita darling, main tumhe zor se chodne wala hun. Aur main tumhare bacche ka baap bankar hi rahunga.” (Kavita darling, I am going to fuck you hard, and I will become your next baby’s father).

Kavita opened her thighs wide, and I positioned my cock at her pussy and slowly entered her. At first, I teased her by inserting only the head of my cock and darting in and out. She grabbed my ass and pulled me closer. At that time, I sank my entire erect cock into my sister’s pussy till it was buried to the hilt.

My balls were tightly on her crotch. We stayed that way for a couple of minutes, just a brother kissing his sister and kneading her breasts. His cock was deep inside her cunt. Then, I started to thrust with increasing intensity. Kavita was now moaning as I slammed her pussy hard and fast.

Her cunt was extremely tight, making every thrust amazing. I could tell she was hungry for some cock by how her pussy wrapped so tightly around my cock. And she still had her hands firmly on my ass and pulled me closer as I fucked her. Her legs were now wrapped tightly around me.

I knew I would come soon. I tensed and ejaculated into Kavita’s love canal, flooding it with spurt after spurt of my hot semen. She pulled me in even closer and quickly locked lips again with me. Our tongues again intertwined as my cock emptied all the cum into her warm, tight pussy.

After I had finished ejaculating, Kavita maintained her grasp on my ass and kept my limp cock inside her until she came. I saw that she was smiling widely but wasn’t looking at me. So I followed her gaze to see that she was smiling at her sister Kalpana whom I had fucked earlier.

Kalpana smiled wide as she quickly threw off her clothes and joined us in bed.

Kalpana: “Main to socha nahin tha ki tu jaldi meri behen ko chhodoge. Tumhe meri behen ki chut mein dekhkar bohut accha laga mujhe!” (I didn’t think you would fuck my sister so soon. I loved watching you inside my sister’s cunt.)

Kavita: “Main to iske bacche ki maa banna chahti hun. Kya shandar lund hai iska and kitni acchi se ye chut chaatta hai!” (I will have his child. What a wonderful cock he has, and he eats pussy so well)

Kalpana: “Jaanti hun. Main to isse bohut dinnon se chod rahi hun. Next time, Karuna ko bhi layenge. Shaayad hum teeno ko iska ek baccha prapt hoga.” (I know, I have been fucking him for many days. Next time, we will bring Karuna. Maybe all three of us will get to have one of his babies.)

I was now lying naked in bed with two of my cousin sisters. Then, Kalpana said she was going to call her younger sister Karuna. She made a video call. Karuna got to see her two sisters naked in bed with her cousin.

Karuna: Wow, Kalpu, you had just talked about having sex with our brother, and now it looks like Kavu has also fucked him. I am so jealous.

Kavita: He filled me full of his seed, sis. I’m hoping I get pregnant with his baby soon. I love him.

Kalpana: Me too. I want all of us to have his babies. We can’t wait to meet you.

And then, suddenly, Karuna’s husband Anthony came on the video and said, “Can I join the party? I have fucked Kalpana before, but I have never been inside Kavita. We should all have a party together.”

Karuna: I hope that’s OK, bro. My husband and I have an open marriage, and he likes men too – I hope that’s OK.”

Me: I love it. I love men too – the more, the merrier. Let’s find another man, so we are three sisters and three men. We can have a proper orgy then.

Karuna: I know the perfect person. He is our driver, and he is also bisexual, so we can all have fun. Can’t wait to have you down in Kerala. In the meantime, let me watch you three having sex, and you can watch us fuck.

This was simply incredible. I was about to fuck two of my sisters, with the third one watching us on video. Then, I heard Karuna ask Anthony to call Jacob, who I presumed was their driver. Kalpana sat down on my face as Kavita took my cock in her mouth again.

On the phone, I saw that Karuna was fully naked. She zoomed in to show us a close look at her ripe pussy. Then, she zoomed out. I saw Anthony’s fat cock – it was cut, and in a few seconds, Jacob walked in. I was stunned to see how big his cock was. He must have been at least 10 inches or bigger.

And he immediately mounted my cousin and plunged his huge cock into her pussy. Her husband knelt beside them and started licking Jacob’s balls. I knew this would be one hell of an orgy whenever it happened!

My tongue was deep inside Kalpana’s cunt. My cock was deep inside Kavita’s mouth. But I watched Karuna as Jacob fucked her hard and Anthony sucked his balls like a proper cuckold. Then Kavita got up and sat on my cock, fitting me inside her young, tight pussy again.

I saw Anthony also get up and enter his wife’s ass. So here we were, with one sister sitting on my face with me licking and tongue fucking her. With another sister riding my cock and watching the third sister getting double-penetrated by her husband and driver.

Kavita: Cum again inside me, bhaiyya (brother) – I want to make sure I have your child.

Kalpana: Save some of your sperm for me too! I also want to be pregnant with your child.

I was in heaven then and wondered if life could get any better! And it did…

With my cock thrusting inside Kavita and my tongue exploring the depths of Kalpana’s pussy, suddenly, their mom Tara walked into the bedroom. And we had Karuna on video now on the TV, getting fucked in both her holes. Tara yelled, “What is going on? What are all of you doing?”

Kavita grabbed my ass again and tightly held me inside her as she said. “We are all going to have our brother’s baby.”

Kalpana: Join us, mom. You and I have had sex regularly but try your youngest daughter and our brother too!

And to my astonishment, my aunt Tara undressed rapidly and joined us in bed. She was fat and had a hairy pussy. But I was excited that the entire family was having sex together. I didn’t care as she took my balls in her mouth as I was fucking her daughter Kavita.

Kalpana: Mom, let him eat your pussy – you will love it.

And she got out of my mouth. Her mother, Tara, sat down on my face as Kalpana went down and started sucking my balls. I had not sucked and licked such a hairy pussy in a long time. But it was amazing to be tongue-fucking my aunt while fucking her daughter.

With her other daughter sucking my balls and her third daughter being fucked in both her holes by her husband and their driver. I reached up to grab Tara aunty’s huge breasts. I then came into Kavita again, filling her with even more sperm. At this rate, I was confident I would get her pregnant very soon.

Kalpana took Kavita aside to lick her clean of my cum, so I was now only focusing on my aunt Tara. I turned her around, put her on the bed, and forced her thighs apart. My cock was only semi-erect. But the excitement of fucking my mom’s sister made it hard enough for me to sink it into Tara’s cunt.

Anthony and Jacob had also cum into Karuna’s holes. So now, I had an audience – three sisters watching their cousin brother fucking their mom. Anthony now had Jacob’s cock in his mouth as he watched me fuck his mother-in-law deep and hard.

After about 5 minutes, I tensed and came again. This time, with only a few weak spurts of semen, I could fill my aunt’s pussy. This was going to be a long night.

We disconnected the video call. We promised that all of us would get together in Kerala for an amazing time. We just needed to find a fourth man to complete the experience. Karuna assured me she had the perfect person for the job.

That’s how, one day, I got to fuck another sister and her mother and watch their third sister getting fucked on video. We were one happy family that day!

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