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Hot Saree Roleplay With Model Leads To Explosive Orgasm!

I was on a crowded bus headed home in the evening. It was starting to get dark. Standing in front of me was a woman in a teal saree. Her skin was golden-brown and she was wearing red lipstick. Her earrings were modest, but her perfume was intoxicating.

I kept my distance as best as I could but the driver kept hitting sudden breaks, and I could feel her ass against my crotch. Every time it happened, I saw her take an awkward glance at me. There was nothing I could do.

At the next stop, another large group of people boarded in a hurry. I had to move up more. She moved her arm to allow me to move forward, and now we were face to face in a crowded bus. My arm was pinned near her waist, and I tried to move it away. I couldn’t, so I apologized and looked about awkwardly.

I could feel her stare, so I looked at her and she smiled sweetly. Her eyes had an intensity to their gaze. The bus hit the brakes again and my palm rested against her waist. I saw her eyes flash closed as I felt her soft, brown skin in my rough palms. She let out a sigh and looked at me again. She was definitely turned on.

I could tell she liked it when I touched her, so when the next brakes hit…I did it again…on purpose! She bit her lip and looked into my eyes and nodded slightly. I widened my eyes and cocked my head as if to say, “Are you sure?” This time, she nodded more urgently!

The people around us were all turned to the side or looking out of the window, and not a single one had the space to even turn their heads and look at us. So, I proceeded to grab her waist deliberately.

I squeezed the folds on her waist and she breathed on me. I hadn’t realized that one of her hands was pinned down against the inside of my leg, but when I squeezed her again…She ran her hand slowly up my leg.

When the bus turned quickly, it made me lean into her and she breathed on my neck. I ran my hand up her stomach and touched her blouse softly. She sighed again and looked around. She looked into my eyes and put her hand on my cock and rubbed my pants softly.

The bus jerked again and I licked her collarbone inside that crowded bus. She bit her lips and looked at me. She squeezed my cock repeatedly as I pressed her boobs and looked into her eyes, and neither of us cared if anyone watched anymore. The woman was squeezing me just right, and her breath smelled so sweet.

The bus hit the brakes again and my body pushed into her and she moaned in my ears. Before I pulled away, I kissed her softly on the lips and she breathed with relief on my face. She kept squeezing my cock and made the tip feel so good that I came in my pants!!

I sighed in relief and she bit her lip. I squeezed her boobs fondly in that crowded bus, and she was into it. I ran back to her belly and squeezed and touched and teased every inch of her succulent flesh. Her eyes closed as she leaned against the pole behind her and enjoyed every second.

The next stop came and a large number of people left. There weren’t many left standing, so we found seats at the next stop.

I put my backpack in my lap and she ran her hands fondly over the cum stain and smiled sweetly at me again. I squeezed her boobs again and she kissed my shoulder. I asked for her number and she flashed me her wedding ring, and I was devastated.

Finally, she got up at her stop and left. She stopped and looked at me and said, “This was great, and it was nice meeting you! Thanks,” and then she was gone.

The rest of that bus ride was no fun, so I texted my friend and told him what happened. He didn’t believe me, so I showed him the cum-stain on my pants and told him that I needed to get fucked again.

He said that there was something better than going out and fucking random bitches. That was when he told me about Delhi Sex Chat website where girls will cam chat with you and do whatever you ask them to. That sounded fucking fantastic!

So I made an account on the bus itself and bought credits. I scrolled until I found a girl named Abigail. She looked similar to my Bus Lady, so I clicked on her profile and asked her to schedule a private chat.

I told her about what happened and she loved how hot that experience was. I told her to wear a saree for me so that we could duplicate that feeling and she loved the idea.

Abigail: Haven’t worn a saree in a while. Can’t wait for you to defile my classic, traditional look. How dirty is that!

Me: Yes! I’d love to defile you. See you soon!

Abigail: I’m so turned on, and I can’t wait to play with myself as you watch me.

Cute sex cam model Abigail

I came home and freshened up to meet her online. When I logged on, she was already there…standing in a sexy pose in a jet-black saree that showed off her sexy body. She walked towards the cam and smiled at me. Her lips were painted with a glossy red lipstick that made them look like fresh, juicy strawberries.

Me: You look hot as fuck.

Abigail: I feel hot as fuck.

Me: I just wanna pull that saree off you and fuck you right there.

Abigail: Why don’t you let me tease you first, sexy boy.

She squeezed her boobs together. And sighed into the camera. I pulled out my dick and stroked it slowly as I unbuttoned my shirt with one hand.

Abigail: Oh fuck! Leave that shirt open and don’t take it off. That cock looks so good!

She started to squeeze her boobs together again and moaned as I stroked. Abigail stuck her tongue out and blew me a kiss. She then backed up and turned around showing me all of her back and her sides. She pulled the saree aside to show me her creamy-white waist and it made me stroke faster.

Abigail: Oh you like that? Oops!

The saree dropped from her shoulders and she stood there with her blouse and bottom of her saree still intact. Seeing her fair skin displayed in that saree made me stroke harder as I groaned heavily with lust.

Abigail: Do you like how my boobs fit in this blouse, handsome?

Me: Fuck! Those tits look like heaven!

Abigail: wanna see them? (She winked at me then kissed the cam)

Me: Fuck yes!

She undid her blouse and pulled out her juicy tits. She moaned as she squeezed them and I couldn’t control myself. The skin on my cock slid back hungry and my cock throbbed as the veins on the side of them tightened. I moaned as I laid my head back and jerked off to her hot body.

Abigail: God you’re driving yourself mad! I love it. Cum for me! Looks like you’re getting close there!

Me: Shit! It’s too soon but you’re so hot and I can’t stop!

Abigail: I can help (she giggled as she reached for a bottle of coconut oil)

Abigail put the oil in her hands and let out a sultry moan as she smothered her juicy tits in oil. She used her fingers to twirl her nipples as she massaged her tits.

Me: Oh fuck!

Abigail: you’re stroking so well and it’s making my nipples so hard!

She brought her boobs to the camera and pulled at her nipples and moaned. Her nipples turned hard at her touch. They glistened like little chocolate tops in the light. She squeezed and pinched her nipples and moaned softly. Abigail bit her lips and chuckled in a sexy tone.

Abigail: I bet you wish you could have sucked my nipples and bent me over in that bus don’t you?

Me: Oh shit, yes absolutely.

Abigail: all oily and naked in a crowded bus while people watched you fuck me?

I groaned louder as my back arched and I stroked my cock. Cum shot out of my dick and covered my chest and the rest shot into the floor. My whole body was sticky with sweat.

Abigail: Damn, you look so sticky. If I was there I’d pull the rest of this saree off and stick right onto you. Fuck!

She played with her breasts as she watched me. She stuck one hand inside her skirt and touched herself and moaned as she looked at me.

Abigail: Come back later. I wanna watch you jerk off again as I finger myself. (She chuckled and winked at me as she said it!)

Abigail logged off and I went and cleaned myself off. I love DSC models now! They’re so hot! I went back later that night and spent credits to jerk off with Abigail again! What a rush!!!

If any of you guys want to experience the exciting fun of fucking a hot girl online and making her do so many erotic things for you, head over to Abigail’s page by clicking here or on her image below. She speaks Hindi, English, Punjabi, & Haryanvi.

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