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Fucked My Virgin Hot Cousin – Part 2

In the previous part, you read that how I fingered my virgin cousin Taniya’s pussy and made her orgasm. Let’s move ahead.

The next day on Tuesday, I wanted my cousin to feel my cock because I needed her to desire me. So, this time for the movie, I wore a lungi with no underwear. As the movie started, I again slid my hand inside her maxi and she was again not wearing a bra.

After playing with my cousin’s breasts for some time, I lifted her maxi. And she again adjusted to allow free movement of her maxi upward. And to my surprise, she was not wearing panties either. When my left hand reached her pussy, it was cleanly shaven unlike yesterday. It got me very excited and a rock hard cock.

This time, I fingered her a bit and waited till her breathing got a bit heavy. Simultaneously, I slid my lungi upwards and exposed my cock. She was looking at the TV and didn’t realize that my cock was exposed. Then I caught her right hand with my right while still fingering her with my left.

I then slowly guide her to my cock and made her hold it. I saw her biting her lips when her hand felt my cock. I guided her to make a slow up and down motion. My cousin got the gist of it and slowly started working my 6-inch dick. While I continued fingering her and her breathing got heavy, I whispered in her ear that –

Me: It would be easier for you and me if you put your head in my lap.

My cousin hesitated at first, because I think she understood that I was slowly pushing her toward a blowjob. I inserted two fingers and increased my fingering speed a bit and requested her again. Since my cousin was aroused enough, she went down on my lap.

Then I stopped fingering her and requested her to blow me. She hesitated a bit but eventually gave in. Then we quickly moved to a 69 position and I started fingering her pussy. At the same time, I was licking, sucking and twirling her clitoris. That drove her crazy and her blowjob’s intensity started increasing.

Soon, I increased the speed of my fingering and the pressure of sucking. I realized that I was hitting her G-spot at times because she would stop blowing me out of pleasure and her body would twerk a bit. I could feel my orgasm building and I tried my best to hold it because I realized that Taniya was also closing in on her orgasm.

I inserted my third finger and increased the finger fucking speed. Suddenly, I felt her vaginal walls contracting on my fingers. But I kept continuing and she squirted out a huge orgasm. My cousin’s body was shaking and she stopped the blowjob to catch her breath. But she continued with it after a couple of seconds.

I too was feeling my ejaculation coming. Then I shouted –

Me: I am cummmming ahhhhh…

Then I expected her to stop sucking. But instead, she increased her speed and unleashed my cum inside her mouth! My cousin swallowed it all and gulped it down. It was an amazing feeling. She even licked my dick to fully clean and then just came and lay on top of me for some time and cuddled with me.

Seeing her satisfied smile, I felt that maybe now I could try and fuck her. Then we both lay for some time in the position. Soon my dick started getting hard again and I thought she was ready for being fucked. Then I whispered into her ear.

Me: I want to fuck you.

She: No, I don’t want to fuck.

Me: But we just had oral sex.

She: I am okay with that. But I don’t want to fuck. I don’t want to risk pregnancy and losing my virginity before the marriage.

Then I tried persuading her saying that –

Me: I will get a condom and you don’t need to be worried about your virginity. I already fingered you with three fingers and the feeling is the same.

But she didn’t agree. Then I left it there for the night. We both cleaned up and went to our room and slept. That night, I decided that she had her second last paper tomorrow and it would be better to prepone the decision to fuck.

The next day, Wednesday 12th December 2012, I brought a packet of Durex Condom (first of many) while coming back home. Then I ordered pizza for dinner as Taniya loved Pizza. I knew that she would have masturbated today as she usually does after her papers.

Then I wore my 3/4ths (because I needed a pocket for condom) and vest while my cousin Taniya sat in her maxi and I put on ‘Basic Instinct’. I also got us a blanket and had put the AC at 18C. We both were under the blanket cuddled into each other.

