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Hot Desire To Fuck My Neighbour Aunty Devika

Hello ISS readers, this is my first story at ISS. I hope you all like it. Please don’t forget for feedback in my mail given below.

Firstly I am Sudip from northeast India and I belong to a typical Indian family. I always had a desire for fucking elderly ladies, as they are experienced. Although I have slept with many girlfriends, having sex with older ladies is something mischievous.

So, without wasting time, let me come to the story. The heroine of the story Devika (name changed) figure 32-30-36, a bit dark in complexion, but an awesome figure to sleep with.

It was normal life for all as usual. But suddenly, her husband was being caught by police and was sent to jail for 6 months.

One fine day while I was going to the office, I saw my neighbour aunty on the way and asked her about uncle. She replied –

Aunty: The case is still on in court, until the next hearing.

On the same evening, while I was returning from the office, she was sitting outside the gate alone and was upset. So I stopped and asked her. She said nothing in reply. But instead, she invited me for a cup of tea.

I smelled something fishy and went inside. She then served me a cup of tea. Then she asked about my life and all. She also asked me about my girlfriend.

Me: Everything is going great.

She had seen my girlfriend and even talked with her while she came to my house. She was damn beautiful too. Then she said –

Aunty: She is very lucky too, getting a guy like you.

Suddenly, my neighbour aunty asked about my sex life. I pretended to be in shock but I was ready from the inside.

Then I said: I rarely get to have sex with my girlfriend, as I have to attend my office daily.

She then nodded and said her bed was empty for the past two months and she missed her husband a lot. Suddenly, she came near me and got hold of my crotch above my pants.

She: Sudip, please forget I am your aunty for today and fulfill my desires.

She boldly said that she was craving for sex and wanted it badly and started unzipping my pants! Within seconds, I was in my undies. My neighbour aunty made me naked completely and started giving me a blowjob. I was on cloud nine at that moment as my desire of fucking a older woman was getting fulfilled that day.

Then my married neighbour started sucking my dick which was almost 7 inches long. She sucked my dick for almost 15 minutes. Then finally, I cummed inside her mouth and she swallowed it completely.

(That is what I like about elderly ladies. They are so experienced and bold!)

After a few minutes, she got hold of my dick again and started playing with it again, until it was hard. It was my turn now.

I undressed my neighbour aunty completely and started kissing her lips, and sucking her tongue to give her complete pleasure in her life. Slowly, I started kissing all over her body.

First, I kissed her neck, and then I kissed her tummy while one of my hands played with her boobs. I pressed her boobs so hard that she started moaning. After that, I started sucking her boobs, as if I was her child.

I licked my sex-starving neighbour aunty’s nipples which were damn juicy. I continued playing with her boobs and suddenly, my one hand went below into her pussy, which got completely wet. I started fingering downstairs with one finger. She was moaning very loud as none was present in the compound.

Then she started shouting my name and pleading to fuck her! But I was not going to fuck her so easily. I was in a mood to make her crazy completely.

After fingering my neighbour aunty, I went downstairs and started licking her pussy with my tongue. I knew the delicate part of a girl’s pussy (taught by my girlfriend) and started licking there. Aunty started jumping in the bed.

While I was licking, I inserted two fingers and was fingering her with a decent speed. Then I slowly increased the speed and finally, she reached her orgasm. But I didn’t stop licking. She tried to push me back to stop. But I continued licking and drank every bit of juices falling from her pussy.

Aunty became hot again and started pleading to fuck her now at least. She was dying for a rod to enter her pussy for so many days and now, finally she got me.

Then I came into missionary position, one of my favorites and started fucking my neighbour aunty. I could not believe that she was so tight downstairs. She started shouting out of pain and was enjoying my dick a lot at the same time. Then she started yelling –

She: Chodo mujhe maadarchod. Aur chodo aur faad do meri bur ko.

Then I told aunty to come in the doggy position and she did so.

She said: I am all yours today.

I said: Not only for today, but forever.

Then I fucked my horny neighbour aunty in the doggy for almost 15 minutes. I was about for my second orgasm and I asked aunty where to release it. She said she wanted it in her mouth.

I took my dick and started fucking her mouth. Within a few minutes, I cummed in her mouth and she drank every bit of it. I got tired and fell beside her.

Later, she gave me a glass of milk, which I drank and regained my senses and energy in the process. Aunty was still playing with my dick with her hand.

After some time, I called my mom and said –

Me: I will stay at my friend’s home today.

Then I fucked my neighbour aunty three more times. My dick remained erect for the whole night as aunty had mixed Viagra tablets in the glass of milk.

After that day, I used to fuck aunty at least once daily for four months. She used to stay happy always even after her husband came from the jail. She used to call me whenever she gets a chance.

I have fucked her in several positions and even in her ass. And through her, I have fucked some more aunties which I will tell in my next stories.

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