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Hot Goodbye Fuck With Husband

I woke up at 6 in the morning and found my husband Kartik sleeping peacefully beside me. He was supposed to leave for the army camp that day for a few months. We have been married for a year, and this would be the first time he would leave me alone for such a long time.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage without him. I leaned forward and kissed him gently on his lips to wake him up, wanting some rough sex. Kartik felt my moist lips on his lips and opened his eyes with a cute smile on his face.

Kartik: Kriti, baby, you are already awake. Good morning.

Me: Good morning.

Kartik pulled me closer, and we started making out intensively. He was moving his hands all over my body and cupping my boobs with his hand. Kartik loved my boobs a lot.

My 36C size boobs fit perfectly in his hands. I was wearing a t-shirt without any bra inside. He squeezed both my boobs and kissed them from above the t-shirt.

Kartik: Baby, I’m going to miss you terribly.

Me: Do you? You are going to miss my boobs only.

Kartik squeezed my boobs harder, which made me moan a little. Then he spanked me hard on my ass.

Kartik: Yes, baby. I’m going to miss your boobs, your ass, your wet pussy, and every inch of your body.

I slowly slid my hands inside his boxers and grabbed his morning wood. I gently started jerking it off.

Me: I’m also going to miss you terribly. I’m going to miss your hard dick inside my pussy every day.

I took off his t-shirt and started licking and kissing his chest while jerking off his dick. Kartik used to do extensive training in the army, so he had an amazing muscular built-up body.

Then I rolled over him and went down between his legs. I have never given a blowjob to my husband before. Kartik was looking confused about what I was doing.

Me: Baby, I want you to remember this whenever you feel jerking off when I’m not with you.

I grabbed his dick and slowly took the tip of his dick inside my mouth. Kartik suddenly got so excited that he started moaning my name. I kept sucking his dick and taking as much as I could inside my mouth. But his dick was huge for my mouth, and I could manage to take only half of it inside my mouth.

Kartik: Yes! Yes! Baby, you are amazing. Thank you! Thank you!

In a few minutes, Kartik was rock hard, and I could taste the cum in my mouth. His dick was covered in the mixture of my saliva and his cum. I could see the excitement on his face.

I stopped and took off my t-shirt. My boobs were standing firmly, and my nipples were hard. I squeezed his dick between my boobs and started boob fucking it.

Kartik: Baby, if you keep on doing this, I don’t think I would be able to leave today.

Me: Don’t worry, baby, you won’t last long.

I squeezed his dick even harder with my boobs and increased my speed. I was also licking the tip of his dick with my tongue. And I was right. Kartik didn’t last for more than a minute after that. He started shooting his cum and painted me with his thick white cum.

He kept on shooting his cum for a while until his dick grew soft between my boobs. When he stopped, by then, I was covered in his cum. Hot sticky cum was dripping from my face and my boobs. Kartik was lying in bed, breathing heavily. It looked like he was completely satisfied.

I left him in the bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I cleaned cum from my face and went into the shower. After five minutes, Kartik entered the bathroom, and he was completely naked. He, too, jumped in the shower with me.

He grabbed me from behind with one hand around my waist and another around my boobs, squeezing them hard. I could feel his semi-erect dick rubbing against my ass, and I knew he was not yet satisfied.

Kartik: This was the first time you have given me a blowjob. Thanks. This was the best goodbye gift, baby. Let me give you a return gift.

He bent me over, and he sat on his knees behind me. He then spread my ass cheeks and buried his face between them. Kartik started licking my pussy from behind. His nose was getting rubbed in my butt hole. He was also spanking my ass in between.

My 38-inch ass was soft and fluffy. With every spank, my ass starts vibrating. In no time, I was at the peak of my excitement. I stopped Kartik and made him stand. I started kissing him.

Me: I need you to fuck me right now. Fuck me hard.

Kartik smiled and nodded yes.

Kartik: Wait, baby. Let me grab a condom.

Me: No. I want to feel you inside me without any protection. I need you to release all your load inside me. I want to feel your hot cum flowing inside me.

Kartik got excited listing that. He picked me up on his lap with my legs wrapped around him. He aimed his dick on my pussy and gave a hard push. I was so wet that his dick slipped completely inside me in a single stroke.

Kartik pinned me to the bathroom wall such that the hot shower was falling directly on my nipples. Then he started fucking me at full speed. We have never had such wild sex before. Kartik was stroking me so hard that his dick collided with the inner wall vagina.

He was sucking on my nipples as if he was going to eat them. He then bit hard on my nipples, and I moaned like crazy. Kartik was enjoying all that. I, too, slapped on his butt and bit hard on his shoulder to give him a love mark.

Me: Baby, I think I’m going to cum now.

Kartik: Yes, baby. Cum for me. cum hard.

Kartik unwrapped my legs from around his waist and spread them wide open. He starts giving slow and hard strokes from his dick. Our skin was colliding so hard that my whole body was shaking. Suddenly I felt a current all over my body, and I squirted my pussy water all over Kartik.

