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I am Sarika, recently married. My husband works in an MNC in Gurgaon. We stay in an apartment near his office. I am a housewife. After my husband goes to the office, I complete the household chores. As we have a family of two only, I become free from these household pieces of stuff by noon.

After lunch, I generally watch some movies, web series or surf the Internet. One day while doing FB, I came across the profile of my college best friend, Ipsita. Ipsita and I were roommates and best friends for my entire college life. We have many memories together.

But after college ended, we separated. She went to the US for higher studies, and I went for PG courses at another university in India. I was happy to find her and was waiting for her to accept the friend request. But to my utter disappointment, I got no response for the next couple of weeks.

In the third week, I got a notification that she had accepted my friend request. To my excitement, I started chatting with her immediately. But Ipsita was not online. So I left her some messages and my mobile number. I asked for her mobile number.

In the afternoon, I got a call from an unknown number. I picked up the call and was surprised to hear her voice on the other side. Ipsita told that she had come back from the US. She is now married and also a housewife. I was excited to know she lives in Greater Noida, a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Gurgaon.

She invited me to her house, and I readily accepted. I told her that I would confirm the date after discussing it with my husband. In the evening, when my husband, Arun, came back from the office, I told him in detail. He had already heard about Ipsita many times during our casual conversation.

But Arun told me that he had project deadlines and might not be free even this weekend. I was eager to meet Ipsita. He told me that he would book me an Uber to her location. I was so excited to meet my old friend after so many years.

Now I am coming to a little more details about Ipsita and me. As I told you earlier, we were college friends. She was my roommate as well as my soul mate. We were partners in crime, from bunking classes to watching movies, to doing minor cheating in examinations.

I had some fascination for boys. But Ipsita was a good girl and always kept her distance from any relationship or flirting. We both were virgins in college. Our friends used to tease us, saying that we were inseparable.

In college days, Ipsita was slim, and her size was 32-28-32. I was also slim but a little fleshy compared to Ipsita. My stat was 32-30-32. After marriage, I gained some weight, and my body became heavier.

Now I am 34-32-34. While I had a little darker complexion, Ipsita was fairer. We were of almost the same height of about 5 ft 6 inches.

The next day I woke up a little earlier than usual. I got freshened prepared lunch and breakfast for Arun. After bathing, I wore a yellow coloured churidar along with leggings. I wore the red bangle set that ladies wear after marriage in northern India.

Arun booked the cab at around 9 o’clock. He gave some instructions to the driver. As the ride started, I took out the mobile and informed Ipsita that I had started and would reach her place within 11.30. Due to usual Delhi traffic, I got a little late and reached her home at around 11.50.

It was a nice three-storey bungalow with a big garden. As I entered, the guard asked for my details. He allowed me inside as Ipsita had already informed him about my arrival. I was mesmerized to see her place as I walked past the garden. It was well maintained. Seasonal flowers and statues were there.

As I rang the bell, a maid opened the door. She told me to wait in the drawing-room. The room was also big. Many decorative paintings were there. A nice fragrance freshened my mood and relieved me a little from the exhaustion due to the long journey.

Within a minute, Ipsita came running from inside shouting “Sarika.” We hugged each other. But I was awestruck to see her. She was completely transformed. I could hardly correlate with Ipsita, whom I had seen in college.
She was wearing a sleeveless kurti with leggings.

It had a deep cut showing a good amount of cleavage and half of the back. She had a nice tattoo on the shoulder and above the left breast. She had become healthier, but her assets were much prominent. I became jealous of her figure. It was well maintained 36-28-35. Her hair was straightened and copper coloured.

I was shocked to see her bold dress showing cleavage. I never saw her wearing sleeveless dresses in her entire college life. Her skin was milky white and soft. She used a nice perfume.

She told me to sit on the sofa, and she switched on the AC. Soon the maid came and asked Ipsita if anything was to be served. Ipsita whispered to her something, and she went.

We started talking. Ipsita said that she came back after completing her studies in the USA and married the next year. Her husband is an International diamond trader, and her in-laws were friends with her parents. It was an arranged marriage, but she liked Sahil very much.

He is very busy with his family business and often spends many days on business trips to various countries. She stays with her husband in Greater Noida, and her in-laws stay nearby. They gifted this bungalow to Ipsita and Sahil for the wedding. I was jealous of her prosperity.

