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Fucked the cheating bride in her wedding

Hi friends. How are you all doing? I hope you remember me. I’m Sarfaraz Khan, a 23-year-old male from a South Indian city. I have experienced great women from various walks of life. My last series about the ‘Interfaith sex fantasy with a Muslim man’ got a terrific response from many readers.

I am now coming to my current story. It was between my best friend’s would-be wife and me. So let’s go straight to the story

My old friend in college suddenly called me up and told me he was getting married next week, and I had to join. As it was in my city and I was free that week I decided to go.

His name was Ayaz, my college buddy. He was working as a software engineer in Bangalore. His fiance Lubna was an MBA and recently joined a job. I got a presentation and left for the wedding alone. It was in a resort in my city outskirts.

It was naturally a posh wedding as both the bride and groom were affluent. The wedding proceedings would last for 3 days. I went on day 1 itself, which was a kind of reception before the main function the next day. I greeted Ayaz and Lubna on stage. I quietly followed my way out and sat in some corner.

Most of the people there were not known to me. The resort’s area was quite big, and people were scattered here and there. I just strolled around the resort as it was a beautiful place. It was dinner time. I finished it fast and again was taking a stroll around.

The place had both a built area and an open lawn. After finishing my dinner, I roamed around in a dark spot. It was a storeroom-like place in the corner of the resort. It also had access from the main building. I thought there must be a loo inside. I needed one, so I just entered.

I could hear some noises of metal clanking and subdued moans. I smelled something fishy. I tiptoed inside and found a small room in a corner with all the broken furniture and stuff around it. I just peeked inside slowly and got the shock of my life.

The bride I just met a couple of hours ago was bent in a doggy style pose. And in the same bridal dress I had seen. A man was banging her from behind. The guy looked the same age as her, maybe her ex or lover.

Let me describe Lubna now. I saw her first time at the wedding itself. She was milky white in complexion, height around 5’6″ perfect figure I guess must be 34-29-35. Even wearing the traditional lehenga, she made sure her bust and bum protruded when everyone met her.

She was wearing rose coloured makeup and red lipstick, a maroon lehenga and heels. Also, there was 3-4 necklaces, earrings and a big nose ring around her. The scene was hot seeing a bride cheating in her bridal dress with another man. The guy was holding her lehenga from behind very high to avoid spoilage.

Another hand was balancing her body to match strokes. Both had closed eyes and enjoyed maximum pleasure. Her pussy was beautiful, pinkish complexion outside and brownish inside without a single hair. I, too, wanted that pussy and ass.

I just went inside without warning and just made a sound “ahem ahem”. Both were shocked and pale, like seeing a ghost. Immediately the guy dropped the lehenga, and Lubna tried to move back in position. I just smiled seeing the removed panty lying there.

Lubna: It’s… it’s nothing. We are just…

Me: You don’t need to tell anything. I’ve seen everything. Does Ayaz know about this?

Lubna almost started crying: please don’t tell this to him. Everything will be spoilt.

Me: So who is he?

Lubna: Just my friend.

Me: Oh really? Then just tell your friend to walk off. I need to talk to you about something in private.

She just signalled the guy to leave. He left immediately. I then continued.

Me: So, how long is this going on? And why did you marry Ayaz then?

Lubna (still sobbing): Just a few months back. We couldn’t marry as my parents were against it. They fixed my marriage with Ayaz. But I wanted one last time with him.

Me: And for your bad luck, you got caught.

Lubna: Please, I beg you. I can pay you as much money as you want to keep your mouth shut.

Me: I don’t need money. It’ll be blackmail then. Why don’t you let me enjoy yourself once?

Lubna: Are you gone mad? Never. It’s marriage tomorrow. And it’s wrong.

Me: Oh really? Wasn’t it a few moments back? You don’t have a choice Lubna. I assure whatever happens now will be a closed chapter.

She thought a few seconds and finally told, “Ok, just once. But don’t spoil my makeup or dress. I need to go back to the stage again.”

I again placed her in a doggy position and first touched her pussy. It was burning like lava. She let a moan. Her heavy lehenga was lifted a little due to her position. I started fingering her to tease more. First, I inserted my little finger, and she jumped in pleasure.

Next my index finger went inside her smooth, warm pussy. I could feel her getting moist and smelly. I asked her to unbutton her blouse. She reluctantly did. I put my hands inside her blouse and pocketed her boobs.

Wow! They were perfectly soft, white like dough. I started kneading them with one hand and fingering with the other. She was turning red in shame and pleasure. She gave small moans like, “Ahh.”

I now spat some saliva and fingered her vigorously, making her shake her ass. She had one orgasm from fingering, leaving hot juices outside. I licked them. I wanted her to blow me. But she denied saying if her makeup gets spoilt, Ayaz will doubt it.

I understood and told her to give me a handjob. She held my dick slowly between her mehndi applied hands using some of her salivae started to shake my cock. Her bangles sound and red nail paint looked awesome handling my dick.

I was pressing her boobs while getting a hand job. I was close to orgasm. I stopped her. I turned her around and again pushed her in a doggy position. I lifted her heavy lehenga high up. She pushed her milky white ass more upward to match my height.

I spat some saliva on my cock and positioned it at her pussy entrance. With a couple of strokes, I was fully inside her burning pussy. I felt so hot. She must be longing for a cock. I began fucking Lubna initially slowly but gradually increasing speed.

Her bangles and other jewellery made sounds while I banged her pussy. I felt my cock squeezed by her tightness. I put my hands on her bosom to feel her milky white breasts. I also caressed her milky ass while fucking her mercilessly. She was shouting to be slow, “Ahh, slowly, please.”

I banged her like a slut and soon found reaching orgasm. I quickly pulled out and splashed cum over her white ass rubbing all over her shapely bum. It was glistening due to cum. I cleaned my dick using her satin panty and dropped her lehenga down.

She looked exhausted but also satisfied. The next day, while on stage, she looked stunning in a red saree as it was the main function. I just winked when nobody was watching. While shaking hands, I scratched her palm using my nail. She blushed at my gesture.

So guys and girls, how was this story? Do tell me in the comments or mail me your opinions, comments and likes. If you have an interesting story, you can tell me. Goodbye until the next story.

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