The movie started with the murder sex scene and I immediately slid my hand in her maxi and onto her breasts. After a few minutes into the movie, I decided to start fingering. This time, however, I removed her entire maxi. So she was naked under the blanket and I was fingering her.

At the same time, I moved her hands to my shorts to indicate to her to give me a handjob. Then I removed my 3/4ths completely and she started her handjob. While fingering her, I kept the movement slow to try and tease her. Then when the Michael Douglas sex scene with his therapist happened, I jumped on her started kissing Taniya passionately. My cousin too was responding passionately.

I kept fingering her with one hand and she continued her handjob. Then we switched to 69 and started blowing each other. This time, I was going very slow. I was fingering and sucking her clitoris very slowly because I wanted to drive her mad with pleasure.

I kept going about it slowly waiting for the scene between Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone. When the scene arrived, I told her to stop. And then I said to her-

Me: I want to fuck you.

She repeated: No.

But I told her that her reasoning doesn’t make sense. Then I showed her the condom packet I had in my 3/4ths and I told her that –

Me: This will ensure you don’t get pregnant and the question of your virginity don’t come as I have already finger fucked you.

Then I told her that: Even the actors here in this movie use a condom and have sex for real and they don’t get pregnant.

Because she was aroused, plus the movie and me convincing with the condom in my hand, her reasoning weakened and she agreed for the fuck. Then I threw the blanket off and was amazed to see her milky white body with those melons and the clean-shaven pussy. I then tore the packet and put on the condom and placed it at the tip of her pussy.

My virgin cousin was nervous but excited at the same time. Then I told her to relax. I knew she was well wet that my cock would easily go in. However, I proceeded slowly. Then I pushed my cock two inches in and she gasped. I closed her mouth with my hand and told her to relax.

She nodded and I pulled my dick back. Then I pushed in again and it went a bit more in. Her breathing got heavy. I asked her if she was okay and she nodded. Then I told her-

Me: I am going full in this time.

And she said okay and closed her eyes. Then I pulled my dick back and pushed it in completely. She let out a loud gasp but closed her mouth with her hands. I stayed that way without moving and was waiting for it to ease. Taniya kept her eyes closed.

After a few seconds, I started my to and fro movement slowly. I could see Taniya’s expressions changing from nervous, scared to pleasure. She started biting her lips and her eyes were still closed. I knew that now I could increase my speed.

Then I slowly started pumping her harder. She started moaning and making sounds of, “Ahh.. ahh.. ahh.. ohh.. yess.” Her hands were trying to grab hold of the sofa cushions. My thrusts were shaking her melons up and down. Then I grabbed both her breasts and started squeezing them and pumping her even faster.

Her moans got louder and louder. We were fucking each other in missionary on the sofa. But I was not getting a complete stable foundation with one leg on the floor and one on the sofa. So we moved to the floor and continued. Then I started pumping Taniya real hard and she screamed that-

Taniya: Ahhh..I am cuming.

And I felt her vagina tighten over my penis. She jerked, but I continued to fuck and she told me that –

Taniya: Please cum and stop. This is too much.

But before she could say anything more, she got a second orgasm and tightened her leg grip around my waist. And I kept pumping building my orgasm.

She said: Stop it, please!

But I told her: I am about to cum soon.

And I unleashed my cum inside my cousin’s pussy and fell flat on her.

Then we both laid there for about 20-30 minutes. I then got up and said –

Me: How about another session?

We then fucked again in the shower that night and slept in the same room that night. We had one more session before dozing off though.

Next 2-3 days, we both fucked 3-4 times daily till the 16th when we had to go to the wedding. After that, we have always fucked whenever we both have got the chance alone. She is now married and moved to another city. But I enjoyed my sessions with Taniya.

Now she works as Branch Manager in India’s top bank. We do fuck each other whenever I am travelling to her city, (her husband doesn’t know nor does my wife) and sometimes we meet at hotels and fuck

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