She informed me that she got a job here. But due to hectic pressure, she left that and is now learning the business to assist her husband. Soon the maid came with two glasses of drinks of red colour. I asked what this was as I could not identify from the smell. Ipsita told me to try, and I should feel fresh.

Without much question, I sipped and continued the discussion. Later, Ipsita told me that this is imported from Spain and contains alcohol. I was a bit worried hearing this as I never consumed alcohol. But Ipsita assured me that nothing would happen as the quantity of alcohol is less.

I felt energetic and fresh after completing it. I thanked her and thought about how Ipsita had transformed. There was a nice bar counter with colourful wines in this house too.

Now Ipsita asked me about my whereabouts. I told her that after completing my PG, I did a job at a company for a few months. After that, I got married to Arun and relocated to Gurgaon. Now I am a housewife. As Arun earns well, I am not immediately looking for a job.

As we were close friends, I could not hold myself for long to ask Ipsita about her transformation. She was initially hesitant to discuss. But I insisted a little. So she told me to come upstairs to her bedroom and be comfortable. As I was going upstairs, I got a glimpse of the palatial building.

There were many rooms. 2-3 maids were there doing their work. As I went to her bedroom, she told me to sit on the bed. I asked her, “Do you not feel alone in this big house?” She replied most of her time are gone in monitoring the maids and keeping the garden in good condition. She is very fond of flowers.

There are often business meetings and small parties in her house. She is in charge of looking after the guests as many business deals amounting to crores are signed. I was astonished.

Then she started her story. After going to the US, she said that her conservative nature went away. She started wearing western dresses comfortably. She had a few boyfriends in the USA in those two years. As hookup is very common, she had many sexual encounters with her boyfriends.

She had threesome and foursome experiences there. I asked if she was not afraid of STDs. Ipsita told me she always does safe sex. After those days, she became a little sex addict. After coming to India, she became alone before marriage and often used many sex toys to satisfy herself.

Luckily her husband is a hulk and has very strong stamina in the bed. He is also very fascinated by sex. She had sex in various positions. She and her husband go to the gym regularly to maintain their shape and stamina. But even after the regular workout, diet, spa and therapy, her breast was not developing as desired.

So as per her husband’s wish, she underwent breast transplant surgery last year. As she used a foreign implant, it is impossible to identify that her breasts are artificial. She told me that unless she would go abroad and marry Sahil after coming to India, she would not come to the actual excitement of life and sex.

I became curious about Sahil. She told me not to hurry, and we would continue after lunch as it is already 2 p.m. Ipsita told me to go to the washroom, freshen up and change. I told her that I had not brought any extra dress. She told me, “Don’t worry, dear. I have kept a dress in the washroom.”

I smiled and went to change. Ipsita also went to the adjacent dressing room to change. The bathroom was very big with a tub. It was full of rose petals. I was mesmerized by the nice fragrance. I took a mini bath and wore the same bra and panty as Ipsita kept a nighty.

There was a big mirror. The nightdress was a two-piece. It had a sleeveless inner part and a gown over it. But even after wearing the gown, it was mostly see-through. I could see my white bra and panty through the red nightdress. I felt a little awkward wearing such clothes in someone else’s house.

I came out and asked Ipsita if there was any other dress. She said all her dresses are like these only. She told me nothing to worry about as no one was there except maids, all females. Seeing no way, and as my churidar was sweaty, I proceeded with Ipsita for lunch.

By the way, she has now changed to a baby doll. Her cleavage was now more visible. Her silky white thighs shine and indicate how much effort she gives to maintain her. As she was moving, her breasts were swinging as the bra was not supporting her 36D size boobs.
As we sat at the dining table, the maid served us lunch. We were talking about our college memories. We lost contact with almost all of our common friends over time. Soon my mobile rang, and it was my husband. As I started eating, I kept the phone in speaker mode and started talking.

Arun said, “Sarika, have you reached on time? Was there any issue on the road?” I replied, “Yes, there was a little traffic. Otherwise, all was OK.” Arun informed me that he needed to travel to Mumbai this evening for office work and return the day after tomorrow.

He was worried as I had to stay alone in the flat. I had never stayed alone in this flat. As the phone was on speaker, Ipsita heard our conversation and intervened in between our conversation. She told Arun not to worry, and I would stay with her for these two days.

