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Fucked My Virgin Hot Cousin – Part 1

This is the story of how I fucked my cousin and how we both lost our virginity. My cousin Taniya is a hidden sex siren. She is 5 feet tall, but her figure is 36D-30-34. Her figure makes her look chubby, but boy, she has got fat at the right places.

This happened on 12-12-2012. This is a bit long story, but it gives the background and effort I had to put in to get laid with my hot cousin Taniya.

We live in a joint family, but my parents and younger brother were in Qatar along with my uncle. My father and uncle both were in service. However, my uncle’s family stayed here in Navi Mumbai with me in Nerul. It included Taniya, her younger sibling and her mom (my aunt).

So I was 25 and had just started working in an MNC the previous year. Taniya had just turned 20 and she was doing her graduation from SIES Nerul. My aunt (Taniya’s mom) used to frequently go to her maternal family in Andheri at times.

There was a wedding in the family on 16th December 2012. For that wedding, she had to go there for the whole week. Only me and Taniya stayed back as Taniya had her exams with her final paper on the 15th of the semester.

Now, I always eyed my cousin over the years. I used to feel her up quite a bit. But I never really had a full-fledged opportunity to fuck her as she always resisted and was always scared of losing her virginity before the marriage.

However, it was the same year when ’50 shades of grey’ had been released. And I had noticed her reading those books. I could tell by looking at her expressions that it did arouse her a lot.

A few days back, my aunt had gone for buying groceries and I had come home early from my meetings. Then I found my cousin masturbating in her room with the door slightly open! She kept it open to hear the doorbell in case someone came. Her younger brother was in school so she was all alone.

Her eyes were closed and she fingering with her left hand. Her panties were removed and she had unbuttoned her maxi. My cousin sister was squeezing and kneading her nipples. This gave me an immediate hard-on. My dick started taking control over me me and I slowly tiptoed to the side of her bed.

Taniya didn’t notice as her eyes were still close and I realized that she was building to orgasm as her fingering speed increased a bit. Then I thought this was my chance and I decided to lend her a hand!

I slowly moved my right hand toward my masturbating cousin’s pussy and timed my fingering with hers. And at the same time, I planted my lips on hers while my left hand grabbed her right boob and started caressing it.

My touch startled her but she couldn’t scream because I was kissing her very passionately! She soon realized that it was me and allowed me to feel her while I continued to finger her. Then my cousin’s hands slowly moved to my hair. I continued to make out with her and finger her waiting for her to orgasm.

However, before she could reach her orgasm, the doorbell rang and she came to her senses. I had to also leave her and rush to my room. Then she straightened her clothes and adjusted her hair. Taniya went to open the door. She found out that it was a courier.

She took the parcel and closed the door. When I came out of my room and found out whom it was, I tried to make out with her again. But she had come to her proper senses and was not interested anymore. I was disappointed and ended up masturbating my erection that day.

Then I made a plan that I would fuck my hot cousin anyhow the next week. And knowing that my aunt and younger cousin would not be home the whole week, I decided that it would be the perfect time to try finally pop her and my cherry.

So I planned out the whole week by telling her that we would watch movies at night as it will help her relax a bit before the papers as well. Then I lined up a few romantic movies for all the days with basic instinct being planned for her last paper on 15th December.

So we use to sit together in the hall, put up a movie with some popcorn. And I used to purposely keep the AC on so that we could cuddle.

On Sunday, while watching the movie, I slowly pushed my hand first onto her shoulder and then moved it inside my cousin’s maxi. I pushed my hand over her bra and started feeling her breast over it.

Taniya had got used to my touch so she allowed me to do so. Then I slowly shifted and moved my hands inside her bra and felt her breast and started caressing them. Let me tell you, feeling her soft milky white breast was a real heavenly feeling. Then I saw her breathing getting a bit heavy.

But my cousin was quietly watching the movie and allowed me to feel her and caress those juicy melons. I was already having a hard-on. But I told myself that if I rush without ripening her, I won’t get to fuck her. My hands stayed there till the movie got over. After the movie, we both had dinner and went to our rooms.

The next day Monday during the movie, I again slid my hands inside Taniya’s maxi. And to my pleasant surprise, she was not wearing any bra. I immediately got a hard-on realizing that my plan was likely to work and I kept caressing her breasts for some time. Then I decided to move it downtown.

While I was caressing her breasts with my left hand, I lifted her maxi with my right hand and she adjusted on the sofa to allow me to do as I wish. I removed my left hand from her breasts and slid it inside her panty and started fingering my cousin’s already wet hairy pussy.

Her breathing started getting ragged and heavy. Then I inserted two fingers in her pussy and she gasp for breath and I continued fingering her. During all this, I was desperately controlling my hard-on which kept telling me to pounce on her. But I knew that I needed her to be ready.

I slid my third finger in her pussy and she let out a moan and grabbed my hand. But I continued fingering and finger fucking my virgin cousin. She didn’t open her eyes and slowly, her grip on my hand started easing.

I decided that now would be the best time to try and make her orgasm. I removed my fingers in the middle of the act and she let out a gasp. But her eyes remained closed.

Then I slid my right hand inside her panty and started fingering and tingling her virgin clitoris at the same time. While doing this, I planted a kiss on her lips. Her eyes remained closed and she started kissing me back. My left hand went to her maxi top and loosened the buttons for free access to her breast and started massaging them.

At the same time, my two right fingers entered her pussy and started moving in and out. Her juices started oozing out and they made her totally wet. It also made my fingers drenched.

Taniya was kissing me back passionately and her hands were caressing my hair. Then I inserted one more finger in her pussy which made her clenched her fingers in my hair.

I increased the pace of my fingering slowly while I continued to kiss her passionately and squeezing her breasts with my left hand. Her nipples too got erect. Then she pulled out of the kiss. Her eyes were still close and she was breathing heavily.

I realized that she was closing in on an orgasm. So I continued my fingering while I started sucking my cousin’s left breast and continued squeezing her right breast. I sucked her nipples real hard and started feeling her vagina walls contracting on my fingers.

I knew that she was about to orgasm! Taniya then started jerking and I gave a very tight squeeze with my left hand on her breasts and sucked her other breasts real hard. She let out a loud moan but immediately covered her mouth with her hands to stop herself from screaming out loud.

Taniya also squirted a bit and my whole hand was wet. Her maxi and our sofa were drenched too. Then I released her from my grip and she just laid there still with her eyes closed slowly coming back to her senses. I had already oozed out some pre-cum myself and I decided to go to the washroom and masturbate it.

When I came out, I found that my cousin had switched off the movie and cleaned the mess on the sofa and gone to her room. Then I too decided to call it a night and went to bed.

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