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Fucked my friend sister’s in the ass

Hi guys, this story is about how I took my friend’s sister’s anal virginity. Read my previous stories to learn about me and my friend’s sister Zaira.

So after that threesome session with Sammy, we started regularly banging Zaira in her house or our house or OYO rooms. She didn’t need alcohol to fuck us.

Sometimes we would do it as a couple and sometimes as a threesome. But the threesome was not frequent as we could get an appropriate time with all of us free.

One day, Zeeshan said he was going out of the station and would not be available for a week. I made a plan to fuck Zaira along with Sammy for a whole week. Sammy backed out as he had to deal with some family problems. I gave a letter to my office saying I was sick and couldn’t come for a week to the office.

So after Zaira’s parents left to work, I would go, and we would enjoy the entire day. We would be naked, and she would cook for me and suck my cock while I had food. She let me fuck her when she was eating.

I would record myself eating and move the camera to show her sucking my cock. She would ride me as she was eating. This went on for about 3 days, and I wanted to try something new. I thought of a BDSM session and told her about it.

She was hesitant at first as it would mean I could do anything but later said ‘Okay’. I had already brought the ropes, handcuffs, the dog chain, a big whip, nipple clamps, a shocker, dildos, and butt plugs. ( I hid from her while showing her as she didn’t want to do it in the ass.).

A mouth gag to try it out with Zaira if she ever agreed. It cost me a lot, but it was worth it. On the fourth day, after her parents left, I went to her house with all of these things. I hid the butt plugs in my bag and showed the rest to her.

We started with the dog collar. I made her strip herself and made her get down on all fours and move like that along with me. She was like a bitch waiting to get fucked.

We went to her parent’s room as it had a big mattress. I handcuffed her and then made her kneel and give me a blowjob. She was sucking and deep-throating at the time.

Then I removed the handcuffs and tied her hands and legs to the 4 pillars of the bed facing me. I started recording her as I sat on her and gave her my dick to suck. She was sucking slowly in an erotic manner.

This went on for some time, and then I took the whip and hit her on her pussy and breasts as they became red. She was groaning in pain as well as in pleasure. I took a big dildo, put it in her pussy and put a vibrator on her clit. She was moaning in pleasure and orgasms twice.

I turned her over and did the same thing. She was on her vibrator with the same dildo in her pussy. She was face down. So I put on the mouth gag to suppress her from screaming, took a butt plug, and put it into her ass. She shouted but couldn’t get her voice out because of the mouth gag.

I started to hit her in the position, and she had no other way but to be submissive. After some time, I moved the butt plug in and out. She tried to resist and stop it but couldn’t.

I took another dildo and started pushing into her ass. She started to cry a little, but I didn’t care. After about a few minutes, she started to enjoy herself as her ass was paving the way and gaping.

She started to moan, and with the vibrator, she orgasmed again. I took lube, applied it to my dick and pushed it in. It was not like the dildo for her, real manhood in her ass. She tried to escape but in vain.

I fucked her like that for some time before I came into her ass. The cum was dripping from her asshole along the sides of her pussy which had a dildo stuffed.

I was tired. I left her and went and had an apple and some Gatorade as I wanted to fuck her again. We went for another session, and she begged to remove the mouth gag.

As soon as I removed it while fucking her ass, so started to scream, “Fuck me, fuck me in my ass.” That’s when I knew she was hooked on anal sex. I released all the ropes, and she started to ride me with my cock in her ass.

We then shifted to doggy. As I slapped her ass, I asked, “Who owns this ass and pussy?” She was a bit silent, and I pinched her nipples and asked her, “Who?” With a loud shout, she screamed, “You do, John. You do.”

I pulled her long hair while penetrating deep into her ass. I made her lie down flat and started penetrating from above. What a sight it was! I ended up cumming in her ass again, and we went to shower. I had another anal session in the shower.

She sucked my cock, and I face fucked her under the shower. I wanted to fuck her pussy, but she said, “Today is the Anal day, which means only in the ass.” I laughed and fucked her in the ass.

She was my personal bitch for another 2 days. We even had sex on the terrace in the middle of the day, not to bother whether we would get caught or not. She wore the mouth gag to suppress her moans, but still, it was daring.

Her tits and ass had grown bigger in that one week due to me. Hahaha. I recorded it all the time. She was always ready to do it in front of the camera.

Kindly don’t ask for photos or videos, it’s private, and we don’t want it out on the internet. I just wanted to share my experience here. That’s all. Hope you guys liked it.

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