Arun was relieved with this offer and readily agreed. We two also smiled. I thought it would be a great reunion and we will spend gossiping these two days. Little did I know at that moment that my life would change forever in these two days.

After lunch, Ipsita called one maid and instructed her to prepare dinner for 4 more people. Ipsita told four of her friends would come for dinner today. They are all business friends. Their husbands are all business partners of Sahil, Ipsita’s husband. I said I might be an odd woman out among them.

Ipista assured me not to worry as they are all friendly women. Then we came to the bedroom. Ipsita closed the door and turned on the AC to fullest mode. I started feeling cold. Ipsita told me to take the blanket if needed, and she told me she spends a ‘me time’ after lunch. So AC was necessary.

I could not make out what she said. Soon she took out something from the drawer. It was like a big capsule-like thing. I asked what it was. She said this is a bullet vibrator. She uses it or some other toy after lunch to relieve herself. I was blushing. Ipsita said, “Don’t worry, darling. No one is there except you.”

Soon she dropped her panty. Now I could see her pussy. It was clean-shaved and pinkish. I was now horrified. She calmed me. Now she inserted the bullet gently into her pussy and took her mobile to open an app. She told me she could control the app’s speed and vibration mode.

For the first time, I am watching someone masturbating. Soon a mild hum of the vibration started. As she was changing the modes, she started sweating. I now understood why she switched on the AC to the fullest. She told me to control the mobile as it would give me a new pleasure.

I started, but I could not give her much pleasure being a novice. So she took it and soon climaxed with a moaning. But seeing her like this, I started to feel horny. I felt that my panty was drenched with my pussy juice. I felt awkward and closed my eyes. Soon I felt a hand over my shoulder.

I opened my eyes. It was Ipsita. She asked me about my sex life. I hesitated and blushed. But then I told her that I had a good sex life with Arun. We did not have sex on the wedding night as we both were tired. We had our first intercourse in Mauritius on our honeymoon.

She asked me how often I have sex with my husband. I told her 1-2 times a week. She was astonished and told me that I was not enjoying my life at its best. I thought maybe she was right. But I was happy with Arun as he was the only sex partner in my life.

I was horny and sweating even in the AC seeing Ipsita masturbating. I did not avoid her eyes. She took another bullet from the drawer and told me to open the night dress gown. I resisted a little. But Ipsita told me, “Come on, darling. Do not worry. I shall teach you how life can be enjoyed.” I could not protest.

She opened the top cover and pushed the inner part above my belly. She was smiling to see my wet panty. Then she removed my panty and smelled it. I was shocked again at her act. My pussy was also shaved as Arun does not like hairy pussy. Then she took the bullet and pushed it gently.

But my pussy was tight, and it was not going easily. Then Ipsita took some gel-like substance and applied it over the bullet. It entered smoothly, and I released a soft moan, “Ahh.” Now Ipsita turned the vibration using the mobile app.

Initially, it was feeling good as the vibration was less. I could feel that my pussy was responding by releasing too much fluid. Soon, she increased the vibration. It was an unusual pulsating sensation that I lost control and grabbed the bedsheet.

I could not remember when Ipsita came close to my mouth and planted a lip kiss. I also started responding. It was my first kiss from anyone except my husband. I never imagined I would enjoy the kiss from a female so much. I started moaning a little in pleasure and pain.

Soon Ipsita started pressing my boobs over the bra and increased the vibration. As I responded well, she kept the mobile aside, unhooked my bra, and fondled my breasts. I felt the sensation on my breast. I was in heaven. Without saying anything, she increased the vibration to the maximum setting.

I was now totally out of control. Soon, I squirted. It was my first squirting orgasm. It was so intense that the bedsheet was drenched completely. After I orgasmed, Ipsita stopped the bullet and took it out. I was gasping. She asked me how it was. I could not utter a word for some time.

After I came to my senses, I gave Ipsita a keep lip kiss. She was surprised a little by my move.

I told Ipsita, “You were right. I am not enjoying my life to its fullest.” I never thought that I could orgasm like this. When I have sex with Arun, I hardly orgasm before he releases out. This was an awesome experience. Thank you,” I told her.

After this hot session, I slept in Ipsita’s arms without dressing up properly. It was my first Indian lesbian sex with my best friend.

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