He kept on shoving his dick inside me. In a few seconds, I cum again, and this time it was a big one. It came out like a fountain, and it felt like my soul was leaving my body. After that, I was so exhausted that I put my head on his shoulders to take some rest.

Meanwhile, he was still fucking my pussy in a standing missionary position. This went for a few minutes.

Kartik then pinned me down on the bathroom floor and spread my legs wide open in the air. Then he started throbbing his dick deep inside my pussy in that position. After a few more minutes of hard fuck Kartik started moaning loudly and giving slow and hard strokes.

Kartik: I’m going to cum. Where should I unload it? Should I cum inside you?

Me: Yes, baby. Cum inside me. Stuff my pussy with your thick hot cum.

Kartik: Yes, Kriti. I’m going to cum inside you now. I’m going to fuck my baby inside your womb. Take it! Take it all.

And with that, he uploaded his seed deep inside my womb. I could feel the river of his hot cum flowing inside my vagina like molten lava. He laid down there on top of me for a while with his dick inside me until he had dropped the last drop of his cum inside me.

After that, we cleaned ourselves, and Kartik got ready to leave for the camp.

After Kartik left for the army camp, I became lonely. I missed him terribly. I missed him touching me, and I missed the feel of his dick inside me. We tried to have phone sex and virtual sex in a video call. At first, it was interesting, but soon I started feeling bored.

At that point, only feeling him in real life would have given me satisfaction.

A few months passed, and one day I noticed that I had not had my periods in a while. I found out that I was two months pregnant. I was sure that Kartik had impregnated me with his child the day he fucked me in the shower. I was excited and wanted to surprise my husband with the news.

So, I decided to visit him. Next weekend I went to the army camp to see my husband without giving him prior information. When I reached there, I found Kartik in the field training with his other army personnel. He saw me and got excited. But he must wait until the training is over to come and meet me.

All that time, I could see the excitement on his face. As soon as his training got over, he ran to me and hugged me tightly. I don’t know whether it was the excitement of meeting my husband or my pregnancy hormones. But as soon as Kartik hugged me, my nipples got hard.

I felt a sensation between my legs. The smell of his body was fragrant for me.

Kartik: What a surprise, baby. I missed you. Thanks for coming here.

At that moment, I felt so horny that I wanted to tear off all my clothes, pin him down on the ground and ride his dick right there in front of everyone. I somehow acted normal there in front of everyone, but inside I was craving sex.

Kartik: Let’s go to my army quarters. I will change, and then we can go out for dinner. I have my day off tomorrow. So we can stay out late too.

Me: Sure, I would love that.

It was a five minutes’ walk from the field to his quarters. As soon as we reached there, I locked the door behind me and jumped on my husband. I went down on my knees and started unhooking the buttons of his pants. Kartik understood what I was about to do. He helped me to unhook his pants and took out his dick.

Me: You have no fucking idea how much I was missing this.

I took his entire dick inside my mouth and started sucking it like a horny bitch. He was covered in sweat due to the intensive training a few minutes ago. The smell of his sweat was making me hornier. Kartik got an instant hard-on.

He grabbed my head and started giving hard strokes in my mouth. I was choking and gagging on his dick.

Kartik: Baby, I was dying to feel the warmth of your mouth on my dick.

Then I took out his dick from my mouth and pushed him away. I took off my panties and lifted my dress to expose my shaved pink pussy in front of Kartik.

Me: I want you to put your dick inside me right now.

Kartik didn’t waste time. He picked me up and shoved his dick inside my pussy. He didn’t even bother to take off his uniform. He pinned me to the wall and started fucking me in a standing position.

I slid down my dress to expose my boobs, then buried his face between them. I was feeling the excitement in every inch of my body. In just a few minutes, I was soaking wet.

Me: I don’t think I can hold it any longer.

Two months without a dick inside me has made me weak. In just a few minutes of fuck I lost it and started squirting my pussy juice all over Kartik. His uniform got soaked in my cum, and I messed with his cock. Kartik also didn’t last long. Soon he started moaning loudly.

I choked him with my boobs to shut his mouth. Finally, he cum and related all his load inside me. We both lay down on the floor. Kartik was breathing heavily, and there was satisfaction in his face.

Kartik: Baby, you are the best. Thank you for this pleasant surprise.

He put his hands under my head and wrapped me in his arms. We kissed for a while, then I decided to give him the real news.

Me: Baby, I want to tell you something important.

Kartik: What happened, Kriti? Is everything fine?

Me: I’m pregnant with your child. You are going to become a father.

Kartik went crazy listing that. He was incredibly happy. He picked me up and started kissing me. He felt my belly and the child growing inside me. Then he took me to the bedroom, and we had another fuck session. This session went for an hour, and Kartik again filled my pussy with his cum.

We never made it for dinner we planned for. Instead, we fucked all night long and slept naked in each other’s arms.

This is the end of the story.

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