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Getting laid with my school teacher after years

Hello All, this is Hems from Chennai, and this is a real-life experience of mine lately with my school teacher. I’m 25 now at 6’2, not too bulky but with a fat 6.5-inch tool.

Here is the backdrop of the story. I did my higher secondary at a very famous school in Chennai, and I was one of the toppers and was also into sports, so it kept me famous on the school premises. But never mind, Sandhya (36 yrs old now) gave life to our brothers whenever she crossed by.

She was my maths teacher and also a head turner even for girls. The wheatish complexion, beautiful round face, large eyes and dusky hair, standing tall at 5’4. She used to dress decently, but everyone in the school created their reasons and opportunities to get in touch with her.

Fast forward to now. This incident happened a few weeks back. I used to go for a jog and play basketball in a park near my locality. One day I jogged across this lady, and we both glanced at each other for a second or two. I could recognise her immediately, but I thought she wouldn’t be able to.

Nothing happened that day, and I completed my routine. She became a regular in the morning hours. One day I was making a knot with my laces, and someone stopped by me. It was her in T-shirt and tights, clearly outlining her curves. We both smiled at each other, and she called my name.

She still remembered me. I was surprised because I didn’t expect her to after these many years. We had a nice casual chat about our lives. This became a routine, and we started jogging together from then on. Eventually, we exchanged our contacts and started texting too.

Now she’s not working to care for her children and their studies. Her apartment is a five minutes walk from my home. We became good friends as the days progressed and were pretty comfortable. Whenever I’m free, I go to her place for a coffee and chitchat. I, too, didn’t have any bad intentions toward her.

One day while jogging, she twisted her ankle and was in pain. I had to hold her by her waist, and we made it to her place in her scooty. Her ankle was swollen, and she couldn’t place her feet on the floor. Twisting ankles is no big deal who are into sports.

I knew it would be alright in a few days and applied ice on her ankle. I had an urge to pee, and I used her washroom. It all started there. I found her beige-coloured bra hanging. It was in my hands in no time, and I was feeling horny looking at it.

Now comes the vitals of Sandhya. Sorry for the late reveal, though. She is 36c-30-36. I smelled her bra, which made me forget everything in the world. Somehow I shagged off and went to her. She had tears as she couldn’t tolerate the pain. Pity her. I went to my place to get Volini gel for a massage.

She was okay with it because she didn’t know what to do and was in pain. I started applying it to the swollen part. She was screaming a bit, holding my T-shirt and squeezing me as if I was fingering her. Somehow I finished applying and made her lie on the couch.

But this time, she wanted to pee and hesitated to ask me to help her. I understood it and made her stand with my support. This time I placed my hand on her bubbly butt with no pressure. My brother got into life suddenly. I left her in the washroom, and she opened it after peeing.

I took her to the bedroom and made her lie on it. During the process, her butt brushed against my hidden boner. She said the pain was migrating up her legs and asked for a massage. I was surprised, as this usually won’t be the case with ankle twists. It was very hard to pull her tights up to her knees.

So she pulled her tights down without even thinking for a second. I was shell shocked, and she closed her eyes. She had a wet patch in her panty already. She told me that there were cum strains on the toilet seat when she went to pee. I couldn’t process everything that was happening around me.

She placed my hand on her calves, and I started massaging. Still, shell shocked. She started saying she had been attracted to me since day one but never wanted to proceed with it. But after all that happened today, she told me she trusted me and thanked me for not taking advantage of her situation.

Her husband had lost interest in her for a few years. But seriously, I couldn’t understand how stupid he was. She said, “I’m yours now, but it must be casual.” I, too, promised her and started kissing her calves and thighs. She was moaning heavily. Looking at her, I removed my t-shirt and kissed her lips.

She turned into a beast and was sucking the honey out of my lips. My hands were already inside her T-shirt, playing with her navel and boobies. We kissed for a good 15 minutes and took a breather. Her eyes were lustful, and a little smile was enough to remove her T-shirt and tear her bra.

I was lost in her flawless body. Her boobies were not saggy and big enough, cute round navel. But the attraction was her hard nipples with the brown areola. I became a baby and started sucking her left and crushing her right. She was moaning hard, pushing me more onto it and scratching my back.

I bit her nipples and chewed them, sucking everything out of them. She went, “It feels so good. Make me your slave.” I sucked her boobs for a long time, and she became restless. She asked me to remove my shorts as she couldn’t move because of her swollen ankle.

I became nude and made her nude. She pulled me up and started playing with my dick. My brother was saluting her. She kissed the tip of it and blew it. Those who had experienced it from a pro would know how heavenly it is. I badly wanted to penetrate her, looking at her hairy pussy.

She also wanted it badly, but we couldn’t fuck each other because of her swollen ankle. I was in no mood to let her go, but it hurt her. So I started fingering her, and her moans made me go crazy. I licked and sucked her pussy.

She was moaning loudly. This made her go wild, and she squirted her load on my mouth. It was a bit salty, but I enjoyed it. She was very happy because she had an orgasm literally after years. I played with her ass and navel and licked her sweaty, salty body making her moan and scratch my body.

She informed her husband about her ankle. After a great and unforgettable experience, I went home, not knowing that I would develop an affinity with mature women. In my next story, I will write about how we fucked our brains out, almost getting caught.

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