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Hot affair with my beautiful colleague, Varthika

Hello to all the ladies and men reading this story. I am Kumar from Bangalore, writing here again after a long time. I appreciate the good comments and feedback on my previous stories. All my stories are true, and nothing is fictional except for the names.

The story I am sharing today involves my colleague – Varthika, who joined my company a few months ago. We both worked in the same team while I was her senior colleague.

She is a beautiful girl in her late 20s and two years younger than me. She has a hot body, and it was not difficult for me to have a liking for her. As time passed by, we became good friends, and we used to have lunch together sometimes.

Also, we met at Café Coffee Day during weekends. I slowly started falling for her beauty and flirting with her. I could see that she also was developing feelings for me.

I could notice her being uncomfortable when I was with other female colleagues from the office. This was even though she had a boyfriend living in her hometown.

Varthika asked me if we could go to a hill station not too far from Bangalore. I readily agreed as it is a nice place far from the busy city life. We took a self-drive car and started early in the morning during the weekend. We reached the hill station after a few hours.

When we reached the destination, she asked if we could check into the room first. It was a little cold, and she wanted to change as well as take some rest. Then we checked into a room, and she went to the bathroom to change. I was lying on the bed without having any idea about what was going to happen soon.

My hot colleague came out of the bathroom and lay beside me. We both were wearing T-shirts and jeans. We both started talking about office and general things.

Then we started talking about the cold weather outside. My lips dried up because of that. It was hurting because of the dryness, and I asked if there was any lip guard with her.

Varthika told me that she does not have any lip guard, but she has the cure for my lips. I asked her how she could cure it, and she asked me to close my eyes. I immediately closed my eyes.

She came close to me, so much that I could feel her boobs against me. Then she gave me a soft kiss on the lips and asked if I was feeling better. I was pleasantly surprised that she took the first step and not me.

She was looking deeply into my eyes and was fully lost. I told her it still hurts, and she kissed me again. But this time, it was a hot smooch. I was hugging her tightly, and we were kissing like mad lovers.

Varthika was getting aroused and started unbuttoning my shirt button, and then she was caressing my chest. After which, her hands went down and grabbed my erect dick. She winked at me and pulled down my pants along with my underwear.

She was holding my dick in her hand and also kissing me at the same time. I moved my hands to her back where I could feel her bra straps and moved my hands towards her boobs. I started fondling both of her boobs gently. She has nice round boobs, which are around 36 in size.

Her boobs were softer and more enjoyable than I had imagined. I removed her T-shirt to start squeezing her boobs over the bra. She removed my shirt completely, and I made her topless in return.

I went on top of her and started kissing her neck, cleavage, and navel. She started enjoying herself fully and moaning also. Then I started kissing and licking her boobs then her nipples became erect. Then I started sucking her nipples.

I even bit her nipples, for which she told me to bite her boobs even more. We kissed each other again for a few minutes, after which she removed her jeans and asked me to remove mine. She was only in her panty now. My dick threatened to pop out of my underwear, and she pulled it down.

She started stroking my penis with her hands, and I put my hands in her panty. She had shaved her pussy clean, and I was rubbing her pussy with my hand. Her hot pussy was already wet.

We were kissing each other while rubbing each other down under. I tore her panty and inserted a finger into her pussy. She started moaning sexily, and I kept finger fucking her for a few minutes. I was getting out of control and could not take it anymore.

I put the condom on, went on top of her, adjusted her legs, and then proceeded to enter my dick into her pussy. My dick went only half inside, and I pulled it out and pushed it again into her pussy. I started humping her slowly and fucking her harder after a few minutes.

While my dick went in and out of her wet pussy, Varthika kept moaning. She kept telling me to tear her pussy. We fucked in this position for 15 minutes and hit our climaxes.

Then we wanted to try the doggy style. She positioned herself accordingly. I entered my rock-hard dick from behind and started humping her again. I held her butts with my hands while fucking her in the doggy style. Then I switched to holding her breasts from behind.

This time, we fucked for a longer time than the previous round. She kept shouting to fuck her harder and harder. I burst out all my juice inside her as we had the protection. We became tired after that, and we slept off hugging each other.

We woke up and went to the bathroom together. We helped each other clean by applying soap all over our bodies. We had a few more rounds of sex, including cowgirl position where she was riding my dick from above.

She told me that she fell for me despite having a boyfriend, and now she feels happy to have had sex with me. We had sex a few more times after that short trip as well.

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